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Colleen Bement

There are 4 stories in this list.

Show Year: Y2
Rating: PG
The Alphans have settled on a new planet. But one day, a strange vessel lands on the planet. Its occupants -- the Borg...

Categories: Adventure, John/Helena
Show Year: Y1
Rating: PG
The Alphans encounter a new planet, but Helena has a very bad feeling...

Categories: John/Helena
Characters: John Koenig
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG
Alphans are disappearing right and left John races against time figure out a way to save Moonbase Alpha from annihilation.
Average Rating: No reviews.

Show Year: Y2
Rating: PG
It has been a year since the Alphans last encountered a planet, and Helena is struggling to deal with the Alphans' long-term depression.

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