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Romance: Alan/f

There are 5 stories in this list.

Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13

Story 2 in the "The Alpha's Universe Trilogy" series +
John Koenig embarks on a journey into the unknown, when he investigates a lush tropical island - surrounded on all sides by a shattered world. Sandra and Alan are also drawn into the mystery. Revised and updated from the 1982 original.
Average Rating: No reviews.

Show Year: Y3
Rating: R

Story 1 in the "Energized" series +
A web of stories by various authors detailing the lives of the Alphans after they start building a new civilisation in a solar system with a less than hospitable planet.

Show Year: Y2
Rating: NC-17

Story 1 in the "Florida Universe" series +
Alternate universe series in which John and Helena started a relationship before Breakaway, with events leading to the Alphan adventures seen in Y2.
Includes some explicit material.

Categories: Alan/f
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG

Story 2 in the "Forever Alpha" series +
The Alphans encounter a Cylon ship during a routine mission.
Average Rating: No reviews.

Episodes: Set after The Dorcons
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13

Story 1 in the "The Alpha's Universe Trilogy" series +
Two Alphan landing parties explore an idyllic - and mysterious - valley, on a mountainous planet. Newly revised and updated, from the original 1982 edition!
Average Rating: No reviews.

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