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Annette Fraser

First Episode: The Metamorph
Position: Operative
Actor: Anouska Hempel
There are 3 stories in this list.

Show Year: Y2
Rating: PG-13
How does a man on Moonbase Alpha get pregnant? Alan Carter makes an unusual request to try to save the lives of Sahn and their unborn child. Meanwhile, the moon encounters a lush, livable planet - but will it stay that way?
Average Rating: No reviews.

Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG

Story 3 in the "Alpha's Universe Trilogy" series +
As the runaway Moon approaches the triple-star system's outer reaches, a Survey Eagle team seeks out needed natural resources - and the answer to a riddle - on a chilly, fog-shrouded planet. Beyond, a return to the darkness awaits.
Newly revised and updated, from the original 1982 edition.
Average Rating: No reviews.

Show Year: Y3
Rating: R

Story 1 in the "Energized" series +
A web of stories by various authors detailing the lives of the Alphans after they start building a new civilisation in a solar system with a less than hospitable planet.

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