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Show Year: Y2
Rating: PG-13
The Moon is catapulted into the Star Trek universe; Koenig is determined to return his people to their own reality, but the Federation's war with the Dominion and some personal matters interfere...

Reviews of A New Moon Over Bajor. There are 8 reviews in this list.

Cris Atkin
Date: 2001-09-21
Rating: 5
This was a great book! The play of the characters was accurate and compelling.

I want to print a copy for my personal library!

Keep up the GREAT work!

Jason Webber
Date: 2001-12-07
Rating: 5
"A New Moon Over Bajor" was an excellent cross-over story with superb tie-ins to both Deep Space Nine and Space: 1999.

The use of alternate universes gave this cross-over story credibility in terms of story lines i.e. explaining the moon's breakaway from Earth orbit, which never occurred in the Star Trek series stories.

Moreover, the influence of the Bajorn Prophets to provide the Alphans with a home in the Bajoran system in an alternate universe provided an interesting escape from what would have been certain doom for them at the hands of the dominion at the end of the story.

Superbly written and fictionally accurate (if I may use such a term).

Date: 2002-01-13
Rating: 5
This is the best piece of fanfic I have ever read. Period. Not only does it provide an entertaining crossover between two beloved shows, but it does so in a way that actually makes sense! Unlike many fanfic and slashfic stories that seem to be preoccupied with sex at the expense of storytelling, Moon Over Bajor provides a compelling story that neatly and creatively ties together elements of both shows (though don't get me wrong ... it wouldn't be fanfic without its share of sexy moments, though it doesn't deserve that PG-13 rating, more PG IMO). If Simon and Shuster can publish an X-Men-Next Generation novel, I feel there's no reason why it couldn't publish this... or failing that, perhaps the new Space: 1999 novel publishers might be interested. I would certainly encourage Ariana to pursue submitting 1999-specific stories to the new publishers, as she does an excellent job of bringing the Alphans to life. The only negative I can cite is Koenig's character isn't as fleshed out as I'd have liked him to be -- he comes off as being in the background much of the time. But this is a very minor quibble and not worth docking points over.

Roger Estenson II
Date: 2002-01-25
Rating: 5
I am a fan of Space 1999 and DS9. I am happy to say that I thought that this story was incredible!!
The characters from both places were played just right. They all acted just as their parts did in the shows.
One of the neatest places in the story was when the Alphans stole the starship. Sisko acted in character with the fact that he wanted them to have a ship so maybe didn't try for capture as much as he could have. He wanted them to get home but could not go directly against Starfleet.
I hope very much that Ariana writes much more like this in the future and hopefully publishes.

Steve McKinnon
Date: 2003-12-16
Rating: 5
A New Moon Over Bajor goes where no Space:1999 story has gone before; an awesome epic that melds two seemingly different series as one collective universe. The photos at the beginning of each chapter are a nice addition, especially when 1999 and DS9 characters are in the same shot. It almost seems as if there's an actual cross-over movie out there, and Ariana has novelised it for us. The characters are startling in their realism, especially Tony and Maya, the real stars of the story. Ariana could have gone the easy way and made the stars John and Helena, but the Tony/Maya relationship needed either closure or development, and Ariana has provided us with this. I could clearly hear Tony utter everything that was written, and the character development of Maya and her powers provide her with needed realism. She always seemed too much like a superhero to me with the tv series; here she's simply an alien with unique abilities, not unlike a certain gelatinous shape-shifter that she meets. As it isn't a novel with specific, rigid requirements as far as plot and characterisation (ie. the Trek novels), Ariana is able to do as she wishes with regard to Alpha and the ending, which she takes full advantage of. I didn't know how the story would end, and that's incredibly refreshing. Potential readers should not be intimidated by the length of A New Moon Over Bajor; they will be amply rewarded with a complex, entertaining, original, captivating odyssey, and wish it stretched to chapter 20 or 23. Any shorter, and we would be robbed of Ariana's talent and creativity.
It'll make you hungry for more, or at least wish that that elusive real-life cross-over movie actually existed.

Date: 2004-07-26
Rating: 5
A very entertaining crossover, justifying the length of the story. Crossovers run the risk of being ‘implausible’ - if we can use such a word! - but that never feels the case here. It all seems perfectly natural, as if this were an episode of either series.

The ‘alternative universe’ device was used here, rather than merging the two continuities. I was surprised that Koenig was s0 keen to get back to his universe, regardless of wanting to re-start humanity there - the Federation seeming like a good bet compared to their previous abode.

There were many numerous little jokes and plays on episode points - footnotes are helpfully provided. I was amused by the acknowledgement that Tony is a bit English - given his accent. A Dr Who joke even creeps in!

I guess we can compare this to Phillipa Sidle’s ST: TNG crossover “The Transformation”. Like Sidle’s excellent story, some mischief is made into the Tony/May relationship. And also, the opportunity is taken to close the Space: 1999 story on a satisfactory - and entertaining! - note.

Great stuff all in all, I hope Ariana does something similar with Space: 1999 again soon.

If only someone would do a S1999/Doctor Who crossover of both this length and quality

NB - the last couple of paragraphs on Chapter 10 are missing .

Date: 2004-10-10
Rating: 5
Very good, very original. would like to see more

Date: 2007-02-01
Rating: 5
I think Ariana should submit a manuscript to the folks at Powys Media, because she's a better writer than the folks they're hiring to write the new Sp1999 line of books. Go Ariana!

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