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Show Year: Y3
Rating: R

Story 1 in the "Energized" series +
A web of stories by various authors detailing the lives of the Alphans after they start building a new civilisation in a solar system with a less than hospitable planet.

Reviews of Energized. There are 6 reviews in this list.

Date: 2004-05-02
Rating: 1
Although the premise is interesting and has much potential, the situation of Alan Carter marrying the DAUGHTER of Koenig and Russell (Emma) after being her "uncle" for years, is creepy, twisted and perverted enough to ruin the series. This act of child pedophilia is such a violation of trust that it is psychologically sick. In this series, Carter, who is 45 years older, screws Koenig's daughter when she is 17 and ends up marrying her.

The style is soap operatic in nature with very little to do with the Space:1999 style, either Y1 or Y2. It has potential for some REAL survival type, struggle stories while settling on a new world. However, those stories are seriously lacking. On the plus side, I thought Paula Austin's contribution on the last days of Sandra as she was dying was very well done and moving. However, the perverse and bizarre "uncle" Alan and his child bride situation completely overshadows any good writing in that series. It is terrible.

Date: 2004-09-21
Rating: 4
I haven't finished all the stories in "Energized" yet, but I'm enjoying the imagination and various storylines. I must take issue with a few points in Moonbasealpha_s1's review, though; while the pairing of Emma and Alan in disturbing *in the abstract*, it actually works quite well. In any case, Emma is 18 when they consummate their relationship—and, as Helena states, "not inexperienced." Please don't avoid this series of stories—which cover many years and lives—because of this. You'll find yourself brough into lives you may not have though much about, such as David and Tanya Kano.

Date: 2006-04-28
Rating: 5
This site has many wonderful stories spread over many years. The first review is way to harsh and unfair. Even if that one romance (Alan and Emma) is a little far fetched, there are stories here that go into so much else. And there are adventure type stories if you take the time to read through them. I have only read about half of them and don't plan on stopping.

Date: 2006-07-04
Rating: 4
The first review made me curious so I read a bunch of stories. Really, they arent so bad. Some naughtie bits but not bad. The cat stories are cute. Give it a go.

Date: 2007-03-24
Rating: 5
I started reading these stories just because of Moonbasealpha_s1 negative report. From postings on other sites it is obvious if story does not fill her/his preconceived notion of what is proper for Space:1999 series one than it is 'bad.' The stories in this 'Universe' are diverse and fascinating. Many are relationship based but there are others very plot driven. Nor has it been stagnant with new stories added within the past year or two, the most recent I could find was added in 2006. A great deal of thought has gone into weaving a coherent whole, and if a few story threads fail to intrique, then there are many others present to explore and enjoy.

Date: 2008-06-16
Rating: 4
Overall the stories are good, and reflect a lot of thought and effort. As an on again-off again writer myself, I heartily appreciate the mental sweat and strain that went into this body of work, especially since nothing material is to be gained and the creative process has been approached purely for the fun of it ....I agree with what another reviewer said in terms of if someone else's artistic notion of the series/characters doesn't fit with another individual's preconceived notions of same then problems can sometimes arise. Personally, I think we sometimes need to remember that these are FICTIONAL characters and theoretically, the only people who can claim to know exactly what they would do in any given situation are their original creators...and we all know we often disagree with them, too!

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