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Episodes: Set after Breakaway
Show Year: Y1
Rating: PG
A sequel to the pilot episode "Breakaway". What really happened at Area II? Where did planet Meta come from? And how does the Moon get around so fast, anyway? Find out in this episode...

Reviews of The Void Ahead. There are 3 reviews in this list.

Date: 2004-05-28
Rating: 5
This story delivers on its description. Had the ideas in this story about how the Moon gets around been mentioned in the pilot episode, we would not have that argument about implausibility of Moon getting around.

Another plus mark is the extensive use of Commissioner Simmonds as a character. Simmonds would have made an excellent regular character in the series, but was killed off after only two episodes. This story shows some of the potential of having the character around.

R Bendell
Date: 2004-12-03
Rating: 5
Tremendously well written and enjoyable to read.
William's story honours and is consistent with the original tone and atmosphere of Year One in all respects. His story is right on the money from the characterizations to the far-reaching, yet compelling core ideas he introduces and how he ties in several loose plot-lines and fills a couple of the gaping holes in the original concept and storyline (i.e. how can they the moon travel so far and fast? and what ever happened to Meta?) so well is astonishing. Great work!

Date: 2006-08-31
Rating: 5
Brilliant. One of the best fan fiction stories I have read, period. It hits the tone of series one dead on and answers many questions the show never addresed.

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