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Crossovers: Lost In Space
Show Year: Y1
Rating: PG-13
Encountering the long-lost Jupiter 2 expedition, Alpha's existence is put in jeopardy when an alien warship appears seeking revenge on Doctor Smith.

Reviews of Found in Space. There are 5 reviews in this list.

Date: 2004-09-27
Rating: 4
Very entertaining, especially as its played 'straight' as straight as a crossover like this can be!

Date: 2004-09-30
Rating: 4
The story was very interesting especially having Alan and Don as long lost friends. I would love to see a continuation of how the Robinsons and the Alphans get along and how this changes Alpha.

Date: 2004-10-13
Rating: 4
It would be so cool to see how the Robot and Brian the Brain get along. :)

Date: 2006-04-18
Rating: 5
Another awesome story, very well-written with the usual excellent attention to detail. I love the interactions between the Alpha personnel and the Jupiter crew. but you definitely made it more than just a crossover story, you constructed a very well thought out plot that hooks you in and keeps you interested from the beginning to the end.

Date: 2008-06-21
Rating: 5
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