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Categories: Tony/Maya
Characters: Maya, Tony Verdeschi
Episodes: Set after The Dorcons
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG
Tony and Maya must face their fear, guilt and pain in the aftermath of the Dorcon attack.
First published in the fanzine "Lunar Adventure Stories"

Reviews of The Long Night. There are 2 reviews in this list.

Date: 2004-05-26
Rating: 5
Nice character piece

Steve Foster
Date: 2007-05-16
Rating: 5
A brilliant Maya/Tony character piece. "The Long Night" was a joy to read and again proves that some of the new regular and semi-regular characters created for Year 2 by Fred Freiberger are loveable, believeable people.

This piece keeps the inappropriate humourous/feel good ending of "The Dorcons" and then works around it, filling in the gaps in the narative from Tony's viewpoint therefore making the ending work much better than it did on TV and enriching "The Dorcons" as a story immensely.

The only negative thing that I could find was the usual Fan Fiction predilection that suggests that Bergman, Morrow, Kano etc. have been working upstairs in Main Mission for several years while Tony, Maya, Koenig, Fraser etc. have been working downstairs in Command Centre. This is a totally preposterous suggestion! I much prefer the way Powys media is dealing with this issue by writing Year 1 characters out in meaningful, thought provoking ways and bridging the gap between Years 1 and 2 inteligently and believably. Thankfully, the afformentioned Year 1 characters are mentioned only briefly, towards the end of the story and as such, don't detract from an otherwise excellent piece.

Thanks for writing this Claudia. I really enjoyed reading it :-)

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