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Characters: Victor Bergman
Show Year: Y1
Rating: PG
The Moon exits a nebula and finds itself hurtling towards a red dwarf star. Only Professor Bergman seems unconcerned...

Reviews of Photosphere. There are 2 reviews in this list.

Bobby Shaddoe
Date: 2004-07-15
Rating: 5
This is a truly excellent story that captures the spirit of Year 1 perfectly, in addition puts Professor Bergman in the spotlight in a truly incredibly well written story. I also love how the story was written as a script, which like 'Breakaway Pt. 2', makes it more authentic as a script for a lost episode. This story would rival 'Black Sun' for its thought provoking ideas and for allowing the good professor free range to wax philosophically. There should definitely be more stories like this.

Date: 2004-08-27
Rating: 5
Very well done, would have made a nice episode!

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