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Episodes: Set after Breakaway
Show Year: Y1
Rating: PG
Continuing where "Breakaway" left off, this story explains what happened to Ouma and why the Alphans never made it to Meta. Meanwhile, Koenig and Simmonds lock horns over who's in charge, and the latter has mutiny in mind...

Reviews of Breakaway, Part II. There are 3 reviews in this list.

Steven J M Foster
Date: 2002-02-13
Rating: 5
If (like me) you consider the Year 1 episode "Breakaway" to be one of the finest episodes of the series as a whole (surpassed only by "The Guardian Of Piri" & "The Metamorph" in my opinion), then you'll really enjoy "Breakaway - Part 2".

This story is presented in the format of an actual script for the series, complete with notes on sound effects, music, camera & actor positioning etc. I actually wondered if it was a genuine, bonafied "missing episode" when I first started reading it (the sign of a very clever, inteligent & devoted writer/fan).

I won't give too much away about the plot (which ties up all the loop holes such as why nobody mentions the planet Meta again after "Breakaway", what happened to "Ouma", introduces David Kano etc.), but I can tell you that I've read & re-read this "Script" at least 6-7 times since I first discovered it 3 months ago. it's that good!

Characterisation is spot-on through-out & the ending (with a Koenig voice-over & appearances by characters from later Year 1 episodes) is brilliant.

My only regret? That "Breakaway - Part 2" isn't a tv episode, instead of a brilliant work of fan-fiction.

Well done Matt & thank you.

Steve Foster
(a fan who loved watching Year 2 episodes on Saturday mornings as a kid in London in the 70's)

PS - If Matt ever reads this, any chance of you writing anymore "Scripts"? As a big Year 2 fan, I'd love to see how you'd handle Tony, Maya, Fraser, Alibe & Ben Vincent as well as the much warmer, funnier, relaxed, loveable Year 2 versions of our other favourite characters from Space:1999 (Koenig, Helena, Sandra). Any thoughts?

Robert L. Torres
Date: 2003-10-10
Rating: 5
As a Space: 1999 fan, I too wondered a great deal about some of the plotholes regarding what happened between the end of 'Breakaway' and the rest of the series. 'Breakaway Pt. 2' is a wonderful piece of intelligent fanfiction that remains true to all of the things we love about the show and proceeds naturally from where things left off at the end of the first episode.

I love that it is written in the format of a television script, because it makes it much more authentic in its execution. I love how it introduces Kano and explains what happened to Ouma, and why they never went to Meta. I also love how it employs Simmonds into things, basically showcasing his desperation which would lead to his 'just deserts' in 'Earthbound'. wonderfully written, stupendous.

Date: 2004-09-21
Rating: 5
Very good follow-up, true to the style and the incidents in the "Breakaway." Explains what "occured" after breakaway, and gives a sense of the fear and frustration. Only problem: Kano didn't have a swiveling computer desk for several more episodes!

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