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Actingman's Request

Authors: Teralisha
Categories: Parody
Characters: Maya, Tony Verdeschi
Show Year: Y2
Rating: PG
Date: 1999
Based on a suggestion by a listmember on the Online Alpha mailing-list. Tony and Maya are attacked on a planet. The only way out is if Maya can somehow protect Tony...
Average Rating: 4.0/5 (based on 2 reviews)

actingman wrote
I always thought it would have been interesting to have Maya and someone else about to be caught and killed when the someone says "Maya, I always meant to ask you, where do your clothes and commlock go when you change?"
That would have led to the decision to save both lives by Maya trying to change into something, and morphing the other Alphan with her the same way she does her clothes, commlock, etc.

A Story Plot for Actingman's Request

Tossed together by Teralisha, courtesy of Tylenol Cold & Flu and Mountain Dew

Tony and Maya were assigned to an Eagle mission to a planet with no name in an uncharted sector of the unknown galaxy that MBA was floating through. There were no life forms registering on the sensor readings but a wonderfully large supply of tiranium, titanium, milganite, and Mountain Dew was discovered.

Commander Koenig's orders, should they accept them, were to venture to the no name planet and bring back the lifetime supply of Mountain Dew, and a few pebbles of the other stuff, if they could manage it. The Verdeschi's, of course, accepted their mission and made haste to the no name planet. They were anxious to not only get their grubby paws on something else to drink besides recycled water, 100 % genuine imitation coffee, and Tony's hideous brew but were in dire need of some uninterrupted private time, totally alone together. This, of course, is understandable behavior of newlyweds.

We join them, episode now in progress. They have loaded Eagle 13 with the Mountain Dew and have returned to the site where titanium, tiranium, and milganite have registered. Maya's sensors still have detected no life forms and because they have several hours to kill before the deadline to leave the planet they have chosen to indulge in a little private time. We find them embracing and kissing, as newlyweds do.

Suddenly in front of them a strange creature materializes from nowhere. It is nearly 7 foot tall and presumably our casting agent will have to have actor David Prowse portray this creature. It is dressed in a totally black outfit that resembles what a burglar would wear. The creature also has black shoes on with strange high heels, as if it needs any extra height, and its head is covered with a black hood that reveals only slots for the black eyes to see out of. There is a strange dark Z embroidered on the chest and it is weaving an oddly glowing sword around. It flashes in color, changing from shades of purple to bright turquoise and green and it makes odd twinkling sounds as it cuts through the air in front of Tony and Maya.

TONY: What the hell is that?

MAYA: I have no idea. My sensors registered no life forms.

TONY: I think you need to retake the course on operating and interpreting Alphan sensors 101. You did this to me before we got married!

MAYA: (Angrily) Why must I always be the expert around here? I'm never allowed to make mistakes but yet you all are!

The tall creature moves forward to them, his sword sweeping through the air at an alarmingly swift pace. Verdeschi immediately recognizes that the creature is a highly skilled fencer. He pulls his laser out and fires at it. The beam just bounces off the creature and goes skyward instead. Tony's face reveals his disbelief.

TONY: Shit, I think we're in trouble now.

MAYA (rolling her eyes): What else is new? My life has been like this since I first met you.

Tony grabs Maya's hand and they begin to run away, desperately trying to make it back to Eagle 13. Sadly, the terrain is not runner friendly and the Psychon stumbles due to her stupid high-heeled boots. She twists her ankle in the fall and is quickly pulled back up by Tony, who realizes that they can't be lying around on the ground now at a time like this. It is no use however and Maya breaks down into tears from the pain as she realizes that she can't run.

TONY: Come on Maya, we don't have time for this.

MAYA: I can't.

TONY: Sweetheart, that thing is gaining on us. Do something!

MAYA: Maybe I can change into to some....... Her thoughts are interrupted as suddenly the creature is upon them.

TONY: Maya, we need a solution. Now would be a good time.

MAYA: Some husband you turn out to be. You can't even protect me in a time of crises. I have to save your ass, again.

The creature is waving his sword violently through the air and comes dangerously close to Tony's arm. The security officer jumps back, narrowly avoiding a strike. Tony knows that their lasers are useless and that they need some kind of protection now.

MAYA: I've got it! There was a strange creature on one of the moons orbiting planet Zeedoodah. It has an indestructible outer layer. Nothing can damage it.

TONY: That's fine for you, but what about me? Am I to remain helpless while you roam about as some strange beast, again?

MAYA: No, I've got the answer to that too.

TONY: Oh yeah! How! What?

MAYA: It's simple, the same principal that applies to all of my molecular changes.

TONY: Dah? (He looks at her stupidly and confused.)

MAYA: The principal of all that is bodily connected or some such title. I don't really remember its exact technical term, I never paid that much attention to what my father was trying to teach me. After awhile he got to be a bit too much to handle and I stayed hidden in my room, playing dress-up and fixing my hair.

TONY: Maya! So you mean to tell me that's why your clothes and commlock disappear and then when you transform back they're automatically on you. I always wondered about that.

MAYA: Of course, silly. You don't think it would be proper to retransform and stand there in the nude, do you. That nude thing is for a race called the Betazoids, I think.

They have no more time for idle chatter as the creature has now grown weary of their babble and at any rate the allotted forty-five minute time span is nearly used up, leaving very little time for the Alphans to return back to MBA in this episode, if they survive.

Maya quickly pulls Tony down on top of her, wrapping her arms around him tightly, and lets her mind conjure up the vision of the intended creature. Tony seriously doubts her mental composure by this time, but he has no other options left. He hears the sword slicing through the air and feels the rush of air as it comes very close to his back. He begins to think of praying his last prayers when a strange sensation comes over him and the air around him becomes fuzzy. His head spins and he fears he is losing consciousness. One moment he feels Maya's arms around him and the next he can no longer feel anything. He can no longer see himself and he isn't too sure that he likes this strange sensation. He becomes aware that there is movement but he is not sure if it is them moving or if something is moving around them.

After what seems an eternity, he begins to feel a curious sensation and then discovers that his body is lying face down on the floor of the Eagle. Maya is lying on the floor to the side of him. She is unconscious. Tony weakly pulls his commlock and signals Alpha. Fortunately Sandra responds, not Yasko, and he his able to give Alpha instructions to manually pilot the Eagle back to base. He struggles to maintain consciousness, but once he feels Eagle 13 lifting off everything around him begins to swirl and he passes out into darkness.

Fade to a commercial - After commercial break:

We find that Alan has safely piloted the Eagle home without any crashes and that poor Dr. Russell is again working overtime because her patients didn't regain consciousness until nearly seven hours after returning to Alpha. Neither Maya nor Tony wants to be in Medical Center but Helena believes that both should be under medical supervision at least over night.

Tony is grumbling because he doesn't remember much of the experience and finds it incredibly hard to believe that Maya was capable of doing what she claims. In his weak state Tony is highly confused over the basic principal of molecular transformation and any rules that relate to it. He has always had a hard time understanding such incredibly advanced principals and has only recently begun to understand the principals involving anti-matter and matter. Knowing that he and his wife are safe from harm, he allows himself to fall asleep even though the beds in medical are very uncomfortable.

Maya seems to be recuperating well and is now sitting up sipping Mountain Dew and giggling with Dr. Russell. She doesn't feel any pain from her ankle: apparently Mountain Dew affects Psychons much like alcohol and the girl is happily babbling away about their adventure.

Commander Koenig is waiting in his quarters for Helena to end her duty shift and return to him for the night. He has ice cold glasses of Mountain Dew ready for them is immensely relieved that they now have something new to drink on Alpha. Maya and Tony were also able to retrieve enough amounts of the other stuff to make the people in Life Support happy.

And so another Alphan adventure ends. They still haven't found a habitable planet, we still don't understand the principals of molecular transformation, where Maya's clothes and such go during her transformations, Koenig and Russell still aren't married, and we don't know if Alan Carter has asked Sandra for a date yet. And no, we still haven't found the missing Professor Bergman, Paul Morrow, Tanya Alexander, or David Kano.

In addition we still don't understand Maya's decision to marry Tony or why Yasko was posted to Command Center. All of the above are now being considered as employment possibilities for a couple of FBI agents who are bored doing background checks. They need to be removed from the immediate Washington DC area because they both are becoming a pain for the bureau from their continued meddling into the strange and unexplainable. If they refuse to accept the assignment the IMF could assign these unsolved mysteries to the OSI under Oscar Goldman's department. Or Leonard Nimoy could reinvent the old Unsolved Mysteries that he did in the 70's.

Purely for entertainment purposes, courtesy of Yr2 characters and MBA's interesting journey. Not meant to explain molecular transformation either. :)

Copyright (c) 1999. Reprinted with permission.
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