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The Wedding

Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: R
Date: 2003

Story 10 in the "Amour" series +
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10 - The Wedding
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16 - Deadly Poison - Part I
17 - Deadly Poison - Part II
As Helena and John's wedding looms on the horizon, things are not as they appear. Victor and Maya have bad news; the dream machine has side effects. John and Helena's love has to face yet another challenge.
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Moonbase Alpha's status report, 1200 days after leaving earth's orbit Dr. Helena Russell recording. Well, I've manage to survive my stay at John's as our wedding day draws near. We had to postpone the wedding again because John was away on reconnaissance to a distant planet. When he got there, they found that it was dead. John has however been operating on half cylinders as he has come down with a serious cold he cannot seem to shake. He is in bed now with a high fever. Victor Bergman is concerned, as the side effects of the holographic dream catcher, is unknown. He is checking the records of the black box to make sure there are no side effects.

Helena turned from the log recorder and looked at John. He was shivering. She tried every method she knew of to bring his fever under control but nothing helped. She was beginning to think this strange illness was in fact due to the dream machine they used. They did not have a matrix on John to aide the computer when John invaded her dream.

Helena checked his temperature. His fever was down but he was still shivering. Her console buzzed and she opened the channel. It was Victor.

"Helena, is there any change in John's condition?" Victor's face was all fatherly concern for John. John was like a son to him.

"Well his temperature is down."

"Is he awake?"

"No, but I can awaken him."

"Right do that. Maya and I have to talk to you both."

Helena closed the link a little concerned that Victor wanted to talk to them.


"Yes, Helena?" Bob Mathias walked over from his patient and began assisting Helena in bring John around. Helena checked his temperature it was going down even lower.

Good, he is getting better on his own, she thought.

Victor Bergman and Maya entered just as John Koenig was sitting up in bed.

"Well Victor, John's fever is going down," Helena smiled.

"I was afraid of that."

"Why?" John asked.

"Commander, we ran the sequence on numbers and color codes from the dream machine in our computer and we discovered a language pattern. When we deciphered the language it was only a matter of time before we could translate the instructions on the device," Maya said.

"John," Victor drew his attention from what Maya was saying. "It seems there is a warning that goes with the use of that machine."

"What sort of warning?" John pulled the covers off himself and sat dangling his legs. Helena sat down.

Maya and Victor came around to stand before him. "It seems there is a side effect," Victor stated.

"What sort of side effect?" John was knitting his brow now he was starting to feel cold and brought the sheets around him.

"John, I'm afraid it has already started."

"The cold and fever?"

"Yes," Victor replied.

Helena left her position on the chair and went over to John. Bob Mathias came in and stood listening.

"John, as odd as it seems there is more."

Koenig was shivering and his complexion was getting pale. "Victor, is it happening now."

"Yes, I'm afraid so. The shivering and chill is a part of it, John."

Helena was now alarmed. "Victor, just say it. What is happening to John?"

"He's becoming transparent."

"What!" They both asked together.

Maya took John and Helena's hands in hers. "John, Helena, the Commander is going to become the invisible man."

"What!?" They both asked again.

"John, the warning states that if anyone enters the dream sequence that person will start fading away. You will disappear within the next two weeks. You will be there but we won't be able to see you."

John Koenig pulled the sheets tighter about him, he got up and started pacing.

"Is this fatal?" He asked over his shoulders.

"No, John. In fact over the next month or so you will begin to fade in gradually."

"Victor, the wedding is next week. How can I marry Helena? We already postponed twice."

"You can still get married," Maya stated.

"How?!" They asked in unison.

"How indeed?" The professor asked.

"We are finished with all the arrangements. All you need to do is say the vows," Maya said.

"Maya, John will be invisible by then!" Helena by now was distraught. "I'm sorry Maya, I did not mean to shout."

John Koenig collapsed on the floor. His complexion went even paler. Helena ran her sensor over him. He was as cold as ice. Helena slapped his face and Koenig opened his eyes.

"What happened?"

"Temperature drop, John. Bob get a blanket please."

Koenig wrapped himself in the blanket and sat down. "Well, what's next?" John asked.

"We get married, John."

Everyone turned to Helena. "John, we have waited long enough. Let's just get married."

"Helena, what about the pictures, the filming for posterity?" John asked.

Helena turned. She walked out and into her office. No one pursued her.

"John, go to her."

John Koenig in his illness was not too accommodating just then. He was cold. He knew Helena wanted him to follow her but he just was not in the complying mood. He turned to Maya, "Talk to her, Maya."

Koenig was turning even paler. Maya shook her head. "You talk to her."

Koenig was resigned. He walked to her office while all they all filled out of medical.

Helena sat with her back to the door. Koenig entered he was turning purple from the cold. He looked even paler.

Helena sensed him rather than saw him. She did not turn around when she spoke. "Did you ever stop to think John, that something out there might be conspiring to keep us apart?"

"No, I haven't." John was weary he went to sit across from her. He could see she had tears in her eyes. John felt his frustration level increasing.

She wiped her eyes and turn to look at him. Suddenly John did not care anymore. He loved this woman. He would marry her opaque or transparent. He did not care that his body ached or that he felt like he was freezing to death. He only new he wanted to marry her.

Jean would have given me a standing ovation for that, Koenig thought. It was always my way or the highway as stubborn as I could be with her. With Helena, it's a little different. I would give her the world if I could, Koenig thought.

Helena knew John was frustrated and she did not want frustrate him any further. "It's OK John, if you do not want to get married I understand, after all it's your wedding also."

John looked at her. He did not say anything. He could see that her nose was red and runny. Her eyes were beginning to get puffy. She still looked gorgeous. John stood up dragging the blanket with him. He walked over to her and knelt before her. He took her hand in his and let his thumb wiped away the tears.

"Baby, if you want to get married, I want to get married."

Helena smiled. Here he is shivering and disappearing and he wants to comfort me. How did I get so lucky? Helena leaned over to kiss him. As she tried to pull back she realized they were stuck together.

Helena felt her lips start to peel and stopped John from pulling back by raising her hand. Helena removed her comlock from her belt and buzzed Mathias. She brought the comlock to her face. Mathias was puzzled. Why was Helena showing John and herself kissing? He saw that they did not look happy or intimate. Mathias decided to investigate.

When Mathias entered the office, the two were still in the same position. John was kneeling on the floor with Helena over him. He walked to them. Helena was gesturing to their lips and using her hands opening and closing them.

Mathias smiled. They were stuck together. Mathias roared with laughter. He could not believe it. They were stuck. He went to the sink and brought back a glass of water, and poured it on them, then some alcohol. They pulled apart. Mathias started laughing, the tears coming to his eyes. John smiled but Helena was not amused.

"If you ever tell anyone what happened here you are dead meat, Bob," Helena said. Bob just looked at her, shook his head and left. John was grinning now.

"You find what just happened funny?" John broke into laughter and she smiled.

"Oh, get out of here John Koenig. Go back to bed, doctors orders. I have a few wedding details to iron out and a dress to fit."

John Koenig left and went back to bed. Helena Russell left to go find her bridesmaids Maya and Sandra.

Koenig shivered as he layed in bed. He felt himself fading but with each episode, he felt warmer.

Helena walked down the corridor and headed for Main Mission to find the girls. When she entered Main Mission, they were together so she went over to Sandra's desk.

"Helena! Maya was just filling me in on what happened."

"Well the wedding must go on, Sandra. Do you have my check list?"

"Yes, here it is." Sandra handed the list to Helena.

"Let's go over it shall we."

Helena leaned over the desk and went down the list. She started with the catering, all the food that was to be served. She made a change then went to the guess list. The ceremony would be on monitors so not everyone was invited. The reception would be in shifts and would last some hours.

Helena flipped the pages and ran her fingers down the list. Flowers were perfect, music, decorations and furnishings. Everything looked OK. She handed the list back to Sandra.

"Well, what about you ladies are you set."

"Helena, the dresses are perfect. Lavender, strapless and tight fitting, the dresses are perfect," Maya answered.

"So the only thing left is for me to get fitted."

"I called George. You can fit tomorrow."

"Maya, what would I have done without you two. What else is left to get in order by Saturday?"

"John, Tony and Victor's Tuxedos, the wine list, such as it is, and the actual rehearsal before the event is all that is left."

"Not all Maya. John and I are writing a part of the ceremony. He wants to say something to me and I want to say something to him."

"Oh Helena, that's wonderful," Sahn said. Helena stood up to leave.

"OK, I will see you ladies tomorrow for the fitting. I am going home to write my vows."

Helena left and headed to check on John before she went to their quarters. When she saw John, she new the process was moving faster than Victor had thought.

John Koenig was almost transparent. He stood up as she approached. He could see she was alarmed. He held out his hands to her, but Helena just stood there, hand on cheek flabbergasted. Tears came to her eyes.

"Now Helena, don't start that again I'm still here." John walked to her and hugged her.

"John, you are almost invisible."

"Well, I'm not cold anymore. That I think is a plus."

"A plus, John, by tomorrow at this rate you will be invisible."

"Helena, Bob just checked my vitals, I am fine. He says I can go back to my quarters. He gave me this and said to wear it."

"It's a monitoring bracelet."

"Yes, he will monitor my vitals from here OK, let's go." John practically dragged her out of there and to their quarters. Helena let them in and John went to brew some coffee. Helena headed for the sofa. She watched John in the kitchenette as he moved about. John came back after a few moments with the coffee.

He handed Helena a cup and sat beside her. Helena could now almost see directly through him. She touched him. He was still solid mass. John saw that she was about to start crying again so he took her hand in his.

"Honey, no more tears OK." Helena could only nod her head.

"Be strong for the both of us." John Koenig leaned over to kiss her. Her lips were warm to his kiss. Helena's lips opened as his tongue demanded entry. She relaxed against him letting his hand explore her body as his tongue continued its assault.

Helena gasped with pleasure as his hand caressed her nipples through her tunic. Koenig's tongue snaked in and out of her mouth as his fingers played with her nipples. He could tell that she was not going to cry anymore, she was aroused. Mission accomplished John broke the kiss. Helena's eyes were wide and her lips bruised.

"When you kiss me like that I lose all touch with my self."

"I've noticed. I suggest we write our vows to occupy our time." Koenig got up with his coffee and headed for his desk. He pulled out two note pads and pencils. He gave one set to Helena and went back to his desk to write.

Helena put her legs over the chair and using her legs as a desk she begun writing, she new exactly what she wanted to say. Little did she know that she would be revising it over the next couple of days.

They retired to bed two hours later. John opted to sleep holding her in his arms. He was so grateful she was such a strong woman.

The next day John got up and showered. He left before Helena's alarm went off. He headed to Main Mission. The doors opened and closed. No one saw anyone enter or leave. John went over to a puzzled Veredeschi. When he spoke, everyone jumped.

"Tony, it's me I know I'm invisible but just touch me." Tony and the other Main Mission staff gathered around him and touched him. He was there alright they just could not see him. John's clothing all faded when is prolonged contact with his body.

"The process seems to be moving faster then anyone anticipated, probably because I'm human."

Victor and Maya came in just then. They saw the crowd gathering but had no clue as to what was happening. When they approached, it dawned on them that it was John.

"John?" Victor quarried.

"Yes Victor, it's me. Alright, you can all get back to your post now. Victor, can I see you in my office please." Victor followed the voice as the doors to the office opened he sat down and watched John's chair swivel around. It depressed and he guessed that John had sat down.

"Victor, I left this morning before Helena could see that I had vanished all together."

"John, she is going to have to see you sometime." Victor realized how ridiculous the word 'see' was to use when referring to John.

"Yes, I know, just not now she was so upset yesterday. I just think you should break it to her."

"OK John, do we get fitted today? Maya said we should."

"Yes, tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner."

"I'll tell Helena. I will see you later. The girls will go in the morning we will go this afternoon."

"Thanks Victor, I appreciate this." As Victor headed for the door, it opened and in walked Helena Russell. Victor could see she was mad about something.

"Where is he?"

She saw Victor hesitate and knew her worst fears were realized. He was invisible. She walked past Victor and stood before his chair. Victor left.

"Well don't just sit there say something."


"Don't you Helena me. How could you leave without telling me you were invisible? You know I can handle it."

"Do I?" Koenig stood up and placed his hands on her arms. Helena looked into space. She could just see his outline and nothing more.

"I can see your outline?"

"Really, no one else can."

"Oh lucky me," Helena's voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Helena." She felt Koenig's kiss on her lips but did not pull away. The kiss deepened and her arms went up around his shoulders. Koenig stopped and put her away from him. She spoke.

"How are you going to get fitted today? Will your tux even show?"

"When I got dress this morning my clothes faded then vanished all together."

Helena went over to the sofa and sat down. She could feel John sit beside her. "I'm not so sure how this is going to work, John, you're invisible."

Helena folded her arms in front of her. She felt John's arms go over her shoulders. He turned her towards himself.

"Helena, do you want to postpone the wedding?" She sighed.

"No, something is always happening. I think we should go ahead."

"So go get fitted and meet me for lunch later."

Helena Russell stood up. This was the most bizarre occurrence yet. She was about to marry the invisible man. The door opened and she left for her fitting. John got up and went to work, ironing out the day's problems as he went along. The entire base personnel, was told about John's condition. That did not stop them from being uneasy at his presence or lack thereof.

Helena stepped out of the fitting room as Maya and Sandra watched in awe.

"The dress is exquisite, Helena." Sandra said hands clasped and beaming.

"Helena, it is perfect. You look beautiful!" Maya exclaimed. Helena spun around as George came in. He was in charge of all of Alpha's uniforms, casual and formal wear. He came in fussing and started making alterations, pinning here and there.

"Helena, you look beautiful. It will be ready in two days. Go change. I have a lot of work to do. The Commander's tux will not wait." George hustled her out and went through the door. Maya and Sandra looked at each other.

"That gown is a direct Enzo copy." Sandra said.

"Yes, that is what Helena wanted and he did a marvellous job."

"She is going to be absolutely, drop dead gorgeous."

Helena came out beaming and handed the dress to Sandra who took it out to George. He was busy with Tony's suit and told her to hang it. His workers were busy with Victor and Alan's suits.

"Helena," Sandra said as she came in, "Victor's tux is marvellous."

"Yes, I am glad he agreed to give me away. I would not have asked for a better give away father."

"When did you ask him?"

"A week after John asked me. He was all teary eyed and said yes he would be honored."

"Maya, I want you to know that I would have loved to have you as my maid of honor but Sandra and I have come a long way. So have John and Alan."

"I understand, Helena. I know you knew Sandra before me. I will be honored to be your bride's maid."

Helena and the girls left. They separated as they came off the travel tube. Helena had to check on her patients before having lunch with John.

She entered Medical Center to see Ben Vincent trying to resuscitate a patient who had flat lined. Helena jumped into action.

John Koenig was not having a good day. He was feeling irritable. The slightest thing would set him off. Finally, Tony put in a call to Victor. Victor consulted the holographic machine and realized there was another side effect to John's invisibility.

He told Tony who told John. This only made John more upset. His foul mood continued. When Koenig left Main Mission and head to his quarters to meet Helena for lunch his disposition had not improved.

Helena had a hectic morning and as John entered, she decided to try and not upset him too much. She had discovered something today that would not improve his disposition. Victor had called her before to let her know what was happening to him. He kissed her on the cheek and sat down to eat. They ate in silence.

"John," Helena said after ten minutes had passed. He looked up then back at his plate.

"There is a slight problem I have to talk to you about."

"What now, Helena?" He looked up and Helena could hear the tension in his voice. This is not a good time to tell him, she thought, but when would be. She took a deep breath and spit it out.

"We won't be able to consummate our marriage."

"And why not?"

"I will be indisposed." He looked at her and he was not amused. She was serious.


"John, please don't get upset...." Helena could see upset was not the right word. John would have been upset side effect or no.

Helena sensed that he was up and pacing. The door opened and Koenig left without a word. Helena signed. John Koenig went to medical.

As the door opened, he went straight to Ben Vincent and tapped him. "Ben." Vincent jumped.

"Commander," he said as he got a hold on himself, "What can I do for you?"

"Give me something to clear up this irritable mood I'm in."

Ben walked over and took up his sensor, and ran it over Koenig. He then gave him a shot. "Why didn't you ask Helena to give you a shot?" John could feel his emotions settling down. He patted Vincent on the arm and then left.

Later that evening John came back to his quarters. He was getting agitated now. The medication Ben gave him must have been wearing off. Helena was asleep in her bed when he got in. He showered. His agitation was raising but so was something else, his desire. John let the towel fall from his waist as he approached the bed.

John's mind had been racing all afternoon, ever since Helena broke the news. Why not consummate the marriage now, he thought. John Koenig approached and sat by Helena. He was naked and aroused. He put his hand on her thighs and started caressing her. Helena stirred slightly but did not awaken.

John Koenig's desire for Helena all these months and year culminated in this very moment as he lay down beside her and his hand went to her nightgown. He lifted it to her shoulders. John's head went down and he started kissing her breast. He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked gently on it.

Helena's eyes popped open as she felt the tug on her breast and the hand on her waist. Her nightgown was up around her. She saw the sheet rise and fall as John hover over her. Her hands reached out and he was naked. Helena panicked as she felt his hand grasp her panties and begin to pull them down.

Before she could stop him, John's lips met hers. He kissed her and his desire mounted she could feel his manhood on her stomach pulsating. Helena could feel his heart racing.

"John," she said as his tongue left her mouth and her panties came off. Helena's senses were heightened she could feel John but not see him. He raised her up off the pillow and started kissing her neck. Helena could feel his hands descending to her vagina.

"Helena, let's do it now. I can't wait." Helena's hand went down to his and held it just above her center.

"It's too late, John."

"What." He said his breath hot on her cheek.

"It came and hour ago." He paused as realization dawned on him he let her drop to the pillow and he headed for the shower. Helena found her panties and put them on. When John came out, he headed for the refrigerator and stood naked before it. Helena could only see the door open and guess what John was doing.

She snickered she could not help it.

When the door closed, John headed for his bed and laid there. Helena did not speak. She looked over at him seeing nothing. John placed his hand behind his head and steered up at the ceiling. Helena heard his breathing grow shallow and guessed he was asleep. She closed her eyes and slept. Saved by the bell.

Everyone was moving around and talking when Koenig came in. No one knew he had arrived. Helena was telling Sandra that John had not spoken to her all day when the tap came on her shoulders. She turned around and saw no one. Koenig spoke.

"Shall we get on with this?" Helena called everyone together and the proceedings began. Rabbi David Landau performed the mock Jewish ceremony under the Chuppah (wedding canopy) and all went well. John and Helena then signed the Ketubah (marriage contract). The embroidered artwork was beautiful and outlined their obligations to each other. Sandra and Alan witness the signing. They then arranged for the Sheva Berachot (seven blessings) to be said during the celebration.

They had dinner and did not bother to have a bedekin (veiling) since they would not be doing all the traditional Jewish rituals. The group broke up at midnight. Helena left with Sandra. She was to spend the next two days with her to prepare for the wedding.

The next day the men threw John a bachelor party (American style) and they drank the night away. Tony's beer, though on a scale of 5, was not in short supply. John went to bed as drunk as a skunk. Tony and Alan had to put him to bed. Alan stayed over night to help John prepare for the wedding the next day.

The day came.

Koenig dragged himself out of bed. He had three hours to get ready. I might as well turn up in my birthday suit no one would notice anyway, he thought. I can't even see to shave my beard.

John got dressed and went in search of Helena. He had to talk to her before they went down the aisle. As John head down the corridor, he saw her coming toward him. He stopped. She stopped before him and turned her head. She saw his profile.


"How did you know I was here?"

"I can somehow sense you."

"We must be getting in tune with each other. Look I'm sorry about my grumpiness."

"I'm sorry too. Victor told me about your mood swings, I don't blame you. Are you OK now?"


"Still want to get married?"

"Yes, more than ever."

Helena went into his arms. John kissed her briefly. He pulled away from her and turned her around. He patted her on her butt and said, "Go get ready."

Helena walked off and he went to fix his hangover and get ready.

The chapel/synagogue looked beautiful. The white chairs lined the aisle and purple and white garlands were everywhere. Tony walked up to the altar and spoke to Alan who told him John went to the bathroom and would be back in a minute. The wedding was scheduled for 12 noon. It was now a quarter to that hour. John entered and tapped Tony on the shoulder. He acknowledged John's presence then went to tell them everything was set. Maya had sent him to check on John.

At noon, the wedding march began and every one stood up as Maya then Sandra came down the aisle. When Helena came around the chapel/synagogue doors everyone oohed and ahhed.

Helena came down the aisles on Victor's arms. She was wearing a full length pearl white creation, it flared at the hips and touched the ground. The bodice was laced and tight fitting. The gown shone. Helena's hair was up in curls and a garland went around the curls.

John Koenig's heart raced. He was sweating even though the air conditioning was on at full blast. Alan felt him shift in his place. He watched Helena come down the aisle and John thought it was all worth the wait as she was breathtakingly beautiful.

Victor held Helena's hand up and John took it. They knelt before the Rabbi as he started the blessing of the wine. Helena and John then drank the wine. John, then took a plain gold ring from Alan and placed it on Helena's wedding finger, and recited in the presence of everyone these words,

"Behold, you are sanctified (betrothed) to me with this ring, according to the Law of Moses and Israel." The ring symbolizes the concept of the groom encompassing, protecting and providing for his wife.

They then each said their written vows. Everyone was silent.

John turned to Helena and said, "All my love is yours for all eternity. You are my heartbeat, the very blood running through my veins. I would die for you. I will protect you always. You are my strength and hope for a brighter future. I am yours without reservations; I will live for you only. My love for you will go on even after I die through eternity and beyond."

Helena with tears in her eyes said, "All I am and ever will be belongs to you. You are my life, my very soul. I will comfort and strengthen you all our days. I will never leave you. I will be yours throughout eternity as my heart will always belong to you."

The ketuvah, was then read aloud after which it was given to Helena. The sheva brachos (seven blessings) were said and wine given to the bride (kallah) and groom (chosson). They kissed and everyone cheered. Helena felt a beard and realized John could not see to shave. She smiled.

They were hugged and kissed as they came down the aisle. They went to the reception area where they drank wine and John broke a glass by stomping on it (the last time tradition says the groom will be able to put his foot down) everyone shouted Mazaltov! Mazaltov!

Considering the fact that they could not see John, everyone was getting into the spirit of the wedding. Unknown to all, except those watching on the monitors, John Koenig was seen on camera. Those watching on duty or on sick beds in medical could see John in the flesh. A bearded John, but John nonetheless.

The rest of the reception continued in the American tradition as the bride and groom danced. Freddie from Records was recording everything. As the bride and groom prepared to leave in the Jewish custom Sandra and Maya escorted them to John's quarters and let them in. John lifted her off her feet and took her across the threshold. The doors closed behind them.

John's quarters was beautifully decorated for the occasion and a double bed replaced the two single bunks. Flowers were everywhere and a bottle of champagne was being chilled in a bucket.

John set her on her feet and kissed her. Helena's arms went about his neck. They pulled apart and John said. "Did I tell you at any point tonight how beautiful you look Mrs. Koenig?"

"Yes Mr. Koenig, you did. Did I tell you how handsome you must look?" Helena

kissed him. John lifted her up and walked over to the bed. He placed her gently down and opened the champagne. He poured them both a glass and they sipped it together.

Helena got up and went to change. She came out in a black lacy flowing negligee. John loved it. Helena could not tell where John was she just knew he was in the room. The lights were too dim. John had put on a pair of silk pjs. He went over to her. He took her again in his arms.

"Are you certain you are indisposed, Mrs. Koenig?"

"As certain as I am standing here, Mr. Koenig." Helena laughed. She could not see the expression on John's face but she could feel his frustration pressing against her nightgown.

"Let's get some rest. We have had a long day and we have a week off to frolick. How long before I can make mad passionate love to you?"

"Four more days, John, then I'm all yours." Koenig groaned as they got into bed.

Helena kissed him then turned her back to him. He spooned her and they fell asleep.

They happy couple spent the next four days holding hands, taking long walks and spending a lot of quality time with each other. They read together and laughed together.

The Alphans were told to ignore them as they were on their honeymoon. They were told by those who watched the event that John could be seen as clear as day on camera and in the pictures. Freddie gave them their video and they saw for themselves.

One the fourth day of their honeymoon, John was given an all clear by Helena, but they could not take advantage of it as Helena was summoned to medical to perform an emergency procedure that was her area of specialty. She had to stay to monitor the patient so John got caught up on his paperwork.

Helena returned late that afternoon and found that John had ordered a special candle light dinner for them. He had left a note for her. Helena took a shower and dressed for the occasion.

When she returned to the small living area, everything was set. When John Koenig entered, Helena saw his outline, only now it was more pronounce. She ran to him excitement in her voice.

"John, I can almost see you, you're fading in."

"Yes, it started happening while you were at medical."

Koenig took her in his arms and planted a kiss on her lips. He handed her the flowers. "I picked these out just for you." They were violets.

Helena took them and put them in water. John held out his arm, she took it and escorted her to the table. He pulled her chair out and planted another kiss on her lips as she sat down.

"How was the procedure?"

"It went well. Bob assisted."

"Will she be OK?"

"I had to remove her uterus John I doubt she will be OK."

"I'm sorry, Helena, I did not mean to sound trite."

"You weren't I am just thinking of all the work Dr. Vincent and I will have to do to get her where she needs to be mentally. This was a blow to her."

"Can we change the subject? You look absolutely stunning in that dress." Helena smiled and John reached for her hand.

They continued eating. After the meal, they went to the sofa where John took her feet in his lap and massaged them for her. Helena, after standing in surgery for so long and sitting at the patient's bedside, fell asleep. John watched her sleep and thought how unhurried he was to make love to her now. He had waited so long it did not matter now. They would make love when the time was right.

John got up and gently took Helena up off the sofa he placed her in the bed. He undressed her and took his own clothes off. John got in the bed and pulled the sheet up over them. He spooned her as she turned over in her sleep. John listened to her sleep for a while then fell asleep.

At midnight, John felt a nibbling on his ear. When he opened his eyes, he saw Helena looking and smiling at him. Helena could see John now more clearly. His eyes smouldered as he looked at her.

"I believe I am naked, Commander Koenig" she said grinning.

John rolled over her and let his body cover hers. "Make love to me, John," she said. John Koenig's heart started pounding in his chest. His lips covered hers and she held him to her tightly. John gather her into him arms and the kiss became more urgent.

John Koenig and Helena Russell Koenig consummated their marriage that night. Mazaltov!

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