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Attack Of The Hordes

Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2003

Story 11 in the "Amour" series +
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2 - Time and Half Time
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11 - Attack Of The Hordes
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17 - Deadly Poison - Part II
Koenig's honeymoon is over and an attack on Alpha causes some deaths. He becomes transparent and has to save Alpha while the Hordes rampage and terrorize them. Helena is shot.
Average Rating: 4.0/5 (based on 221 reviews)

Moonbase Alpha's status report, 1220 days after leaving earth's orbit Dr. Helena Koenig recording. Commander John Koenig and I are newly weds. We have been married now for 15 beautiful days and our honeymoon lasted just that long. John is slowly regaining visibility. It is wonderful. We are however, having some recent developments here on Alpha, as our Life Support System seems to be failing in a number of areas. No one knows what is going on. Dr. Ed Spencer and I are currently working on the problem.

"Ed, will you try that one again please." The computer buzzed as Ed's fingers ran over the key boards. He reached for the printout as it came out of the slot. He handed it to Helena who could not help but frown.

"This does not look good. We might lose number six, seven already failed. Is there something we're overlooking, Ed?" Helena looked at the readout again.

Dr. Spencer got up and went to the coffee machine. He poured a cup for both of them. He handed it to her, at the same time taking the read out from her. He started looking over the sheet.

"It seems we are going to be here all night. Our recycling capacity is down by 5%. Yet I can see no cause."

"Ed, let's start at the beginning. Check systems one through five through computer. If we get the same results we'll do a manual check."

"Helena, what you are proposing will take all night. You need a break. I'll call Bob...."

"Ed, I'm alright. Bob is on night duty and I cannot afford to pull him. Ben was on all day. This is my area. I am responsible."

"Helena, at least take a break. Go to see the Commander tell him what we have found so far. Stretch your legs a bit."

Helena smiled over at Ed and touched his arm. Nodding her head, she headed out the door file in hand. She had not seen John all day. As Helena, went she began to ponder the problem.

Life Support should not fail without a reason. The back up units alone should have kicked in, yet it hasn't? What should I really tell John?

The doors to Main Mission opened as Sandra was coming off shift she saluted Helena and went out. John's door was close so she stood before it and buzzed him.

The door opened and Helena saw that Tony, Alan, Victor, Maya and Paul were in a meeting with him.

'May I join you?" She asked as she ascended the steps.

"We were just about rapping up," The Commander said as she came inside. He could see she was tired and a little worried. Koenig's outline was more pronounced now, but you could still see through him.

"Is there any good news on the problem in Life Support, Helena?" Victor asked coming over to her.

"Well, I'm afraid Ed and I have very little to go on. We have yet to find out why no. 7 failed and no. 6 is faltering. Have a look at this." Helena handed the file to Victor as Maya and Paul gathered around him. All this time Koenig was looking at her with a smile on his face. Even tired she looked gorgeous.

Victor rubbed his chin while looking at the file. Maya took one of the readouts and knitted her browns.

"But this is impossible, Helena. The systems should not be failing in this manner. Do you need my help?"

"Oh Maya, that would be great, Ed is in Life Support now. Tell him I sent reinforcement. I will join you later."

Victor handed the file to her as he and the others exited John's office. Helena turned to him as the doors closed. Koenig closed the gap with three long strides and stood before her. Helena could see him headed towards her. She knew what was on his mind.

"Have you been avoiding me?" He said taking her arms.

"Now why would I avoid you? I've been in Life Support all day, John" Helena's hand went up to caress his face as she said this. John looked into her eyes. He could always see her love for him there. He could also see the passionate woman she was.

"Have I told you lately that I love you?"

"If we don't count this morning then, no you haven't." John let his lips brush hers lightly. He watched her eyes and saw her passion stir. She was so sensitive to his touch. John loved to watch the plethora of emotions flit across her face.

"John, I came on business." Koenig released her. Another thing he noticed she could also do, throw a wet blanket over his emotions, like now. Koenig smoothed his hand down his pants. Down boy.

Koenig walked over to his desk and sat down at the edge. "Well, Dr. Koenig what do you have to report?" Helena walked over at him handing him the file.

Koenig looked over the file. "Helena, this is disturbing. Isn't this a part of our water system?"

"Yes, John."

"What's causing this?"

"Well as you can see life support seven just cut out six is also failing."

"Do we need technical to look at this?"

"I think that would be wise, John."

"How much longer will you be?"

"Ed and I will be working through the night."

"Oh no, you're not! You can let Ed and Maya work tonight. Maya is on night duty and we can spare her at this time." John faded out more when he was angry or upset in anyway.

"John, Life Support is my responsibility."

"Helena, you are married now, you have other responsibilities as well. I want you home this evening. You are not going to overwork and that's final." As the words 'final', left his mouth Koenig regretted it. Helena's eyebrow arched as she looked at him.

She knew how overbearing he could get, but this was ridiculous. Koenig watched as her gray green eyes turned dark. He was in for a battle but he would not relent.

"Helena, I have seen what sleep deprivation does to you and I know you are a work-a-holic but you have been up since six this morning and it is now 1900 hours."

"John, you have been up as long as I have."

"Helena, I want no arguments." John turned away from her, walked over to his chair and sat down. Helena pursued him and stood before him. She could see right through him, literally speaking and otherwise. She could see he was determined to play the Neanderthal man but she was tired and in no mood for it.

"John, this is serious. Our lives could be in danger. I have..."

"Helena, I said you need to let Maya have a looked at it and you get some rest."


"Helena, I am speaking as your Commander, get some rest." Helena noticed as before when John was angry he faded out and stayed that way. He was becoming almost invisible again.

"John, as Chief Medical Officer I'm afraid I will have to veto that order. Our Life Support System is more important at this time."

"What! Veto my command!"

"I did not come to argue, just report my findings. You are being unreasonable, stubborn and pigheaded." Helena turned to go.

"Helena, don't walk away from me. I am not finished!"

"Oh yes you are!" She said turning around to face him again. Koenig stood. He was invisible now. When she was this feisty, he was both angry and aroused. He was thankful she could not see him just now. Koenig approached her in long strides. Helena felt his approach and did not flinch. They squared off neither one backing down.

A buzz came at the door and Koenig broke eye contact with her to remove his comlock. It was Paul Morrow. Koenig pointed his comlock and Helena took the opportunity to leave as Paul came through the doors. Koenig watched her, her regal bearing, gave nothing of their argument away.

"Yes, Paul?"

Paul looked for Koenig but did not get a bearing on his voice. As he spoke to Koenig, she headed back to Ed and her duties. Her argument with Koenig forgotten for the moment, she pondered the problem with life support. She entered to see Maya and Ed going over the system manually.

They worked for a few minutes, then, someone from technical came in. They worked steadily for the next three hours going over every detail. Life support system 7 failed and Helena was now even more concerned.

Koenig was now partially visible to the naked eye. When he entered his quarters, it was to emptiness. He turned and with long strides headed for Life Support. The nearer he got to Life Support the more he faded out. As the doors to Life Support opened, everyone turned to see who was coming in at this hour. They were all surprised to see an almost transparent John Koenig, all except Helena. She was expecting him. From what they could see of him, he was not happy. John walked over to her where she was crouched over the grids on the floor.

"Might I have a word with you?" he whispered. Helena sighed and stood up. She followed him out the door. As the doors closed, he turned to her.

"Did you disobey a direct order from your Commander?"

"John, do not start this here and now." Helena turned and opened the doors. She spoke to those inside.

"I will be back at 0800 hours. Shut everything, we are not investigating, down. Ed, I will see you in the morning. Maya continue working with the technician and I will see you later today."

They all acknowledged her as the doors closed. Helena walked back with John to their quarters. He is so confrontational today, she frowned.

The doors to their quarters opened and closed as they entered. Koenig walked to the console and told the computer what time to wake them in the morning. He sat in the chair waiting for am explanation from her. Helena took her jacket off and started pacing. Koenig watched her.

"John, I think we might have a serious problem on our hand with life support."

That was not what Koenig was waiting to here. He did not bite. Helena could see he would show no interest unless she addressed her insubordination first. Helena's hand went through her hair as she tried to think of a way to appease him. She went over to him and sat by him.

Her nearness was distracting but Koenig did not bite.

He spoke, "I do not want you putting yourself in jeopardy by overworking yourself. I do not want you to disobey my orders because you are my wife." Helena looked at him. She could see he was angry but she could also see concern. She touched his arm and he flinched.

"John, don't you think I know when to quit working if I'm tired?"


"I wanted to keep on working. Don't be angry with me, John."

"You disobeyed a direct order." Helena stood up and walked toward the kitchenette. She decided not to discuss the matter any further.

"Stop right there Helena, did I make myself clear about you NOT disobeying my orders?! You are not under the influence of the Guardians nor am I unfit to command in anyway." Helena halted in her tracks and spun around.

"May I ask a question, Commander?" Her voice was icy.

"Go ahead."

"Did you order me stop working as my Commander or my husband?"

John Koenig looked at her as he pondered that question. She has a point. Koenig thought about it some more. He sighed as she gave him a knowing look.

"Your husband, I guess." He said this under his breath. He had to be honest with her. He always was and always would be. Helena looked at him and remembered one of the reasons why she married him. He was a man of integrity. John went over to her.

"I'm sorry Helena. In the future, I will try to separate the two. I might not always succeed but I will try." Helena approached him, her arms went over his shoulders as his arms went around her waist.

John's lips found hers as they kissed. He let her go and looked into her eyes he could see the dark circles forming. "Take a shower and get some rest."

"I will if you join me in the shower." Koenig grinned as Helena took his hand and led him to the bathroom. They showered and made the most of their opportunity together.

Later that evening as they slept exhausted from the day's events, the Red Alert klaxon sounded. Helena and John sat up in bed. The com post buzzed and John went to answer the call.

"Commander, Life Support systems 1 and 2 are failing."

"We're on our way, Paul." He switched off the console. "Helena, get over to Life Support please. Call Stephenson and Petrov, they are our best technicians." Both hurriedly dressed and headed out the door. Helena went to Life Support and John to Main Mission.

"Tanya, Kano what do you have to report?" Victor came bounding in as they came over to Koenig.

"Commander, I'm afraid our recycling capacity is down by half. Life Support systems three and four are wavering." Kano said handing him the report. Koenig looked at it. NO KNOWN CAUSE, was Computer's final word on it.

Tony Veredeschi entered and walked over to Tanya's desk as Koenig threw the read-outs on her desk. "Tanya, scan the Universe for outside interference."

Tanya's fingers went rapidly over the keyboard as she scanned the area. The screen came on as the cameras panned the Universe before them. Koenig and the others could see nothing amiss.

"There must be some outside interference. Our encounters have taught us that there is one reason why our systems could fail." As the cameras went around again a ship, was seen coming in at incredible speeds.

"RED ALERT!" The klaxon sounded as the Alphans were galvanized into action. "Tanya, open all frequencies!" Koenig bellowed. Alphans from different parts of the base filled in and to their desk, everyone was now on duty. Alan Carter came in and stood beside John looking up at the screen.

"This is Commander Koenig of Moonbase Alpha, identify yourself." There was no response.

"This is Commander John Koenig of Moonbase Alpha, identify yourself please." Still no response.

The console buzzed and Koenig looked down to see Helena. "John, the grids show that someone has been tampering with them, they are all burnt out beyond repair.

John's face grimaced. He had a good idea who. "Alan, intercept that spacecraft." Alan Carter left at a run. "Eagles 2, 3, 4, 5, to your launch area."

"Tony, what do you make of this?"

"I think they are hostile, John." The door to Main Mission opened and Dr. Koenig walked in. She could see John was partially visible, so he must not see an immediate danger, he could not handle. She stood beside him.

"John, what's happening?"

"A spaceship is coming in fast, Helena."

Maya walked into Main Mission and relieved Tanya of her position. Tanya took Sandra's console. "Commander, two more spaceships coming in!" Maya exclaimed.

"Launch eagles."

"Eagles 2 and 3 you are cleared for take off. Eagles 4 and 5 you are cleared for take off." Tanya said. The Eagles lift off.

"Raise the Bergman force field!" The lights in Main Mission flickered as the force field came on. Helena held her breath for Life Support.

The vibrations started first on the lunar surface. It travelled toward Moonbase Alpha. They heard the rumbling before the waves hit.

"Maya, what's happening?"

"They are sending out some sort of sonic wave."

All on the base watched as the Eagles got hit one after the other by the sonic waves. The Eagles' shields were failing as they tumbled one by one. They crash landed on the lunar surface.

"Moonbase Alpha calling eagles 2, 3, 4, and 5. Come in Eagles 2, 3, 4, and 5." Tanya called, but just the static from the radios, were heard.

Koenig started pacing and each step he took brought him closer to invisibility. Tanya continued to call for a response from the Eagles as the spaceship now 5, in number continued to get closer.


This message came loud and clear over all the spezkers on Moonbase Alpha.

"Maya translate," Koenig said.

"Citizens of Moonbase Alpha, this is the Captain of the Space craft Annihilation. It is futile to resist. You must surrender your base."

"Who are you?"


"Savenger is my name. My ships are willing to destroy your Moonbase and use it for salvage if you resist. We already have sabotaged your Life Support System. We can eliminate it all together, if you resist."

"We will not surrender."


"Prepare to be boarded."

"John, you are invisible. If they come on board we can use that to our advantage." Tony said.

"I can remain like this only if I'm angry, Tony."

The base began to shake and rumble as the ships moved in and docked with each other forming a crude circle above Moonbase Alpha. As the camera panned the exterior they watched as the Bergman Force Field flickered then die. They were helpless as the ships spanned the entire length of the base.

The ships began to descend on Moonbase Alpha. It landed on top of them with a dull grating noise. The ships encased the entire base. From nowhere the aliens materialized, with weapons drawn in every area of the base.

The aliens were all no higher than 5 feet tall. They had three tiny eyes on their forehead and a barrel shaped body. They were almost a slimy purple hue. The Alphans were horrified. They had greedy little eyes and a deranged look. The leader stepped forward he wore a loose robe dyed in purple. They were all in robes of various colors. Their utility belts had various gadgets attached. This they wore over their shoulders.


"Who is John Koenig?"

Tony Veredeschi stepped forward. He zipped up his jacket as he did so.

Helena put her hand on his shoulders but Tony gentle shrugged her off. The creature fired a shot from his weapon as Tony stepped before him. A bright light came out of his weapon and hit Tony, square in his chest. Tony was now encased in a metal sarcophagus, that looked like him. He had turned to metal.

The women screamed. Helena could feel John's hand on her, trying to reassure her. The aliens advanced.


Computer translated all over the base.

"Well, that takes care of that. Now I am in charge. You will do as I say." The mutant grinned and its squared, green teeth came into view.


"I take it that your computer is translating what we say to you?" The Alphans nodded.

"Well, we have been making our presence known to you by giving you a little problem with your recycling system. We wanted to see how resourceful you are and to show you our capabilities." The mutant walked around as he spoke.

"My guards are everywhere on your base. I have 400 men at my disposal." The mutant stopped before Maya with a puzzled look on his face.

"Mmm, you do not look like the others. Kiltric, scan her find out what specie she is?"

One of the men broke rank and headed toward Maya. He took out a slender instrument and ran a light up and down Maya's torso. His instrument pulsated and the tiny screen had writing on it.

"Metamorph," he declared.

"Neutralize." The mutant said. Before Maya could move to escape, the alien blast her. Maya sat at her desk encased in metal. The aliens fanned out and stood one before each Alphan. Koenig realized he had to speak to Helena guarded or not.

He touched her side and whispered in her ear. "I am going to try to leave and get some weapons t...."

"What was that?" The creature looked up at her.

"Who were you talking to?" He approached her. Helena backed away. Its ears were tiny threads hanging at the side of its head. He could here vibrations she realized.

The creature advanced on her. "I can hear very well. Who were you talking to?"

Helena backed away. She shook her head. "No one."

Savenger advance towards her. Koenig had placed her unwittingly in danger.

"I do not believe you. Jackal, scan the area! We might have another alien here who cannot be seen by the naked eye," the chief Horde said.

Koenig went by Main Mission's doors as the creatures scanned the area. As the beams approached him, the doors opened and in walked Sandra. Koenig escaped through the doors the aliens pointed their guns at Sahn as she advanced.

Koenig was frantic. Where can I go without being detected by these aliens? Everywhere Koenig walked, the aliens, weapons drawn, were searching Alpha, room by room looking for personnel. They were marched to a holding area in the recreation center.

Koenig ducked into a storage unit in order to figure out a way to defend Alpha.

Meanwhile the aliens were holding court in Main Mission. All the Alphans were up against a wall. It looked like an execution was about to take place. In the recreation center, the same thing was happening as the rest of the creatures swarmed over Alpha looking for any they might have missed.

The alien in Main Mission opened all frequencies and broadcasted to all areas.

"People of Moonbase Alpha this is your Captain speaking," his voice rang, out. "By now you must be wondering what has befallen you. Well, let me be frank for the sake of sounding brutal. You now belong to me. In other words, you work for US! YOU ARE NOW SLAVES OF THE HORDES OF THE PLANET HADESIS!"

As he spoke, the hordes advanced on the Alphans, weapons drawn. "I, Savenger am your master. Anyone who refuses to work will be encased in metal stasis. We will consume all we can and sack, loot and raze the rest when we leave. The women will naturally come with us when we go. The men will burn. To resist is a waste of time, your time."

The Hordes advanced menacingly. "All essential workers will go back to their duties. The rest will remain to serve us. We require sustenance. Bring on the feast. Now get back to work slaves!" Savenger's sinister smile shun from the monitors.

As the Hordes shuffled them out the Alphans wondered what happened to Commander Koenig. The hordes headed for the rec area to feast.

John Koenig was sweating buckets in the storage unit. He heard Savenger's message. Koenig was wondering what happened to Alan and the other men. He was certain he would need their help if they were alive.

Alan Carter and the other pilots who were alive could hear everything that was going on in Main Mission. Savenger was broadcasting on all channels. Four men had died in the crash. The rest were banged-up pretty badly but they were alive.

They donned their space suits and walked to the airlocks before them. Koenig left his place in the unit and headed towards the south. If Alan and the men were alive, they would come through the southern airlocks.

When Koenig arrived, he saw that the area guarded by hordes.

The Hordes must have realized that some of the pilots might be alive. There were ten of them, all armed. Koenig removed his stun gun. The hordes saw an outline before them and stepped forward, too late Koenig fired his gun. Two Hordes dropped to the floor and solidified as the airlock opened and Carter and six of his men entered. They all began to fire at the Hordes. They dropped and turned to stone.

Koenig went over to Carter and the men and clasped them. "Boy, am I glad to see you guys. Reinforcements at last." They all grinned at each other. When the men got out of their suit, they went to hide in the recycling sewage area to hatch a plan.

Helena and the crew, under guard, at Main Mission sat working at their consoles. Two Hordes guarded the doors. The doors opened and closed but no one walked in. The Hordes turned puzzled but said nothing. Koenig walked over to Kano. He whispered in his ear, as the Hordes hearing were extremely good. They were, however not close enough to Kano to hear his voice.

"Kano, just listen, Alan and some of the men are alive. We are going to attack the leader. Be ready with armed lasers to destroy those ships when they take off."

Kano worked steadily at his console, no one near him suspected a thing. Koenig next spoke to Paul all the time keeping an eye on the Hordes.

"Paul, get word to the Alphans. Tell them to get stun guns from the oxygen units all around Alpha. The men and I planted them there. Tell them to get ready to attack the Hordes."

Koenig walked away he had to go, he could feel the change in his body temperature. He would be visible soon. He walked to Helena and gently touched her. Helena did not react. She was expecting Koenig. He whispered to her and she got up.

As they turned to go, Koenig saw Sandra encased in metal by the door.

The hordes stopped her. "I have to go to the Medical Center. I am in charge there. I have to check on my patients." She said looking him in the eyes. His eyes were vacant of all emotions. He touched a button on his s robe and called Savenger.


"She says she has to go to the Medical Center, do we let her go?"


"Who is she?"

"Chief Medical Officer," Helena spoke up.



They stepped aside to let Helena pass. As they left, John grabbed Helena's arms and led her hurriedly down the passage and into a storage unit. The room was dark. Helena felt John's arms envelop her. She sighed and relaxed in his arms.

"John, if I don't turn up at the Medical Center they will get suspicious." Helena could see him now. He was agitated as her looked anxiously at her.

"Let them. I don't want you in danger." Helena felt Koenig's lips on her in a fierce kiss. She responded her heart racing as she clutched at him in despair. She never felt so in danger and so far from John as she did when she was in Main Mission just now.

She felt John's hands massage her body relaxing her even further. She felt safe. Koenig broke the kiss. "Helena, Carter and six of the men are alive we are going to try the element of surprise and kill the Hordes. I want you to stay here, where it is safe."

Helena broke from his stare. She knew he was look at her in earnest. "John, I can't do that they will be expecting me to turn up in Medical."

"Helena, it makes no difference we are going to try to take them. Stay here."

Koenig and Helena heard the alert. The sounds were blasting all over the base. The Hordes had found their men dead in a storage shed. They peeked out and watched the screen. Savenger had turned dark purple with rage.

He threatened to start petrifying Alphans until the perpetrators gave themselves up. Savenger was screaming at the top of his lungs.

As the Alphans looked on Savenger brought two Alphans forward and shot them. They watched as the Alphans fell over. This time they were indeed petrified. They died instantly.

"Did you see that, Helena?" John said closing the door. "They mean business."

"Dr. Helena Koenig has not turned up at the Medical Center! Hordes fan out and find the doctor! We might have to make an example of some of these people." Twenty Hordes in the recreation center left weapons drawn, to search the base.

Savenger left the area where they had consumed everything in sight. He headed for the Medical Center with five Hordes at his back. They arrived and those guarding the doors stepped aside and let them in. They followed ready for some action.

The medical staff huddled together when he arrived. "If your doctor does not come to your rescue you will all be executed!" He dispatched some men to guard them and went into Helena's office with two of his men. The motion sensors were triggered in the office. Koenig's secret cameras came on. It began to record everything.

"Kiltric, Filch we need to find that doctor and kill her. They need to see we mean business." The Hordes nodded in agreement.

"We'll lore her by threatening to kill her staff. When she gets here, we will kill them all as an example. They will not need a doctor anyway. They will all be dead in a week. Let's go." The Hordes grunted and laughed as they left.

The Chief Horde advanced and stopped before the monitors. He gestured for two of the nurses to come forward and they let them kneel before him. He spoke.

"Dr. Koenig, if you value the life of your staff, you will be in the Medical Center in two minutes!" shouted the Horde.

Helena could see that he was now in the Medical Center. As she watched the screen, again she saw two of the nurses kneeling before Savenger. Helena made to leave but John stopped her by grabbing her arm.

A swarm of Hordes came around the corner and passed the unit. John held her arms. "Helena, you can't go out there didn't you hear that Horde, they want to make an example of someone."

"John, I can't let him kill the nurses." Koenig could see the anguish in her eyes.

"I won't let you leave." John gripped her tightly around the waist as she fought against him. "Helena, I can't send you out there." Helena scratched and fought him as he held her.

She stopped and looked at him. "I will never forgive you if you let those nurses die because of me." John could see she was serious, but so was he.

"Dr. Koenig, your time is drawing to and end!" The Horde screamed from the monitors.

Helena pushed John from her, and as he stumbled he fell. She turned and ran. Just as Helena reached for the handle of the door, from the floor John unsheathed his stun gun. The beam from his stun gun snaked out and caught her in the back. Helena crumpled to the floor as the screams from the two nursed in medical rang out.

Koenig cringed. "I'm sorry, Helena, but I had to do that." Koenig dragged her over to a basket. He emptied it and gently laid Helena in it. John touched her cheek then covered her with blankets and boxes.

When Koenig left the shed, he was completely transparent. He headed back to Carter and the boys. Koenig was somehow sure those Hordes were going to kill everyone in medical. He had to get there, but first Alan and the boys.

The Hordes were everywhere. "Computer, lock and seal door to storage unit 5." Koenig said. Koenig used his stun gun and sealed it.

He headed down the corridor and back to Carter and the men. They were in the waste disposal units hiding in the garbage to be recycled.

Koenig opened the doors but Alan saw nothing come in. He knew it was Koenig so he came out of hiding. Koenig approached him and he tapped him on the shoulder.

Alan jumped. "Oh John, you frightened me. So how does it look out there?" The other men came forward.

"Alan, they are all over the place. They have Helena's staff as hostages."

"Where's, Helena?"


"They will kill her if they find her. How safe is safe?"

"Very safe. Listen, we need to get to medical. There only chance to live lays in our hands."

"What's your plan, John?"

"The element of surprise. They know you are out there. Let them capture you. They will take your weapons," Koenig continued as he outlined his entire plot.

The men all nodded in agreement. They headed out the door. They went down the corridor toward the travel tube for medical. The Horde was still screaming out threats. They could see the staff in the Medical Center cringe. They entered the travel tube undetected.

As they exited they raised their hand in surrender. Several Hordes pounced on them and disarmed them. They threw their weapons aside and escorted them in to the Medical Center. Koenig armed to the teeth followed behind them.

When the doors opened, Savenger came forward and ordered them to line up against the wall hands behind their heads. He stepped over the bodies of the two dead nurses. He went over to the monitors and broadcast throughout Alpha.

"People of Moonbase Alpha, these men, you see before me have killed members of my party. Their penalty is death; Witness their execution."

During this exchange, Koenig walked behind the pilots and gave them stun guns set on kill. Savenger and the rest of the Hordes turned toward the men. As the men brought their hands above their heads and down wards, they were greeted by rapid laser fire. The Hordes fell, until not even one remained standing.

As the rest of the Hordes around Moonbase Alpha witnessed this, they tried to flee back to their ships. They were attacked before they could dematerialize. Paul had gotten the word out and they had found the lasers. The Alphans who were armed killed more than half of them before they could leave.

The burnt and chard flesh of the Hordes stunk up the air vents. The Alphans lost their footing as the Horde ship took off and the buildings shook.

David Kano was ready as the Horde ship took off. As they reached some distance from Alpha, they began pulling apart. Kano had the lasers raised. He fired repeatedly. Little by little, the ship turned to stone and started crumbling. The Hordes taken again by surprise tried to flee only to explode as the lasers sliced through their fuel systems.

The Alphans watched as the Hordes were no more. A cheer went up and Koenig and his men were hailed as heroes.

Koenig made his way to Main Mission after telling Bob where to find Helena and how to get her out. He told computer to unlock the doors but they would have to unseal it manually also.

Koenig entered Main Mission and he was more visible this time. He retrieved the Hordes gun and changed the setting. Hoping it was on the right one he fired at Sandra, Maya and then Tony. They watched as a purple light snaked out and the three glowed. They were back to normal. They never knew what hit them.

Koenig ordered them to Medical Center for observation. He set everyone to work, ordering the Eagles and the dead men be brought back to Alpha. He ordered the maintenance crew and other Alphans to burn the bodies of the Hordes and store their guns. They shot the dust out into space.

The clean up took two days. Eight Alphans had died during the Hordes visit.


Koenig looked down at his consol, six hours later, it was Bob. "Yes, Bob."

"Dr. Koenig is coming around now. I thought you might want to know."

"Thanks, Bob." Koenig cut the connection and sat heavily in his chair. Helena's words rang in his ear. "I will never forgive you if you let those nurses die because of me..... never forgive you... never forgive you... never forgive you."

Oh Helena, please forgive me, he sighed.

Koenig left Main Mission. He tried to find the right words that would tell Helena why he had to do what he did. He found nothing suitable. He had a gut feeling about the Hordes and their intensions.

John entered the Medical Center and headed for Helena's private room. He entered, a little more than pensive. He saw Mathias give her a liquid in a cup, she drank it looking right at him.

Mathias nodded at him and left the room. John went to the chair at the side and sat down. Helena sat up in bed. He could see that she heard about the nurses. Her face looked tear-stained. John sat there and said nothing.

Helena relaxed on the pillows and closed her eyes. Why is he here? Doesn't he know I do not want to see him right now? I can't even look at him. Helena opened her eyes and spoke.

"John, I need to rest can you please go."

"Helena, I had to do what..." Helena's hand shot up to silence him.

"Just go, please."

"Helena, I went with my gut instinct. They would have killed you."

"We will never know if that is true now will we."

"Trust me, my instincts are never wrong."

"Once again John, you made a decision based on who I am to you. Two nurses died because you could not let me go."

John stood and walked over to her. Helena closed her eyes again. "I am no worse for the wear, John. I do not feel sick. I just want to sleep, right now, nothing more."

"You can't shut everything out, including me."

"Do you remember what I said in the storage closet?"


"It stands."

"If you trust me, know that I would not have done what I did unless I was sure I could do nothing else." Helena opened her eyes. He touched her arms. How could she live with the knowledge that two nurses died because of Koenig's love for her.

"You know I trust you. I cannot live with the guilt of what you did, John. What does the rest of the Alphans have to say about this?"

"I don't care what they think!" John's voice raised and he started fading out. He relaxed. Helena could see him much clearer than before. He had not faded in this quickly before. John was losing his ability to fade.

"Look, I said it before, but let me say it again, I went with my gut. I don't care who endorses my decision or who does not. You need to know I would have done it no matter what. Never negotiate with kidnappers and murderers. I..."

Helena suddenly sat bolted upright and swung her legs of the bed.

She looked him in the eyes. "You're a hypocrite, John!" Her eyes narrowed. "You know if that were me in there you would have negotiated."

John stepped back. She looked him square in the eyes and said, "Do not bother to come home." She turned to go, but the ice in his voice stopped her.

"Just a moment, Helena. Never walk away from me. Never dismiss me. I might be your husband but I am also your commanding officer."

Helena cringed. The only other time she heard that voice, was when the alien seed sent his look alike back to Alpha. She turned again to go.

"Helena!" He stepped before her. He did not touch her. "I know I was right. If you don't trust my instincts, then so be it, but I will not leave our quarters."

"Well I am not leaving either! You have to go!"

"Over my dead body!"

Mathias entered the room without knocking. "John, Helena it is getting loud in here, we can here everything you say now. Take this home."

Helena marched through the doors. She saw the smear on the floor, and remembered what Mathias said about the battle that was fought there. She also saw some of the remains of her two nurses. Helena shuddered and walked out with John in tow.

She started feeling sleepy as she entered their quarters. The medication must be kicking in.

The door closed and she went to the bed and lay down. She closed her eyes. She could feel John standing over her. He obviously was not backing down this time. She did not want a confrontation. Helena slept.

John looked at her and his love for her had not declined. If anything, it soared. John went back to work. He would let her rest.

They worked steadily throughout the night bring in the Eagles to begin repairs. They fumigated and cleaned the soiled areas. Tony supervised the cleaning of Main Mission. Ed was in charge of clean up in medical and everyone worked to get the base back in shape. They had survived another attack and they were grateful. Those who were religious went to the chapel.

John walked around getting reports from all areas. Helena slept through the night. By morning, John had collected all the reports and headed home to see Helena.

He entered to see Helena fully dressed and having coffee. She looked up. He was almost fully visible now. John walked over to her.

"Why are you still here?" she asked.

"Why are you still here?" he asked.

Helena stood up, "I am not leaving you are."

"I told you I was not leaving. I was right and I will not say otherwise."

Helena remembered the nurses' faces as a matter of fact they haunted her. John stood before her.

"Why don't you trust me?" He asked.

Helena picked her comlock up off the table and clipped it to her belt. "Now, who is being stubborn and pigheaded?" he asked.

Helena did not respond. She stood there looking at him.

"The decision I made I would do it again if the same circumstances presented themselves."

"May I leave now, Commander?" she asked icily.

"Dr. Koenig you are not on duty today. I took you off the roster. As your commanding officer, I order you to get some rest today."

Helena was livid. He must be joking, she decided. "You what!"

Koenig was angry but he had not faded out. It was a good thing this had not occurred when the Hordes were here.

"I am not going to argue with you. My decision is final!" Koenig turned to go. He felt her hand grip his arm. As he turned but Koenig was punched in the eye. John stumbled but did not fall. He grabbed at her and both fell. Koenig landed on top of her.

Helena squirmed beneath him. The more she squirmed the more aroused Koenig became. She could feel him pressing on her. No matter how she struggled, she was no match for him. John felt his eye hurt and knew he would have to explain this to the Main Mission staff.

She stopped struggling. John held her hands above her head. She turned away from him. "Your turning into a real spit fire aren't you?" Koenig held her chin and kissed her furiously. Helena did not respond. She just lay there. John broke the kiss and looked at her.

"You drive me insane, Helena. The more violent your temper the more I want you." Helena still did not respond. He knew she was furious.

"Why did you have to hit me? Don't you know violence does not solve anything?"

She could here the smile in his voice. Men are such pigs. How could he be thinking of sex at a time like this? He is such a stubborn, pig-headed, idiot.

Helena heaved him off her and John rolled away. She sat up. John got up off the floor and offered her a hand up. She did not take it. She got up on her own speed and retrieving her comlock she opened the door and left.

John did not stop her. He took the paper work off the coffee table and headed to his desk. He sat and began to read them, but his mind would not stay on the reports. They inevitably strayed to Helena. John knew he was right about the Hordes but how could he make Helena see that.

Helena spent the day in the rec center since she was not on duty. She listened to records and read. She dreaded going back to the room. It was getting late. Helena felt the stares from the Alphans and felt even more guilty about her nurses.

She called Ben to find out how things were in the Medical Center. He reported everything as OK. After eating, she headed home. John was there. She noticed he had a dark circle around his eye. She was not surprised.

"Helena, are you ready to listen to me?"

"I heard you, you did what you thought was right. I cannot accept your gut instinct for the reason why my nurses died."

John gave up. If she wanted it that way then he would leave it alone. They both got ready for bed. For the first time in their short marriage, they went to be with unresolved issues.

I wish she would just trust my instincts.

I wish I could trust his instincts.

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