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Make Love Not War

Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2003

Story 12 in the "Amour" series +
1 - The Loneliness Is Over
2 - Time and Half Time
3 - Never Say Never
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8 - On The Verge Of Death
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11 - Attack Of The Hordes
12 - Make Love Not War
13 - Love And Marriage
14 - The Prodigal's Return
15 - The Son
16 - Deadly Poison - Part I
17 - Deadly Poison - Part II
John and Helena are still fighting and it escalates. Did she go too far, and is it too late to repair the damage? Hidden facts are brought to light too late and more than one firestorm hits Alpha.
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Moonbase Alpha's status report, 1230 days after leaving earth's orbit Dr. Helena Koenig recording. The clean up on Alpha took two days going on five as we had more sabotage work to repair than we knew. A new problems kept cropping up. We are currently running diagnostic checks on all systems on Alpha after the Hordes attack. Commander Koenig has been sporting a black eye now for some time. (Mmm, I wonder how that happened?) He has called a meeting for 0800 hours in four days and everyone is trying to get the reports together. He has not been in a good mood lately.

Dr. Bob Mathias looked at the report he had just completed. He knew it was thorough, maybe too detailed in fact. It was a report on Dr. Koenig his superior and friend. It detailed where the patient was and what condition the patient was in.

Bob remembered what Koenig said, "Bob, I sealed Helena in storage unit five. She might be unconscious, so take a gurney. Have the maintenance crew bring blow torches to unseal it and then pry it open." Then he left.

Now he had this file. From his examination of her, Mathias could see that Koenig had stunned her. He had to revive her and he gave her a medication that would dull the aftereffects.

Mathias was of two minds what to do with the files. Put them in Dr. Koenig's records and hope she never sees it or give it to Commander Koenig. Mathias decided to call Koenig.


"Yes, Bob?" Koenig answered.

"May I see you in medical for a few minutes?" He asked.

"Would now do? I have some work below ground to do later."

"Yes, now would be fine."

Mathias was sitting at his desk when Koenig came in. Koenig headed to Bob's desk and sat in the chair he offered and took the file he handed to him. John read in silence. When he had finished, he handed the file back to Bob.

"What do you propose I do with it?" Koenig looked at Bob and knew no matter what he said, Bob would do it.

"What do you suggest?"

"Two things, file it and hope she never sees it or you keep it for your personal files." Bob leaned back in his chair as he said this. He already knew which John would choose to do.

"If I keep it and by some accident she finds it, I'm toast." John sighed. "Put it in the medical file, if she finds it, I'm dead, if not then we have avoided a disaster. She has to know that we would keep nothing from her Bob. Trust is a heck of a thing to lose and it's almost impossible to win back."

Bob nodded and John got up to leave. "Just leave it in your desk for a while, a couple of months, maybe, then, file it."

Dr. Mathias removed the files and put it in his desk drawer, and locked it. He promptly forgot about it.

A couple of days later Bob removed some files from his draw to update and rewrite when he got called away on an emergency. He left the files on his desk.

Helena, though not on duty, came into the Medical Center in search of a file. She rummages around in her desk but did not find it. She decided to check Mathias' desk. Helena looked in the drawer where she knew he kept outlines of what file she wanted. Helena took one and closed the drawer when she saw part of her name under files on his desk.

Helena picked up the file and read it. Helena read aloud, "She was sealed in storage unit 5. It took three hours to get her out. What!" Helena, read on getting angrier and angrier by the minute.

She continued to read. "It was obvious from the diagnostic testing that she had been stunned by a laser. Test results later prove this true. Patient given... What is going on here? This file was done two days ago! Why wasn't it given to me or filed?"

Helena placed the files in a locked drawer in her desk and decided to keep it. She was angry. "John, had no right to stun me. Bob Mathias is going to have a few questions to answer. John Koenig, you are going to get it!"

She closed the door to her office and left.

Bob got back an half an hour later. He went to work on his report, never missing Helena's files.

Helena walked into her office and sat down. Doctors Bob Mathias, Ed Spencer and Ben Vincent were already there waiting for her.

"OK, gentlemen, let's get started. I need the reports concise and thorough." Helena looked at each of them as she spoke. She looked calm and in control but she was not fooling anyone. Everyone knew what was happening. She was on the warpath and they were all staying clear of her. John's eye was proof of the pudding.

Ed Spencer began. He handed her the report and spoke. "As you can see we found that a number of life support systems were set to fail. The Hordes had sabotaged at least eight. Each set to self-destruct at intervals. We checked and double-checked those. We also found that the water supply had been contaminated, the seed as well."

As Ed's voice droned on and on, Helena's mind went back to earlier this morning. After not speaking for days, (just two ships passing in the night) John finally broke the silence. This led to another argument to end all arguments.

Helena stepped from the shower, towelling her hair when John walked in. He looked at her and his eyes smouldered. Helena could see the steel set of his jaw as he became determined not to give in. John was visible now with no indication of transparency returning.

He stepped pass her and opened the medicine cabinet. The area was small so they could hardly avoid each other. As she stepped to the side to avoid him, he stepped to the side to avoid her. They collided and Helena's towel fell from her hand. John's hand went out to steady her and his hand brushed her bare breast.

Her breath caught in her throat. Their eyes met. John saw she was as angry as ever. At that moment, John decided to kiss her. As his lips met hers, she flinched. John kissed her but there was no response. He let her go. She looked at him and he looked at her.

"When are you going to let this go?" She did not respond. He retrieved her towel from the bathroom floor and handed it to her. John then turned and left the room. Helena could see he was angry. She was now feeling frustration. Should she mention the files, and what she found out? Things were just too raw right now. When she was in a better frame of mind, she would bring it up. She was angry with him. Yet she missed him. Why did he put her in this position?

Helena finished drying off and put her robe on. She came out and he stood in the middle of the room looking adamant. She was tired of his attitude and she decided to let him have the full extent of her wrath.

"You know, John Koenig I have to tell you something. I got my report from Mathias' desk. This is a report I was not aware of, that concerned me. It was not in my file nor would it have been."

"What report?"

"The report about being dug out of a storage unit and being unearthed from boxes and what not. Not to mention my condition!"

John did not want to go there, but it was inevitable. "What condition?"

"I thought I fainted when I heard the girls scream! but I hadn't. You stunned me. How could you stun me?!" Helena's veins were now standing up in her neck.

John turned. Things were getting worse, when he wanted better. He did not think she would have seen the report. Bob had promised she would not see it yet. John settled by the kitchenette and leaned on the counter.

"Why did you have Bob secure it? Were you going to keep this a secret?"

"You have shot me numerous times. Did I complain? And no, I would have found an appropriate time to tell you."

"Oh, don't be ridiculous. This was different. You promised to keep separate commander and husband mode. You broke that promise. You have broken quite a few."

"I am only human."

"Is that all you have to say for yourself?"


"How could you stun me?"

"I had to."

"You have had no reason, except the fact that you had to stop me. Tell me why you let those nurses die, John?"

John was furious, "I am not rehashing this over and over with you! I did what I had to."

"I want an answer, not your gut feeling! Your real and final answer!"

John advanced, and stopped short of arms length. He remembered his eye. "Don't push me, Helena." His voice was deadly calm and menacing. She pushed.

"You bastard! You cannot say it, can you? You killed those nurses and expect me to live with the guilt." Helena's arms went flashing wildly in the air as she lashed out at him.

John's arms went up and caught hers. "Helena, get a grip! Don't let me have to use force! You are acting irrational! If you ever lash out at me again you will regret it."

Before the words left his mouth, Helena floored him. John went down clutching himself. Helena had brought her knees up and let him have it in the jewels.

This was becoming a nightmare, John thought. It hurt like hell. He saw stars. His eyes watered. John struggled to his knees. He was still holding himself.

"I will relieve you of duty and get Ben to give you a psychological evaluation if you do not get a grip." Helena's hand went to her mouth as the tears started to fall. She was losing control. She needed to pull herself together as there had be a better way to deal with this.

John gave himself a few minutes and got to his feet. Helena had escaped to the bedroom by this.

"Helena, did you hear a word I just said?" Ed asked.

"Mmm ahm yes, I did. I was just remembering something. Continue."

"That was it, Helena, we told you everything," Bob said.

"Well, then the meeting is adjourned. I will look over all these files before I report tomorrow. If I need to clarify anything I will do so."

The men still sat there and Helena knew what was coming. Who would be brave enough to start.

"Helena," Bob started, "where did John get that black eye?"

Helena contemplated not answering that question. Bob must be feeling very brave today. "I gave it to him."

"Uh huh, and did you not stop to think how this would look?"

"You should talk. I found my file on your desk. When were you going to tell me what John did to me?"

Mathias was taken aback he had not missed the file. "What?"

"Bob, I know you are John's friend and mine, but never keep anything from me."

Mathias could see she was hurt by his decision to keep what happened from her. He nodded in consent. "I believe John's instinct was right on the money when it came to the Hordes. They were going to kill you."

"Bob, I wish you knew that for certain."

"Helena, all of us were there we experienced it. The Horde would have killed you," Ben reiterated. Helena looked at them in turn. They looked like they believed that, wholeheartedly. Ed nodded in consent.

"I appreciate your concern and what you all said." They all stood up to leave and Helena started reading the files. She had heard nothing they said.

Helena could not keep her mind on the reports. Her mind went back to what the men had said. She could not think straight right now. All she saw was her nurses in their final hour.

He would have saved their lives if he were not busy saving mine. Can I fault him for that though?

Helena worked steadily for the next couple of hours going over things in her mind as she did so. She loved him, she knew that much. He fought fiercely for her and she loved that about him. He was in fact her hero, the knight she always dreamed of as a child. He turned her on as no man could. She desired him even now.

"Helena," Dr. Vincent looked in, "are you working late tonight?"

Helena was startled she had not seen that her shift had ended and another had begun. Her staff must be staying clear of her.

"No, I forgot the time. I'll be done soon," she smiled; it was the first genuine smile she had this week. She looked at the clock it was 2000 hours. Ben waved and left as he begun his shift.

Helena had not done much by way of work today. Bob had covered her this morning and then Ed. She had a lot of office work and they were seeing her patients. Helena worked for another hour. She was having a headache now. She was tired of going over the problem in her mind.

She got up and buzzed Maya. "May I come over?"

"Yes, of course, Helena." Helena took the files and left her office.

Helena said goodnight and headed for Maya's quarters. When she entered Maya's quarters John was entering theirs. His jewels had hurt mildly on and off all day. People must have thought he had a hernia. Their quarters felt empty. He felt alone. Even if Helena were here, he would still be alone. He missed her.

John thought of this morning and realised he had been thinking about her all day. No wonder he had a headache. He must have made love to her a hundred times today, in his mind. She was certainly a hellcat, a side of her that excited him, even aroused him.

He realized her calm demeanor was a façade. She was a very passionate woman. He took a cold shower, one of many such, and went to bed.

Helena poured her soul out to Maya. She wept and got all she could out in the open. Maya listened. When she was through she sat there weepy eyed.

"Helena, I don't know if John did the right thing. I know he loves you and would do anything to protect you. I also know he would have saved the nurses if he could."

Helena smiled at Maya. She felt better having unburdened herself to her. Maya seemed not to know what to say though.

"Helena, you are newly weds, you need to resolve this. Tell me really, did you have to hit him there?" Maya had a little smile on her face when she said this.

"I know I lost it. I never lose it that far. This is so maddening. When I saw the files I realize to what length he went through to protect me."

"Do you think he will relieve you of duty?"

"After what I did, I think he should. I really went too far this time. But it was his fault, he stun me."

"Oh, Helena, you know that is no excuse, you did that too." Maya smiled.

"Sometimes Maya I feel like we are star crossed lovers, destined to be forever passing each other and never quite touching."

"I don't believe that, Helena. These are special circumstances. We are in space where anything can happen. We are tested. Your love for each other has withstood all odds, it is solid."

Helena smiled, "That was beautiful, Maya."

"He loves you, you love him."

"Yes, I do. I need to start trusting that. I need to trust our love. I can trust completely in him. I know that. He has proven this repeatedly. I guess his intensity scares me sometimes. That report just let me see the full extent of his love and it still scares me."

"That black eye sure proves his love. He has worn it well and there is not a scratch on you. No one asked him about it, not even Alan, and he did not offer any explanation. This morning sure proved it too. You should be court marshalled."

"Oh Maya, you should have seen his face. He could not believe I did that."

"I can't believe you did that."

"Oh Maya, I was mad as hell. How dare he be so, overbearing with me. He threatened me too. I just don't know. I saw red. I promised myself I would never do that again. Hit him I mean."

"I hope so, Helena."

"Maya, it was good talking to you." Helena got up to go, it was midnight. She felt weary as she headed home.

She entered their quarters and decided to finish reading the file Ben had given her. John was asleep, but she could hear his heavy breathing. Helena reclined on the sofa and began reading. She fell asleep on the sofa while reading the file.

John got up at 3:00 AM and found her on the sofa. He took the file from her and lifted her gently off the sofa. He put her to bed. This was the closest he had been to her in weeks without her spiting fire at him. His jewels hurt but he relished the closeness.

John gently kissed her cheek and went back to sleep.

The next morning when she got up, she saw that he was gone and she was in bed. She realized he had put her to bed. Helena felt like a child. She showered. She put on the coffee while she got dressed.

The meeting was in another couple of minutes and she did not want to be late. She gathered her files and headed to Main Mission. The others were filing into John's office as she entered. She headed up the stairs and sat at her usual spot. Koenig was talking to someone on the monitor but no one paid attention to what he was saying.

They sat and waited. "Yes, well, I thought you had dismantled it," he was saying.

"Well, I thought you did. We would not have known it was still working if it did not run out of recording space. I'll take a look at it anyhow."

"OK, Bob. This time remove them and dismantle the software and codes." Koenig turned the monitor off and went to his seat at the conference table.

"Thank you all for being on time. Let's get started."

They went around the room. Everyone passed their reports around when it was their time to speak. John stole glanced at Helena. He did not know what the change was but she looked different, less haunted somehow.

All eyes were on Helena as she began to speak. They could all see she was more relaxed and her voice was calm. John knew that this was a major turn round. They tried not to think about the row that gave John his shiner but it was hard to keep a straight face about this.

As he wrapped up the meeting, John commended them on a job well done. They filled out leaving Helena and John at the table. He could see she wanted to talk. The door closed and they sat there in silence. After a few moments John spoke.

"What is it, Helena?"

"John, I..."

"Helena, I can tell something is up so tell me what."

"I do not know if the nurses would have survived, but I do know that I trust you and your judgment." Helena saw relief in John's face as she spoke.

"Isn't it a little late now?"

"I don't know, is it? I did not say forgive me for doubting you. I'm saying, I don't know if things would have gone any different."

John looked over at her. "Our relationship has been through some hard times, Helena, but I have never seen you react like you did. I was hurt by your treatment of me. I never expected such venom. You wounded me physically and emotionally."

Helena could see he was hurt, but so was she. "This relationship has weathered a lot. You have always stood by me. I have never experienced the killing of any of my nurses as I did that day. When Anton Zoreff killed .... I don't want to even remember that, I felt helpless, like I did then. John, I could have helped. I don't know ... what to say."

John saw her confusion. Her feeling of helplessness reminded him of his at times when she was in danger and he could not help her.

"What do you want me to say?"

"I want you to know that I do not blame you anymore for the girls' death. I accept that you did what you thought was wise. When I spoke to their husbands' they did not blame either of us. It was hard listening to their hearts break as they told me what they saw and how helpless they felt."

"What do you want from me, Helena?"

"I want us to try and repair the damage done to our marriage and our love."

John looked at her. How easy it would be for me to just take her in my arms right now, but I can't.

John looked away. In all she said John did not hear that he did the right thing only that she did not know if it was the right thing. John wondered if things could ever get back to the way they were. Was this trust?

"I love you, Helena, but I ..., I don't know. I feel empty of any feelings right now."

Helena felt she deserved that. She knew he loved her beyond what she could ever comprehend. His love had scared and overwhelmed her at times. Could that type of love leave her, or die a slow death.

"I don't want to lose you over this."

"I need to think about what you said today and how you feel about certain things. Helena, things can escalate too quickly and we are left saying what we do not mean to say."

"I don't want to lose you over this." John could see the tears in her eyes that had not fallen. He wondered what brought on her change of heart in the first place.

"Tell me, why this sudden change, Helena?"

"I told you I thought about it. The doctors spoke to me and no one really blames you. I don't want to either."

"Your opinion outweighs all others. You had no faith in me."

"I was distraught."

"You were accusing."


"No, you know the damage has already been done."


"Let's just leave things as they are right now. We can re-ash it some more later. I'll see you this evening." He turned away.

Helena felt dismissed. Was it too late? She nodded in agreement and left.

Helena spent the rest of the day doing the death reports. It was hard, but someone had to do it.

Five days passed and still Helena had not resolved anything with John they went over everything but still things were at an impasse.


"Yes, Bob," Helena answered from her monitor in her lab.

"Would you come to your office, please?"

"What is it? Is there an emergency?"

"No, I'll explain when you get here." He rang off. Helena left the lab and went to Life Support System's area, and told Ed what she wanted done.

When she got to the Medical Center and headed to her office, she could see that Bob was not alone John was there too. She went in.

"Helena, have a seat. There is something I would like you both to look at. When John and I spoke about dismantling his spy cameras, I remembered something. The Hordes were in here. I figured what was said must have been recorded if the cameras were just now running out of recording space. Look at this."

Mathias pushed the tape he had made yesterday and run it. The Hordes came into Helena's office and they listened to all that took place.

"Kiltric, Filch we need to find that doctor and kill her. They need to see we mean business." The Hordes nodded in agreement.

"We'll lore her by threatening to kill her staff. When she gets here, we will kill them all as an example. They will not need a doctor anyway. They will all be dead in a week. Let's go." The Hordes grunted and laughed as they left.

Helena closed her eyes. All the events of the pass weeks came crashing down on her. John's gut instinct was right, they would have killed me.

"They triggered the motion sensors?" John asked.

"Yes, and I had computer translate everything they said."

Koenig did not look at her. His heart was heavier than before. She said nothing.

"Well, I'll leave you two alone," he exited. The doors slid shut. Koenig was angry, not only, at Helena, but at the Hordes as well.

"Say something, John?"

"What should I say? I'm vindicated? O I feel vindicated but it is a little too late."

"What do you want me to say?"

"Nothing, there is nothing you can say." He felt his heart grow cold.

Koenig stood. I feel like I've been punched in the eye again. Why hadn't this tape come to light before now? It must be another test. Who keeps testing us, Arra? That voice, from the black dwarf? Is some one out there toying with our affections?

Helena sat where she was. "I'm sorry for doubting you, John? Thank you for saving my life." Helena was humbled.

This is indeed a hollow victory. Koenig felt drained. He used his comlock to open the door then said, "You're welcome," and left with a bitter taste in his mouth.

Helena worked late that night and slept in her office. When she went home, she showered and changed. John was not there. She went to see a patient in her quarters then finished working out some new details to make the Life Support System more efficient.

Helena rearranged her schedule so that when she was on duty John was off and vice versa. She made sure they did not see each other. She avoided him. They were truly like two ships passing now. They never met. Helena was miserable. John was miserable. The staffs, in Main Mission and the Medical Center were miserable.

Everyone knew both were being stubborn about this but no one interfered.

Helena headed for the shower. She was late and she had to get to an outpatient before going to medical. She hurried into the shower and had a quick one. The lathering stick fell but she did not stop to pick it up. As she turned the faucets off and began stepping out of the shower, her foot twisted on the stick and she fell with a thud. Her foot hit the side as she went down. Helena heard the bone fracture before she felt the pain. She screamed out and grit het teeth.

She did not panic. She realized she had to cover herself before she caught a chill, so she grabbed a soil blanket from the basket and dried herself. Her comlock was in the other room. She could not reach the key pad from where she was. She had to wait until John got home.

Helena covered herself with another towel and prayed that John would not be working late tonight. Her leg was throbbing. She decided to drag herself over to the door and try to reach the key pad. The pain in her leg intensified. She gave up trying after a while.

As the pain grew, Helena finally passed out.

John came home an hour and a half later. He was of two minds whether to just collapse into bed or take a shower first. He felt drained. John walked into their bedroom and saw that Helena had not left yet. Her clothes were on the bed as was her comlock.

John knew she had switched shifts in order to avoid him. He wondered why she was still here.

Her boots were by the bed as well. He did not hear the shower and she was late for her shift. John decided to call and see if she were OK.

"Helena, Helena," John was now worried.

John took his comlock and pointed it to the door it slid open. John saw her on the floor and his heart lurched. He thought she had killed herself.

"Helena," John started looking for blood but saw none. He called her name and gently tapped her face. She opened her eyes. John was relieved.

"What happened?"

"I think my leg is broken. I fell in the shower." She groaned.

John had his comlock on his belt. He opened a channel to medical. "Ben, here."

"Ben, Helena slipped in the shower. She broke her leg."

"On our way, John."

John could see that she had passed out again. He went for some underwear and a robe and dressed her hurriedly. When they came, they took her to medical. John brought a change of clothing with him. Ben gave her something for the pain and they took x-rays.

Ben looked at the film when it came. She had fractured her tibia in the fall. John stayed with her as they revived her and set her leg.

There were no crutches in medical so Helena had to wait a couple of days before one was made for her. She dressed carefully with John's thelp hen he lifted her and took her home.

So much for avoiding you, you always come to my rescue, John Koenig.

It seems I always end up having to rescue this woman. Her life belongs to me ten times over. How do I tear down the wall we have built up?

John took her home and put her on the bed. John called Tony and let him know he was not coming in for a few days. Tony was happy to take command.

John looked at her. She had her eyes closed but he knew she was not sleeping. John saw her grimace.

"What's the matter?"

"It's nothing just a slight discomfort."


"It's OK I'll get to it later."

"What is it?" It was not much but at least we are communicating.

"I have to pee."

"Oh good grief, Helena, is that all?"

John walked over to her and lifted her effortlessly from the bed. He carried her to the bathroom. "Thanks for dressing me earlier."

"It was not a problem." He gently put her down and balancing her, he pulled her pants and panties down. Helena flinched as the pain in her leg flared up. The medication must be wearing off. John thought it was because he was touching her. "I have to do this."

"I know."

"So why are you flinching away from me."

"I'm in pain, John, it's not you." John lowered her to the seat and she went. When she tapped him, he turned around and helped her up. He pulled her clothes up and lifted her again. Helena watched him out of the corner of her eyes. He was determined to do this yet he was so unresponsive. She felt no warmth from him. His face was set and determine.

John was also looking at her. She seemed so distant to him. He felt like an intruder. Yet he could feel his loins stir every time he touched her. He hadn't touch her or made love to her now for weeks.

As he placed her on the bed Helena's hand went to his cheek. He looked at her. She looked at him.

"I don't want this to be over," she said. She saw raw emotions flicker in John's eyes. He remembered how he felt seeing her lying there on the bathroom floor. John did not respond.

John straightened and headed for the kitchenette. "Would you like some tea? I'll order dinner."

"Yes," Helena watched him bruise himself in the kitchenette as he ordered their dinner. John always ordered for her, he knew what she liked.

He brought her tea. She drank it in silence.

When dinner arrived, John served her and they ate in silence. John saw how tired she looked after dinner.

"Do you want to go to bed early?"

"Yes, I am rather tired."

John stood her gently on her feet and got her nightgown. He undressed her all the while not looking at her face.

This is torture, they thought.

Helena stood clothed in only her underwear as John picked up her nightgown. She touched him and he froze. You can do this John, he told himself, focus.

Their eyes locked. Helena's hand went to his cheek again. John's resolve left him. Helena cried out as his mouth crushed hers and he pulled her roughly to him. He kissed her and it was long and hard. John sucked at her tongue and gripped her head as his tongue ravaged her.

John wanted to hurt her but he couldn't, he loved her. Helena was gasping for breath when he released her. He gave her her nightgown and left the quarters. Helena sat down in defeat.

He wanted her yet he was still holding back. Helena pulled the gown over her head. She tenderly heaved her leg up from the floor. She slept fitfully that night.

Helena awoke to the smell of coffee. She sat up. "Good morning, John."

"Good morning."

The door bleep and John opened it. It was breakfast. John set it up and took her to the bathroom to do her thing. He lifted her up and took her to the little table to eat. He noticed that her lips were swollen from the kiss he'd given her last night.

He served her coffee and toast first. She liked to have the coffee and toast before she ate her scrambled eggs. John had a stack of pancakes, sausages, 2 eggs sunny side up, and coffee, his usual.

They ate the fruit, whatever was available they made sure they got it as a part of their diet each day. John lifted her to the sofa where she spent the day reading. John worked at his desk and sent some files off to Tony. They ate lunch in silence.

Later Sandra and Maya visited. They told her to fix this situation before it got out of hand. Helena pondered the problem as she pretended to read the reports Ed had sent over. She knew John was crazy about her. He could hardly resist her last night when she had to change for bed.

Maybe I should make a bigger request.

Two hours later Helena had a plan. "John."

"Yes, Helena." He looked up from his work.

"I need to get clean, and I can't take a shower."

"Do you want me to help you at the bathroom sink?"


"OK, let's go."

John lifted her of the sofa and deposited her in the bathroom. He stripped her of her clothing and filled one side of the sink with water and the other with soapy water. John sponged her down and wet her all over. Before long John was getting aroused. Helena saw and realized her plan was working.

"Do you want to wash there?"

"I can't balance myself enough to do that, John, you will have to." Helena saw him swallow as he began washing her there.

John saw her close her eyes. He closed his as he washed it. It felt like a caress to Helena. She moaned and groaned. She wanted him OH so badly. The sponge fell from John's hand as he gently touched her this time with his bare hand.

Helena opened her eyes. He opened his. Their eyes locked as John brought his lips down gently and earnestly to hers. He bit her lips, once then twice. His tongue snaked out and touched the crevices between her lips. Helena clutched at him. John was gentle this time as he kissed her. It was like eating honey on a summer day to them.

"I'm sorry," Helena said as they came up for air.

"So am I, forgive me."

John lifted her off her feet and exited the bathroom. John placed her on the sheets. He joined her and took her into his arms. He touched her cheek.

"John, I love you so much. Please, forgive me."

"There is nothing to forgive. I am angry with myself too." John pulled the covered up over her as he spoke.

"I wondered if I did the right thing. I agonised repeatedly in my mind the possibility of saving those nurses. I had doubts. I can't fault yours truely."

"John, you did your best. I love you for all the ways you've fought for every member of this base. You are not super human just human."

John's mouth covered hers as he kissed her. His hand went to explore her body. He whispered his love for her repeatedly. Helena relaxed; it felt good to be back in his arms again. John made love to her gently.

Each touch and kiss brought them sweet ecstasy. Her senses were alive to every touch. She had never felt such intense pleasure until now.

He tried not to cause any undue pressure on the leg. He held back wanting to be gentle and tender. He had never seen her so responsive before. Her love for him shone from her eyes.

Helena felt so lucky to be Mrs. John Koenig. John's love making, though urgent, was the most beautiful experience she ever had. John was in seventh heaven.

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