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Love And Marriage

Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2003

Story 13 in the "Amour" series +
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John takes time off from his duties while Helena's broken leg heals. Their honeymoon of sorts is disturbed by a fireball heading for Alpha, and by John's jealousy when one of Helena's staff members needs her attention.
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Moonbase Alpha's status report, 1239 days after leaving earth's orbit Dr. Helena Koenig recording. I am convalescing at home after breaking a bone in my leg. Commander Koenig has decided to take a month off to help me cope. We finally can enjoy another honeymoon of sorts.

John Koenig finished giving Paul and Tony their orders as he left Main Mission. He stopped off at hydroponics for some white roses and headed home. It has been a week since they reconciled, still there were other things left unsaid. Koenig hoped that this vacation would put them on a firmer footing for the future.

On entering their quarters, John was greeted by a frustrated Helena sitting on the floor in their living quarters. He placed the roses on the coffee table and ran over to her.

"Helena, how did you get here?" John scooped her up in his arms and placed her on the sofa.

"I left my crutches in the bathroom and hopped out here. I lost my balance and my comlock is on the top of the refrigerator."

"I'll go get it. I can't leave you alone for a second and you don't get into trouble."

"Tell me about," she said smiling.

John opened the door to the bathroom and retrieved the crutches from the wall. He brought them over to her and leaned them on the side of the sofa. He gave her the roses and watched as her eyes lit up.

"Oh, they are beautiful, my knight. You are my knight in shining armor you know. You are forever rescuing me. Could you put them in some water please? Thank you."

John put the roses in water and joined her on the sofa. He carefully lifted both legs onto his lap. John massaged her foot while they chatted.

"So are we all set for our second honeymoon?" Helena asked.

"Yes, I left Tony in charge. I am all yours."

"I like the sound of that."

John kissed her toes and Helena felt the warmth run up her spine, "Don't start anything you can't finish."

"Now how do you know I can't finish it," John kissed her toes again and she wiggled them. She was laughing now and it warmed John's heart to see her laugh again. John reached over to pull her onto his lap. Helena settled, there happily.

His lips crushed hers, as his tongue explored her mouth. Helena pushed his tongue aside and stuck hers into his mouth. Koenig felt his heart race. He sucked her lips into his mouth as he caressed her. He suckled her tongue, gently biting her in the process. Helena moaned.

When she finally came up for air she said, "John, either you are the world's greatest kisser or I'm overly sensitive. That was absolutely divine." He nibbled her neck while she laughed with delight.

"What do you want to do?"

"Well, as you can see, I am currently disabled. You are going to have to take me around and show me a good time."

"Done. How would you like to go to the recreation center? We can get some books and read."

"Oh, sounds romantic."

"Anything we do will be romantic as long as we are together."

"Why, John Koenig, you are such a romantic." Helena kissed him gently on the cheek.

"OK, let's go." Koenig lifted her as he stood and placed her gently on her feet. He reached for her crutches and handed them to her. Helena took them and headed toward the door as Koenig opened it.

He walked behind her as she hobbled down the passageway. "Do you want me to carry you?"

"No, I'm fine," she puffed.

John watched in amusement as she hobbled and stopped then hobbled again. She certainly likes to have her way.

Helena finally gave up. "I'm not use to this yet. Can you carry me, darling." Helena held her crutches as John lifted her off her feet. She felt secure in his arms.

John carried her down the passageway oblivious to the stares they were getting. It was a rare thing to see the Commander and the Doctor in such good spirits. Helena pushed the key pad to let them inside the center. The rec center was partially empty. He picked a secluded area and deposited her in a comfortable, overstuffed chair.

"What would you like to read?" he asked.

"Why don't you surprise me and pick something out."

John looked at her skeptically but went to the shelves and started looking anyway. He had no idea what to get Helena, as she read everything. "What type of book?"

"Oh, something romantic," she smiled.

"That certainly narrows it down!" he shouted back sarcastically.

"Oh, John, pick a book," she smiled.

John picked a book and went to get himself one on the other side of the shelf. John walked over to her and handed her the book.

"Why did you pick this book?" Koenig was stunned.

"Isn't this romantic?" he asked.

"Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy, they were star-crossed lovers. She died tragically."

"Now, how am I supposed to know that?"

"Anyway, I've already read everything he's written. Pick something else." John looked at her, took the book, and went in search again. He stayed longer this time and came back with a choice of two books. He handed them to her.

"Well, madam," John bowed at the waist like an English gentleman, "are they to your liking?" Helena smiled at his nonchalance. She took the books and smiled.

"'The Tempest' and 'The Taming of the Shrew', you have to be kidding me." John threw himself in another over-sized chair across from her and grinned.

"OK. John Koenig, I will get my own book. I already read these anyway," Helena, toss the books at him and taking up her crutches, she hobbled down the rows.

John settled back to read, 'Clear and Present Danger' a book by Tom Clancy.

Helena was back in a few minutes book in hand. She placed the crutches aside and sat in the oversized chair. "Well, what did you get?"

"I got, 'The Poems of Emily Dickinson'," she replied.

"I never would have chosen that for you."

"I know." Helena stretched her good leg across the great divide and placed it in John's lap. He caressed her toes as he read. She relaxed and settled down to read.

They read in that position for an hour, when John asked, "Would you like to have some lunch?"

"No, I'm not hungry just yet."

They settled down again, when Helena started reading aloud.

Heart, we will forget him!
You and I, tonight!
You may forget the warmth he gave,
I will forget the light.
When you have done, pray tell me,
That I my thoughts may dim;
Haste! Lest while you're lagging,
I may remember him!

"Isn't that just profound, John?"

John, barely looked up. "Mmm, yes, profound."

"John," Helena poked him with her foot.

"Cut that out, Helena."

"John, I'm serious stop reading for a moment and talk to me." John heard the urgency in her voice and looked up.

"What's up, my love?" John put his book down and looked at her. Helena smiled.

"John, during our history together we argued, but we never left things for long to fester. That poem just reminded me of how hard I tried not to think of you or want you. But, I ached and longed for you still."

"I longed for you too."

"It was such a waste. I felt as though I was in limbo," Helena said.

"That is a part of what I wanted to say to you, too. We wasted so much time arguing, I don't ever want to go through that again. We need to make a promise to each other."

"I was thinking the same thing."

"A commitment not to stay angry at each other for long." John caressed her toes.

"A commitment to discuss everything and come to a conclusion," Helena offered.

"Yes, we either, agree or disagree, and, we need to agree to disagree. We need to respect each others opinions," John stated.

"Oh, John, you read my mind."

"Honey, there is only one problem here?"



"What me?" Helena asked pointing her finger in her chest.

"You can get pretty stubborn and pig-headed." John, grinned. Helena was not amused.

"Can we get back on track?" she gave him her not amused look and John just kept on grinning. John put her leg down and stood. He leaned over and scooped her up in his arms. Helena's laughter carried across the almost empty room. He sat down with her perched in his lap.

"Honey, don't you know that I adore you?" John said biting her tenderly on the neck. Helena kissed him hard on the mouth. She was oblivious to the looks from others around them.

John pulled her closer. Whenever he was near her or she was in his arms John turned to mush.

"So, how do we do this thing?" John asked nibbling her neck some more. Helena smiled.

"If you keep distracting me like that you are going to have to take me home." John stopped.

"OK, time is precious. We know that at any moment, we could be attacked, or we could die. So let's not waste what little time we have together being hard-headed with each other," John said. Helena's hand went to his cheek and their eyes met.

John and Helena's hearts speed up as they embraced each other with that look.

"I love you, John. Let's not fight anymore."

"I adore you, Helena. I promise we will compromise." John's lips overpowered hers as he kissed her ardently. Helena moaned in her throat. John was giving her a kiss, of a lifetime. Helena felt herself tense. She quickly pulled away from him.

"What's wrong, Helena?"

"Nothing, I almost, know?"

"Oh, I'm that good," he kissed her quickly and picked up his book. She opened hers and began to read some more. A short while later John noticed as the book slipped from her hand. She had fallen asleep.

He let her sleep as he continued to read. She turned into his neck after a while and John could feel her drool tickling his neck. He shifted her slightly and read some more. After a few more minutes, she jumped in her sleep and came awake.

"Oh, um, did I fall asleep on you?"

"Yes, shall I take you home?" She nodded her head. John stood with her in his arms. She cradled the books in her arm and held the crutches with the other. They were a remarkable sight, coming down the passageway.

Helena was asleep by the time John entered their quarters. He entered the bedroom and placed her on the bed. She stirred and her eyes opened. "Shall I order lunch?" he asked she nodded her head then closed her eyes. John let her rest until lunch came.

John woke her up and took her to the table for lunch. They ate and talked together enjoying the moment.


John got up and went to the console. It bleeped again and John turned it on. It was Bob Mathias.

"Yes, Bob."

"Sorry to interrupt John, but it's urgent." John went over and lifted Helena out of her chair, and carried her over to the console.

"Bob, what's the matter?" she queried.

"Helena, it is a delicate matter can I speak to you privately. May I come over?"

"Of course, Bob. How about in 30 minutes?"

"I'll be there." He signed off. Helena was puzzled; she wondered what the matter was?

"Do you want to finish eating?" John asked.

"No. I lost my appetite just now. Bob did not look good. I think whatever he has to say is serious."

"Do you want me to give you some privacy?"


"OK. I will go down to rec center and grab a movie. What do you want to watch?"

Helena, looked distracted, she was trying to figure out what Bob wanted to talk, about. He lifted her and put her on the sofa. She protested, "John, I can walk."

"What movie should I bring back?"

"Oh, anything."

"Helena, don't do this, you know if I bring something you don't want to watch I'll have to take it back. I do not want to do that, so choose a movie. If you leave it to me, I get a man's film, like 'Rambo' not a chick flick."

Helena looked at him, Chick flick? When did that get into his vocabulary? Should I ignore this comment or no? Mmm. "Get 'And Now Voyager'."

"Helena I've seen that a hundred times with you," he sounded annoyed. She was distracted about Bob, and her attention was not on him. Helena looked up. If men pouted, I would think John was doing so now. Look at him. He's upset because I am not giving him my undivided attention.

"Why don't you get 'Rambo' for you and 'Voyager' for me John?"

"If I see that movie one more time I am going to...."

"Honeeeeey." John paused and looked at her. Am I feeling jealous because Bob wants her attention for a moment during our honeymoon? I feel as though he is intruding. "why are you getting annoyed because Bob is coming over? Are you going to get possessive during this stage of our marriage?"


"You are getting annoyed with me. You know this is one of my favorite movies," Helena stated.


"Should I tell Bob to cancel his appointment?" John felt a little abashed. She hit the nail on the head. Jealousy, that is an emotion I never considered with Helena. Not with all the men that work around her. Now that he is coming into my territory, I am feeling territorial.


"Don't ask me why?" she snapped. John could see she too was getting annoyed. "I'm sorry; I should not have said it that way. John, I hate it when you play games with me."

"What are you on about?" John was threading on thin ice. Helena raised her form up in the chair and looked at him. Even from that low position, John caved.

"OK, I felt a little like he is intruding, that is all. No biggie, OK."

"John, Bob is our friend. He was your friend before he became mine. He is my right hand in Medical Center. What is this?"

I am wondering the same thing my love, the green-eyed monster has reared its ugly head, John thought.

"Let's drop this. I'm going to get the films." John picked his comlock up and placed her beside her then exited their quarters.

John Koenig, after such a lovely talk in the rec center you are going to start this jealousy thing. Helena shuddered. She remembered a time with Lee. He kept watching her when they were out, especially when she spoke to a male. But that was the extent of his jealousy.

This was a new one for Helena. John did not strike her as a jealous man. As far as I know, insecurity is the only thing that breeds jealousy, or a partners known infidelity.


Helena pointed her comlock at the door. It slid open and Bob walked in, folder in hand. He sat in the chair Helena offered and looked around for John.

"He's not here."

"OK, good."

"What's the matter, Bob?" Helena was a little worried now.

"I had a CAT scan done three days ago. I got the results today."

"A CAT scan? What was the result?"

"I have a brain tumor, Helena." Bob watched as the emotions flickered across her features. First disbelief, then shock and lastly sadness as she realized he was serious.

"I don't want anyone to know, especially John. I want to get through this as painlessly as possible. John would insist I be relieved of duty and I don't want that."

"Oh, Bob, I am so sorry to hear this." Helena extended her hand to him and he took it. "Why do you feel John would relieve you of duty?"

"I've seen him do it before, when we worked together at The Physics Center. A colleague of ours had cancer and John took the blame for not telling his commanding officer. When the young man messed up, John had to take responsibility for it as the man was under his supervision. It almost caused a court martial and a life. After that, whenever anyone had any ailments he would relieve them of duty, pronto."

"Do you think you should be relieved of your duties?"

"You tell me, I brought the scan." Bob took them from the folder and held them up in the light.

"It's tiny Bob, any side effects?"

"Yes, the headaches started and also nausea."

"Is that why you did a check?"

"Yes, I could not shake them."

"Are you sure you do not want John to know?"


"He is going to have to know eventually."

"Then he will know then."

"He will think you didn't trust him with this."

"He'll know why too." Bob sat back into his chair. He ran his hand across his fore head. A gesture Helena knew he did when he was anxious.

"How do you feel about this, Helena?" Helena looked at her dear friend and tears came to her eyes. Bob got up and sat beside her. He held her in his arms briefly.

She dried the tears from her eyes and looked at him. "What is the most aggressive treatment you want to start?" she asked.

"How much Oncology did you do?"

"Quite a lot, I did research mostly on the holistic and alternative methods. They are effective."

"That is why I came to see you too, you have background knowledge in this field. What do you suggest?"

"Well from the scan, I can see you might have a stage I, low grade, Craniopharyngioma. Your chances of survival are good if it is. I need to find out if it is malignant. Ben will have to do a biopsy."

Bob looked gravely at her, "The less people who know the better for me."

"We have to get Ed and Ben in on this Bob. Who knows besides us?"

"Ed, what do you suggest we do?"

"Biopsy, I'll assist Ed."

"Helena, I won't lie to you, this is very frightening for me. I see that it is small but it scares me nonetheless."

"Bob, I promise you I will be there for you. We will get aggressive with this thing. I do think you should tell John."

"Helena, right now I am not thinking straight and I don't want to complicate things further by having to worry about what John will do. I am concerned more about what you, as my CMO will do."

"Bob, this is a tremendous strain on you, I know, but as a doctor I know what the side effects are. I will look out for them, if I see that in any way you are unfit for duty I will have to relieve you."

"Fair enough. So, after the biopsy, what's next?"

"We do the holistic treatments. I will walk you through the entire treatment process. Bob, you will have to do regular testing after this in case it comes back. Sometimes it's more aggressive the second time around."

The door slid open at that moment and John walked in. Bob was sitting holding Helena's hand in her lap. Koenig frowned.

"I'm sorry, I did not realize you would still be here, Bob."

"Hello, John." Bob was feeling a little awkward. This was not something he relished keeping from him.

"Well, I'll put these here and go to the bedroom to do a little reading let me know when you are ready, Helena." John placed the video cassettes on the table. His frown was getting bigger, not only were they still holding hands but Bob made no attempt to get up and sit elsewhere.

John walked away. Was it my imagination or did I notice something odd about Bob. He looked like he was hiding something. John left the room and resisted the urge to look back.

Helena squeezed Bob's hand and spoke, "Bob, you held so tightly to my hand just now I thought you were going to cut off my circulation. Relax." Bob released Helena's hand and sat back on the sofa. Helena lifted her right leg and placed it on the coffee table. The cast was itching her leg every now and then.

"Helena, how are you going to assist Ed without John knowing?"

"This is going to be difficult but I'll think of something. We should be on our honeymoon. John will be furious if I disappear at odd times without a cause."

"Helena, I do not want John to get suspicious," Bob sounded worried.

"OK, let's do it this way. Ed and Ben will do the biopsy and I will concentrate on your treatment. That way when John is out I can leave or have Maya call me, or something. You can also come by."

"That sounds workable. So what type of treatment do you have in mind?"

"Bob, that depends on how aggressive this tumor is, also whether it is benign or not. I will check my records and also check with hydroponics for herbs."

The doors slid open and John Koenig walked out. He was surprised to see Bob was still there and sitting beside Helena. He went to the kitchenette and put the coffee on. John watched them out of the corner of his eye. Every now and then Helena would reach out and touch him. What is going on with those two? Bob seems real upset.

John was beginning to wonder what could be taking Helena and Bob so long to discuss. He left the kitchenette and went to them.

"Coffee, Bob, Helena?"

"No, thanks, John I was just leaving." Bob stood up and squeezed Helena's hand before he left. John went back to the kitchenette to see if the coffee was ready. Helena was deep in thought. She was trying to remember the rigorous program she had put in place years ago. She did not think all the herbs were here on Alpha.

John walked over with the coffee she had not answered but he knew she would want coffee. He handed her the cup and she took it absentmindedly. He sat beside her, taking the spot Bob vacated.

"Honey, what's the problem? Bob was here for a while and you still have something he said on your mind." Helena knew John was fishing to find out why Bob had called on her.

"Oh, John, I'm sorry, I can say nothing about this except that a patient has a particular problem and Bob needed my help in figuring how to handle it."

"Should I order dinner now?" Helena looked at him. He is such an understanding man. How will he react to me doing some research and seeing Bob on our honeymoon?

"John, I need to retrieve some files from my office tomorrow can you spare me for a little while? Did you have anything planned?"

"Why all of a sudden? Does this have to do with that patient Bob told you about?"

"Yes, it does." Helena, looked at him she could see he did have plans.

"Yes, I can spare you for half a day. I have intimate plans for the other half."

"Thanks, John, I would not miss it for the world."

John leaned over and scooped her into his lap. "I am going to order dinner for later. Then I am going to take you into the bedroom and make mad passionate love to you," Helena giggled the predicament with Bob forgotten for the moment.

John pulled out his comlock and ordered dinner for them. He stood with her easily in his arms. John was grinning from ear to ear. Helena looked at him, this was the happiest she had ever seen John Koenig.

"Well, what do you think?" Ben queried. Helena looked at the scans and took the report from Ed. They were all looking at the second CAT scan taken from another angle. Helena shuddered.

"It's larger at this angle," Ed offered. Helena signaled for a chair and Ed pulled it over. She sat down. Helena had been working on finding the herbs that were available on Alpha for three days now. Some herbs were definitely missing.

They had gotten the results of the biopsy yesterday and it was a tumor. It was a stage I, low grade, Craniopharyngioma.


"I see that it's larger, Ben. I know the best treatment for it but some roots native only to China are missing here on Alpha, two in fact. Eddie and Shermeen are checking their research file. If they can find a similar plant from all our samples from other planets then we can treat him the holistic way. If not, we will have to try radiation and surgery as a last resort."

"Do they know specifically what mineral you are looking for?"

"Yes, they do. I was thinking, first we raise the oxygen content in the cells then we attack it with immune enhancers."

BLEEP! BLEEP! Helena unhooked her comlock from her belt. She knew who was calling as she glanced at the clock in the observation center. She had forgotten the time.

"Yes, John." Helena could see he was annoyed. He had to buzz her yesterday as well.

"Are you coming to dinner?"

"I'm on my way." She closed the link. "Ed, check with Shermeen this evening. Ben, let Bob know he can go back to work. Just let him know he has to take it easy. Bring the files over when you get them from Shermeen. I want to begin treatment tomorrow."

"Do you think he should be on duty?" Ben asked.

"I see no reason why he shouldn't." She stated and that was the end of that. Ben and Ed exchanged glances. She indicated to Ben for her crutches and he handed them to her. Helena took them and stood. She was getting better at this. She placed them under her arms and left at a brisk pace.

She met Bob just as she turned the corner to her quarters. They stood for a while talking. Helena was outlining the treatment to him when the delivery service came around the other corner with their dinner. She stopped at the door and buzzed. John opened the door and stepped out. He stood aside as the girl entered their quarters pushing the trolley. As the girl left, he looked down the corridor to see if Helena was on her way or not.

John saw Helena. Her back was to him. She had her hand on Ben's shoulder. He watched as Bob hugged her then left. Helena turned and their eyes met. She looked startled to see him. Helena noticed that the vein in his neck was standing up.

What have I done now? He looks angry. Helena looked at him as she past by and entered their quarters. John took her crutches and helped her to her seat. He brought her a small towel to clean her hands. They ate in silence. John looked at her and decided he was not going to leave what he had on his mind unsaid.

"Are you still on your honeymoon?" he asked.

"Yes, I am still on our honeymoon." She did not look up from her plate. He could tell she was trying not to upset him her tone was congenial.

"Are you going to the Medical Center tomorrow?" Helena's head went up. She looked at him. Is he baiting me? What should I say?

"Why do you ask?"

"Because you have been there three times this week."

"No, I'm not going." Helena could see the vein on his neck relax. Now how am I going to get to Shermeen tomorrow? Things might get complicated. I don't want John to jump to the wrong conclusion.

The door bleeped and John opened it to let Ed in. He handed Helena a file then apologized for disturbing dinner and left. Helena put the file aside and went back to eating.

"Is that something you are going to be working on tonight?" Helena put her dessert fork down and looked at him.

Remember Helena you are on your honeymoon, she reminded herself.

"Darling, I will only look at it briefly. I want you all to myself this evening," she smiled coyly. John was not distracted by the bone she threw him, he heard her loud and clear, she was planning to work this evening.

"No, you are not reading that file this evening, we have plans, or did you forget?"

Helena was startled; she did not remember any plans. She looked him in the eye. OK, what should I say? I forgot. He already knows that. How do I defuse this?

John was waiting for an answer. He could see she was trying to come up with one.


Saved by the bell, they both thought.

"Yes, Tony."

"John, Maya just spotted a gaseous material headed our way. It looks like a fireball. From all indications it will pass close by."

"Alright, I'm on my way." John looked around on Helena, "You stay put." She nodded her head. Helena reached for the report as John exited.

As John entered Main Mission, Maya brought the fireball on screen. "Maya, magnitude, speed and trajectory." With his arms akimbo, he looked at the screen.

"Magnitude -40, speed 8 km/sec, trajectory about 3 miles south of Alpha," Maya answered.

"Do you have a density?"

"No, Commander. It is blue-white and mostly heat."

"Damage capabilities at present trajectory?"

"Heat fall out."

"Any curve?" John was pacing now.

"No, Commander. No ablations either." Maya's fingers ran over the keyboard rapidly. The Professor came bounding in and stood over Maya.

"John?" he quarried.

Koenig looked at Maya, who nodded her head. She sent a printout and Kano retrieved it as computer reeled it out. He took it to the Professor. Victor looked it over. He approached Koenig.

"John, this could cause serious problems," he said.

"What do you think we should do Victor? We could be looking at a serious heat wave here."

"Sandra, how long before it reaches Alpha and how long before it passes?" Victor questioned.

"It will be here in three days. It's passing will be ten minutes in duration."

"That will give us time," Victor said.

"Time for what? What do you have in mind, Victor?" Koenig approached him.

"Well, John, the only way I see that we can avoid a melt down is to freeze Alpha."

Tony came over as Alan walked into Main Mission. They both met John, Victor and Paul in the middle. Victor explained. "If we freeze Alpha, at let say -40 degrees, the most that would happen would be a rapid meltdown and a steady rise in temperature. We would sustain minimal damage to our equipment."

"Victor, calculate the exact temperature range. We can't take the chance that we would melt too quickly and burn up. Remember there is no ablation so this thing is constant," John retorted.

"OK, John." Victor left.

"Tony, contact all areas find out what can be frozen and what can't. Sandra, keep a constant watch on that thing. Maya help the Professor with his calculations I want the degree to be within its nearest range."

Koenig walked over to his office and closed the door. He buzzed Helena. There was no response from the console in their quarters he tried her comlock. She was not answering.

"Computer, locate Dr. Koenig."


Hydroponics, what is Helena doing there.

"Computer, locate Dr. Bob Mathias."


I have no time for this, what is Helena playing at. I told her not to leave our quarters. What is she working on that's this important?

"Shermeen, are these the only plants?"

"Yes, Dr. Russell... Oh I'm sorry Dr. Koenig."

"Oh, don't worry about that Shermeen; I know it is new to you."

Eddie walked over, "We have only about 275 different species gathered over our journey in space, doctor."

"OK, Eddie, Shermeen, thank you. Bob, there is only one ingredient missing. I'm afraid this is expected. This is a very rare plant that can only be found in the mountains of Nepal." Bob looked at the array of herbs before him; there were at least ten different types.

"So will these do or is that a must?" Bob asked a little worried.

"I don't know. I checked all my papers and it seems essential but now I'm not so sure. I seem to recall a substitute. OK, Bob, let's go. Gather all the herbs here. We will put it with the others. You need to go to medical tomorrow and begin your oxygen treatment."

Mathias gathered the herbs and deposited them in a container. Mathias extended his hand to Helena to help her rise. She grasped it and stumble a little as she stood awkwardly. Mathias caught her around the waist and steadied her.

"What's going on here?!" They both looked up to see Koenig striding into the lab. His looked quite put out. Mathias removed his arms from her waist.

"I'll get these to the Medical Center" Mathias excused himself and left.

Helena stood before John as she reached for her crutches. There eyes met. What now, she wondered.

"I thought I told you to stay put?" Over-stepping, John, back up, he cautioned himself.

Helena's features changed. "Am I to take it that if you tell me something I should take it as an order?" John decided to change the subject.

"Helena, we are going to have to put our honeymoon on hold; we have a fireball coming our way. I need you in medical. We need to know how well medical would stand up to a -40 degrees drop in temperature."

"A fireball, -40 degrees. I don't know, this sounds like a big problem for medical. Our equipment will be fine, but some meds have to be kept at room temperature."

"Can you give me specifics on fall-out? I need everything including damage to Life Support." Helena went into CMO mode as John assisted her out the door.


The klaxon blared at them. As it continued to flash yellow Tony Veredeschi's voice came on. "Attention all sections Alpha. We have an emergency. A fireball is headed in our direction. Temperature drop in Alpha is eminent. A -40-degree drop is estimated. All sections report on possible damage."

John escorted Helena to medical then left for Main Mission. Helena set to work. She called Bob Mathias back on duty to calculate the damage to medications, blood and organ storage. Ed attended to Life Support and Dr. Vincent saw to the rest.

She told them all she needed checked then she left. Helena headed home despite the new predicament she had to check her own research again. Bob's life depended on her being right about that last herb.

Helena was at her computer when it buzzed rang. She buzzed in Mathias. He came in and handed her the file. "Well did you come up with anything?" he asked.

Bob sat beside her at her desk. Helena looked sadly at him. She had gone over the minerals and herbs over and over again. There was just no substitute for that rare herb. Because the survival rate was 70-40 per cent Helena was hesitant in speaking. Herb or no herb the cocktail could work.

She told him. Bob sat there weighing his options. Helena could see the stress etched on his face. She could tell that he was afraid. "Do you think we should just radiate it?" he asked.

Helena's hands went to his face. He was a dear friend and to see him like this, hurt. She sighed. "Bob, I think this treatment will work. It works fast too. We could see the results within 24 hours."

"OK, Helena let's try this, what do we have to lose." Bob saw Helena's features change. "What?"

"Bob, your last scan showed a 10% increase in the carcinoma." It was Mathias' time for a feature change. Helena saw the shock and looked down. She could not bear to see the pain in his eyes. Men feel so helpless when they have a cold. I can't imagine how Bob feels with this hanging over his head.

Bob stood up. He touched her on the shoulders. "Helena, lets start with your treatment. I don't want to get weak. I can't stand the thought of my hair falling out. Radiation or surgery would be the last resort for me." Mathias left. Koenig turned the corner as Mathias disappeared down the hall. Mathias did not look up.

He entered his quarters to see Helena going over some figures on her computer. He went over to her and kissed her on the forehead. "Are those the result of the temperature change?" he asked.

"No, John, this is another project I'm working on."

"When will you have the results?"

"Tomorrow, we have a lot of calculations to make."

"We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow are you coming to bed?" Helena was torn, go to bed or figure out a way to ensure success in Mathias' treatment.

"Give me an hour, John," she said without looking around.

"Are you still working on something for Bob?" John felt annoyed again. He knew he had no reason to be. He was also working on his honeymoon.


Short answer, peeved wife, John thought. What is this great project Helena is working on, that I as Commander cannot know about.

"What are you working on for Mathias?"

Watch it John. Helena did not answer him. She thought it best to ignore the question. He came over. She turned off her computer and turned to him.

"Did I not say it was confidential? Patient confidentiality is important to me, John."

"Not when it takes you away from your honeymoon and your duties as CMO."

"What does that mean? My duty as CMO is not affected."

"Are you working on a patient someone else could treat?" Helena did not answer, to answer would give away the problem. John knew of her research in holistic cancer treatment. She felt Mathias' worry where John was concerned was unfounded, but she could see the paranoia in Mathias' face.

"John, could you, please, trust me with this, and drop the subject?"

"In other words, you refuse to discuss this."

"Can this be one of those moments when we come to a compromise?"

"You mean I give in, don't you?"

Helena looked at him. She saw he was jealous of her spending time with Mathias on this project. If she told him what they were doing, he would drop it. If she did, that would be betraying a confidence.

Helena picked up her crutches and hopped off. John decided to follow her, he was not letting this go now. He caught her around the waist and gently turned her around. Helena was startled.

"Why are you pursuing this?" Helena asked. John could see she was getting upset. He continued anyway.

"What are you working on? As Commander I think I should be kept in the loop on all important projects." Helena could not believe he would stoop so low as to pull rank. Her eyes blazed.

Why can't we stay happy for long?

"As CMO I think you should be told when the situation warrants it."

"As CMO? Your rank never supersedes mine!"

"As CMO it does. I can even have you relieved of duty, Commander!"

"Don't remind me! Helena, you are threading on dangerous ground here."

"What do you mean?" Helena, gasped as John's arms gripped her. She saw rage there. She was a little shaken by this. His fingers gripped like a vice.

"What are you doing?" she asked. John released her. He was feeling a little off balanced. How did that happen? He wondered.

"What was that? Are you jealous of the time I'm spending with Bob, John?"

"Look, let's not discuss this further. I just lost it that's all."

"But why did you lose it?" Helena looked at him. He looked at her. He looked tired and worried. Every emergency on Alpha weighed on him. He usually had no time to consider her comings and goings before now. Now that he was her husband, he could see every aspect of her life.

John could not admit it to himself, she was a strong willed woman and he was an overbearing oaf. She had her career, as did he. After all she was one of his top personnel, wife or not.

John put his hand gently on her this time. Helena went into his arms. "Can you forgive me for being an oaf?" Helena smiled. John kissed her lips. She melted into his arms. John picked her up and took her into the bedroom. He made love to her ever so gently, both working on their bruised egos.

John stepped into the lab and went across to Victor and Maya. They were running some numbers. "Oh, John, good, your just in time. We are doing the last calculations now."

"OK, Victor." He stood along side them as the numbers ran rapidly across the screen. The doors opened and David Kano came in. He went over to the console and punched in some numbers.

"Are we ready, Professor?" he asked.

"Just one moment, Kano, then you can ask computer to go section by section," Victor responded. Maya finished running her numbers and signaled to David. David punched in the number fed to computer and waited. After just a few minutes computer rolled out the data.

Kano retrieved it and gave it to the Professor. Maya looked down at the print out.

"Just as I thought, John, we have to use different temperatures for medical and Hydroponics. The rest of Alpha should be OK at -40 degrees. Computer will have to regulate the rest," the professor said.

"So, Victor, when do we start the drop in temperature?" Koenig asked.

"Now, John."

Koenig nodded. "Maya lets go. I want you to start a gradual drop in temperature. Tell Paul to regulate the drop in medical and Sahn can regulate the drop in hydroponics." Maya and Koenig headed out the door. Koenig headed to the Medical Center

"Ed, will you increase the dose. Go up by two points. Monitor his vitals, Ben." They were all gathered around Bob, as he lay unconscious on the observation table. They were in a private alcove in medical. Ed turned the dial as they watched.

"Monitor the tumors response, Ed." Ed went over to the scan machine and watched. The oxygen was flowing steadily and Bob was doing well. Helena got off her stool, and hobbled to her office. She picked up the mixture she made for Ben. She rechecked the ingredients and put them back on her desk.

Ben entered her office with Ed in toe. "Well, he is coming around. Do you want us to give him that?"

"No, I'll do it. Ed, you are off duty now, you may go. Get some rest," Helena smiled. "Ben, you can go tend to the patients in medical. Just leave this by him." Helena handed him the mixture.

She entered the room as Bob was getting up. "Well, how does it look?" he asked.

"I think it went well," she answered. "Here, eat this." She handed him the mixture and he took it and ingested it.

"How long before we see some results?"

"The next 24 hours is critical." Helena's hand went to his face to remove the monitors and within his tunic to remove those there. As she turned to put them on a tray, her eyes made four with John's. Bob zipped up his tunic and kissed Helena on the cheek as he left, "Thank you," he said.

Bob went in the opposite direction as Koenig entered the observation room. "What was that all about?"


"That kiss you gave Bob." Helena was annoyed as soon as the words left his mouth. Helena removed the tray from the table and placed it in the sanitizer. John walked over to her.

"Is there something other than work going on with you and Bob?" Helena turned to look at him. Koenig looked down on her.

"Should I dignify that question with an answer?" She folded her arms and looked at him.

"Are you still on your honeymoon?"

"I finished putting all the drugs we have in storage. Whatever temperature you decide on will not affect them. Life support is stable, so we will have no problems there. The only problem I foresee would be to restart some of the equipment; they will shut down as soon as the temperature goes below a certain point."

"Are you going to answer my questions?" he too was getting upset. Helena balanced on her crutch and the look she gave him could freeze fire. She hobbled forward but John did not yield any ground. Helena looked up at him.

"This new found emotion that you are displaying John does not look good on you."

"What emotion."

"Jealousy, it is unfounded and your behavior is unwarranted."

"Every time I look around you two are huddled together some where. Does he have feelings for you other than that of a friend? Is that it? Now that you are married he is making a play for you."

"Bob is your friend and mine! Are you losing your mind?!" John could see she was serious about that question. "John, jealousy will destroy us. There is nothing I hate more than a possessive man. You never displayed this quality before, don't start now."

Helena, pushed pass him and he grabbed her arm. "Where are you going?" She looked down at his hand on her arm and back at him. John kept the gaze. They could feel a temperature drop. Helena shivered.

The monitors came on and Tony was announcing the drop in temperature and the procedure to procure jackets and warmer undergarment.

"I'll repeat. Where are you going?"

"If you must know, to Bob's quarters, there is a matter I need to speak to him about."

"Oh no, you are not going there. You need to get home and rest. You are no longer on duty."

"John, this is futile and frustrating as hell." John sucked his teeth and lifted her up off her feet. She kicked and tried to get out of his arms but he was too strong for her. With long strides, John Koenig exited the Medical Center carrying a frustrated and peeved Dr. Koenig.

The nurses pretended not to notice the fracas. They had never seen the Commander so bullish, or the doctor so flustered. They smiled sheepishly. The Commander was treading on dangerous grounds. Their CMO was something to recon with.

John did not put her down until they were in their quarters. "What was that all about? Are you losing your cotton picking mind?"

"We are on our honeymoon. I am going to order lunch and we are going to relax. No personnel is to be seen wondering around Alpha unless they are on duty. Those are my orders. I expect you to obey them." Helena's eyes were a blazed and the veins stood up in her neck.

She raise a fist and was about to let him have it in the gut when she remembered no violence. Her hand went down in frustration. She turned on her heel and hobbled to the bedroom. John ordered lunch.

The temperature dropped several degrees more and John retrieved their jackets from the extra storage compartment. Lunch arrived and he set the table at the counter. Helena was doing a lot better on crutch so he figured she could manage the height.

Helena could smell the food from where she was. She had two minds as to whether she would go in or not. What is wrong with that man? The more I know him the less I know him.

John entered the room and unceremoniously lifted her off the bed and deposited her on a stool at the counter. Helena a little miffed began eating.

"How low will the temperature get?"

John looked at her; food was bulging from both jaws. He spoke in muffled tones. "Abouf minuf forty degrees."

"I know you didn't just do that."

"Do whaf?"

"Speak with your mouth full." John grinned sheepishly at her. He wiped his mouth. "Minus forty degrees, Helena."

Minus forty degrees, will that help our hinder Bob's progress? I did not consider a temperature drop when I gave him that oxygen treatment. I need to check on him. Helena shuddered as she felt the temperature drop even further. John brought her jacket over. She had not seen him rise. She stuck her arms in the sleeves and zipped it up.

"Helena, I have to go to Command Center. That fireball is less than twenty-four hours away. I need you to stay here. I will have computer lock this door if you can't stay put."

Helena looked at him, "Is that an order, Commander?" Helena's voice was dripping with sarcasm. "Or shall I say threat. When did you think to own me, John? You possess me body and soul. What has gotten into you? Do you doubt my fidelity? Is that it?" John could hear the hurt in her voice.

He turned away and headed for their bedroom to retrieve some papers from a file that Victor might need.

Helena buzzed Mathias. "How are you doing?" John could hear her speaking to someone and figured it to be Mathias.

John felt his chest pounding. These feelings are unwarranted Helena would never be unfaithful. Something else is going on here and I am going to get to the bottom of it.

"OK, Tony, I'll be there in 15 minutes." Koenig closed communications and placed his comlock on his belt. He placed his hands in his jacket. It was freezing. He stopped outside of Mathias' door and buzzed. Mathias opened the door and stood in the middle of his quarters. He was half expecting him.

"Bob, how are you?" Koenig said stepping into the room.

"I am fine, John. To what occasion do I own the honor of your presence?" Mathias smiled but it didn't quite reach the eyes. John took a mental note of this. If Helena knew I was here, she would skin me alive.

"I spoke to Helena, earlier Bob and I am shocked that you did not discuss this problem with me as well." Bob was surprised. How could Helena betray me like this?

"What... are you talking about, John?"

"Don't act coy with me Bob, Helena and I are very close did you not think that she would eventually confide in me." Bob was at a lost for words. He sat down in a chair behind him.

"Bob. I'm sorry but I had to get it out of her. Why didn't you come to me?" John was fishing with no bait. He hoped Bob would take the bait.

"John, you know why?" Mathias held his head down and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Don't give me that, explain yourself?" Koenig stood directly over him.

"John, I remembered your attitude toward what Phillips did. I did not want to take the chance of being relieved of duty. This tumor is not going to slow me down nor cause any incompetence to occur. I can still perform all my duties. I have to keep working; it keeps my mind off this tumor You know Helena would not put any patients in jeopardy." It was John's time now to be shocked. He concealed this and sat by Bob.

"Phillips' problem is all that kept you from telling me?"

"Yes," Mathias answered.

John felt more than a little sheepish. He had thought Bob was up to something when here it was: his good friend was ill and his wife was trying to cure him. It was his draconian methods years ago that was causing this problem.

"How are the treatments going?"

"We should know in the next 18 hours." John touched him on the shoulders.

"I am sorry you are going through this. If I can help in any way let me know. Bob, I'm sorry but I am relieving you of duty." Bob looked up from his position.


"You know why Bob. With this freezing method, people are bound to be a little unstable. You are ill; your risk will be even greater."

"Helena, does not agree with this? Does she?" Koenig looked at his friend he could see he was afraid. He looked away.

"No, she doesn't. It is for your own good why I do this. Bob?"

Mathias looked up, "Yes, John."

"Helena, did not tell me anything. I baited you."

Bob eyed him. This sort of underhandedness is unlike him or is it.

"Why did you not just ask?"

"Would you have told me?"

"Probably not."

"OK, then." John turned then left. Bob sat back in his chair. Perhaps John is right. I should stay out of the Medical Center I might be a danger to others.

Bob's monitor bleeped and he walked over to it. He opened a channel. It was Helena. "Are you going in to the Medical Center now?"

"No, Helena."

"Why not? Your shift starts in ten minutes. Are you feeling dizzy?"

"No, I'm fine."

"So, what is the problem? Ben needs your assistance now. With the freezing going on there are tons of things to monitor. Ed will not be off duty either. All three of you need to be there. I'm incapacitated," she added.

"Helena, I can't go."

"Are you feeling ill?"


"What's the problem, Bob?" Helena, was using her no 'nonsense' look, as well as her don't-mess-with-me-Bob, stare. He caved.

"I have been relieved of duty," Helena's eyes widened.

"What? When? How? Who?" Helena was flabbergasted. Who would dare relieve Bob of duty at a time like this?

"Helena, take it easy. John came by. I told him. He relieved me of duty." Bob watched as Helena looked on in disbelief.

"You just told him, no questions asked?"

"Let's just say I told him and leave it at that."

"You were adamant that you did not want him to know."

"Well, I changed my mind." Helena could see he was lying.

"OK, Bob, but I suggest you walk about a little. Do some form of exercise, then report to medical for examination at 1200 hours tomorrow?" Bob nodded and Helena closed the channel.

John entered their quarters some five hours later and saw that Helena was not there. He buzzed her. He looked at the tiny screen when she came into view. "Why are you not here?"

"Well, I have to work this evening."

"Why is that?"

"A certain someone has relieved one of my doctors from duty." John had forgotten Mathias. He had not foreseen this.

"How long will you be?"

"All night."


"We have patients here with frost bite and other cold related illnesses already. I will be busy all night. I have to go." Helena broke the connection. Put that in your pipe, John, and smoke it.

Helena turned in her chair. Why did he persist in doing this? The more he pushes the harder I will have to push back.

Helena supervised the work from her office all her staff members were pulling an all-nighter. At midnight, the temperature was -20 degrees. Helena could not move around as her other staff members, she was freezing. Insulation outfits were issued but she still was feeling the cold.

John Koenig entered the facility at 2340. He went over to Helena's office. She was hopping around her office.

"What are you doing?" John was amused she looked like an ostrich.

"What does it look like I'm doing? Anyway, I'm not speaking to you."

"Helena, I'm sorry I tricked him into revealing the truth but I had to find out what was going on."

"You tricked him?" Helena's hand went out and she smacked him with the back of her hand in the stomach.

John backed away. "Now Helena, wait..."

"Oh, it is like pulling teeth with you sometimes. You are so gung-ho. Did it ever occur to you that you would be doing more harm than good in prying?"

"You should never keep secrets from me."

"Doctor/patient confidentiality, John, have you ever heard of it?"

"Are we going to go over this now or are you coming home?"

"Don't change the subject. You are in trouble with me. What has been going through your head lately?" Helena's finger poked John in the chest and he sat heavily down in the chair.

John looked at her. It seems he was always driving her nuts. However, he could not help it. He loved her so. John held her hand and pulled her into his lap.

"John, this will not change anything, answer me!?" Helena turned in his lap and looked at him.

What should I say I had a momentary jealousy lapse? Should I tell her she is constantly on my mind? Should I say I worry about her when I'm not there to protect her?

"Helena, will you indulge my actions. Call them concerns."

"John, I have eyes. That was jealousy. I am a doctor. I work with men, three very handsome, gorgeous men, I might add. But I only have eyes for you." John looked at her and smiled.

"Do you forgive me a momentary lapse in judgment?"

"You call that a momentary lapse?" Helena was glaring at him. She was turning slightly blue; John could see that she was getting too cold. When they spoke now their breath sent out little white frosts.


John reached for his comlock

"Yes, Maya?"

"Commander, the fire ball has curved."

"I'm on my way. Helena, I'm taking you back to the quarters you stay there."

Helena protested but he picked her up. For the second time today, the medical staff got a glimpse of the Commander in action. Helena looked at him. More and more she was realizing she had married a Neanderthal man. His jaw was set and he broke no arguments.

She also realized that life with him would never be dull. John Koenig with all his quirks and faults was a very intriguing man.

John deposited her it their quarters. Helena said, "This is not over. I want to continue this conversation when this crisis has passed."

Koenig bowed and left.

Koenig entered Main Mission and headed over to Maya's desk. Victor came in and followed him over.

"Victor, we have a curve."

"Mmm Yes, John. We might have a problem. The fireball might be too close. We could disintegrate. Maya, by how much of a curve has that fireball gone off course by?"

"What's that sound?" John asked. Everyone could hear an echoing sound coming over the monitor speakers.

"It's the echo from the fireball. It's a mile off course, Professor," Maya answered.

"What does that mean for Alpha, Victor?" John turned to face him as he spoke.

"I'm afraid we are looking at dropping the temperatures even further, John. I do not think these insulated suits will hold up to the cold. Helena reported earlier that people were coming in with cold related symptoms," Victor replied.

John stood there his mind was working trying to figure a way out of the predicament. "Victor, Maya, Paul, Tony," John called. They all came over to stand before him.

"Now, Victor, how far would the temperatures have to fall?"

"About ten degrees more."

"We would not be able to survive that," Maya added.

"What if we order all personnel to one isolated heating area? We would go somewhere below and freeze around the perimeter. We would be in the middle," John offered.

"That could work, John," Victor said.

John looked over his shoulders and spoke, "Sahn, how long before the first heat wave hits?"

"Two hours, Commander."

"Will that give us enough time?" John asked.

"Kano." Victor motioned to him as he called. Kano came over to the group. "Can computer freeze the perimeter, while keeping ... where... where will we be John?"

"Tony, what area will hold us and be close to the center? We need somewhere where we could regulate the heat ourselves if computer shuts down."

"I would suggest the recreation center, John," he replied.

"Well, David, could the computer do it?" Paul asked.

"At -50 degrees the computer will freeze. It is struggling now. We would have to regulate the heat. As the fireball itself passes someone will have to be here in Main Mission to turn on the computer as the ice around Alpha melts."

"Why?" John asked looking at Kano.

"If the computer stays frozen and down for too long it might cause a wipe out. Alpha would be blinded."

"Maya, is there a creature you can turn into that could withstand the temperatures?" Koenig asked.

"Yes, Commander, a Balouga. It is extremely hairy and has tons of blubber insulating its body."

"So, Maya you stay here. As soon as that thing passes and we melt, bring the computer back online. Tony, send out an orange alert. Have all personnel report to the rec center. Ask everyone who needs assistance to report in. We will send security to get them. OK, everyone move out to the rec center. Kano get computer to do a gradual temperature drop to -50. Then report to the rec center. Paul, get over to the rec center and bring the temperature up gradually set it for 85 degrees."

Everyone was galvanized into action. Tony sent out the alert and the base was a frenzy of activity. Koenig left Main Mission and went to get Helena. She was waiting for him. Koenig could see she was almost frozen; she was so cold. He lifted her with ease and headed out the door. Helena's arms went around his shoulders as she buried her face in his neck. John shivered. She might not have made it at - 40 degrees.

John entered the heat of the rec center and deposited Helena by the heaters. She rubbed her fingers together to try to bring back the feelings in them. Ed, Ben and the nurses entered with the patients from the Medical Center They all huddled near a heater.

Helena looked around the room as the personnel came in. She did not see Bob.

Meanwhile Maya, almost frozen in her insulated outfit morphed into a Balouga in Main Mission.

Helena looked over at John he was helping Paul get the people organized. She still did not see Bob. She removed her comlock and buzzed him. She got no answer. She motioned to Ben and he came over.

"Have you seen Bob? I'm worried."

Ben shook his head, "I haven't seen him since his treatment this morning."

He left and Helena called John over. "What is it, Helena?"

"It's Bob he isn't answering his comlock and he isn't here." John looked around the room. It was almost at maximum capacity. He did not remember seeing Mathias. "I'm worried, John. I have an uneasy feeling about this."

"Do you think the cold will cause his cancer to reproduce faster?"

"No, just the opposite. However, he had treatment this morning. I'm afraid he might be feeling a little disoriented from the herbs."

"I'll check his quarters."

"John, it is freeing out there you might not make it there much less back here carrying him."

"I can't leave him out there, Helena." John turned to go and Helena held his sleeves.

"Take Tony with you," she pleaded. Her eyes begged him. Her lips quivered...

"I can't put anyone else in danger, Helena."

John moved away and headed to the travel tube. It was not operational. He had to walk. "Computer, locate Dr. Bob Mathias." There was no response. Computer was on voice lock down. It was barely operating.

Koenig felt his feet drag as he moved down corridor after corridor. He went through a door and went one level down. He continued. The cold was biting through his insulated suit. Koenig could hardly feel his foot after a while. He decided to just put one foot before the other and hope he made it.

John pointed his comlock at Mathias' door and it slid open. He saw Mathias lying on the floor. Koenig went over to him and slapped his face. Bob opened his eyes. Koenig tried to lift him. He was too heavy. He indicated to Bob to try lifting himself.

With John's help, Mathias got to his feet. Koenig realized he would not get back to the rec center dragging Mathias. He decided to go to Main Mission and hope that the creature Maya turned into could host them.

Laboring with each step the men headed out the door. Bob went down a couple of times but the effort to retrieve him made John warmer. It was not enough however and he began freezing again. Up the walkway he went and half dragging him up the stairs, Koenig was weakening.

John dragged Bob through the Main Mission door. He could see the creature but John did not know if he could make it over to it. The creature Maya spotted the activity and saw as the two figures fell within the entrance to Main Mission. It slowly moved across the floor and sat on them. The creature radiated heat.

An ice barrier was formed between Alpha and the heat from the fireball. As the fireball drew closer, the barrier started to melt. A bright light filled the screen in Alpha as the ball passed. The barrier was melting rapidly now. Alpha was heating up.

Maya/Balouga moved across the way dragging its captives with it. It headed for the button to get the computer back online. It could drag them only to a certain point.

Meanwhile Helena was near panic she did not see John come back and she knew he would not survive in this cold. Paul and Tony ordered everyone to stay put. Ben sat comforting Helena. He held her hands.

Maya/Balouga was torn, should she turn into herself now or wait. Was the Commander and Mathias insulated enough. She could not take the chance of computer failing. The temperature was -5 degrees and rising. Maya morphed back to herself and rebooted the main computer. It fluttered and came online. Maya changed back to the creature and continued insulating the two.

As the temperature outside rose the thermostat in Alpha rose. Paul had to keep dropping it. After 40 minutes, everything began to stabilize. Alpha was getting back to normal. The inside and outside were now on temperature control regulated by computer. Paul, place the controls back to computer.

"OK, everyone, the crisis is over. Slowly move back to duty and your areas. Check to make sure your neighbor or co-worker is there. Report any loses in life and equipment to Main Mission," Tony announced.

Victor and Sandra came over to him. Victor nodded towards Helena and spoke, "John went to find Bob, Tony, he did not come back."

"Alright Professor we will send out a search party. Security team locate the Commander." The men moved off to search.

They all walked over to Helena who was even more worried. Ben helped her to her feet and carried her as they headed for Main Mission. The doors to Main Mission opened and everyone gasp as they saw a hairy creature in the center They could see arms and legs sticking out from under it. It had two pairs of each.

Maya figured everything was clear and morphed back. They were surprised to see John and Bob both on the floor. Ben put Helena down and walked to them. He scanned them.

Helena waited with baited breath. "They're alive and well." Ben revived them. Everyone gathered around as they were helped to their feet. Maya, John and Bob told them what happened. Ben then left with Bob to the Medical Center to check on his tumor

Koenig ordered a check on all systems and left with Kano who carried Helena. Kano deposited her in her quarters then left to attend to computer.

Koenig lay on the sofa. His head was in Helena's lap. His eyes were closed. Helena caressed his brow.

"Thank you for going for Bob."

"Bob, is my friend too, Helena, despite what he thinks."

"I know, John." She leaned in and gave him a brief kiss on the lips. John held her head in place and deepened the kiss. He broke the kiss and looked at her.

"We have survived another disaster. When will our luck run out?" he asked.

"John, it's not luck, there must be a presence out there, that watched over us, God maybe? I'm so sorry about Bob. I let my emotions get the better of me. He should have been relieved of duty."

"Helena, I can't say if he should have been or not. It was a call I felt I had to make. I might have been wrong, but better safe than sorry."

Helena looked at him, he looked exhausted. "Love and marriage doesn't seem to work here on Alpha," Helena said sadly.

"What do you mean?" John looked up at her.

"We seem to go forward and then backward. I want this roller coaster to stop," she said.

John got up and pulled her into his arms. "Helena, even though we have our ups and downs I could not do all I do without you. You, our marriage keep my hopes alive. I would not have a life without you."

Helena went into his lap. She kissed him. John poured out all his love in that kiss. Helena felt her pulse race. John's grip on her tightened. He picked her up and walked to the bedroom.

Helena opened the door and John walked to the bed and deposited her there. John ripped at her clothes and tore it. He started tearing his off as well. Helena could see the excitement in him mounting. She had never seen him so excited. Koenig ripped her pants from her body and dropped his.

His eyes were ablaze with passion. John stood before her naked. Her heart fluttered. He was bigger than she remembered. Her pulse raced. John removed what garments she still had on.

"John," Helena was breathless.

"Yes, Helena,"

"Don't be gentle with me."

Helena gasped as John's lips took hers. He pulled out all the stops this time.

At the end of the ordeal, Helena laid a little bruised but tremendously satisfied. She was sweaty and panting. She was flush. They laid in each others arms, satisfied.


"Yes, Helena."

"That was wonderful and you are right. I could not do this without you too. You are my life. I could not go on without you."

John looked down on his wife of some months and he started their love making all over again, this time gently.

Two days later Bob's CAT scans came back all clear. There was no sign of the cancer. Helena's remedy had worked. Bob got a clean bill of health.

John and Helena spent the rest of their honeymoon in peaceful bliss. They made love every night and spent quality time with each other during the day. John Koenig's days of jealousy were forgotten and their love was made stronger from all the conflict.

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