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The Prodigal's Return

Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2003

Story 14 in the "Amour" series +
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Helena and John are finally settling down to married life when a ship appears. Helena's son, now 18, has come to bring his mother home, over John Koenig's dead body, of course.
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Moonbase Alpha's status report, 1295 days after leaving earth's orbit Dr. Helena Koenig recording. We seem to be traveling into barren territory. The stars are hardly visible. Maya and Sahn are keeping our scanners on the universe, as black holes are usually an indication of a starless universe. My cast is off and I have only mild discomfort.

Helena turned off the log recorder; the door to medical opened and in walked John Koenig. Helena smiled as she started remembering all that took place some months ago. John nearly drove her crazy yet he had settled down into the man she knew and loved. He still had a few moments where his actions surprised her. He kept her on her toes.

"Are you ready, Helena?" John stuck his head through the door and smiled at her.

"Yes, I am." Helena grabbed her lab jacket from the chair and headed out the door. John kissed her on the cheek and his arm went around her shoulders. Her arm went around his waist and she smiled up at him.

"We have dinner with Maya and Tony this evening," she reminded him.

"Who else will be there?" John asked.

"Sandra and Paul, Alan and Alibe," Helena looked up as she said it. She saw the look of surprise on John's face.

"When did Alan start to date Alibe?" John quarried.

"Oh, some time ago. It shows, John Koenig, that you are not an observant man when it comes to the affairs of the heart."

"Oh oh oh Helena, really, I'm just too busy for that. Besides, I can only think of you."

"Flattery will get you everywhere with me, John. Anyway they have been dating now for a couple of weeks." Helena and John walked out of the Medical Center. They headed down the passageway, talking all the way. Helena brought him up to speed on Alan's relationship with Alibe.

They entered their quarters laughing. At odd times, John was not paying attention to their conversation; he was so enthralled, by the melodious sound of her voice that he just listened to the sound of it and not the words. She was truly happy and settling into their marriage as was he.

John had gotten into the habit of stopping by the Medical Center and walking Helena home. They usually took a shower together at some point in the evening. This evening they were going out to dinner. They headed for the bathroom and stripped. They got into the shower and gave each other a thorough washing, among other things.

Helena got dressed in an outfit of Maya's creation. She had designed the dress and Maya had made it with some Psychon additions. The outcome was a dress that was truly beautiful. It dropped to her knees like a shift and it was lime green in color. It had tiny leaves at spacious intervals in a lighter color. She looked as though she was floating when she walked.

John looked at the dress and she looked fabulous. She spun around in it. John walked over to her and holding her in his arms, he gently tilted her backwards. He kissed her neck and Helena purred like a kitten in his arms.

He brought her back up and extended his arm gallantly. "May I escort you to dinner, young lady?"

"Why certainly, young man." She laughed and took his arms. He gave her a peck on the cheek and they left.

Maya had reserved an area in the Recreation Center for dinner. The area was roped off, and made secured from prying eyes. Helena and John arrived five minutes late and saw that they were all there. They greeted each other and the pre ordered drinks and meals came at the prearranged time.

They talked some about work as they ate. Alibe looked a little uncomfortable in their presence but they tried to put her at ease. Alan kept pulling her into the conversation and she relaxed somewhat.

"So, Alibe how long have you been on Alpha? When would your tour of duty have ended if we did not have the breakaway?" Helena asked.

Alibe looked up from her salad and smile. "This was my second tour of duty in two years, another two weeks and I would have been home," she responded with a smile.

Helena was trying to draw her out of her shell. Maya and Sandra joined in the conversation. The women held a conversation all their own as they started on the main entré just set before them. John, Alan, Tony and Paul maintained low tones as the women laughed and had a good time.


John's comlock beeped.

He removed it from his belt and opened the channel.

"Yes, Victor." There was a pause at the table.

"John, we have an electrical disturbance just east of Alpha. The scanners and sensors say something is there but we cannot pick up any solid mass."

"I'll be right there, Victor." Koenig closed communications and looked at the group. "You all heard Victor, to Main Mission, everyone." With that, John pulled back his chair and stood. He pulled Helena's chair backwards as she stood.

The other men followed suit and walked behind the women as they headed for Main Mission. The doors opened and they entered. They all went to their stations. John went to stand over Maya as she sat in her chair. He looked at Victor.

"How long since you first detected the disturbance, Victor?" John asked.

"Oh, I'd say ten minutes ago."

The Alphans watched as swirl of color appeared and started approaching Alpha. "Should we go to red alert, John?" Tony asked.

Koenig looked at the screen that swirl of color reminded him of something. Maya stood to her feet and exclaimed, "It's Taybor, the Trader!"

"It can't be. He would know better than to come back here," Helena stood at her desk as she said this.

The colors kept rolling forward until a ship more than ten times the size of the S. S. Emporium appeared in their midst suspended above the mountainous range of Alpha. A booming voice came over the communications post, "This is Captain Aneleh, of the battleship, Natas. We are requesting permission to land on your soil."

A picture came on screen of a strapping young man. He looked to be about 6ft 7" in height and about 18 years old. His face was slightly familiar to everyone. He had long blonde hair, which he tied back with a black cloth. His face was slightly apelike but he had stronger human features as well. His complexion was lighter than the rest on the men on the ship. It was obvious that he was a mixed breed as his crew around him had stronger ape features and were darker. He was dressed in full black sequined bodysuit with an orange cape that flowed around him. His crew, though few in number, wore brown skin-tight body suits.

Helena felt a pain at the pit of her stomach as she looked at that young man. She recognized him somehow. She felt her soul cry out inside her. Tears started but refused to flow. As a darker skinned, strong humanoid, featured person stepped forward and stood beside him she knew the truth. Helena knew who these young men were. She fainted.

John Koenig reacted quickly. He ran to where Helena had fallen and scooped her up in his arms. The boys standing side by side looked on at the scene in Main Mission. They looked at each other and nodded knowingly. He placed her in her chair gently.

John slapped Helena's hand and called her name. Helena stirred and sat up. He looked at her, concerned.

"What happened? Why did you faint?" he asked. Helena eyes looked beyond John and onto the screen as she looked at the two. She instinctively reached for the comlock on the desk and paged Millicent Fegel to come to Main Mission. Her eyes never left the screen. John slowly raised himself and turned toward the screen.

Great Caesar's Ghost, Helena's son. Impossible! It's not even a year yet.

"You do not have permission to land. Explain your presence here." John fairly growled at the intruders as he spoke.

"I suppose you are the infamous, John Koenig, Commander of this runaway satellite." The arrogance in the youth's voice was evident. How had he grown so quickly? John walked forward hands on hip.

"State the purpose of your visit," John spoke harshly. Helena came up from behind him and stood at his side. She held on to his arm. John patted her hand reassuringly. Just then, the doors opened and in walked Millicent. She looked at the screen as she advanced.

Helena turned to her and left John's side to hold her hands. "What is it, Helena?" Millicent asked.

She could see that Helena's eyes were sad. She looked at the screen again. Two creatures stood side by side. Both were dressed alike. They were two humanoid figures, clearly aliens, apelike in appearance, Milly eyes opened wide when realization dawned on her. She too fainted and Helena had to catch her and lay her gently on the floor.

Koenig stepped forward and looked at the young men. He had an uneasy feeling about this. Helena tried to revive Millicent. Helena sat her up and broke a smelling capsule under her nose. Helena waved it back and forth. Millicent jumped and her eyes opened. She looked a little disoriented. Her eyes went up to the screen as Helena's did earlier.

Helena stood her to her feet. They walked forward and stood with the Commander. Helena and Millicent held each other as the young man spoke.

"Good, you are both here. I can state my purpose here. Illim and I are here because we need our mothers' help." Helena's heart lurched when he said mother. Her fingers tightened around Millicent's fingers. The Alphans present gasped.

"I am afraid, Commander that you will have to hand over our mothers immediately or face the fire power of our intergalactic battleship." As the lad spoke, another creature sinister in appearance stepped forwards. He was dressed in gray and wore a white cape. Helena and Millicent recognized him. He was the doctor who experimented on them. They shuddered.

"I am sorry to intrude, Commander, but I think the lad is a bit hasty in what he says. We would prefer to negotiate," Soufa smiled his most disarming smile. Helena felt the blood in her veins freeze and chill run up her spine. She was not prepared to see this creature again. Millicent reached behind and pulled a chair forwards, she sat down heavily in it. Helena still held her hand.

"You just threaten us and now you want to negotiate. Th..."

"Commander!" Soufa held up his hand and cut him off. "We need your help these boy's lives depend on it."

John had a bad feeling about this. He turned to look at Helena and Millicent. The youth named Illim stepped forward. "We mean you no harm. May we come aboard?" he asked.

"Request to come aboard denied, state your business." Koenig said. Aneleh started to give orders to the men on board his spacecraft. They seem to be preparing to fight if they had to.

Koenig spoke. "Why did you sneak up on us unannounced? We view your actions as hostile. We have had experience with this sort of tactics."

"Commander, we are well aware of this. After all, we just recently acquired the ability to jump. We bought the technology from, Taybor the Trader. He told us of his run-in with you, so to speak. Be assured we mean you no harm."

"State your business with us." John was now getting very weary of this cat and mouse game.

The youth Aneleh came forward. "Let me be brutal with you, Commander. We need your Dr. Russell and Prof. Fegel. My brother and I are aging and growing at a tremendous rate. For every year we advance, our aging slows, but this is not enough. In three years we will be dead," Aneleh was about to go on when Soufa placed his hand on his shoulders.

Soufa spoke, "Commander, what the boy says is true. We did not consider the human DNA when we sped up these boys aging process. We figured we could reverse the growth once they were old enough. It was the first time we used it and it was not made for humans. The experiment backfired and now the boys are in trouble."

"What do you want us to do? This is of your own making. Without their consent, you took what you wanted and now you want us to help you. It is out of the question!" John exploded.

Millicent stood up and came forward with Helena. They looked at the Commander. John could see they were concerned for the boys even though they were defiled and treated like laboratory rats. Soufa, Aneleh and Illim consulted with each other. They came forward again after a minute.

Soufa spoke, "Commander, we have no choice and neither do you. Either you help us or we destroy your base. It is that simple," he smiled.

"John, they have engaged their weapons and their guns are pointed at Alpha!" Tony shouted.

"Arm our lasers, Tony. Alan, get up there. We are going to need extra firepower!"

As Alan turned to go, the doctor spoke, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Commander. Remember we have the capabilities to move from one area to the next. All we have to do is make one of our warheads appear in your base and detonate it. As a matter of fact you know we can take the girls right now if we wanted to."

Helena spoke, "What is it you need from us?"

'That's better. Reign in your Commander if you know what's good for you."

Helena snapped back, "Reign in the boy and don't threaten us!"

"Oh mother, you do have spunk," Aneleh said smiling.

Helena ignored him and spoke to the scientist, "How can we avoid a war or unnecessary death here on Alpha?"

"We need to study your DNA. There should be some trigger there that we can turn on or off. One of your chromosomes could be the cause of the aging process not ceasing. We need to map your DNA. We need our computer to analyze it."

"We have a gland that is in charge of our growth rate. Have you considered that that might be the problem?"

"A gland, where is this gland located?"

"At the base of the brain," Helena responded. Soufa paused as he considered this.

"All the more reason we need you here. You know the human body you can help us to isolate the problem doctor."

John Koenig looked at Helena and knew she wanted to go. He would not consider it. It was out of the question. These people were our enemies, plain and simple.

John stepped forward and spoke, "I am sorry we cannot help you. Destroy us if you must."

The group huddled again, and it was Illim that spoke this time. "Commander, we will not destroy your base. We wanted to enlist your co-operation. I am sorry my brother and Dr. Soufa threatened you. We need your help, our people are dying as it is and we need to stop our aging." The boy looked sincere.

Helena turned to John. "John, it is our choice and we do want to go." Millicent stood by Helena and nodded her consent. John could feel his world, coming to an end as he did not trust them.

"Helena, I can't trust them. They took you once, what makes you so sure they will not keep you this time. They could even take more of our women hostage. No, absolutely not, it is out of the question."

There was a shimmer of light and Aneleh and Illim appeared by their mothers side. The girls gasped as did the rest. The Alphans pulled their stun guns and pointed them at the intruders.

Illim towered over them he was slightly over 7 feet tall. "We mean you no harm. Do not let our hastiness get in your way of judgment. We came unarmed. I will be your hostage if you let our mothers come on our ship for the testing."

Aneleh stood beside Helena. He could not help but admire her beauty. Illim was thinking the same of his mother. John watched them and felt powerless to stop the inevitable. The boys reached out simultaneously to touch their mothers.

Their giant hands touched the girls' faces and Helena watched as Aneleh's features soften. "Will you help us, mother?" he asked.

"Yes," Helena answered. John Koenig and the rest of the Alphans watched as Helena and Millicent faded from view. Koenig whirled around to face the big screen.

"Soufa, return them immediately!" he barked.

"Come now, Commander, they came of their own free will," he smiled. John saw a wicked glint in his eyes. Suddenly he was even more afraid for Helena and Millicent.

"Let me communicate with them." John could see that they had not materialized where Soufa was. This worried him.

"They are in my lab, Commander. I will go there presently. You can trust us Commander, they will be safe."

"I want to come aboard, Soufa!"

"It is not necessary, Commander," he said.

"I know it isn't, but I insist..." Before John finished speaking, he felt himself dematerialize and reappearing in unfamiliar territory. He was in a lab of some kind. There were computers, bottles and data all over the room. It was large and John could see Helena and Millicent lying on a table. Their sons stood over them along with a technician. Soufa materialized before him.

"Commander, you can communicate with your Moonbase, but do not interfere with our testing."

Koenig nodded and opened a channel to Alpha. He saw Victor's face on the screen. "Victor, you are in charge until I get back. We are OK."

"Alright, John, if you say so. Keep us posted." John broke the communication and walked over to Helena.

He looked down at her. She held her hand out and he took it. "Are you sure you want to do this, you do not owe these people anything?" he asked.

"I know, John. I want to do this for Aneleh, so that he stands a chance, a chance to live. It isn't his choice that he is here," she smiled up at him.

"I don't trust them."

"I trust your instincts, John, now trust mine. I believe they will not harm us. They spoke hastily and I want to help them if I can." Aneleh looked at the Commander with open animosity. John looked at him with the same venom. It was obvious to both that they were on opposing teams.

"OK, you all have to step away from there as I lower these scanners." The Commander and Aneleh stepped back, as did Illim. Soufa lowered the scanners and the girls glimmered in green light. Rectangular lights went up and down their body as the computer took pictures and analyzed data.

Helena and Millicent felt a electrical charge in their bodies and slight change took place. The change was so miniscule they did not thing about it afterwards.

The mapping went on for some time. After this process was over and the scanners ascended, Soufa went to Helena, snip a piece of her hair, and did the same to Millicent. The women were then helped off the table by the young men. Soufa walked towards them.

"I need tissue sample from your skin and also some saliva," Soufa said. Helena and Millicent consented and he took the samples. John kept a close eye on him.

"I invite you all to join us in a little sustenance, Commander," Soufa smiled as he spoke to John.

"I think you got all you asked for Soufa. I don't see the need for us to stay any longer."

"Ah, but Commander the ladies are getting acquainted with the boys it would be a shame for you to leave so soon." The four walked over to where John and Soufa were arguing.

"I don't care. The boys can come back to Alpha and acquaint themselves with them there." Helena looked at her son and realized she would like to know him better.

"After I go through a few things about our DNA and gland system with Soufa, will you both come back with us to Alpha so we can get to know you?" Helena spoke directly to Aneleh and Illim.

"Yes, we will come", Illim responded. John was sorry he gave consent to the boys to come. He could not say no, now. Helena moved off with Soufa and went over a few details with him. Soufa listened fascinated by the human structure and DNA. As he listened, several experimentation came to his mind. He wanted to research further. He realized he would need bodies to do that.

Two hours later, they were through. They were offered sustenance again, and again the Commander refused. "Send us back to our base," Koenig insisted. Before he could insist again, Koenig felt his body change, he materialized in Main Mission. Helena and Millicent were still on the Natas.

Victor came over to him, "John, is everything OK?"

John was agitated. "Sandra, open communications with that ship."

"John, they still have the girls?" John nodded in answer to Victor's question. The screen blinked and Soufa's face came into view.

"Soufa, where is Dr. Koenig and Prof. Fegel?" Koenig fairly glared at the creature.

"Commander, you did not tell us that Dr. Russell was your wife, now. How remiss of you."

"What does that matter?! Where is she?!" Koenig was shouting now.

"Well Commander, the good doctor and her friend are currently giving their sons a tour of the base. Relax, Commander relax."

"Computer, locate Dr. Koenig." John headed out the door as the computer responded. DR. KOENIG IS IN LIFE SUPPORT.

John felt his control of their future slip away as he went down the passage. He called Tony and ordered a security team to the area.

For two days, Helena and Millicent went back and forth on the Natas helping Soufa to analyze his data. John was worried and decided to call a private meeting.

"Well, Alan?" John looked earnestly at Alan Cater. Alan, Maya, Alibe, Victor, Tony and Paul sat down in John's quarters.

"John, we were only able to pick up an electrical disturbance this time. Before, with the Taybor, we did not detect his vessel at all. It will be impossible to track them if they were to take Helena and Milly. There is no way Alan could follow them. We would need the jump drive. No, John, we would have to defeat them here," Victor, said shaking his head.

"Did we put the limpet transmitter on the ship, Commander?" Alibe asked.

"No, I figure Taybor would have informed them of my little trick." John got up and poured some coffee. "I don't know Tony, but it's my gut feeling that these people are up to something. We need to be a least one step ahead of them."

"John, I agree with you. However, we need some leeway here. These aliens are extremely smart. How can we get them out of here without causing an attack on Alpha?" Tony was fresh out of ideas.

"If they go into hyperspace there is no way we could follow them, but suppose we disable their jump drive. Is that possible Maya?" John was clutching at straws now.

Maya shook her head.

"Victor?" John was hoping he had an idea, he was quiet during the meeting.

"John, they can materialize anywhere. They have weapons we never even heard of. They have Helena and Millicent helping them to save the boys' life. I see no way out but to co-operate and hope they leave when they get what they want," Victor replied.

"Victor, suppose what they want is Helena and the women on Alpha," John looked at him in despair. It was happening again and John refuse to accept that Helena could be taken from him. "I have to stop them."

"Correction, John, we have to stop them," Victor stated.

"We can't stop them unless we know what they are up to," Maya said.

"We know what they are up to Maya, mayhem. We just don't know when they plan to make their move," John said.

"Will Helena and Millicent agree to any decision we make here?" Asked Alibe.

"I'll discuss it with her first, Alibe. One other thing Alibe, as Communications Officer, do you know if we have any electronic bugs? And how powerful are they."

"We have transmitters for short, medium or long range. I believe this would be short term. For that, we have cards, pins, pens, ID's and other assorted equipment. All are very powerful, but with their jump drive and hyperspace it will have no range."

"That's OK I just need it to find out what their plans are. When can I have it?"

"As soon as you tell me what you want bugged," Alibe answered.

"Helena's ID."

"I'll get it to you within the hour, Commander." Koenig nodded and Alibe left.

"Tony and Paul, I need you both to monitor their conversations. I'll get room bugs as well. If I ever get on to that ship again; I am bugging everywhere," John adjourned the meeting and they all left.

John left his quarters later and went to Main Mission. Computer was monitoring the final tour that Helena and Millicent were giving the boys. He wanted to know what was happening.

John entered Main Mission and walked over to Sandra's monitors. He looked down and saw that they were in the recreation area. John sat at the adjoining desk and watched them.

"And this is where we eat. Would you like to have dinner here with us?" she asked them.

"We are herbivores," Illim said.

"Yes, well we have food here for vegetarians that will suit your palate," Milly smiled.

Helena went over and ordered for them. She wondered where John was. She knew he was giving her some space, but she also knew he did not trust them.

They ate and talked and the boys commented on how good the food tasted.

"Mother, I know this is short notice but would you consider coming back with us? There is a place for you on Titan," Aneleh said.

Helena looked at him she could see he was serious. "I could not leave Aneleh, this is my home."

"Is it the Commander?"

"Aneleh, there is something I must tell you about the Commander."

"I already know, Soufa told me."

"How did he know?"

"The Commander let it slip in their conversation the other day. If he were no longer here, would you come?"

Helena looked at him. "Did you just threaten John?"

Aneleh could see that he had crossed the line. He was growing fond of this woman who was his biological mother. He looked at her, she was angry. That did not faze him. He always got what he wanted. In his short life, he had inhaled everything he could learn and then some. Not only was he aging but also he was by Titan's standards a genius.

He knew Soufa was up to something. There was another reason for his coming along, and Illim stalked him to find the reason but he had guarded it well. He knew it involved his experiments, but he needed Soufa to live. Therefore, Soufa would live. The Commander however was another thing; he was an obstacle.

"I'm sorry. I should not have said that. I guess I am just angry. Forgive me."

Helena looked at him and saw he was sincere.

"You boys need to realize, Aneleh, that we have a life here before you came. We will help you but we cannot go with you," Milly stated.

"Mother, we hope you will give it some thought and answer us again later," Illim said.

'We have to go. Soufa will need our help analyzing the data. We will be back tomorrow," with that the boys dematerialized.

Helena looked at Milly. "Well what do you think?" Helena asked.

"I feel like we have some closure here, Helena. The boys gave us a chance to see them and not have to grieve anymore. I feel contented."

"I know what you mean. I hope they will visit again if all goes well."

Helena got up and Milly followed suit.

Helena entered her quarters to see that John was not there yet. She showered and changed into her sleepwear. She headed for the living room to wait for him. Some three hours later, he arrived. She stood as he entered. He went over to her and she went into his arms. Their lips met in a brief kiss and John again held her in his arms and breathed in her scent.

"How was your day?" she asked.

"A little unnerving; every time you and Millicent are on that spacecraft causes me stress. You know I do not trust them."

"Soufa says he thinks he knows what the problem is."

"Good, does that mean they will leave soon?" Koenig asked.

"John, are you so sure they will try something underhanded?"

"What makes you ask that question?"

"Aneleh asked me to come back with him to Titan," John put her away from him and looked at her.

"So, what did you tell him?"

"You know the answer to that question as well as I. That is not the problem. Aneleh asked if you were not here if I would come with him." John looked at her and sighed. Things were about to get ugly and soon.

"I would not pay attention to anything Aneleh says Helena. He is a child and children tend to say what they do not mean. I however, intend to keep my eye on all three of them."

John reached a hand up and stroked her breast through the material. She was indeed lovely and so breathtaking right now. He kissed her. He was not letting her aboard that ship without him next time. He had to find a way to beat them at their own cat and mouse game.

John lifted her off her feet and took her to the bedroom. He placed her gently on the bed and stepped back. He stripped away his clothing while she watched from her position on the bed. John was slow, and his movements and his teasing aroused Helena.

As he sat on the bed, his lips covered hers. Helena kissed him back with every bit of passion he gave her. She was beginning to be as good a kisser as he was. John lifted her unto his lap and Helena grounded her hips on him. She could feel him stir. Helena brought her arms up over her head as he tugged at her negligee. John held her in his arms and felt the rapid beat of her heart on his chest. His was pounding as well.

He kissed her and bit her lips. Helena held on to him as her passion soared. Their lovemaking was taking on new heights and it was overwhelming to her. She was transported on a new plain of ecstasy every time they made love. John was a patient lover and this made all the difference in their lovemaking. Helena kissed him passionately as his arms around her tighten even more. They made love as though it were for the last time. Not only John and Helena's bodies, but also their spirit and soul entwined that very night.

In the middle of the night, John Koenig removed Helena's old ID badge and gave her a new one. He did not want to alarm her unduly.

John Koenig insisted on going with Helena on her trip to Soufa's lab the next day. John moved about the lab freely looking at their equipment and assessing their manpower. He placed a bug in the middle of that room.

John managed to wrangle a tour of the ship from Illim. He could not refuse him. John placed a transmitter in every room he visited. The short time he was in the boy's quarters he bugged there too.

When Helena left for her duties on Moonbase John left with her.

"So, what did you find out?" Illim had just walked into the room and Aneleh had wasted no time in questioning him. Illim sat in the chair. Aneleh's room was dark with dark furniture and dark wall hangings. His room had everything in a strong brown theme. Their taste was different but they were alike in many ways. They both wanted the same things out of life: power, danger, a hunt.

"It's the same. Soufa carries everything close to his chest. Acinom also will say nothing. However, Soufa had a human DNA strand on screen. He had distorted the genes. It did not look like our DNA. I think he activated something on that first day the woman did their matrix. It looks like Soufa wants to play God. He wants to create a new specie, based I think on chosen genes. Alphans genes," responded Illim.

Aneleh's wheels in his head started to turn. He looked at his brother. "I agree with you. I think Soufa wants to create new beings. His purpose for coming here was twofold. What does he want with our mothers? He was the one who said we should take them back, even by force. Do you think he means to distract us with them?"

"I think Soufa knows us well and this just maybe his distraction. I care nothing for these women. Why should we try to win their affections? Why should we pretend civility, when we can crush them whenever we wish," Illim said.

"It is all a part of Soufa's plans. Why should we follow his plan when we don't know what he is up to," Aneleh responded.

"Should we kill him?" Illim asked. Aneleh considered it.

"What would we tell the Supreme One? Soufa is our uncle," Aneleh replied.

"We could make it look like an accident," he offered.

"Maybe, but let's not lose our focus. We are devoid of emotions. The ones we have learned so far have served us well. We can rely on our instincts. Let's just pretend for a few more days. We will take what we need from Alpha and Soufa can have our mothers," Aneleh said.

"What have you gathered so far?" Illim asked.

"Well there seem to be 155 women on Alpha. Eighty-eight of them are viable. That includes our mothers. Soufa however wants ten males. I think it is for their DNA."

"Do you think he really can reverse our aging and growth rate?" Illim asked.

"He says he can. For my life, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, I won't kill him until we know one way or another," Aneleh said.

"What's our next move?"

"In two days we harvest," responded Aneleh.

"How long will they sleep for?"

"Two days. They won't know what hit them. It will take at least that amount of time to reap those eggs. Are all the sleeping gas containers in place?"

"Yes and all the instruments and meds are set up. We can materialize what we need in seconds." Aneleh remembered his conversation with Helena that morning.

The boys had materialized in Medical where Helena was preparing a report. She smiled and looked up at them as they entered her office.

"Have you reconsidered our offer?" Aneleh asked.

Helena looked at him and smiled sadly. "I'm sorry Aneleh but my life is here and Millicent's life is here."

"What if the others could come there to live?"

"That might have made a difference if they hadn't done what they did to us. Not now."

"How many are you here on Alpha?"

"299 souls," she said.

"How many are female?" Aneleh asked.

Helena had told him. He asked about their status, married or unmarried. He had even asked if any were active sexually. Speaking in terms of why they would be content on his planet he questioned her on the numbers that were possibly parents already. Helena thought it odd but she answered. When he wanted to glance at their files Helena had refused, saying they were off limits.

"Well the trusting and unsuspecting fools will not know what hit them," smirked Illim.

"Acinom, what did Illim want?"

"He wanted to know what you had planned for the Alphans," Acinom responded.

"They know what I have planned for the Alphans. They don't trust me?" Soufa laughed. "They are indeed my finest experiments. I never dreamed when I speed up their growth rate that they would turn out so intelligent and resourceful."

"How long do they have to live?"

"Acinom, don't be morbid. I won't kill them. I can slow their growth rate at any time. The aging will slow as soon as I stop giving them those so-called cell enhancers."

"When will that be?"

"Soon, we need to teach them more emotions. They were the only way we could harvest the Alphans. The Alphans would have put up a fight and damage the goods. The boys were our pass in. In two days, the Alphans will be devoid of sperms and eggs. I think I will have enough to complete my experiments. "

"What about those two women?"

"We take them with us. Soon they will be like our women then they will be strong enough to bare many children."

"Who is speaking now, Tony?"

"Helena, Millicent and the boys."

"Where are they?"


"As soon as they leave have Helena come to my office."

"OK." Tony continued to listen and record the conversations. His men were monitoring the other transmitters. John had the recordings from yesterday. What he heard ran chills down his back. It was time to inform Helena of the situation.

John sat in his office and played the tapes again. A plan began to form in his head. Helena buzzed him and he let her in. He closed the door.

"I want you to listen to these recordings."

Helena sat in silence and horror as the Titans plans were brought to light. Her son and Illim were monsters and the base was now in danger because the boys took in Milly and her. Helena shuddered. She felt numb. John looked in sympathy at her. He could see she was feeling the loss of her child all over again.

"What does he mean when he says, 'soon we will be like their women', John?"

"That monster probably had more experiments up his sleeves."

Helena nodded.

John went over to her and sat with his arms around her. Helena listened to her conversations with the boys and realized John had bugged her. She was not surprised. If she had been so gullible, why not use it to Alpha's advantage.

Helena was angry. All her instincts told her that Aneleh was sincere. If he had no emotions then it was all an act. Could he really be that evil, a child from her own loins? Helena shuddered again. She felt John's lips as he kissed her on the side of her head. It seems they were yet again in another precarious position.

All Helena's conversations with Aneleh were about the personnel on Alpha, especially the women. Why hadn't she been suspicious of his questions? She could have kicked herself.

How can I remedy this situation?

"How are we going to get out of this, John? Their plans go into effect tomorrow. They plan to put us to sleep."

"Our plans will have to go into effect today. I have a plan of my own. I need you to get Millicent's help on this."

Helena's moment of despair left her as she listened to John's plans.

Koenig sent out an invitation to Soufa to join him to discuss his departure from Alpha. Helena and Milly asked the boys to meet her and Milly,

Two hours later Koenig was in Main Mission with the recordings of the boys' conversation. Helena and Millicent were in Medical with the boys and the recordings of Soufa's conversation.

Helena played the conversation for them and they were livid. Koenig played the boys conversation for Soufa. Soufa appeared frightened and then angry. The boys dematerialized and Soufa dematerialized.

"Sahn, scan for any activity on that vessel," John Koenig ordered.

"Scanning now, Commander."

"Tony can you pick up any conversation from the bugs?" Koenig asked.

Helena and Millicent entered Main Mission as the voices were heard over the compost.

"Do not lie to us Soufa. We heard your conversations with Acinom. You have been poisoning us," Aneleh said angrily.

"And you, you are no different you plan to kill me when it suits you. I created you. You would have had no life without me you cold, hard-hearted pups!"

"What was our purpose, to breed for the Supreme One? Are we animals out to pasture?" Illim angrily stated.

"You are of no use to us, Soufa. I would rather kill you as look at you," Aneleh said.

"You cannot kill me, the moment you do you too will die."

"Another of your tricks and lies Soufa," Illim was outraged.

"No tricks no lies. We are linked genetically. If you kill one male, you kill all. The Supreme One and all your other brothers will die. That is why the race needs to be stronger and flourish. We need to break this genetic trait. That is why we need the Alphans to break the link. Once we have a new chain we will live longer and be stronger."

"You have been playing with our lives Soufa. No more. We jump home now! Our father will settle this once and for all. If you lie then you die there," Illim threatened.

On Alpha, John Koenig ordered all lasers armed as Maya tapped into their systems for visual inside. Alan Carter was standing by on the launch pad.

"Fire on my command, Paul," Koenig stated.

The boys turned from Soufa and walked away dematerializing as they went. They reappeared in the operations section of their craft.

"Prepared to jump," Aneleh stated when they materialized. Soufa appeared behind them and as the Alphans watched, he fired at them. Helena and Millicent watched helplessly as the boys sank to the floor.

Soufa came to the screen. "I take it, Commander that you have found our little devices and have destroyed them?"


"I can see that you are now armed. Mmm, no matter we can do this another time, Commander. The boys are not dead just immobilized. We'll just call this a stalemate, shall we?"

"I don't think so, Soufa. We left this undone the last time. I won't leave it undone now. Fire Paul."

The Natas rocked as the lasers from Moonbase Alpha erupted. The spacecraft lurched. No part of the craft was breached, however. Soufa smiled at them.

"Commander, Commander, how naughty of you. Your weapons are no match for ours. We could destroy you. Shall I demonstrate?" A small smile escaped his lips.

"RED ALERT!" Koenig shouted. The Klaxon blared.

A nuclear warhead appeared suspended in the air above Soufa's vessel as the cameras panned the area. "Shall I detonate it, Commander? This is one of yours. Shall I explode it now and kill everyone of you?" Soufa waived his hand and the weapon moved forwards.

All in the Main Mission watched as Soufa dematerialized and reappear on the bomb to his surprise. The boys stood up and the bomb moved off across the expanse. The boys detonate it. Soufa materialized in his ship and faced the boys again.

"Again, I underestimated the human gene in you. You should have at least been out for two hours."

The boys focused their energy together and concentrated it all on Soufa. Lasers came from their hands. Soufa fired back with all he had. They watched until both the boys and Soufa began to disintegrate. All their energies combined and increased as they destroyed each other. The energy generated by all three caused a massive explosion on board and the ship was blown wide. They all disintegrated.

"Stand down red alert," ordered Koenig. Helena and Millicent were both in his arms when the boys sent Soufa on the weapon and they remained there until the ship disintegrated. They were there now. Koenig stood with them and comforted them as they wept.

Three days later they were still trying to detect anything out of the ordinary on Alpha. Helen and Milly spent a lot of time together during those three days. They went over everything with each other and in their own minds.

Koenig had them constantly scanning the universe after that for any strange anomalies out there.

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