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Never Say Never

Authors: Sonia Foster
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2003

Story 3 in the "Amour" series +
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2 - Time and Half Time
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John and Helena are trying to fight their feelings for each other when an alien takes over Helena's body and goes on a rampage, leaving John to fight both for Alpha's survival and the doctor's.
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Moon Base Alpha's status report, Dr. Helena Russell recording. 400 days after leaving earth's orbit. With all the time we have spent on the moon you would think we would have gotten use to it by now, not a chance, everyone is eager to find a planet that is habitable. After our numerous run-ins with aliens and hostile planets we are a bit weary of anything that comes across our path. Things are relatively quiet now, only two people in the medical centre, both suffering from smoke inhalation from a fire started by their welding tool. With oxygen treatment, they should both do fine.

Helena stood up and stretched replacing the recording device in its spot. This was the end of her shift. She was looking forward to going to her quarters and spending a long time in the tub, just soaking away the day's worries. As she locked up her mind flashed back to earlier today, and her encounter with Commader Koenig.

"Helena, we have no time for this!" he bellowed.

She turned and walked off. When he was being stubborn and pigheaded she had no time to waste. He grasped her hand bringing her departure to a premature halt. She spun around her green eyes flashing a warning. He released his hold on her, their eyes met for what seemed like ages, but was only a few seconds.

"That is enough, John." She said quietly.

Everyone in earshot pretended not to be listening as they went about their business in the Main Mission. Their spats were becoming legendary.

'This is getting ridiculous', she thought. John Koenig was so exasperating.

The look in her eyes told him he had better drop the subject, for now anyway.

"We will talk about this later," he said.

"Commander," was all she said as she left, but Koenig knew she was furious.

Bleep! Bleep!

The beeping of her comlock brought her out of her reverie. She stared at it as the image of John Koenig came into view.

Good Lord, no! she thought as she let him in. She had hoped for a peaceful night, only to have to confront him here and now. Mmm no audience, well she would speak her mind.

"Helena," he started as he entered.

"John, just hold on,"she said, "you are being your usual overbearing self and I would prefer not to have this meeting with you."

Koenig, so use to getting what he wanted, looked at her not sure how he wanted to proceed. He could say too much and that would close all conversation down and at this point, he wanted, no needed the dialogue with her. He was just coming off duty and he had to speak to her. They had been skirting the real issue now for the past month and he was growing tired of it.

"I did not come to discuss the problems with our astronauts. I am here on a different matter," he said quietly, "We need to clear the air."

Oh no, she thought, He wants to talk about my mood around him of late. What would I say to that? It was what was causing the conflict now.

"John, whatever it is I do not want to discuss it," she said.

"Look it was one kiss, I apologized, didn't I" he looked distraught. "I know it was out of line and I apologize. Why are you still distant and uptight?"

So John, had realized that she did remember and this was what was making her antsy.

"Did I not say I do not want to discuss it." She too was getting distraught. She could not look at him. He tried to figure out what she was thinking.

"Helena," he said quietly.

She turned to face him. This is it, she thought. I have to tell him how I feel about him. She looked at him. Am I falling in love? It couldn't be, but she was sure it was.

John looked at her and he wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her again. If the first time produced this hidden hostility, what would another one do? He thought she felt the same way about him but did she? With all they had been through, he felt he knew her somewhat but did he though?

"I accepted your apology, Commander. Can we leave it at that?" She asked.

"OK, Helena," he said standing, "I will see you for the conference at 0700 tomorrow, since you refuse to discuss this."

"Goodnight, John," she said, silently thanking God he was leaving. Leaving her to deal with the feelings, she could not deny. She loved him and it scared her to death. He was a complex man. But the feelings she had for him were overwhelming her.

"Never again," she told herself. "never, will I get involved with another astronaut. Now here I am in love with one, O !" was all she could say as she left the Medical Center.

"I called this meeting," John was saying, "of my top officers to discuss a new problem that has been brought to my attention by Dr. Russell, our pilots and their flight time. Now while I am aware of the hazards of the job. I refuse to believe that the problems are stress related. These pilots are now developing insomnia among other things. Dr. Russell, will you please report your findings."

Helena directed their attention to the folders in front of them.

"The symptoms are fatigue, grouchiness, red eyes, increase in heart and pulse rate and lack of sleep. To Dr. Mathias and me this points to one thing, insomnia. These astronauts Wilson and Davidson are not sleeping enough. They were kept in the med centre for three days while we observed their sleep pattern. They never had more than 3 hours uninterrupted sleep in those three nights they were there. As to what is causing this sleeplessness I do not know. My hypothesis is that they have something on their minds our something is interfering with their sleep. Something they are unaware of. Compounded ofcourse by too much logged flight time,"

"Doctor, what am I suppose to do about this?" Koenig asked.

"Dr. Russell," Tony Veredeschi spoke up. "I did not know of this, but I do not think it is the astronauts alone. I haven't been sleeping all that well either."

"What, Tony!?" Koenig pipped in. He looked around the room. Tony first; the red eyes were now obvious to him. Maya looked OK, so did Carter. Sandra looked a little haggard, as did Kano.

"What is happening here? How many of you have been experiencing this sleeplessness?" He quarried. His gaze rested on the good doctor.

She too looked as though she lacked sleep. "Helena, have you been sleeping?"

"No John, I have not," she said. "I don't know why either."

"Something is going on here," he said, "and I do not think it is internal. From our experience there are outside forces. Sahn, Kano" he said, "There is something out there threatening us again. Find it. It may be a planet, a spacecraft, an anomaly of some kind. There might be a signal coming from somewhere. We need to find it. Helena!"

"Yes, John."

"Find out how many of our crew members are coming down with these symptoms and how long they have had it. If our top personnel are being affected this could cripple Alpha."

"Maya, search the computer find out if there is some type of interference that could cause this type of behavior in our crew members. We cannot be caught unaware as before. I'm sorry I thought you were overreacting, Helena."

Helena nodded her head, acknowledging the apology.

"Meeting adjourned, everyone, get to work," he said, "Maybe we can avert a disaster."

Everyone left the conference room and headed to their post and all were aware that their life might depend on whatever they found out.

Six hours later Kano made a report, "Commander, I think I found something".

Koenig opened his doors and walked out. He joined Kano at the computer desk.

"Maya," he said calling her over, "What do you make of this?"

"Looks like some sort of signal, Commander," she said. As they watched, the lines and shapes increased. "I think this is the cause of our problem, Commander."

As they stared at the screen, it suddenly went blank. "I think they know they have been detected, Commander," Kano said.

"I think so, Kano. What will their next move be now that they have been found out?"

Koenig turned to his command post and buzzed the medical center. "Dr. Russell."

There was no response. "Dr. Russell," he tried again. Dr. Mathias responded.

"Commander, Dr. Russell left here an half an hour ago to report our findings to you personally. Hasn't she arrived there yet, sir?"

"No," he said an uneasy feeling coming over him. He opened all channels "Commander Koenig to Dr. Russell, please respond."

The silence was deafening. "Computer," Koenig said, "locate Dr. Russell".

After what seems like minutes computer came back with this response.


Koenig was stunned. A cold chill ran down his spine. Koenig punched the emergency button and the red klaxon sounded throughout Moonbase Alpha. All personnel responded to their posts.

"Computer, at what time did Dr. Russell leave Alpha?"

THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE, was the only answer the Commander received.

"Maya, Kano, find out from computer if there was any kind of power serge or if anything entered or left Alpha in the last half an hour!?" bellowed Koenig.

The two were already on it as their fingers flew over the keyboards. They came up with the same response.

"Commander, it seems an undetected space craft left fifteen minutes ago. It shows people onboard. In backtracking the computer showes we were being observed but I don't know for how long," he said.

"They also seemed to have been transmiting something on Alpha, some kind of wave. Why we were not able to pick up their signal, is not clear. There seems to be some kind of cloaking device being used," Maya noted.

"They've kidnapped Dr. Russell right under our noses," Kano stated.

Helena was on her way to Main Mission when she saw John Koenig enter the lift to the center. She followed him in, "John?" She said as she entered. The door closed and it was too late, when he turned around she saw it was not him. This, what ever it was, wasn't even human. The alien seemed to lose its shape. Suddenly it was not even solid but some form of liquid and it enveloped her.

When Helena came to her senses, she was in what appeared to be a spaceship that looked like a flying medical center. There were bright lights everywhere. She was strapped to a gurney and was being wheeled into what appeared to be a chamber of lights. The formes about her kept shifting. She could not idenitfy a figure.

What's happening to me? She wondered, The creatures surrounded her as they placed the electrodes all over her body. She was naked, that much she could tell. Who are these people?

She looked as shapes began to form. The hideous creatures had her strapped in. They turned their monitors on and searing pain eveloped her and she fainted.

Helena slowly opened her eye, was she dreaming? Did she imagine it? As her sight adjusted she saw she was in the medical center at Alpha. She felt disoriented. She was in her office. Yet she felt like she was not alone she was in her body but she was looking out of her body as though she were a visitor. She was not in charge of her movements, nor her speech.

"...Commander!" Kano shouted. "Computer has a lock on Dr. Russell. She is in Medical Center."

"What?!" Koenig blanched. "...Security, to Medical Center."

The security detail entered the medical center cautiously. What they saw next was unexpected, Dr. Russell, eyes glowing, was accessing computer. They realized something was wrong as her movements were jaunting.

As Helena readjusted her view, she saw them, phasers drawn. The next thing she knew a bolt of light came through her fingers and the men fell face forward stunned, or were they dead? She did not know.

"Helena!" It was John. "Helena!" He said again, approaching her cautiously.

She heard herself speak, but it was not her speaking. It was her voice but she was not in control. What had these aliens done to her? "John," she said.

"Helena, you have been gone for a week," he stated. "Where have you been?"

"John, I....I.... don't know where I was. I ...I am so confused right now," she said holding her hand up to her throbbing temple, with that, she passed out. Koenig lifted her up, as the medical crew brought in a gurney. He placed her tenderly on it and they wheeled her into a room. They placed the electrodes all over her body trying to find out if this was indeed Helena and if it was, was she OK?

Koenig looked on. He hadn't slept in a week after he could get no response from anyone and no clue as to where Helena went. He had never felt so vulnerable in his life. He had lost her. He never told her how he really felt before she left him. He was distraught. Now here she was again back in his life. This time he would tell her how he felt. Koenig watched them prod and probe her.

Let her be OK, he prayed. ....But somehow Koenig new something was wrong.

Tony approached him as he watched through the glass. "The men are dead, John over a thousand volts went through them they died instantly."

"What happened?"

"No one saw as they were the first to approach her and now they are dead."

"Do you think she killed them, Tony?"

"Who else, John?"

"Then that is not Helena in there. It may look like her, but it might not be."

"John, I say we keep an eye on her. Place security at her door and watch her every move."

Dr. Mathias walked toward the Commander, the look on his face told him something was wrong.

"Commander, we have some good news and some bad news."

"Give the bad news first doctor."

"Commander, from all indications the scanners show that Dr. Russell has been through an intense programme that involved great physical stress. Her body is showing signs of some genetic change. There is a heat source in her body somewhere but we just cannot put our fingers on. Everytime we probe it, it shifts. The good news is that this is Dr. Russell."

Koenig felt the blood draining out of his head. He felt pain, physical pain. What had they done to Helena?

Two hours passed before she revived. She was strapped to the bed in Medical Center probes were all over her body. She felt her body radiate an intense heat and the bonds melt away leaving her free of her restraints.

An alarm went off in Main Mission as computer had picked up a surge of energy in the Medical Center. Security entered the room as Helena freed herself from her restraints and placed her legs on the floor.

"No one is to approach Dr. Russell!" Koenig barked into the communicator as he ran to medical. Helena sat quietly as the security team retreated from the room still keeping an eye on her.

Koenig entered the room and looked at Helena.

"Helena, we need to talk. You have been gone now for a week and it seems that your body has been altered. Are you really Helena Russell?"

"John, I remember nothing and I can give you no information. But yes I am Helena," she said groggily.

"I am afraid that is not good enough Helena. Two men are dead, and you are the last person to see them alive. Did you kill them?"

"John, how could you think I did that? I feel fine. I just have no memory of being away for so long."

"Helena, we have had enough bad experiences out here to know that something is wrong here. I am afraid we are going to have to have you under twentyfour hour surveillance."

"John, don't be ridiculous," she said. "I feel fine. I am sure I have not been altered I am the same Helena Russell".

John was alarmed she just referred to herself in the third person. Something was definitely off so he approached her. He sat on the bed and held her hands. He looked in her eyes and he saw recognition. It was Helena but what was off about her?

"Helena I....." he began. "My hands are tied. We have to keep an eye on you."

"I understand, John," she said.

Help me, John! Help meeeeeeeeeeeee! Helena struggled within herself but she felt overpowered.

John left the room and headed towards Bob Mathias. "Bob."

"Yes, Commander," he said.

"What's next?"

"Well Commander, we have all the data we need. She should be assigned to her quarters, so she can rest."

Helena awoke at midnight and adjusted her eyes to the light in the room.

Under surveillance, she mused. How can I to get to the main power source in level 5, it wondered.

Helena watched in horror as her form started to vibrate and radiate. She got out of bed and turned to look behind her, she saw an outline of herself on the bed.

That should keep them busy, she thought.

Helena was still asleep in bed as far as computer was concerned. The monitors beeped and nothing changed as they watched the monitor in Main Mission. Some thing was odd though, Maya thought. The monitor went askewed at one point and then back to normal. Her sixth sense told her something was wrong.

Maya motioned to Tony and left the room. She headed for Helena's quarters. Overriding Helena's security Maya stepped in. She was still asleep in bed but Maya decided to stay. She still was not convinced everything was OK so she transformed.

As Maya sat watching in the form of a cat, she saw Helena enter the room. She was startled. As the other, Helena approached the bed and laid down the other image faded. Computer still had her on monitor no change.

Maya watched as Helena's image glowed and pulsated. What was happening she wondered? Helena sat up as her body temperature returned to normal.

"Who is here?" she asked. Helena saw Maya before the alien within her saw her. Maya tried to leave. As her figure vibrated to change the alien within let loose a bolt that narrowly missed Maya.

Maya remembered the Gorken a native creature of the planet Korlan and she transformed as the alien within Dr. Russell struck again. The voltage reached her as the creature absorbed it and grew stronger.

The alien was awed, 'A shape shifter? Intriguing, it thought.

Having absorbed some of the energy core its powers were greater. It increased its voltage as another blow reached the Gorken/Maya.

"Tony!" Kano shouted. "Power surge in Dr. Russell's quarters!"

"John!" Tony called into his comlock. "Security to Dr. Russell's quarters."

"Yes, Tony," a disoriented John Koenig appeared on the monitor.

"Activity in Dr. Russell's quarters," he said.

"I'm on my way." He dressed hurriedly.

When the security team and Koenig arrived at Helena's quarters they found a creature passed out half dead.

"Maya!" Koenig said. "Koenig to medical center, please send an emergency medical crew to Dr. Russell's quarters."

Maya began to shift change returning to her normal self. She sat up dazed.

"Commander," she said, "she tried to kill me."


"Yes, she left her quarters and the computer still had her as OK, but I felt something was wrong. When I got here, she appeared to be OK, until I saw her enter the room. Whatever that thing is it's not Helena."

"Yellow alert!" Koenig said. "Be on the look out for Helena Russell. Shoot to stun," he said reluctantly.

"Commander," she said, "that will not stop her she absorbs energy now."

Koenig was distraught now as the Alphans were in danger and from Helena of all people. He had to find her himself.

"Computer, locate Dr. Russell." He spoke into his comlock.


"Commander," Tony said.

"Yes, Tony what is it?"

"We have visual on Dr. Russell."

Koenig watched in horror as the woman he loved entered the nuclear reactor energy core on Alpha. She proceeded to drain its source of energy, absorbing it into her body. He left the room at a run with the security detail hot on his tail.

"No one is to approach Dr. Russell. I repeat no one is to approach Dr. Russell!" he bellowed into his comlock.

As Koenig entered the travel tube, he wondered how this would end.

Helena could feel her life force drain out of her as she tried to battle this creature within her. The creature fought back. As the energy source course through her body, she saw in a haze as John Koenig entered the room. The creature within cringed.

Here is a worthy adversary, it gloated. These Alphans are puny indeed. Ruled over by much emotion, it thought. How easy it would be to crush this frail creature before me.

Helena sensed the danger to Koenig even before the creature reacted. Light sneaked out from the creature that was Helena. As the bolt seared his skin, Koenig was only momentarily stunned. He was shocked he was not dead.

The creature exited the nuclear reactor unit. It approached John but he saw the creature flinch and hesitate.

Something is going on, he thought.

The creature's mouth opened but no sound came out.

Help me, Helena mouthed.

John saw the struggle with n. God ,she is dying, he thought. Helena's eyes changed color and they were now red and glowing. As the struggle continued, they were now green. Helena fought harder. His life and hers depended on her winning this battle with this creature.

With a shrill cry, the creature that was Helena bolted from the room pushing pass Koenig as it went.

"Tony?" John said.

"We have her, Commander," was the reply.


"Airlock six," he said.


"Yes, John."

"I might have to kill her. She is too much of a threat to Alpha," he said worriedly

Helena breathed hard as she surveyed her surroundings. This will not do they could suck her out into space, it thought. It had to find a hiding place, somewhere where she could wait for a more convenient opportunity to strike. But, where?

"Kano!" John barked.

"Yes, Commander," he said coming in to view.

"Locate Dr. Russell," he said.

"Computer insists she is not on Moon Base Alpha, Commander," he said.


"She is here, Commander. Readings show no ship, source of light or energy of any kind has left Alpha."

"Then where is she?"

Koenig was now beside himself. He thought that he could reason with her but it had shot him. He had to kill her if she struck again. If faced with it, could he kill her? She was obviously trapped by the creature within her. She had also saved his life. He knew that as sure as he knew he loved her. How could he even consider killing her? How could he not?

Helena felt her heart rate increasing as the creature was stirring within.

What is it up to now? she wondered.

She had to break free before the creature struck again. She could sense its thoughts. It was out for revenge. It wanted Koenig as revenge on her.

Koenig paced back and forth in Main Mission's Command Center.

"Maya," he said. "You are the only one who has faced that creature and lived. What do the think our best bet is in dealing with this creature?"

"Commander, I am baffled," she said, "but we have to help Helena."

John brooded. The only thing he saw was the conflict between Helena and the creature. How to use it to his advantage was another thing.

"Security alert. Commander the creature is creating havoc in the main berth of the eagle launch pads. Pad 4 and 5 destroyed by fire. A strange light and heat source emitting from Dr. Russell is causing fire to consume everything in sight."

"Tony," Koenig said.,"it's now or never."

Both men left, running as fast as possible, eight security men ran with them. The report was nothing compared to the actual damage. Koenig surveyed the area and everything was consumed by fire.

"Where is she?" he asked.

The creature emerged from the heat eyes blazing as it fixed its gaze on the Commander.

"DKRL, FLTX GAD," it said.

"The voice, that's not Helena's," Koenig said, "Who are you?"

"Your worse nightmare," it said.

"John," a pleading voice said. It was Helena.

"Opposite," she said as the creature breathed fire again, this time in Koenig's direction. It was all he could do to stay out of the line of fire as he ducked and roled firing back with all he had. The creature absorbed the heat.

Koenig and his men retreated but the creature pursued. Koenig wondered what Helena meant when she said 'opposite'. What opposite. Had she figured out a way to stop the creature?

"'Opposite'," a light went on in Koenig's head. "Opposite, this thing eats energy. What would it do when faced with ice or freezing temperatures?"

"Kano," Koenig shouted. "Drop the temperature on Alpha, and issue warm gear to the crew members, now."

Koenig headed towards Main Mission. He saw the temperature begin to drop on Alpha. Let's see how it deals with this, Koenig thought. Let's hope Helena was right.

Koenig was pacing up and down, more from nerves, than from the cold. This was Helena's last chance. It was subdue or destroy. There was no gray area.

The creature that was Helena, was getting tired. Helena like a prisoner in a glass cage was hoping against hope that this would work.

The creature was now aware of their plan, but how to escape without death being an alternative, was the only thing on its mind.

Clever Humans, it thought. Thinking they could outsmart a 1,000 year old brain. It seems that the people on this dark piece of rock really treasured this human that is my host, too bad, it thought. Now that this body is of no use to me, I will kill it.

Helena was terrified as the creature within lumbered towards one of the eagle's main birth. She sensed rather than felt the creature was weakening. She felt it was about to vacate her premises. Would she survive? She had to kill it before it killed her.

Koenig was tracking the creature, surely it was weakening. Why was it headed towards the main eagle support area? Did it not know it could not escape or did they overlook something and the creature had a plan?

It surely is clever, he thought.

Koenig was so close he could touch the creature.

"NOW," the creature said quietly.

Unknown to Alpha a spaceship, shaped like a disc, slowly uncloaked overhead and as ray of light beamed down on the body of Helena as the doors to eagle launch pad six airlock opened.

The beam kept her from being sucked out into space and the creature began unwrapping itself from Helena's cells. She felt as though her body was being torn apart. Every cell and fiber of her being was being ripped. She felt everything fade to black. There was no way for her to face this much pain without becoming unconcious and she welcomed it.

The creature, in liquid form, poured out of her. The liquid turned to ashes as it vacated the Alpha through the beam of light from the spaceship. The beam held Helena transfixed.

This is it, Koenig thought, it was now or never. Koenig advance, a rope around his waste he inched himself to her.

"Computer close airlock six doors!" he shouted.

Too late, Koenig thought as the rope tugged then snapped. They were both being sucked into outer space. Koenig grabbed for Helena, as someone grabbed for him. It was stronger hands than he had ever felt before. They were being dragged back into Alpha as the creature disappeared from sight.

Maya shaped like a gigantic octopus with suction cups was holding on for dear life to both Koenig and Helena. Her other tentacles were anchored to a bulk head and inner doors of Alpha. Using all her strength, she pulled them to safety. The air lock closed on them.

In the Medical Center, two most unlikely patients were laying side by side, both receiving oxygen. John Koenig was awake . The medical team decided to put Helena into a deep coma to get her body to heal from the trauma.

John the first to recover took a week off to recuperate and heal. He kept and eye on Helena who was still in a coma.

They had found no sign of the alien and hoped that was the last they would see of it. John visited everyday. When he went on duty he visited the Medical Center. He was always there holding her hands, talking and praying.

Helena was in dreamland. Transported back in time. She was reliving the first kiss with John; and what had led up to it. They had just come back from a reconnaissance flight to a huge rock they had spotted out in space. It was half the size of a Caribbean island. They had gleamed as much minerals as possible and had taken samples of plant life.

She had taken the samples back to her medical lab andKoenig had stopped by on his way back to his quarters. Talking and discussing the day's adventure, was just a rues she thought as John, she saw had something else on his mind.

They talked for a while when he suddenly took her by the hand. She stared at him for what seemed an eternity, when he kissed her. She did not pull away. John, thinking she was all for it, deepened the kiss. Helena, against her own volition had responded. Her lips parted as John's tongue sneaked into her mouth. She groaned and suddenly as his hands went around her waist. She pushed him away and ran for dear life.

She was reliving this moment over and over again in her coma. All she could think of was John.

John was slowly going out of his mind. He was moody and could not concentrate on the job. His mind was constantly on Helena.

John's comlock beeped. "Koenig here," he said.

It was Bob Mathias in the Medical Center. "Commander Dr. Russell is coming out of the coma."

John left the Main Mission at a fast pace. At the med centre, the brain scan showed activity they hadn't seen in two weeks. John was by her side.

"Looks like she is coming around, Commander," Bob said.

John took her hand speaking to her gently. "Helena," he whispered.

She groaned as she heard his voice coming across the fog in her mind. John was ecstatic she was coming back to him.

Helena's eyes opened slowly. She felt the pressure on her fingers and looked over to see John Koenig, relief on his face, looking at her. She smiled and he smiled. Everyone smiled, she was going to be OK.

"Welcome back, Dr. Russell," Mathias said.

"Thanks Bob," she groaned.

It was three weeks before Helena's body healed and she was able to be discharged from the med centre. She was to recuperate at home for the next week before returning to duty.

At home, Helena decided to keep from going crazy, she would work on her latest piece of sculpture. It was a bust of her father. As she worked, her mind returned to Koenig and all he had been through to save her. Maya had told her everything. Every evening Maya stopped by she gave her a play by play of Koenig during her time of coma. Maya was convinced Koenig was in love with Helena. Helena could not dismiss the idea.

Koenig on leaving the Main Mission was determined to talk to Helena. It was now or never.

She is well enough, he thought. He would talk to her.

Helena's comlock beeped. Smiling and thinking it was Maya, she pressed the button only to see Koenig's frame in her doorway.

"Oh, I thought you were Maya, hello John."

"Hello, Helena. May I come in?"

"Yes, John."

As the doors closed, she thought, This is it no more skirting the issue. Somehow, she was not afraid to face it.

"Helena," he began, "I need to talk about that kiss. Now I know you don't want to face it but I do." He looked at her and she said nothing.

They headed over to her chairs and sat down. As she made no protest Koenig decided to continue.

"I have strong feelings for you, Helena." he said. She said nothing.

Koenig looked at her. He could not read her face, so he continued.

"Helena, I'm in love with you." There I said it.

Tears came to her eyes as she looked at him. Koenig took her in his arms as the floodgates opened. Helena cried quietly for a few minutes as John rocked her back and forth. When she calmed down she wipped her tears. John was at a loss for words as now she was smiling.

She looked at him. "I love you too, John," she smiled.

Koenig was both relieved and elated. "You do? ...But you were so upset when I kissed you. I don't...."

"Oh John," she said, taking his hand. "I was afraid to love you."

"Helena, you don't have to be afraid, I would never hurt you."

"John, I was afraid of the dangers that surround you. Your post is a dangerous one. I did not want the heartache of losing you. I know that that is cowardly of me, but John, I lost one love in space I don't want to lose another."

"You won't lose me, Helena."

She looked at him. He was so strong, so fearless. She felt safe with him, safe in his arms. He looked at her. She was perhaps the love of his life. He would not lose her.

John pulled her gently to him. Their lips met in a deep and passionate kiss. John held her as though he would never let her go. The kiss deepened as they clung happily to each other. Coming up for air Koenig spoke first.

"Helena, I want us to see each other exclusively. If that is alright with you?" He asked.

"Yes, I would love to, John," she said. They kissed again.

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