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Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2003

Story 5 in the "Amour" series +
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2 - Time and Half Time
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On visiting another planet, Helena, Sandra and Milly go missing. They are returned, but this time emotionally altered. All John's plans to ask Helena to marry him have gone up in smoke.
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Moonbase Alpha's status report, 1000 days after leaving earth's orbit Dr. Helena Russell recording. We have come upon a planet that seems to be compatible with our needs. Commander Koenig has arranged for a landing party to go to the planet to see just how suitable it is for us to live on.

Commander John Koenig went through to the pilot section followed by Dr. Helena Russell, who was to be the co-pilot as Chief Pilot Alan Carter was busy sorting through their equipment. Sandra Benes; senior computer analyst, Tony Veredeschi; Chief of Security, Bob Shepherd, botanist and Millicent Fegel, hydroponics expert accompanied them.

Eagle One went through the lift-off procedures from David Kano and headed out to thr mystery planet that showed up on their horizon three days ago. Koenig veered to the left looking for a clearing after entering the planet's atmosphere. As he looked for a place to land he called Main Mission's Command Center.

"Maya, do you have anything to report?"

"Well, it seems the planet has water, vegetation, some animal life, but no sign of human or other life forms," she replied.

"Thanks Maya, we'll take it from there."

As the eagle came n closer to landing all on board were eager to see what the planet had to offer. It was suppose to be beautiful with lush vegetation, tall trees, rolling hills and valleys. Helena and John were the first to see it. It was daylight as the planet's sun pulsated down on them. Koenig scouted around, flying low, as he looked for a suitable place to land.

He spotted a clearing just beyond some caves to the north. He set the eagle down gently. Everyone sprang into action. Maya had called back to say the air was breathable. They would have to test everything else to see if it was pure or edible.

The eagle doors opened and Koenig and Helena stepped forward. The rest of the party bundling behind them eager to get a first hand glimpse of the planet.

"Tony, you take Helena and scout out the area to the north. Alan you come with me. Bob, you and Milly go south. Alan, we will go northeast. We will rendezvous here in three hours. Sahn, you stay with the eagle." Koenig said.

"So?" Kaal asked standing before the monitors. He was wearing a brown all in one sequimed jumpsuit, it glittered as he stood there hands behind his back and feet wide apart. As security officer, he was always on the alert for danger or any change.

"So?" Janal mimicked irritated. She was dressed in the full black sequimed suit showing her rank as computer expert and science officer. She was second in command to the Supreme One.

"You know what I'm asking so quit stalling. Are they compatible with us?"

"What do I look like? The computer has to give me the info. I'm looking at their matrix now. From what I've seen they look compatible," Janal said.

Just then, Fayal came in, eager to hear the news. He was dressed in a gold robe. His yellow jump suit was stretched taunt over his body. His two guards dressed in light brown suits were right behind him.

"Well?" he asked.

"They seem compatible, Supreme One," she replied. Janal sat up straighter, her voice saying much more than her eyes.

"The printout is coming now, sir," she said.

Janal reached for the strip of parchment. Fayal watched as she analyzed it.

"It's confirmed, sir. They are compatible with us.

"Kaal," he called.

"Yes, Supreme One," he responded.

"Bring them to me," he said. Fayal turned and looked at the workers before him, all were eager to know what the next move would be. The lab was huge, but very few stations were manned.

Manned, that is a precarious word to use. Janal must be relieved, more than anyone else, she welcomes the coming of these earth people, thought Fayal.

Janal's scanners had picked them up one week ago. He had started preparing for them. Titan needed them in order to continue their genes, which was dysfunctional to say the least.

His population was dwindling. With only one woman to procreate, it was a problem. Already, Janal was showing signs of decay. She could keep up the paste no longer. She had twenty offsprings already. It would be a couple more years yet until the first of the females became fertile, they could not wait until then.

Soufa, the doctor and scientist of the group was watching them on the monitors. He kept switching from one to the other watching the women in particular. The light-haired female was certainly beautiful as was the dark skinned creature. The one back at the vessel wasn't bad either he was thinking.

"Aaya, prepare the chambers!" he barked. Time for a little experimenting, he thought a gleam coming into his eyes.

"What's the matter, John?" Alan quarried.

"I don't know Alan. I just can't shake the feeling that we are being watched."

"But Maya said they picked up no sign of human life form. Who could be watching us?" he asked.

"Animals, I dont know, Alan. Koenig, to recon party, report in please."

"Tony here John, all is clear here. We have some great readings here for life support systems," he said.

"Where's, Helena?"

"She went in closer to have a look at those caves. I came out here to try to call you. We couldn't pick up any signals down there."

"You left her alone?" he asked.

"I'm going back now John, she'll be fine."

Sandra was busy analyzing data from the landing party when a strange feeling came over her. She looked at her hands and somehow they were fading, she was fading. She tried to scream but could not.

Millicent was in the same pickle. Bob was writhing on the ground and became still as she began fading away. It seemed that some strange nerve gas had appeared from nowhere. Bob took a direct hit in the face from it and collapsed.

"Koenig to landing party, rendezvous at the eagle now. Tony, come in please. .... ..Helena?"

Tony was busy searching the caves. What would he tell John? Where was Helena? He was in there for what seemed like an hour, but was in fact only a half an hour when he decided to get John and sound the alarm.

"Moonbase Alpha calling Commader Koenig, Come in Commander Koenig," Maya called.

"Koenig here,"

"Commander, we are picking up other life signs. They keep appearing and disappearing. The planet IS inhabited."

Just then, Tony ran up. "John, Helena is missing."

Koenig looked at Alan who went to search the eagle. Alan shook his head. There was no sign of Sahn. Koenig felt cold fingers like ice run up his spine. "Find Milicent!"

Alan and Tony ran off in the direction Millicent took.

"Koenig to Moonbase Alpha, come in Maya."

"Yes, Commander."

"Helena and Sahn are missing. Send a search team along with some security men, well armed and try to locate them from there. See if you can pick up some sort of signal!" the Commander barked.

Koenig was alarmed. Tony left her alone and now she's gone. He sent her with him because he knew she would be safe. He had to control himself. Tony had no way of knowing the planet was inhabited or that there was any danger.

They came back carrying Bob's lifeless body. His face was contorted and he looked like he had died a horrible death.

"Some sort of gas, John. No sign of Milly either," Tony said staying out of his reach. Helena was missing and there was nothing Tony could say to appease John. He had been negligent. Anyhow, his face said it all for him.

John's mind was racing and he felt like time was of the essence to find the girls.

"Tony, Alan!" They both came over to him. "It is obvious to me they only want the women, but why?"

"We first have to find out who they are, John," Alan responded.

An hour later the first eagle landed. Maya still could not pick up any signals from the girl's comlocks.

"OK, we will search the areas that Maya picked up the other life signs from," Koenig said.

Everyone was assigned an area. They all went off at a steady pace.

The girls had materialised inside a glass chamber within Titan's complex. The planet was an elaborate dome of underground cities that would disappear and reappear at intervals. The cities moved above ground and underground during the different seasons. It was all built on shifting plats

Men more than twice the size of earthmen grabbed their wrist and took them over to long couches where they were strapped in. The men were dressed in some kind of skin fitting material they had never seen before. They were muscular, with big bulging eyes. All were trim in body and looked like heavy weights at a bar. The suits were all blue with what looked like stun guns in holsters.

The room was dimly lit but the girls however could see another room ahead, filled with huge creatures like the ones in their room. They were around computers and it looked like a laboratory of some kind. They looked like large apes with refined features more on the human side. They were devoid of body hair except on their face and head.

Probes were lowered and they began scanning the women. Fayal looked at the readouts. They were even better than he had hoped. The girls were not only compatible; two were actually ovulating right now. Milly looked at Helena with a puzzled look in her eyes. Helena could only look back at her just as confused. Sahn was struggling with her bonds to no avail.

"What do you want with us? Helena asked. No one answered this was her third attempt at communication but no one answered.

"Please let us go we are a peaceful species," Millicent said.

Sahn looked on terrified to even speak. They did not look friendly.

The three men within the chamber went out as the walls slid back. The walls were white and hid any signs of an exit. The three men nodded after a conversation with what seems to be the leader. They then came in and started preparing Helena and Milly for what seemed to be an injection. The girls' sleeves were rolled up and their arms cleaned. The men produce hypodermic needles as they injected a concentrated orange fluid into their arms. The last words they heard were "Begin the procedure."

"Commander, we have searched the entire area and there is just no sign of the girls," Tony Veredeschi could not meet John Koenig's eyes when he said this. He felt it was his fault, as chief of security, to have kept them safe. Now he could not even find them after searching for hours.

Koenig was weary, but so was everyone else. He had just returned himself from searching the caves again.

Suddenly a bright light materialised before them. The light grew bigger until they could make out a human figure. It was Sahn. When the light faded, there she was before them. She screamed and then fainted. Dr. Vincent ran over to her, probing her.

"She's alright, Commander, she just fainted," he said.

"Bring her around Ben, we must find out where she's been! We must find Helena and Millicent!"

Ben injected her and she started coming to. She looked wide eyed at them until she saw who it was. "Sahn, where have you been?" questioned Koenig.

It took her a couple of moments to realise she was not in the lab. She told them of her ordeal. She spoke of the room and the fact that they seemed to be preparing Helena and Milly for some sort of experiment. Koenig was even more worried now. There was no trail, nothing to follow, how was he ever going to find them. Helena.

"Moonbase Alpha calling, Commander Koenig."

"Yes Maya, anything new."

"Commander, something strange just happened. A light source appeared in your area. Did you see it?" she asked.

"Yes Maya, it was Sahn. She is here with us now."

"Commander, I tracked the source of light. It came from an underground city not far from where you are. I have the location but it isn't there anymore it seems to have vanished as soon as it appeared, but it is a city."

"Good work, Maya. Give me the co-ordinates."

"I'm downloading them to you comlock as we speak, Commander."

"OK let's go! To your eagles we have a position."

They searched the area flying as low as humanly possible. They could see nothing as they looked around. Koenig was getting frantic and barking orders at everyone. He decided to set the eagle down in a clearing near the designated area. The landing party began their search.

They asked Maya to scan the area. Maya could only give them the same co-ordinates. Koenig decided to find an opening somewhere, annywhere. "Maya, see if you can find and opening. Something that looks like it might be an entrance," Koenig demanded.

Fayal was getting impatient. The results were not back yet. He had to talk to his captives. Convince them to help him or force them if they did not comply.

Fayal entered the room. He was regal in his bearing and was bigger than the women thought at first glance. As he came closer, they could see his eyes were purple. He indicated to the men to release the women.

"Why are we here? We mean you no harm," Helena said.

"We need your help. We need to populate our planet but we have no women of childbearing age except one and she can do so no longer. Here is where you come in. We need your eggs and uterus to create more of our people." His voice was like a loud speaker, amplified.

"What? Is that why you dragged us here? Procreation! We would never agree to that," Helena responded.

"Oh but you will, doctor."

"Why would we?"

"Your men are searching for you now, but with a touch of a button they can all be dead in a matter of minutes. Shall I demonstrate."

"No! I'll take your word for it."

"So will you co-operate."

"How do you know I'm a doctor?"

"I scanned your mind, I know everything about you."

"If you do then you know that this will not work, there is no way I will agree to do this."

"Oh, but you must comply, doctor. You will live to regret it otherwise."

Fayal turned and left the room. Helena looked across at Milly, who was quiet during the whole exchange, she was petrified. They could see Fayal walking around giving orders. They tried to think of a way out, praying always that the Commander would find them.

"Commander, I think we found an entrance. It is two kilometres to the right. I am sending the co-ordinates now," Maya said.

The Commander and his men fanned out all over the area looking for that entrance. They searched for an hour finding nothing.

"We need to find something that looks artificial. Something that doesn't belong here," Koenig said feeling his brow. He felt like time was of the essence again they needed to find them now.

"Maya, scan the area. Look for anything man made or artificial!" Koenig demanded.

They all kept searching the rock surface. They found nothing. "Maya, check underground," Koenig ordered.

"Some magnetic activity, Commander, but nothing stable enough to pinpoint," Maya reported.

"Where do you have the greatest build up of static electricity, Maya?"

"Where you are, Commander"

"Maya, let me speak to Paul."

"Yes sir," Paul responded.

"Paul, we will never find them at this rate. We need some heavy bombardment down here. We will see if we can't draw them out."

"But, Helena, Milly ...."

"No time to argue, Paul, arm all eagles, arm the lasers we are going to war. They will return them when they see their precious planet under attack. "Back to the eagles, everyone!" Koenig barked.

Paul had never seen the Commander so angry, yet again Helena was in danger and he was not handling it well.

The bombs came in succession, dropping at 10-minute intervals, and always five at a time. Fayal had not expected this. He was meeting with his staff now.

"Can we withstand this pounding?"

"Supreme One, you have seen him he wants the light haired woman," Janal answered.

"Can we take all this, is my question, any answers?"

"We could speed up the birth rate and reduce the foetus," Soufa responded.

"How long would that take?"

"One week."

"We need a solution now!"

"Well we could place the foetus in the chambers. It is experimental but no time like the present to try it," Soufa quipped.

"You are so unfeeling, Soufa," Janal was upset, and rightly so as Soufa was a Barbarian.

"Janal, we have no choice, as crude as this seems our infrastructure is being damaged and we need to either kill these men or release the women. We do not know what other weapons they have and I am not willing to kill the entire base of people."

"Well let's get to work, if no one has any other suggestion." Soufa looked around the table at the faces. Fayal was pensive. Kaal, always looking to Fayal to make a move before he showed his hand, had his head down and Janal, well she was a woman.

"The procedure is risky Fayal, they might die," Soufa said.

"I do not care at this point in time, we have no choice. They give us no choice."

Helena and Milly were fertilized with fluid from the Supreme One. They were awake for the entire procedure that lasted ten minutes. The girls could here the bombing and felt the earth shake as it swayed under the pounding. They, however, were in their own misery as their bodies were about to be desecrated by these aliens. They were again injected, but with a yellow fluid this time. They could feel it coursing through their bodies.

"Is the procedure going well?" Fayal asked. He was pacing.

"Yes, Supreme One, but the girls are struggling. They are in the enhancer now. The foetus is advancing in each case. They are at three weeks. We will extract them at one month. Hopefully the woman can withstand the procedure," Kaal responded.

Helena was in pain. John. John. John. Why is this happening? Just when my life is healing and I have found love, this happens. How can I face John after this? She thought.

Helena heard Milly scream. Oh, my God, they are removing the foetus.

The figure clad in green came over to her as the orderly hurried out wheeling the foetus in a strange cylindrical chamber surrounded by pulsating lights. It was her turn. Helena closed her eyes.

Koenig was waiting. He was waiting for some sign that the people of this planet was taking him seriously. He was going to detonate some charges next and hoped the girls would live through it.


"Yes, Maya?"

"We have some electrical disturbances near you."

"I see it, Maya. I'm going to check it out."

Koenig could see the pulsating lights from the eagle. He opened the eagle doors as Alan and Tony both rushed out with him. What they saw stopped them in their tracks. It was Helena and Milly both looking like discarded rags dolls lying on the ground of the glade. They looked dead. Koenig was in anguish as he ran over to them.

Dr. Vincent ran pass them and began scanning for vitals.

"They are alive, Commander, but barely. We have to get them back to Alpha, they are weak."

Bob and Ben both could not figure out what was wrong after six hours of working on them. By all indications, the women should be dead, but they were alive. Bob looked up at the Commander through the glass. He had been standing there for the last two hours.

"Ben, how much blood did we give them?"

"Three pints each."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, It's impossible but they both should be dead."

"They look dead."

"What about that fluid we found in their body?" He asked.

" That might be what kept them alive," Mathias stated.

The nurses were all busy monitoring the women and putting on the electrodes. Bob and Ben walked to the side. They took the x-rays and looked at it. They found some tearing in the uterine walls but no other physical injuries. They were puzzled. How did they survive on that amount of blood and what cause the tearing? Had they been assaulted?

"Will you brief the, Commander or should I?" Dr. Vincent asked.

"I'll do it Ben. I think it is safe to bring them around now they are out of danger."

Bob walked over to the doors and opened them with his comlock.

"Well Bob, how are they?" Koenig asked.

Bergman walked in as Bob opened his mouth to respond. "How is she, Bob?"

"Well she is alive. She lost a lot of blood, they both did. I don't know how. We ran every test we could think of, John. We have to wait and ask them what happened."

"She looked so frail, Bob."

"John, she is a strong woman. Ben is bringing her out of her sleep now lets go in."

Victor placed his hand on John's shoulder as they walked in. Milly opened her eyes first, she blinked. She looked around her. Her eyes seemed vacant as they stared at them.

"Milly," Ben called.

She only stared at him. Then her face contorted and she started screaming uncontrollably. Ben reached over and sedated her, as the nurses held her down.

Helena's eyes opened and Bob signalled for a sedative just in case.

John held her hand and smiled. Helena looked at him. Oh, he has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, she thought.

"Helena, are you OK?" John asked.

Helena Russell's eyes grew dark and pained as though she was remembering what happened. She pulled her hand away from him.

"Helena." It was Victor.

"Helena, what happened? Do you want to talk about it now?"

She shook her head. She turned her head to the side looking away from them.

"I want to rest now, Bob," she said closing her eyes.

Bob gestured to them as he nodded to the nurse to give her a sedative. Helena fell asleep as they huddled in the observation booth.

"Bob, what's going on?"

"Whatever it was that happened to her, Commander, it's going to take a while for her to deal with it and to be able to share it with us."

Koenig was pacing in his office. They were moving away from that planet and he was angry. He wanted to destroy it. Ben Vincent had called him moments ago, Dr. Russell wanted no visitors. This was her m.o. When she was hurt, she shut him out.

How long is she going to do this? He wondered. They had gotten closer. He loved her to distraction. As soon as things were running smoothly, all hell had to break loose. He was so close to asking her to marry him, now he was not sure what the future held in store for them.

Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

"Koenig here."

"Mathias here, Commander."

"Yes, Bob." Koenig could see that Bob was worried. Helena had been in Medical Center now for two days. Milly was constantly sedated. The nearest they got to an answer from her was that she was violated in some way. Her mind was suppressing something.

"Commander, she has insisted on leaving the Medical Center."

"Let her, Bob. Just make sure you have computer keep an eye on her."

"Commander, I do not think she is dealing with this trauma. She has locked herself away from everything."

"Did she say anything about going back to work?"

"Yes, She wants to stay in her quarters for a few days then back to work."

"Let her do what she deems best, Bob."

Bob nodded and closed the communication. John was now more distraught. He had planned to ask Helena to marry him as soon as they found a planet they could settle on. Now he felt the need to ask her now. Koenig knew she would say no.

Helena sat bolted upright. She was sweating. Her chest was heaving up and down and her pulse was beating rapidly. She had a nightmare. She knew she was in her room. She had been having the dream now for two days, ever since she left the Medical Center. She had to remain calm. They would call her to see if she was fine.

Helena tried to calm down. Your home, she kept reassuring herself.

She could not help going back to the dream it was the same one. She was being violated, repeatedly by one of the orderlies on that planet. She could not tell if the dream was real or just a manifestation of her fear.

Was I raped? Oh, I can't think straight. She put her feet over the side of the bed and sat on the edge. She began to relax. Her mind went back to the dream. She shuddered. How could she let John touch her now after all this.

My life is gone, she thought.

Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

Helena got off her bed and walked to the comm post. It was John not Mathias this time. He was outside her door. She hesitated.

Should I let him in? She thought better of not opening it. She opened it.

"Helena..." he began, but was cut short as she turned and went to sit.

"I'm fine, John. Does Mathias have to call you whenever I can't sleep?" She was annoyed. That was a good sign to him, any emotion from her was better than none.

"Helena, I told him to call me when your vitals change. You..."

"Don't worry too much, John."


"Look John, I may as well tell you," she began, cutting him off again, "I think we should terminate our relationship here and now."

That was the last thing John thought he would hear. He could see she was serious. John's pulse was now racing. She had her stubborn determined look on her face. Had he lost her for good.

"Helena, I..."

"John, it is no use. What happened on that planet has changed my life forever. I cannot in all fairness to you, ask you to wait for me. I don't know how I am going to deal with this. As a matter of fact, I feel as though something was taken from me. Something precious. I can't remember what it was but until I face it. I will not face you."


"I will not, John."

"If you think I am taking what you just said as the final word. You are wrong Helena Susan Russell!" Koenig was mad now and she could see it in his eyes but she was not concerned about him now. She stood as though dismissing him.

Koenig, out of his mind now grabbed her. She flinched and pulled away from him. Her eyes opened wide and Koenig saw raw fear in her green eyes. He reached for her but she kept her distance.

"I love you, Helena. I will not lose you. I want to marry you." Koenig was beside himself he wanted to kill and destroy those monsters that had defiled Helena. He had guest that she was raped. He tried to put it out of his mind but he could not. He said it now hoping she would know he still loved her.

"Helena, I know you were raped."

"John, you know nothing. Get out please. Get out!" Koenig watched her as her anger surfaced. She was in pain but he could not reach her.

"Helena, listen to ....." John was silenced by a slap across his face. Before he could respond, Helena drew back in horror at the thought that she had struck him. Koenig was angry, angry that instead of helping her had made it worst.

Helena turned. The horror was still evident in her eyes. "Please leave, John I'm sorry I hit you, but please go."

Koenig turned and left her quarters. Helena sat back on her bed. When John had said the word rape, she remembered. It came flooding back to her. No, she was not raped. She was violated, but not raped. She had a child. Out there somewhere on that planet she had a child. They impregnated her and removed a living breathing foetus from her.

Helena sat, the hot tears pouring from her as she remembered completely what happened to her. She had seen them take it away. Later in her groggy state of mind, she heard them say the light hair woman had a son. She had a son on that planet. Helena cried herself to sleep.

Koenig had given orders to Maya and Kano they were to detonate the canisters they had left on the planet. They were also to be bombard from Moonbase Alpha. Koenig ordered the destruction of the planet. Koenig's reason at the meeting was to protect innocent beings who might go there unsuspectingly as they had. They knew he had a second more compelling reason, Helena.

Helena went back to active duty. She performed her job with cool, calm efficiency. Her nightmares were gone but she was still unresponsive when questioned about that planet.

"Dr. Russell, here is the data on Milly, you wanted," the nurse said handing her the charts.

She stood there as Helena went over the charts. Helena looked perturbed at the report. The findings were indeed strange.

"You must be relieved that the Commander is going to destroy that planet," the nurse said.


"They are going to destroy it any moment now, doctor."

Helena left the Medical Center at a run. What is John thinking? Helena reached the Main Mission breathless. Koenig was just about to give the signal when she burst in.

"Wait! John don't!" she shouted.

All eyes were on her. She looked distraught. "Please, John reconsider."

"Helena, I can't allow some unsuspecting traveller to fall into their hands."

"I need to talk to you in your office, John." She turned and headed for his office he followed locking it behind him as he stepped in.

"Helena. Why?"

"My son is down there, John."


"John, I was impregnated and I had a son. It was done artificially. I wasn't raped."

Koenig was relieved she was not raped, but he was now even more angry. "What?"

"Milly and I were inseminated. They took the living foetus they placed it in some sort of suspension chamber. They said I had a son." Helena sat down heavily on the chair. She had said it. She had a child. An alien. She had feelings for that child despite what had happened to her.

"Say something, John."


"You look dazed."

"Helena, You had a child."


"They were using you to procreate?"


"I have to destroy that planet."


"You have maternal instincts toward that child but Helena it was an experiment."

"I still can't let you kill him."

"I have to."

"If you try they will kill us with the touch of a button. John, they have the technology and they are capable of anything."

"Will you come back to me if I do not destroy the planet?"

"No." The anguish in her eyes was evident as she said this.

"Will you marry me?" he said going down on his knees.

Helena wept. After knowing what he knew, he still wanted her. Did she still want him? John saw her hesitate. The anguish came back into her beautiful green eyes.

"I can't marry you now, John. Someday when I am over this pain ask me again."

Her hands went to his face. She caressed it gently. John Koenig stood up. She rose with him as he pulled her in close to him. She did not flinch this time.

Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

"Yes, Tony?"

"Should Kano detonate those charges?"

"No Tony, abort."


"Abort, Tony." John closed the channel as his eyes locked with Helena's. She held his stare. God how I loved him, she thought. Koenig could see the love that was missing from her eyes for days now evident in those sad green eyes.

He kissed her. Helena felt herself react. She was not repulsed, nor was she comfortable in this kiss. Koenig deepened the kiss, reaching down to the small of her back and pulling her even closer as his tongue explored even further.

Helena responded this time. After weeks of avoiding John this closeness was what she really needed now. John felt her shake and could feel the wetness on her cheek as she cried. John held her as the sobs racked her body. She was crying for what happened, crying for the lost of her son and crying for the survival of her relationship with John.

Koenig knew again that he would wait as long as it took she would be his. Helena pulled away from him and headed down the steps. She turned to look at him. He looked so sad, yet determined. She knew John would find a way for them to get back to each other.

In the mean time, Helena needed this time for herself. Time to heal. The doors opened and she exited.

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