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Keep Your Hands To Yourself Commander

Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2003

Story 7 in the "Amour" series +
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2 - Time and Half Time
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7 - Keep Your Hands To Yourself Commander
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10 - The Wedding
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17 - Deadly Poison - Part II
While Helena plans her wedding Koenig schemes to get her to change her mind about their pact. His plan backfires and Koenig has to pay the ultimate price.
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Moonbase Alpha's status report, 1130 days after leaving earth's orbit Dr. Helena Russell recording. Commander Koenig and I are planning our wedding. He is mostly listening. On and off he has been reconnoitring a floating graveyard of ships. He is checking out each one, looking for anything that would be of use to Alpha. I have opted not to go with him and have assigned Bob Mathias to go as medical officer.

"Helena, what are you saying?" The laughter was evident in Maya's voice.

"You heard me."

"Are you crazy?!"

"Maya, that's what John said."

Maya started laughing uncontrollable Helena laughed as well. "You are going to be sorry you did that."

Helena got up from the chair in her quarters to pour herself and Maya some more coffee. Maya was still laughing.

"Helena, do you seriously think that was a wise thing to do?"

"Maya, there is nothing John likes more than a challenge."

"You too, Helena."

"What do you think of this?"

Helena showed Maya the colors that were available to her on Alpha. She was deciding on her color scheme. Maya liked her choices.

"OK, Maya purple, and white it is."

The girls packed up the trimmings and lace. They put aside the material and began leafing through the lists marking off everything they had to do.

"Let's meet at Sahn's tomorrow and assign everyone to their task. When we know who is doing what we will have a better idea what we have to concentrate on."

"Good idea, Helena. Is John, coming back this evening?"

"No, I have a reprieve. I can't shake the feeling Maya that he's up to something."

"Are you out of your mind, John?! What made you agree to that?!"

"I do not know, Tony. It must have been her beautiful green eyes. But seriously, I have a plan."

"To bed her."

"No, to get her to forfeit her own pact."

"How are you going to do that?"

"I am still working out the details but it's going to be a doozey."

"OK John, pressurise,"Tony said. The team watched as the atmosphere with the Eagle and the alien space ship became equal. The Commander opened the doors and they stepped through to the huge cargo area of the ship. It was like an empty tomb.

"Just as we found the others ,Tony. Wires hanging everywhere and everything looted."

"Well John, someone obviously got here before we did."

"It certainly looks that way. Well, shall we take a look around. Scan everything in site. Take anything that might be of use to us. Remember we are in no hurry. This grave yard will be in our orbit for at least two more days."


"Yes, Alan?"

"Should I divide the men into teams?"

"Go ahead, Alan"

The men went into groups by twos. They all went off in different directions. Koenig went with Mathias into the base of the ship. He wanted to see what made this thing fly.

"Well Bob, this thing is quite impressive. Just look at the infrastructure. This once was a magnificent vessel."

"If you say so I don't know much about flying, John, you know that."

"I wonder what type of propulsion it had? I can't tell much about it, most of it is missing. It seems to have a warp drive of some kind."

"John, why did you team up with me instead of, Alan?"

"Bob, my friend you know me well," John had a sheepish grin on his face. Mathias ignored it. He knew it could not be good. These flyguys were always doing something boneheaded and the Commander was no different. Mathias could not figure out why some men liked to live dangerously.

Koenig walked through a pile of parts and wires as he spoke. It seemed to Bob he was amused by something. He muttered something but Bob did not catch it.

"John, what's up?"

"Dr. Helena Russell, Bob, Dr. Helena Russell."

"Your blushing bride to be?"


"I was afraid of that. Whatever it is count me out."

"Bob, I just need your advice and a favor."

"John NO! and that's final!" Even after Mathias said it, he knew it would have no impact. John Koenig was as exasperating as his friend and CMO. He would not take no for an answer.

"Now here's where I need your help."

"You weren't listening to me, John, I said no. Helena will kill me. I have to work with her you know?"

"Bob, would I put you in danger?" Koenig said this a little tongue in cheek.

Bob Mathias was sorry he came. "What is it you need? I know I'm going to live to regret this."

Koenig only smiled. "Bob, is there anything that we have that can be used to increase a person's... er... let's say drive, sexually."


"Could I have some?"

"What forrr?"

"You don't want to know."

"John, if Helena found out what happened to her she will know who gave you what."

"She'll never know. Here's my plan." Bob listened in horror as John explained what he intended to do to the CMO. Bob felt his stomach turn. Helena was not going to like this. From the gleam in Koenig's eyes he could tell that there was no stopping him. It was his funeral.


"Medical Section, Dr. Russell here."

"Hello beautiful."

"Hello, John."

"How is your day going?"

"It's going well. How is your day, going."

"I would say the same as yesterday. We did find a black box of some kind. It seems to be some type of medical history. Bob will bring it back tomorrow you can fiddle with it then."


"How about a late dinner with me, tomorrow night?"

"A late dinner. How late?"

"I won't be back until about 2300 hours."


"What's the matter? We have had late dinners before." Helena looked at him. She could not detect anything suspicious but she knew John Koenig.

"I would love to, John."

"Ok see you then. Bye beautiful."

"Bye John." Helena Russell was petrified. She could feel it. John was up to something, but what. Her pulse was racing. He was nothing if not an intriguing man.

"OK John Koenig, you might be in for a surprise of your own too," she smiled.

"So what did she say?" Tony asked.

"Yes of course."

"How far are you going to take this, John?"

"I don't know, Tony. I haven't figured that out yet. I know I can wait but can she?"

"But using Pheromones, isn't that dangerous?"

"I'll be using less than a milligram. It will only be an enhancer."

"Too little and it will have no effect."

"I want her excited, hot and bothered, Tony, not crazy."

"She will have your head for this. Where are you going to get the rest of ingredients for the seduction?"

"I have it. I have been working on this plan for a while."

"This is a bad idea, John. Helena will go ballistics."

"Whose going to tell her you and Mathias have been sworn to secrecy. My plan is fool proof."

"Bad idea, John, bad idea." Tony said but John only chuckled.

"You know," Tony said, "you have a death wish. If you think she won't get wind of what you are up to you don't know Helena as well as you think you do. I think your judgement is somehow impaired."

"Tony, you worry too much." The two men settled down for the night after going over their inventory. They had not found much but what they had they could use.

Helena and the girls were busy sipping tea and discussing the details of her wedding. They looked at designs and all the various flowers from hydroponics that would be at their disposal.

Sandra, Maya, Kate, Albie, Tia, Celeste and Helena were having a good time planning and ofcourse talking about the men. Something was however, bothering Helena and Maya could see that. So during a lull in their planning she asked about it.

"Helena, you seem a little distracted, what is it that's bothering you?"

Helena smiled. "I can't shake the feeling that John Koenig is up to something. Maya, I think it has something to do with our pact."

"I think the Commander might be sorry he agreed to that by now."

"Oh, I have a feeling he wants me to pay for making him agree to it. Maya, I think it will be today, this very evening."


"I think I should stop him before he does something stupid."

"I think it's too late."

"Why? Do you know something you are not telling me?"

"Helena, if I knew, I would tell you. You can't make him promise not to make love to you until you are married, Helena."

"And why not?"

"He adores you and can hardly keep his hands off you as it is."

"Precisely my point, Maya. John and I will end up in bed if I don't keep him at bay."

"I don't understand."

"Well, I am a little old fashion and I would like our first time to be our wedding night. I did that with Lee and I want to do that with John."

Helena looked around at the girls. They had not heard their conversation. They were excitedly discussing their parts in the wedding.

"Ladies." They all stopped to look at Helena.

"We have a problem!" Maya said.

They were all attentively looking at Helena. "I think we have a renegade Commander on our hands this evening. And it is our duty to save him from himself."

"What are you talking about, Helena?" Sahn quarried.

"Ladies I have a plan. I know John Koenig like the back of hand. I know he is up to something. I will need a bodyguard this evening."

Maya swallowed hard. She knew she would be it as no one else could fit in Helena's pocket as she could, so to speak.

Helena told them of her own plan to foil whatever plans the goodly Commander Koenig had planned for her. Maya was right she was the designated bodyguard.

John Koenig was grinning from ear to ear. Helena would be here any minute and he had set the stage for his seduction. He was sure Helena would not be able to resist him this evening.

Wine, chocolate, candle light, opera music and the ingredients in dinner should do the trick, John thought.

The only problem was the Pheromones, he could not for the life of him remember what Mathias had said about the dosage was it 2.25 milligram or 5.25 milligram. He could not call him now, he would be asleep after their exhausting time on those ships.

Well, I will have to wing it, he thought. John decided he had better shower and put on his most alluring aftershave and dress hunky. He was singing as he got out of the shower. He put on black slacks a black turtleneck sweater. Oh yes he was irresistible tonight.

Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

John opened his door to the woman of his dreams. She was standing there in a blue green ankle length gown. It was close fitting and hugged her like a second skin. She had on his favourite perfume too. Her eyes sparkled.

Wait a minutes who is doing the seducing anyway, he thought. I'm glad I have ammunition.

"Good evening, John," she smiled.

"Good evening." He said, barely saving himself from giving her a kiss on the check.

"Oh! John everything is beautiful. Oh! You went to a lot of trouble for me, how sweet." All this time Helena was thinking, What a rat.

Helena sat down while John went to pour some wine. At that moment, she let Maya out of her pocket. Helena's smile deepened.

John was in good spirits and he did not see the mouse go by him. He poured in the Pheromones and blanched as he saw it was too much. Oh well, he thought, I'll send her home if she gets too armourous.

John turned and walked towards her. Before that moment, Maya had changed into a cat and sat behind John's Kendo trophies. She kept on shaking her head at Helena as a sign that something was wrong with the drinks John had poured. Helena knew that somehow she had to spill the drink or give John a taste of his own medicine.

Helena concluded that if John wanted to play dirty pool then she would oblige him, after all two could play at that game.

John came over to her handed her the drink. She graciously accepted it.

"Did I tell you yet how ravishing you look?" He said smiling.


"You look ravishing."

Helena smiled and waited for John to set his wine down. She pretended to drink from her glass. John set his glass down after the first sip and offered her some chocolate from a dish. Helena set her glass down beyond John's glass putting his glass closer to her. John did not notice, he was too intent on seducing.

"Oh John, that music is so beautiful. You know how I love Andrea Bocelli. Voglio restare Cosi was playing just then and she gave him a peck on the cheek." This distracted him further.

Helena smiled at him as she ate the chocolate. She picked up his glass and drank without reservation. Koenig did the same to his. In a few minutes, the chemical in his wine began to take effect. Not only did the Commander use too much he forgot that Mathias said to spray it in the air. He also told him it did not go well with wine.

Koenig was now in triple jeopardy. John felt the changes in his body. He felt a fire coursing through his veins. He felt arouse. He felt his skin turning hot. He felt like sweating but he couldn't. Koenig could feel his heart beating faster.

Koenig decided he would not let her know he knew she had switched drinks. He felt stupid. Helena had him. What was he to do now the drugs certainly had just begun its work. Did he use too much or not?

Koenig looked at the object of his desire and knew he had lost the bet. He tried not to touch her. He tried to distract himself.

"John, is something wrong?" Helen was concerned, John looked flushed.

John felt as if his blood was rushing by his ears. He had to get out of there before he lost his selfcontrol. Helena reached a hand out to him and touched the side of his face. Koenig was no longer in charge of his faculties he lunged at Helena pinning her to the seat.

As she opened her mouth to protest he stuck his tongue down her throat in a searing kiss. It was all Helena could do not to lose control her self. John felt Helena push at him and in some part of his mind he realized he had blown it.

John stood up abruptly moving quickly to the bathroom. Before he got to the door, he went down on his knees. Helena could see he was sick to his stomach. At that moment, Maya changed. Helena got to her feet and they both ran over to him with concern.

"John, are you OK?" Helena asked.

John closed his eyes and sank to the floor.

Helena called Medical Center and they rushed John there. John came too to the feeling of someone slapping him in the face. He opened his eyes.

"John, what did you take?" Koenig could only groan Bob's name. Helena was livid. She called Bob. Mathias' sleepy face came on screen. When he saw his CMO's face he knew he was dead.

"Bob, what did you give to the Commander?!"

"Pheromones," He hurriedly replied, not wanting to waste time because he also saw concern in her eyes.

"What! How much?"

"5 mg"

"Bob, are you out of you mind! He ingested it."

"Helena, I told him under no circumstances to ingest it." Bob watched as the veins on Helena's neck popped up. He knew he was so dead now.

"If I did not know better Bob, I would think you and the Commander were children playing with matches! How could you let him talk you into this hare brained scheme!! IN MY OFFICE, FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING!" She yelled as she rang off. Mathias could only groan. He did not go back to sleep that night.

Helena looked at Maya. Maya could see she was not amused at John's little prank nor at Bob's role in the matter. Helena looked at John who was awake with a problem in his pants. His chest was still pounding and he was so aroused he was shifting on the bed.

Helena looked at him and then went to the cabinet in her office she removed the medication. She found the biggest needle she had and asked one of the orderlies to role him over unto his stomache. She gave him the shot in the rare. John yelled. Helena left the Medical Center Maya in tow. John settled down in bed as the medication took effect.

Maya had never seen Helena so angry before. She ranted and raved for about two hours. John was driving her to drink she said. He did the most ridiculous things she said.

"How could he think that I would appreciate a joke like that Maya! I knew he was up to something, but this! When I see him I'll kill him! Maya, what was he thinking?!"

Maya could not get a word in edgewise Helena was so strung out the veins on her head were popping up.

John Koenig was dressed and in his office by 0700 hours that morning. He had left the Medical Centre at 0600 hours to avoid Helena. He knew by word of mouth that she was livid.


John looked at the screen. It was Bob.

"Yes, Bob"

"I have night duty for a month now, because of that stunt you just pulled."

"Bob, I am sorry."

"She is livid. I just want to warn you she is on her way there now. I would not want to be in your shoes right now."

"Thanks for the heads up, Bob."

A half an hour later all heads went up when Helena Russell entered Main Mission's Command Center. Victor was with John as they and the entire Main Mission staff watched her stride elegantly but purposefully over to John's office.

"Good morning, Victor," she said.

"Good morning, Helena. How are you this morning?"

"Fine." Her short answer did not surprise Victor as Maya told him what was afoot. Victor rose to go. John's eyes held him to his spot. Victor was at odds as to whether he should leave or not. John looked so nervously at him.

"Vict.." Helena cut John off.

"Victor, might I speak to John alone for a moment?" Helena's voice broke no protest. Victor nodded and left.

"Computer," Helena spoke into her comlock, "Close and lock all doors to Commander Koenig's office." Helena was the only one apart from him that was able to do that and Koenig was now more apprehensive than before.

Koenig put his hand up in protest before she began. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came. Helena Russell, the maddest he had every seen her, bore down on him. He backed away slumping to the couch as she stood over him legs apart.

"You know something, John. I use to think you were smart but you have proven to me that you are not smart!" Looking at her, her beautiful green eyes, turning darker, John was aroused. There was no way he was going to let Helena know that though.

"How could you do that!? I take that back. What were you thinking?"

John Koenig was not a man easily intimidated but this woman had a profound effect on him. She made his knees weak. Everything about her turned him on. Her mouth, her long, graceful neck, her beautiful almost grey, green eyes. He wanted to bed her no doubt, but right now, he respected her more than anything else.

"You broke your promise, John. Not only that, you did the most asinine thing anyone has ever done to me." Helena was indeed livid. John looked at her. How many more weeks until she is mine, he thought. John tried to concentrate on what she was saying. She sure was mad.

John thought if he did not say anything she would blow off some steam and then go away but it looked like she was in it for the long haul.

"You John Koenig," she was saying, "are going to have no, I repeat, no contact with me until we get married!"

John blinked once. Then twice. What did she just say?

"What!" John was up out of his chair now and squaring off with her. This was now his nightmare.

"That is what we agreed on."

"I was not in my right mind when and if I touched you."

"You did!" She said sticking her finger in his chest and poking him.

"It is your word against mine and I say I did not touch you."

Helena poked him again. "No it is not! I have a witness."




"Maya was there, she saw everything. I knew you were up to no good." Helena watched as Koenig's face went ashen. She had him right where she wanted him.

Koenig sat back down on the chair. He sighed. "Go a head, you were saying something about a separation." Koenig felt defeated.

"I did not say separation. It will only be until we get married and it will be for your own good as well as mine." John sighed again. Helena looked at him he looked resigned to the fact.


"Well what?"

"Well do you agree?"

"No I do not agree, but do I have a choice? No!"

Helena sat next to him. Koenig looked at her, he could see that his behaviour had hurt her.

"John, look if you want to we could just do what you want to do. Let's make love and end this now."

Koenig could see she was serious. She was willing to give up her principles and make love to him.

"Helena, it was a stupid prank. I respect what you want to do. I was a little frustrated before, but now I see I acted like a dummy. I will wait. I love you."

She looked at him and took his face into her hands. Helena placed a soft sensuous kiss on his lips. It was light as a feather, but John became aroused. He saw it then as clear as day. If Helena did not stay away from him, he had to stay away from her. He would take her here and now if he could. He deepened the kiss exploring the nether regions of her mouth. They groaned as his hands went to hold her face.

When they pulled a part they were both breathing heavier.

"So do you agree?" John would have agreed to anything now, even to being neutered.

"Yes, I agree."

Helena brushed one last kiss on his lips, then told computer to open the doors. Helena strode outside, her head held high as she left Main Mission. Everyone knew Koenig had lost yet another battle. Sandra stifled a laugh as Helena pass by.

Tony Veredeschi got up and went into John's office. The door closed.


"She agreed to let me live on one condition," Koenig said. Tony smiled.

"What's that, John."

"I have to stay away from her for the next month and a half while she plans the wedding."

"How are you going to contribute to the wedding?"

"Epost and Maya I suppose."

"Can you stay away?"

"Tony, are you kidding me after that fiasco I pulled I'd better."

"John, this is me you're talking to."

"Tony, not a word, do you hear me? I have a plan." John grinned his rakish grin.

"John, are you crazy?" As Tony said this, he could see it did not matter what he said, this would fall on deaf ears. John was already scheming. The gleam in his eyes told Tony all he wanted to know.

"Count me out!" Tony said as he got up and left John's office. John did not see him go. His mind was working over time. Yes, the object of his affection was going to be outdone this time as he vowed he would not get caught this time.

Koenig pressed his consol and opened a channel to Medical Center and Bob Mathias answered.

"Bob, I need your help." he said.

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