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On The Verge Of Death

Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2003

Story 8 in the "Amour" series +
1 - The Loneliness Is Over
2 - Time and Half Time
3 - Never Say Never
4 - Love Me Gently
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7 - Keep Your Hands To Yourself Commander
8 - On The Verge Of Death
9 - Sleep Helena Sleep
10 - The Wedding
11 - Attack Of The Hordes
12 - Make Love Not War
13 - Love And Marriage
14 - The Prodigal's Return
15 - The Son
16 - Deadly Poison - Part I
17 - Deadly Poison - Part II
As Helena looks after a hydroponics worker, medication goes missing. The worker has Helena's drug but wants more. He is willing to kill to get her keys. Helena is left bleeding to death after his attack.
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Moonbase Alpha's status report, 1160 days after leaving earth's orbit Dr. Helena Russell recording. Commander Koenig and I are planning our wedding. He is mostly receiving emails and approving the details via Maya. After the fiasco last month he is keeping his promise and is steering clear of me. Sad to say he is doing some well-needed upgrades in the waste disposal area and is away for days at a time. A leak a few weeks ago has caused him to order repairs and extra sensors put in at the dumps. He has gone along to supervise and help.

John Koenig looked at the small screen before him. He could follow Helena around the Medical Center and certain areas in her apartment now. He was watching her now as she placed a syringe on the table after injecting a young man from hydroponics who had gotten an infection from a plant in the lab. It had pricked him while he was unpacking it a few days earlier.

Helena lanced it and removed all the infectious pus. She then cleaned and bandaged it. John watched from the console in the waste disposal unit. All he had to do was punch in his special code and viola! There she was. If she knew he was spying on her, she would have a fit. He did not care though. He missed her.

He had Maya and Dr. Mathias to thank for this, as he could now go nowhere near Helena. He had broken their pact and now he was suffering for it. He had tried to drug her of all things. It was just a little Pheromone, he reasoned to himself no harm done. The fiasco however, caused him to be in the doghouse now.

Mathias had placed the extra cameras and Maya had shown him how to find Helena using this elaborate set up. The cameras were motion sensitive. Koenig watched as the hydroponics assistant place a clean syringe in his lab coat and remove a bottle from the tray beside him, when Helena turned to throw away the wrappings from his previous bandage.

"OK Tym, you are all set to go. Just take these painkillers ever so often you feel it getting painful and remember your anti-biotics. Come see us in a couple of days and we will clean it and dress it again," she said.

The assistant smiled and headed out the door. John sat back in his chair a little uneasy by what he had seen. He made to call Helena but realized he did not want her to know he was spying on her. He called Mathias instead.

"Mathias here."

"Bob, I just saw someone from hydroponics retrieve a bottle Helena had on a tray."

Bob was concerned. "Who was it, John?"

"Tym Peterson."

"He stole it?"

"Yes, find out what's going on without concerning Helena will you?"

"OK, John, will do." They both rang off and Mathias called Ben Vincent and told him of the incident without going into too much detail.

John sat rocking back on his chair. He had an uneasy feeling about this. He needed to know what the lad had stolen.

Dr. Ben Vincent entered the Medical Center he would be taking over from Helena as Mathias was off his one-month night duties punishment Helena had given him. After the stunt he and the Commander had pulled the last time he was lucky she did not put him on for 3 months. Ben saw her looking about with a puzzled expression on her face.

"What's the matter, Helena?"

"Oh, hi Ben, I could have sworn I had a bottle of Serotonin here just a moment ago."

Ben remembered the call from Mathias and knew just what Tym had taken. Ben wondered if he should say anything to Helena but decided to call Bob and Bob would John.

"I'll check around for it Helena, did you need it?"

"I was reading some files on research done some years ago I wanted to have a look at its properties and check its make up under the microscope. I am sure I took it out."

"Did you want it this evening?"

"Yes, the Professor, Maya and I are going to do a little investigation. We were looking at other uses for it actually."

"Why don't you grab another bottle and I will look for the other one."

Helena walked over to the locked box and opened it. She was the only one with a key. She frowned. Ben walked over.

"What is it?"

"One bottle is missing."

Tym Peterson shivered as though someone had just walked over his grave. He felt for the Serotonin in his pocket. It was his lucky day to have been in the Medical Center at the right time.

Tym remembered the doctor taking the keys from her pocket and wondered how he could get those keys away from her. He was sure more drugs were kept in her office. He had to see about getting that key.

Tym walked into the lab. He was not sure but he was feeling strange. He looked over at the plant. It came from that planet they last visited. It had a strange purple color he had never seen before now. As a matter of fact it now had flowers on its stem that was never there before.

Tym walked over to it. It had sharp edges. That must have been what had pricked me.

Tym's mind went back to Dr. Russell and the keys she had. He thought about how he could get them. They seem to always be on her person. He would have to figure out a way to get it.

Tym picked up the plant carefully this time. He notice the plant started to change color. It was a light purple before, now it was almost blood-like in its color.

"Darn!" he exclaimed as the edges cut into his skin this time. It was as though the plant moved. Tym dropped it. The thing had absorbed his blood and was giving off a dark brown froth in return.

Tym's mind grew cloudy as the toxin from the plant rushed through his veins carried by his blood supply. Tym sank to the floor, not sure what was happening to him. He tried to clear his head, but could only lay on the floor in a semi conscious state. The plants color darkened.

Moments later Tym regained consciousness. He sat up. Beside him laid the plant. It was now a dark purple color. Tym stood and picked the flower up off the floor. He placed it back in its plastic covering and placed it back in its box. Tym could not believe he made the same mistake twice with that plant. He definitely would not go near it again.

His mind went back to Dr. Russell and the key. He thought about the key again as his mind became clearer. He needed to get some medication from that locked chest in the doctor's office at any cost. He looked back on his throbbing arm. It had a slight cut.

Tym was sure he had been poisoned by that plant. All he could think about now was how to get some more meds. His regular supplier had not been able to score any meds for him as he was watched, like a hawk by that Dr. Mathias.

Tym's plant the papaver somniferum had upped and died he could not make his own Methadone anymore. The seeds would take some time to sprout new plants in the meantime the benzodiazepines provided only a slight buzz and made him sleepy.

He could not even score some of that as Pat said he would not chance Mathias catching him. The real strong stuff was locked in Dr. Russell's office for sure. He must get some before he went out of his mind. Pat said the morphine was in that office along with some other stuff he could live on, until he made his own.

Tym started to sweat. He took out the Serotonin and the needle. He inject himself and sat back to await the effects of the drug. As he relaxed, his mind began to formulate a plan. The plants effects did not help.

Helena and Maya left the lab hand in hand they were laughing and discussing Helena's upcoming wedding to John Koenig. The preliminary findings on the Serotonin study was forgotten for the moment.

"Helena, I don't know how you can stand being away from him this long," Maya was saying.

"Oh Maya, I try not to think about it. Try as I might I see no way around it. John drives me wild, with his rugged good looks and his touch. I can't have him around me. Despite what he did I still think this was inevitable."

"Are you that weak or is he?"

"No Maya, contrary to what he thinks, I think I would have more been the one to say 'take me' without a second thought. Maya, I want this to be perfect. I want our first time to be magical. I want this moment to be when we are man and wife."

The girls giggled and headed to Sandra's quarters. She was waiting for them, and opened her quarters to their buzz.

"Coffee ladies," she offered.

They replied in the positive and she brought the coffee over.

As she placed it in front of them she said, "Well, are we down to the dress design and decorations for the recreation area?"

"Yes," Helena smiled. The ladies discussed the last of the arrangements into the wee hours of the morning. After a few hours back and forth Helena finally called it quits and offered to walk Maya home.

John Koenig had just gotten back from viewing one of the nuclear units when he read the message from Mathias. He was even more alarmed now. Serotonin? He decided to see if Helena was home yet and if she was OK. He punched in his code and sat back, picking up his coffee he sipped absentmindedly from it. He could see that she was not home. He scanned her room, no one in bed.

John was about to log off when he saw a slight movement through the corner of his eye in the room. He turned his cameras' off to see if they would come back on if someone were in the room. In seconds it came back on, someone was in the room. Panic gripped at his heart.

John's heart was racing as his instincts kicked in. He reached for his comlock but it was too late he saw Helena's doors slide open as she entered. She threw her lab coat down on the sofa. As she started to zip her shirt down she sensed that someone was in the room. She stopped in her tracks. Her comlock bleeped and she went to reach for it when a hand went to her throat and someone grabbed her from behind.

Koenig canceled the call to Helena and put in a call to Veredeschi. "Tony, emergency Helena's quarter's hurry, intruder."

Tony did not respond he cut John off and called his security team to Dr. Russell's quarters. Tony headed out the door of Main Mission at a run.

Helena could feel some ones hot breath on her cheek as she tried not to panic. "Who is it?"

He did not respond. Tym felt for where he thought the keys were but could not find them.

"The keys where are the keys?!" He snarled. Tym's mind was racing, he had to grab those keys and get out of there before anyone realized he was there. His arm was hurting even more now. He needed some ease to his discomfort.

"The keys to your cabinet doctor, where are they?"

"Tym, is that you?" Helena at last realized where her meds went. Tym took it.

Tym's mind became cloudy he felt like puking, his stomach was churning. He could feel that some changes were coming over his body that he had no control over.

"The keys doctor," he said tightening his grip around her waist.

"My coat pocket," she pointed to her coat thrown on the chair.

Koenig watched as Tym pull Helena over to the chair and throw her on it. He reached for the coat and rummaged it for the keys. His fingers found them and he placed them in his pockets.

Koenig was sweating now. He had the keys would he let Helena go?


"Yes, John."

"Prepare Eagle one for lift off immediately."

"What's the matter, John?"

"There is an emergency; I have to explain it to you on the way there."

Koenig watched as Tym passed the knife just under Helena's throat. Koenig could tell Tym was threatening her. His knuckles went white as he gripped the terminal before him. Koenig could feel his stomach tie in knots.

"Computer, open doors to Dr. Russell's quarters," Tony said.

As the door slid open Tym grabbed Dr. Russell and pulled her to her feet.

"Veredeschi!" Tym said. He was going to cut her throat because she could identify him, now she had to be a hostage.

"Take one step forward and I will cut the doctor's throat," Tym sneered.

Tony could see he was not kidding as he placed the knife at Helena's throat. He saw the fear in Helena's eyes.

"What do you want Tym?" Tony on seeing the deranged look on his face was not taking any chances.

"I want you and your men to leave. Go down to the end of the corridor and turn the corner. I will then release Dr. Russell." Tym grinned as he said that. Tony looked at him and he looked insane. He saw in an instant that he could not trust him. He also knew he could not risk her life.

Just then, Maya, who had been called by Tony, came around the corner. She saw the situation and turned into a tiger springing at Tym as she did so. Tym though under the influence pulled back on Helena bringing her closer. Maya landed at their feet.

Tym took the opportunity to inch his way pass Tony and the guards pulling Helena out of her room.

John could no longer see what was happening. He left, at a run, for the Eagle.

"Veredeschi, to prove to you I am not kidding I will have to hurt the good doctor. Now do you want me to, demonstrate."

As Tym brought the knife down, he cut Helena across the arm through her tunic. Helena cried out in horror. He had cut deep. As the blood dripped from the wound, Tony backed away. He watched in dismay as Tym dragged her off down the corridor. This guy was not in his right mind.

Tym put the knife in his pocket and pulled out his stun gun. He did not mean to cut her so deep. Knives were good to scare women with but they were too messy. Besides he always had it in for Veredeschi, he would rather kill him as look at him. He set his gun to kill. There was no way out of this now.

Tym's breath came hot and heavy on her neck as he told her where they were going. Helena's mind went to John. Would this maniac kill her before she and John could wed. Helena felt the tears come to her eyes.

Tym dragged her into the travel tube and as the doors were about to close Veredeschi let out a shot from his stun gun too late. The doors closed and the tube was on its way.

Tym dragged Helena out the travel tube and into Medical Center. Dr. Vincent and the nurses on duty looked up as they saw Helena, with blood dripping from her arm, entered with Tym Peterson. They all became alarmed. Tym had her in a choke hold and they could see she was shaken-up.

"Leave!" Tym stated pointing his gun at Helena's head. They all left the med center as they did not want Helena hurt. Dr. Vincent stood his ground.

"Do you want to play hero doctor?" Tym pointed the gun at him.

"Please, Ben, he is not thinking straight, leave. I don't want you to get hurt."

"But Helena you are bleeding."

"Ask yourself this doctor, do I feel lucky?" Tym asked as he pointed the gun at Mathias. Helena was just in time to push Tym's hand as he fired the weapon. Ben was grazed slightly on the shoulders and he crumpled to the floor.

Tym retreated pulling Helena along with him as he entered her office. He placed her in a chair and taped her arms to it.

Helena's arm was now bleeding profusely. Tym retrieved the keys from his pocket and opened the locked box.

Bingo, he thought.

Helena could see the blood spilling from her fingertips and knew she needed medical attention soon or she would pass out or die.

"Tym, I need my arm looked after."

Tym looked over at her as he prepared himself for a shot of morphine. Helena could see that his hand was turning purple in some areas and his eyes got a glazed look every now and then.

He was already high on some thing, she thought. Tym grabbed a washcloth and stuck it under her tunic to staunch the flow of blood. He then went back and found a needle. He half filled it with morphine and stuck it in his arm.

Relief flooded through him. Tym heard a movement in the Medical Center and went out firing wildly. He saw Tony Veredeschis, everywhere entering from nowhere. Tym fired. He hit the walls and tables spinning around wildly. Tym then saw Maya's before him. He fired hitting the key pad and shorting the fuse to the med center doors.

The doors were now out of commission. No one could go in and no one out. Tym was now hallucinating and sweating and he could feel his blood rushing in his veins.

When Eagle one landed Koenig was up and out of there. He ran to Helena's quarters only to follow a trail of blood to the Medical Center where he saw their staff members huddled together. Tony, Maya, Victor, Sandra and about 5 security men were there also.

As John looked by the door, he saw an even larger pool of blood. His head ached as he saw it and realize things had escalated.

"Whose blood is that?!" John was the angriest anyone had ever seen him.

"Helena's," Tony responded.

"What happened, Tony?"

John stood there as Tony told him of the ordeal Helena had just been through and was still going through. John started to pace. His eyes were wide with worry.

"Red Alert, Tony. I want this area cordoned off no one in no one out!"

The Klaxon blared and went to mute flashing on the screens in every area of Alpha. Tony explained the alarm and issued orders to the security detail.

Bob Mathias came around the corner. He had been disturbed by the red alert. He saw the blood and John told him what happened.

"We have to get in there, John. She is bleeding to death."

Mathias only said what they were all thinking.

John went over to the monitors and punched in his codes. The Medical Center came into view. Tony was surprised until John told him what he had done.

They switched to the room near Helena's office and saw that Peterson was slumped on the floor with his head down. The observation area was a wreck. They saw Ben on the floor. Koenig switched to Helena's office and saw she was tied to a chair. She had something stuffed up her tunic and the cut was not bleeding so badly.

"It looks like he nicked a vein John. If it had been an artery she would have bleed to death by now." Bob observed.

Koenig could feel the bile in his stomach raise to his throat Helena looked dead. If it were not for the fact that he could see her shoulders rise and fall, he would have thought her dead.

"How long has she been bleeding," Mathias asked.

"About half an hour," Veredeschi answered.

John was pacing again, "Is there any way we can get in there?"

Victor came forward then. "John, can your cameras skirt the periphery of the office?"


"Let's have a look then."

As the cameras panned Helena's office at three angles the men looked for an entrance to the room.

"John, there stop! What's that?"

"It looks like a ventilation system. Mathias what is that?"

"Oh that is an air duct."

"Where does it lead to?"

As the men discussed this they watched Helena slump in her chair. John's hands went out to grip the console as his heart went out to her. Maya and Sandra gasped and looked away. They could not bare to see the Commander hurting, nor watch as Helena slipped away from them.

"Let me have a close up of Helena, John?" Mathias asked.

John punched in the coordinated and watched as the pool of blood near Helena's arm came into view.

"John, that's a pint of blood we're looking at now. We have to get in there."

John could feel time slip away from him. He could not stand here and watch Helena die.

"John, that duct leads to life support," Victor said after looking at Alpha schematics. He was looking at the plans David Kano brought over while shaking his head from side to side.

Koenig rushed to life support. Kano came in just as Koenig stood confused as to which duct went where. He looked at the plans and pointed to a duct.

"That one, Commander," he said pointing to the one next to the doors.

Koenig ripped the grate from the door. Kano knelt down with the plans and showed Koenig which directions to go in. He drew the lines on the plan. Koenig took the plans and began to crawl in earnest.

Meanwhile Tym stirred on the floor and stood up. He looked down on his hand and realized that it had gone numb. It was now a greenish purple color.

He looked around and saw he was still in the Medical Center. He looked over at the doctor. She looked dead. He could care less.

I have to get out of here, he thought. The doors could not open. He had to find another way out. Tym searched about the med center. He saw the ducts and decided they were his best bet.

Moments later Koenig kicked in the grate and was in Dr. Russell's office.

"Tony, I am in. There is no sign of Tym, try to force the doors."

Koenig went over to Helena and unstrapped her arms. She slumped even further in the chair. As the doors forced open Koenig scooped her up into his arms and ran over to the bed.

Mathias came in with two units of O+ blood on a cart. He immediately set up the blood and started pumping it into Helena's arm as he sutured the cut and repaired the damage done to the vein.

Ben was taken to a bed and Bob went to tend to him next as the nurses cleaned his wounds and bandage Helena's arm.

As one pint of blood went into Helena's arm, another was set up along with an IV with saline.

"Tony, where is he?"

"John, it looks like he went into one of the ventilation tubes."

"Find him Tony, and kill him."

"John, you can't be serious!"

"Do you see that woman lying near death's door, if she dies he dies. That I am certain of, Tony."

Tony Veredeschi did not get a chance to respond as John Koenig went over to Helena's bedside and sat down. His final words to Veredeschi.


Tym was crawling for dear life inside of the ventilation system. He was surrounded by roaches, and it was all he could do to keep them off him. He was hallucinating again. Tym saw a light at the end and kicked out the grating.

He scooted out and ran down the passage. He saw a giant grizzly bear tear out of the shaft after him. He let out a blood-curling scream and ran like crazy for his life. He rounded the corner and ran to his quarters.

He let himself in and ran to the bathroom. Tym pulled the meds from his pockets along with the syringe and loaded it with two different kinds of drug. He shot it up his arm.

"Let's them try to get me this time," he smiled. Tym's arm was now green all the way up to his shoulders and he was slowly losing the feeling in it. He saw many bright lights as his demons advanced on him. He filled the syringe again.

Tony Veredeschi saw the grate lying on the floor and guest that Tym went into his quarters. As he and the security men moved in, he used his security code to enter Tym's quarters. They searched it and found Tym slumped on the floor in the bathroom. Veredeschi felt for a pulse and also saw that he was breathing, but just barely.

"Medical team to Tym Peterson's quarters, emergency."

Koenig sat placidly as they wheel Peterson in. He could have killed him but Koenig just sat by as they worked to save his life. The color of his arm alarmed them and they sent for his files and any plant nearby, on or in his work area.

"Bob, is she going to make it?"

"It's touch and go John, the next 12 hours will tell us more."

Bob Mathias placed his hand on Koenig's shoulder. Koenig looked defeated and dejected. He had never seen him hurting this much. Koenig held her hand to his lips and kissed it.

She looked so pale. The orderly came over and informed him that they were moving her to a private room. They wheeled the bed out into and observation room and hooked her up to the monitors. The orderly then left. Koenig stretched his length beside her and held her.

"Fight, Baby," he whispered. The lights were dim. Koenig laid there as tears came to his eyes.

In the other room Bob Mathias tried to save the young man but could not, the monitors went flat. They tried to resuscitate him to no avail. He had too much drugs in his veins. The plants discovered by Perterson's work area, were given to Victor for analysis.

Koenig fell asleep but was awakened by Bob's touch some hours later.

"She made it, John. She's out of the woods."

Koenig smiled and looked down at her. He did not know what he would have done without her if she died. To lose her would be like losing his first wife all over again. He just could not endure that, not now.

"How soon before she awakens?"

"Another 12 hours. You sleep John it's been a long day."

John smiled, "I wasn't going anywhere."

John cradled Helena into his arm and kissed her cheek as he held her. He sighed.

Again, he thought of how he could have lost her. John could not bare to think about what happened. As Mathias left Veredeschi came in with the news, Peterson had died.

Koenig was relieved to here the news he did not want Peterson to live. Veredeschi left when Koenig just nodded at the news. His face was grim.

The following morning Helena stirred in his arms. John was awakened by the movement. He opened his eyes and looked into her beautiful gray green eyes.

"Good morning beautiful." Helena smiled at him.

She felt sore. "How do you feel?" He smiled through his pain. He was all choked up. As he buried his face in her hair, he breathed a sigh of relief. Helena held him until he pulled away. When he looked at her she was teary eyed. She saw the tears standing on his eyelid.

"Oh John I am sorry I put you through this." John's response was to smother her lips with his as he held her mouth captive. He had spent a month away from her. No more would he stay away.

"Helena, we have a lot to discuss." He said gently pulling away from her. His thumb went to her lips as he brushed them lightly. He placed a light kiss to her lips.

"We will talk when you are better." Koenig eased his long frame from her bed and walked over to speak to Mathias and check on Ben.

Bob Mathias walked over to Helena. He placed a kiss on her forehead.

"How do you feel?"

"Like I fell out of bed. I feel bruised. How is Ben?"

"He suffered a shoulder wound, he'll live."

Helena smiled and shut her eyes, she fell into a light slumber.

John Koenig came into the Medical Center. They were releasing Helena and he was taking her to her quarters. Helena was to rest for a week before coming back to work.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

Helena walked over to him after saying goodbye to Ben Vincent. They walked in silence to her quarters. Helena used her comlock to let them in. She went to the bathroom to shower and change while Koenig made some coffee.

Helena came into the room, she was dressed in a soft pink pant suit. It fit her frame and clung to her in all the right places. John just stared at her. She came over to him took the coffee from his hand and sat in one of the chairs folding her feet under her. Koenig took his and sat beside her.

"Maya and Victor checked that plant found in Tym's area. It had a toxin in it that might have had a mind altering effect on Tym." Helena looked intrigued.

"Victor said it was like LSD only a little less potent. Combined with the other drugs he had in his system it was a lethal combination. Also something strange, Maya says that he was turning into a plant."


"Yes his arm turned green. The substance was like a seed it was pollinating with him."

"This is one of the most bizarre occurrences yet," Helena said.


"John." They both laughed.

"You go first," he said.

"John, we have to postpone the wedding for a least another month."

"Yes, I realize that with this ordeal you need to rest and recuperate. I understand that, but Helena, no more separations."

Helena smiled and lifted her hand to his cheek to caress his face. "No more separations," she said. John's lips parted as he took hers in a deep kiss, his tongue exploring her mouth. She felt his hands go around her waist has he pulled her to him.

The kiss deepened and Koenig caressed the small of her back. His tongue went to the sweet recesses of her mouth. He lifted her into his lap and broke off the kiss. Her eyes swam with her love for him.

"Helena, I have a request for you."

"What is it, John?"

"I want you to move in with me until the wedding."

Helena's eyes grew wide as she looked at him. She could feel his manhood rise as she sat in his lap. "You can't be serious," She said while trying to get out of his lap. John held her there. He was breathing heavily now.

"I'm dead serious." His piercing blue eyes met and held her green ones. Helena could see his eyes smoldering. She was afraid of this side of John Koenig. Sometimes she felt that his passion might overwhelm her and she could not say no to him. She made another attempt to get rise. Koenig pressed her closer to him.

"I want you." He said as his lips claimed hers. Helena Russell had never come so close to loosing her self-control as she did now. She could feel her own blood boil and surge within her. She felt the heat rising in her private area.

She tore her lips away from him and looked at him. "John."

He touched her face. "Yes, Helena."

"I need you to wait for me."

"I will wait if you live with me."

"How can we avoid it if I live with you?"

"I will be strong and you will be strong."


"Yes, Helena?"

"How did Veredeschi know I was in danger?"

"What? Why are you changing the subject?"

"I don't know it just occurred to me to ask. I remember him opening my door. How did he know I was in danger?"

"Helena, we can talk about this later."

"How did Veredeschi know I was in danger?"


"You heard me."

Koenig got up letting her fall to the sofa. He turned his back to her. He knew this was coming, sooner or later. He had hoped it would have been later.

"I told him."



"How did you know I was in danger?"

"Helena, honey don't get mad, but, I placed camera's in your office and quarters so I could keep an eye on you. I missed you."

Helena Russell threw her hands up in the air. "I give up John Koenig, you take the cake."

John turned to look at her she did not look mad. Just a little frustrated. He went back to sit by her.

"What am I going to do with you?" she grimaced.

"Love me?"

"Apart from that. I can't say anything about the camera's they saved my life. He was about to kill me when Tony came in John."

Koenig looked devastated when she said this. He held her hand and they sat in silence for a few moments.

"Will you move in with me?"

"No John."

"I don't want to lose you."

"You won't lose me. I promise."

Koenig again pulled her unto his lap. She settled there as though she belonged there.

"Let's compromise."

"How?" she said as she kissed him.

"Let Maya stay with you."


"Helena, you are being unreasonable."

"John, your fears are unwarranted."

"You either let Maya stay with you or we move in together. What is it going to be?"

Helena could see John was determined and unrelenting in this. "I won't impose on Maya. I will move in with you on one condition."

"Name it, it is yours whatever it may be."

"No sex, John and only until I start feeling better."

"I can handle that." John had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said this.

Helena held him by the collar and said, "The first sign of it getting out of hand I'm moving out. Do I make myself clear, John Koenig?"

"As clear as a bell, now shut up and kiss me darling."

Helena Russell could only laugh and kiss him. How had John gone from not seeing her to living with her. He held her so tight and secure in his arms Helena could not worry about that now.

She put her whole body and soul into the kiss. John's hands went for her blouse and she slapped it away.

"We are not living together yet, Helena."

"The same rules apply here, John. The same rules apply here."

As John pulled her into his arms he made a promise to himself. He would make Helena see that he could be trusted even if he died trying.

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