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Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: Adventure, John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2003

Story 2 in the "Beula" series +
1 - Synergy
2 - Lud
3 - Beula
4 - Pul
5 - Delivery
6 - Kidnapped
7 - Training, Mothering
8 - This Love
9 - War
10 - She is Mine
Alpha approaches a new planet, but is visited by a mysterious probe from another planet, which kidnaps the Koenigs and a few others. Helena is still in Maya’s body and soon finds that it will ultimately save their lives. Includes Christian themes
Includes Christian themes
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Moonbase Alpha's status report, 1366 days after leaving earth's orbit Dr. Maya/Helena Koenig recording. Commander Koenig and I have retired to our quarters. It is needless to say, but we cannot relax, as we are unsure when Maya and I will switch bodies again. We have decided to concentrate on the new planet that we are approaching fast.

"Should I be worried?" Maya/Helena asked looking with amusement at her husband.

"About what?"

"You wanting to make love to me while I am in Maya's body," she stated.

Koenig was not falling for this bait.

"Helena, why do you think you and Maya have not switched bodies yet?"

"OK, so you refuse to take the bait but don't ask me to explain what I cannot," she said that with a twinkle in her eyes.

"I am serious, think about it for a minute, if you can," Koenig smiled at that.

"Do you want me to look at it from a medical point of view?"

"Whatever handle you want to?" Koenig was trying to distract Helena from the line of questioning she was pursuing.

Helena was sure he was trying to throw her off track. She decided to give him the feeling she was off the topic. John saw the gleam in her eyes. He could not read her mind either; she had locked him out. She was becoming adept at doing so.

"I surmise that he has a reason. I think he sees things before they happen. He knows something is going to happen so he wants us prepared in some way."

"That is very vague, Helena." She got up to pour them a fresh cup of coffee. John watched Helena's walk on Maya's body.

He shook his head. What a strange situation we are in. I cannot make love to my wife. Tony would have my head. Come to think of It, if he tried to make love to Maya I would have to kill him.

Helena sauntered, however gracefully back to him and handed him the coffee. John took it and saw the gleam in her eyes still. He ignored it.

The door buzzed and Koenig opened it with his comlock. Helen/Maya walked in with Tony.

"What took you so long?" John asked.

Veredeschi smiled, "John, around here anything could happen. You left with Maya's body I thought you must have been out of your mind until I decided you must want us to follow you. Actually Maya figured it out."

She smiled and sat down. Koenig watched her. He groaned inwardly.

"What happened while you were down there?" Koenig asked.

The girls took turns explaining again this time leaving nothing out. John and Tony paid rapt attention.

"So what do we do now?" asked Helena/Maya.

"I suggest we concentrate on the planet and find out if it can support life or if it is inhabited," Koenig offered. He got up and poured some coffee for the two. Maya wanted tea so Koenig put the kettle on for her.

Maya/Helena stood. She headed to the kitchenette to prepare the cup of tea. She got out the artificial creamer. As the kettle whistled, she reached for the tea bags and put one in the cup she spoke as she worked.

"I think we should also sleep in separate quarters, John. Maya and I will bunk together until our baby comes to his senses and return our souls to our bodies. In the morning we can decide what to do about the planet."

She brought the tea to Maya and sat back beside John. Tony watched her. He was in agreement with what Helena had said he did not want John sleeping with Maya even though he trusted John.

"Sounds great to me!" Veredeschi exclaimed all too quickly.

They all laughed at his exuberance. They chatted for a while and Helena got up to get a few items. John watched her pack. He was not sure what to think. He was not too happy with this decision. He wanted to be close to his son.

He held her hand as he saw her to the door. Helena could see that he had on his guarded expression. She knew he was not happy.

Suddenly, Helena/Maya made a frightened sound. The baby had kicked. Maya/Helena looked at John. Their hands both went to Helena/Maya's stomach.

They both smiled. It was their son saying everything would be all right. Maya/Helena kissed John on the cheek and Helena/Maya did the same to Tony. The door slid shut and they left. John sat heavily on the couch. He had his misgivings about this whole situation. He voiced them to Tony who was more than a little put out by the turn of events.

They talked way into the early morning. When Tony left, it was very late. John went to bed. He wanted to call Helena but he knew it would be Maya's face that he would see. John closed his eyes and fell asleep. He dreamed.

John Koenig started floating away. He had floated through the door and down the hallway in the direction of Maya's quarters. He watched as a ghostly specter floated down the hallway towards him.

They met in the middle and John Koenig smiled. They were floating inches off the floor. Koenig noticed that her hair was platinum all the way through. He thought it must be a result of their present experience.

"Am I dreaming?" he asked.

"I think we are having an astral experience courtesy of Isaiah," responded Helena. "He must have seen how disappointed you looked when I left."

"Helena, he can't do that. You no longer have him in your stomach. He can only interfere if you are carrying him still."

"John, I am still carrying him, technically."

"Helena," he took her hands, "I think our need for each other has projected us out of our bodies. I think this is another ability of that new blood. Remember Aneleh could transport himself. Maybe we can astro-project."

Helena pondered that for a minute. She decided to tell John what had happened when she went into Maya's flat.


"Yes, Helena."

"A strange thing occurred while Maya and I talked. She said she felt the baby grow. She not only can feel when he moves but also when he grows. She said the baby is speeding up his growth rate."

"We already knew his growth was faster. We did not even stop to think that he was doing it. It is as though there is an event he does not want to miss."

"John, my hair turned platinum also. It was strange watching this happen. The entire thing is now platinum." Koenig could see she was a little freaked out by the occurrence.

"Helena, it is platinum now." He hands went to her hair and she sighed. She was resigned to whatever her son threw her way. She looked at him and her love for him and their child overwhelmed her.

Helena floated closer to him. "This is not what I came for. I wanted to kiss you John Koenig. When I saw you locked up I could not breathe. Here I am now. Before, I could not hold you in Maya's body. Make love to me now." John heard the urgency in her voice.

He reached for her. He held her in his arms and expressed just how much he would miss holding her. Their lips met in what seemed to be an endless eternity of love. John and Helena felt new sensations on this astral plane.

Their bodies glowed and John Koenig and Helena fused and became one. He was in her body and she was in his. They truly became one. Helena felt her body light up like a Christmas tree. The energy from both their bodies caused a spark as they lit up the space they occupied. They had never felt such intensity.

As they became separate again, John's tongue twirled with hers briefly. He looked into her eyes and decided to take her at her word and make love to her. His mouth descended again eyes burning like charcoal. Before their lips met, John felt a rip and pull. Helena and he were floating backwards as though something or someone were pulling them.

John Koenig awoke with a start. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs. His console was buzzing. He got up to answer it. "Yes, Sandra."

"Unidentified flying object approaching Moonbase, Commander."

"On my way." Koenig closed communications and remembered he had been floating down the hallway and kissing Helena. It did not appear to have been a dream to him.

He quickly got dressed and used his comlock to call Tony. Tony's face appeared within the tiny screen of his comlock. He was in the security department writing up reports. He had left Main Mission to Paul Morrow.

"Tony unidentified flying object approaching, meet me in Main Mission." John closed the link before he could respond.

As John hurried down the corridor, the Red Alert klaxon went off. Koenig called Main Mission. "Paul, what's happening?"

"The globe has picked up speed, Commander. Sahn scanned it. It has a high energy level with lots of nuclear activity. It could be a bomb."

"Call all major heads to their stations." The call went out as Koenig fairly ran down the corridors.

He arrived in Main Mission winded. "Report, Paul."

"It is almost here," Paul said, punching up the image unto the big screen. John saw it moving at a tremendous speed. He called reconnaissance. "Alan, launch emergency Eagles."

Alan Carter was already going through to the travel tube. Two others were with him, all heading for their own Eagles. The men raced to their Eagles and went through launch procedures quickly.

Koenig launched Eagles as Helena, Maya, Tony and Alibe entered. The three Eagles headed out as the probe sped up.

"Raise the Bergman Shields!" Koenig bellowed when the Eagles cleared the moon.

Maya/Helena came to stand beside him and her arms gently touched his. John looked over at Helena/Maya and saw that her hair was a beautiful platinum color. His breath caught in his throat; she was breathtakingly beautiful. Everyday they saw new improvements in their bodies thanks to this new blood.

The Alphans attention turned to the screen as Alan Carter reported an increase in speed from the probe. They watched as the probe sped up and intercepted the Eagles. A beam of light from the probe covered them and the Eagles vanished from sight.

The Alphans were flabbergasted. Alibe stood from her position at her console Her eyes were bright with tears. They watched helplessly as the probe raced to Alpha.

"Strengthen Bergman Shield, reroute power from all none essential systems!" Koenig ordered. He looked around at his crew as the probe descended on Alpha.

"Lance procedures," Koenig bellowed as it broke through the shield.

The probe stopped over Alpha as the Bergman Shield collapsed. The Alphans braced themselves as they hurried to their seats. Maya, Helena, Tony and John sat together.

The probe sent forth its light and Alpha was bathed in a purple aura. The Alphans felt somehow at peace when the light touched them. Everyone on Alpha felt the rays as it penetrated their skin.

The light spread out all over Alpha. Then it suddenly narrowed and moved its way inward. It stopped over Main Mission. The beams narrowed again and this time it focused on Maya, Helena, Tony and John. The violet light turned to fuchsia as they were enclosed in a bubble. The four bubbles rose up and went through the ceiling of Main Mission. The Alphans watched in horror as all four were now outside the complex and floating upwards.

The hull of the probe opened and the bubbles floated inside. The Alphans could see that all four were beating and pounding on the bubbles to no avail. The hull closed and the probe speed off.

Paul Morrow turned to Sandra and ordered her to communicate with the probe. Sahn fingers touched the buttons and they realized that Alpha had been blinded, for the second time in their history. All Eagles were also grounded, as there was little power on Alpha. Paul sat down in his chair heavily.

The bubbles burst as they entered the sphere. They landed with a thud as the probe sped off. They were pinned to the floor as the probe traveled well past the speed of light.

Within minutes, they were hovering near a planet. The probe entered the atmosphere and descended. The group stood up and watched as floating cities came into view. They all looked in awe out the port side. The city was made of glass and the shapes were perfect round and oblong crystals.

The probe hovered near an entrance way, it opened and the Alphans watched in fascination as they entered. The door slid shut and the probe came to halt within what looked to be a huge hall.

The door opened upward and a stairway descended from the ship. Koenig advanced from the ship with his crew. The magnificent room was decorated in white. Everything was fluffed and looked to be of the finest quality. There was food everywhere and in abundance. The most astonishing thing were the people.

John and the others came to a halt at the bottom of the steps. A Tow-headed man with the features of Adonis came forward as did the rest of his people. They were all tow-headed with perfect humanoid features. They were of a variety of shades also. The man grinned at them. This put them at ease if but for a moment.

He spoke, "Welcome, Koenig and companions to Lud," he extended his arms and embraced Koenig. Koenig looked around he could see no weapons on them. He relaxed a little.

"Why have you brought us here? Is it a habit in this part of the universe to kidnap people?" Koenig asked.

The man's eyes rested on Helena then Maya. He undressed them with his eyes and he stepped away from Koenig. The other people came forward and greeted them with a hug and a smile.

"You are our guess, Commander. Our home is your home," the man said as he took Helena's hand and then Maya's. The girls felt a sensation run through their spin as he held their hands.

His eyes focused on the two women. He led them towards a couch that was made of a similar material to leather. The women sat down as the Commander and Tony watched. The Commander was peeved. When the man turned to him Koenig spoke curtly.

"We are looking for a planet to settle on. We are traveling through space against our wishes. We however do not like to be kidnapped."

The man smiled at Koenig as a chime sounded and the people stopped and turned. The door to the center rose up and vanished inside the roof. A man about Koenig's height entered. If this man before Koenig was an Adonis then this man must have been his better twin. His hair fell down his back in a blonde cascade.

Koenig felt a dislike for the man as soon as he walked in.

"Where are our guess?" he asked. The crowd around the Alphans parted. The man introduced himself. "My name is Ludin, leader of the people of Lud, welcome Commander, Dr. Koenig, Maya and Tony."

Koenig stepped forward feeling a little threatened with the fact that this man knew their names. "How do you know our names?" he asked.

"My probe, Commander, it interacted with your X5 Computer and gave us your history. We know you are looking for a planet. There are many in our solar system, pick one," smiled Ludin.

He approached Helena/Maya and took her hand lifting her from the seat. Helena/Maya stood. His eyes were emerald green. He looked with fascination into her eyes.

"How lovely, eyes like a cat's. You are an exquisite creature. Mmm a metamorph, an immortal, a mind reader, empathic ability, levitation and another gift not yet realized. Dr. Koenig you are a fascinating creature." He dropped her hand and went over to Maya/Helena. He held her hand standing her to her feet.

"Marvelous, you too are interesting. Also a metamorph, ... wait this is confusing. Are you all of this nature. I am sensing confusion here. Someone is hiding."

Ludin took Helena/Koenig's hand again. He closed his eyes and saw in his minds eye the two women exchanging bodies. Ludin smiled. John's stomach turned as the man repulsed him. Ludin opened his eyes and looked at the first man who greeted them.

"Raghin, escort the men to their huton, let them refresh themselves. Mid, escort the women to theirs. I will come by to give you a tour of some of the fascinating sites of our planet," he smiled graciously and bowed ceremoniously to the girls.

Koenig made to protest but six men of irregular height came and stood on either side of him and Tony. The women stood watching as Tony and John were escorted, out reluctantly.

They were not concerned for John or Tony. When Ludin touched them, Helena and Maya fell under his spell. The women took them to their huton. Helena and Maya were bathed and perfumed. They were dressed in a light chiffon-like material that flowed as they both walked. Helena/Maya wore a dress made of gold while Maya/Helena wore emerald green.

The women were not aware of what was going on around them they were enthralled by Ludin. Later, they were escorted out of the huton. They entered a banquet hall where they were fed nectar and grapes with an oil that resembled olive oil. It tasted like salt.

Ludin walked in and took them on a tour of the planet. His hair was plaited down to his back and wrapped around with a leather crisis-cross tie. Ragin followed close behind. He had been intrigued by Maya and wanted to mate with her. Ludin was enthralled by her also. She was different from the women of his planet, but he had to mate with the other.

Ludin was aware of Raghin's interest but that was not his biggest problem. Helena Koenig was. He needed to get her out of the metamorph's body so he could mate with her.

The only way he could get them to cross was to kill the metamorph. Helena's soul would automatically go back to her body as she died. That would release the soul of the creature Maya.

Ludin was unaware of the existence of the child Helena's body carried. Maya's presence blocked any indication of the child.

After days of getting the runaround Koenig and Tony were being adamant about seeing the women. They had been gone now for two days. They argued with their escorts (guards) until they were taken to their entertainment area. There they were shown a monitor where they could see Helena and Maya on either side of Ludin. They were on a transport of some kind. They looked at their escort with rapt attention.

The disc glided across the air as they toured the planet. Koenig looked at Tony. He called him to one side and spoke. "It seems to me they are only interested in Helena and Maya. We have to locate them and leave or at least find out what these people want."

"I would like to know myself. Romeo seems to have gone to their heads. They never gave us a second look once that Lothario came into the room," Tony was upset to say the least.

Koenig noticed their behavior too, but he also realized he could not read Helena's mind again. Someone was interfering. It was unlike the other times. Distance he could figure. Her locking him out too he could understand. This time she went totally, blank on him. She did not respond when he told her mentally not to worry.

"I cannot understand it either, Tony but I do not trust that Don Juan." The women came over and laid the table for them. Food of all types serenaded their eyes. This was the program. Everyday they would feed them. Koenig eat very little. It was affecting his mind less that way.

Koenig and Tony pretended not to be hungry. They looked at the screen again. Helena and Maya were having a good time and laughing with that fancy idiot. John turned away from the screen. He looked at Tony. He too could not watch much more.

They sat where they could see what was happening yet not see too clearly. The men took up the grapes and absentmindedly started to eat them. The screen suddenly went blank and John and Tony did not know what to make of it.

Koenig and Tony were awakening sometime later to laughter. Familiar laughter was coming from a private area in the center. They looked at the grapes in their hands and realized that they must have been tampered with.

Koenig took them from Tony's hand and threw them down on the table. They both got up and approached the area. They looked through the sheer white curtains. Helena and Maya were reclining on a couch made of fur chatting gaily with their hosts.

Koenig and Tony entered angrily. "What is going on here?" Koenig demanded. They girls stood up surprised and a little confused. Ludin's influence was wearing off as they saw the men.

Koenig approached Helena/Maya taking her hand and Tony did the same to Maya/Helena. His eyes focused on Ludin.

"This is my wife, Ludin. If I find you have taken advantage of her in anyway I will kill you," Koenig was livid. He turned from Helena and advanced on Ludin menacingly.

Ludin stood but Helena and Maya faced Koenig. Knowing his temper, they did not want to start a war. Maya/Helena restrained him with a hand. Ludin looked at him. He did not feel threatened by Koenig. Tony too stepped forward but stopped when he saw some of Ludin's men enter.

Ludin held his hand up. "Commander, I do not know why the sudden hostility. We are mainly entertaining the women."

Koenig shrugged off Maya/Helena's restraints and stressed. "For two days. You destroyed three of my Eagles killing my men. We ..."

Ludin came forward with his hand up. Koenig stopped speaking. He beckoned to his men and they brought forward the Eagle crewmen from another room. They were being entertained elsewhere. Alan jumped on John as he came forward. He clasped Tony's hand and was so glad to see them. Koenig was relieved. He clasped his hand and smiled at him.

"Commander, my intentions are pure. I was merely entertaining the women and my intentions are honorable. Your men are also safe," he smiled.

Helena/Maya and Maya/Helena looked at him and nodded their heads assuring him that they were safe. Koenig wondered if his first suspicions were unfounded. He decided to trust his instincts.

"You see, Commander you were mistaken." Ludin went back to his couch and sat down. Helena and Maya joined him smiling at Koenig and Tony as they sat. Alan and the other pilots pulled John and Tony aside and told them that the Eagles were unarmed and they were being taken-care of.

John was not convinced. He watched Helena and Maya. They acted as though Ludin was a long lost friend. Koenig spoke at length with the men. He was surprised when Maya/Helena took Ludin's hand and smiled at him. John was confused. He could not read her mind and he did not know what was going on. He had to speak to her.

Koenig turned abruptly from the men and went over to Maya/Helena. She looked at him as he approached and he did not look happy. He stretched his hand out to her and she took it.

When she stood Koenig led her off to the side and through the curtain. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"What are you asking me?"

"What are you doing flirting with that man," he seethed.

Maya/Helena was surprised at his tone. She shook her head and turned to walk away. Koenig grabbed her arm. Maya/Helena looked at him and then at her arm where his hand made an impression. Koenig ignored the look and spun her around again.

"What's happening with you?" Koenig asked.

She knocked his hand off and they squared off. "Why are you acting this way?" Maya/Helena asked.

When she said that, Koenig realized that he was somehow being manipulated into anger. He looked at Maya/Helena and realized they were manipulating her also. He realized that they were being played liked so many times before.

He held her hand this time. "Helena, they are playing with our emotions."

She shook her head at that. Yet something registered in her mind. He could see she was struggling with something. Koenig guess whatever they ate must have affected them. He looked at Tony. Tony ate more of the grapes than he did.

"We have to get out of here, Helena. They are feeding us mind-altering foods," Koenig was pulling on her. Maya/Helena was confused. Ludin came up to them and touched them both Koenig was unaware of what he had been saying to her. Now his mind was cloudy.

Maya/Helena walked away with him as Raghin took Helena/Maya's arm and led her out. Koenig felt he should follow but he was not sure. He watched as Tony, Alan and the men sat down and started eating. Something told him he should stop them but he could not stop them.

Koenig felt helpless as he stood there. It felt like his nervous system was failing. He sat heavily down in a couch brought to him by one of the lovely women who adorned the place.

Helena and Maya exited through the doors with the two men. The two men held on to their hands. Ludin took them to his private domo. Raghin made to step over the threshhold but Ludin stopped him. "I do not need your help tonight," he said closing the door.

Raghin hesitated but saw that it could get ugly. Though they were brothers, he knew that he could not challenge him. He would be cast out and left to die in the Ruins of Gal. He stepped back.

"May I have the metamorph when you are through with her," he asked.

"No, she will be dead by then," he responded.

"I don't care her body will still be warm. I will take her," he pleaded.

Ludin nodded and closed the door. The girls entered and looked for his boudoir. Ludin retrieved a goblet from the table and headed to the boudoir. He sat between them and feed them from the goblet. They drank it hungrily. Their eyes were gleaming with anticipation.

Ludin kissed them both one at a time deeply. He started removing Maya/Helena's clothes. This creature was exquisite to look at.

Ludin undressed her first. He would kill her after he had her. She kissed him but all the time in the back of her head she felt like someone was knocking. She ignored it. Helena/Maya stripped in anticipation for he was a large man.

John Koenig sensed that something was wrong. In the fog of his mind, he could not get a fix on Helena. He stood. No one was watching and he left. He felt a presence with him. Someone was leading him out of the room.

John walked for a while and came to a corner. He stopped and looked around it; Raghin was standing outside a door his hand folded, leaning on a wall.

Koenig shook his head and it cleared. He felt his blood get hot and watched as his body shimmered out of focus. Koenig sensed that Helena was indeed in that room. He began to see into the room through Helena's eyes. What he saw left him in shock.

Suddenly the contact was broken.

Naked and anxious she awaited fulfillment. Ludin was beautiful to look at. He was strong and muscular. Maya/Helena gripped his arms as Helena/Maya watched in anticipation. John saw them kiss as his mind was back in the room again. He saw her kiss him eagerly and his mind went reeling.

How long had they been at it with this man, he thought. The link was again distorted and was gone. Koenig fumed.

Ludin spread her legs as she purred in his arms. Helena/Maya could wait no longer she was getting impatient. She pulled Ludin away before he could penetrate Maya/Helena. He landed on her with a eager thud.

The child within Helena Koenig resurfaced. It had gone undetected because of Maya's genetic make-up Ludin's body went into convulsions as his naked skin touched her stomach.

Their heads cleared as he convulsed. Helena's body pulsated as a light reached out towards Maya's body. Their souls exchanged and Helena's essence flowed back into her body. She felt her baby kick again.

They realized they were naked. Ludin was still convulsing this time though he was screaming and the door opened. Raghin entered with Koenig. Koenig saw that all three were naked and Ludin was well endowed. He had stopped screaming and writhing.

"What happened?" Raghin asked.

The women were confounded. They stood nude before the men as Raghin moved to cover his brother. Helena and Maya tried to find their clothes. Koenig looked disgustedly at them, but searched for their clothes as well. He was so angry he was fit to be tied.

Raghin's hand went up and he stabilized Helena. He read her. "You are pregnant! How did you hide that fact?" he shouted.

"I never hid that fact but he did not sense it. Maya's soul did not allow him to see it," she said not knowing where this information was coming from.

John looked at her. His son must have known this.

Koenig faced him, "What does that have to do with the fact that your leader tried to seduce the women, one of which is my wife!" Koenig was livid and itching to kill something, anything.

"My, brother would not have done it if they were not willing," he stated.

Koenig was upset. "What does that mean?"

"It means they were willing to copulate with him. They were attracted to him." Something flashed into John's mind but he dismissed it.

John looked at Helena and Maya. He walked over to a naked Maya and asked, "Is that true? You were attracted to Ludin?"

Helena walked over to him. She had found her dress and held it before her.

He looked at her when she approached. "I am in my own body now, John."

He turned to her relieved. He was getting confused with this. He held her close as he realized they had passed some danger thanks to their son.

John looked into her eyes. "Is he right were you attracted to Ludin?" John remembered seeing them kiss, what more had transpired.

Helena looked at him. How much was confusion, and how much was her own body responding to him was unknown to her. John saw her confusion. He was unaware of Raghin when he touched him. Koenig froze on the spot.

Raghin bent over his brother and a light went from his hand into his brother as he tried to revive him. His brother's body glowed yellow. His brother would not come to. He called for the men of the complex and they carried him out, after Raghin explained that one of the women was pregnant.

Helena and Maya were dressed by the time they came in. Helena was not sure what to do. John was frozen to the spot. Raghin called for a meeting with his people then left them in the room. They tried to revive John but could not.

Raghin spoke to his people by view screen all over the planet, telling them of his brothers mind lost. Ludin was now a vegetable. When Raghin quit the transmission. His mind went back to the problem at hand. He wanted the metamorph, somehow she had been speared and he wanted her for himself. The Alphans would all have to be sent home without realizing that the two women were not with them.

He would have to encourage them to stay one way or another. His brother would have to mate with the Commander's wife to regain his mind again. He had to make the women convince the men to go.

Somehow, the Commander was not staying under the influence of their mind games. The others had fallen under their spell but not him. His wife also seems to come out of it faster than his beloved metamorph. Raghin paced his domo trying to figure a way out of this predicament.

The girls were at a lost as to what do. They watched John. He stirred and blinked his eyes a little. They saw him move his little finger and they waited to see if he would snap out of it. After a few minutes, he came awake completely. He was under their spell for about five minutes in all.

Koenig looked at them and went to try the door. It was locked.

"Prisoners, once again, I am not surprised. These people are manipulative." He looked at Helena she looked beautiful in that gold dress. Her platinum hair shone. His mind flashed again to what happened earlier.

Helena saw the uncertain stare and went to him. Maya hung her head what would she tell Tony about this encounter.

Helena's hand touched his shoulder and he flinched. "Why are you obsessing over this? I was not a willing victim here, John."

John Koenig sighed he wanted to believe her but she was naked and in another man's arms. What was he to think. Helena realized that he had to face this and somehow forget what he saw in order to overcome it.

When the door opened, Raghin and two other men entered. All three backed away from them. "Do, not touch us," Koenig stated.

"Commander, we are releasing you and sending you home," he said. Koenig was very weary of 'Greeks bearing gifts'.

"We will believe that when we see Alpha," Koenig stated. He noticed that they still did not have any weapons. They did not need it, he surmised.

"Shall we go, Commander," Raghin gestured with his hand to escort them out. All three walked gingerly by. Koenig shielded Helena.

They met the others in the hall. The men were carousing and having a good time. Koenig approached and touched Tony's arm he turned around and John could see they were under the influence of the people and food.

During this time one of the women touched Helena. She turned around and another woman touched her. Helena's mind clouded. One whispered in her ear as she walked by. All three women were pregnant. They touched none of their people and none of their people touched them.

Maya watched confused. All this time she had not seen any pregnant women here. Maya felt the touch of someone and she too spun round. Koenig turned to keep his eye on Helena not aware of the fact that he should keep his eyes on the beautiful women about her.

A small delegation of the people gathered around Koenig and his party to send them off. Helena took him aside and spoke "John, I cannot leave you will have to go without me."

Koenig was floored. He looked into her eyes and saw she was serious.

"What are you saying?" his eyes narrowed on her.

"I want to stay here. I like it here." Koenig could feel his anger rising. He did not see anyone touch her and no men had been near her.

What was happening now? Is she falling for Ludin?

"I think I can help Ludin. His mind is gone because he touched me in my pregnant state. When I give birth and he touches me his mind will clear again."

"Touch you! How? Intimately? How do you know this will cure him? Why do you care? The man tried to seduce you."

Helena looked at him. He saw pain there. The answer was in her eyes. She was in love with him. Koenig looked at her wondering why their son was not doing anything about this turn of events. He would have to drag her kicking and screaming if he had to but she was going home to Alpha.

He turned to Raghin, "Where are our Eagles?"

"You are a year away from our planet, Commander we will have to return you the way we got you."

Koenig did not trust this answer. Helena announced to everyone that she was not going back. Koenig turned to her angrily.

"John, I'm not going back to Alpha," she said adamantly.

Maya also said she wanted to stay. She said she loved the planet. Tony said nothing to this. He was still under the influence of something.

Six men advanced and stood by Helena. She waved them away and they left. Koenig faced her.

"What is going on here, Helena?" he demanded.

"They want me to reign with Ludin when he is sane again. I want to remain here."

"What have they done to your mind? What about us?" John saw her eyes cloud up with tears when he said that.

Helena turned away and Koenig gripped her arm again. This time tears were in his eyes. "Don't do this," he pleaded voice breaking. He saw her falter. She turned away and three men stood before him. Koenig stood in shock. She walked over to Maya and they turned to go.

"Helena, why....," the anguish in his voice stopped her in her tracks. John saw her take a deep breath. He thought she had relented in her decision when he saw her pause but he saw her straighten her shoulders and continue out the door. Six men followed behind her. As soon as she was out the door and it closed Helena's composure collapsed. She fell into Maya's arms weeping. Maya too was crying.

"Did they threaten you too, Maya?"

Maya nodded teary eyed. The two women held each other and sobbed inconsolably.

Koenig was devastated. He stood numb before his men who were sobering up.

"Where's Maya?" Tony asked shaking his head.

"She is staying with Helena. They say they like it here," Koenig tired to keep his voice from cracking. Tony gripped him arm.

"Are you crazy? Did you believe them? These people have taken over their minds," Tony was reeling from what Koenig said. Koenig gripped him, this time.

"Tony, they were themselves they wanted to stay. Helena looked remorseful. If she were under the influence of these people, she would have reacted mindlessly. She decided to stay on her own."

"If you believe that you ought to have your head examined!" Tony yelled.

"Get a grip, Tony they do not want to come with us. We are outnumbered."

"John, we have to do something," Alan bristled. Koenig walked over to Raghin and stood before him. Koenig was confused because he still wanted her.

"I want my wife," Koenig fairly spat the words at him.

"But, she does not want you," Raghin stated calmly.

Koenig punched him in the nose. Blood poured from his nose and smeared the floor where he landed. The people gasped and Alan and Tony took this as their cue to start fights. Before long, there was an all out brawl in the room. An emergency horn sounded over the communication system.

The people moved aside as the security men came in. Koenig and the others did not stand a chance they were immobilized instantly. As they touched them, they froze.

The head of security came forward and touched one of the Eagle pilots who was lying on the floor. He glowed and dissolved from his feet to his head. Helena and Maya entered as the men prepared to dissolve the others in the same way.

"Kill them now and I will never stay here!" she announced. The man hesitated. He looked at Raghin who was still bleeding.

Raghin nodded his head and the guard proceeded to dissolve the other Eagle pilot.

Helena screamed, "Enough!" and Raghin held up his hand. He just wanted to teach them a lesson. The man stopped. She walked over to Raghin and reached to touch him. Raghin cringed.

"I thought so. I see no pregnant women here. They are poison to you aren't they? The touch of a pregnant woman could drive the men crazy even kill them. Am I right?"

Raghin nodded his head. He grabbed a cloth from the woman who handed it to him. He stemmed the flow of blood then stood away from Helena.

"If, you do not send them home now you will regret my staying here," she said. Helena reached out and touched one of the guards. The man froze. He then landed on the floor in convulsions. The others moved away from him and Raghin was livid.

"What do you think you are doing?" he raged.

"Send them home," Helena stated looking at him. She watched him weigh the options.

"Send them home," he announced. The guards pointed their hands at Koenig and the others. They were enclosed in a tomb of bubbles before they even knew what hit them.

The probe glided in and the bubbles rose. The men used their hands to guide the bubbles into the probe. The doors closed. The bubbles burst and Koenig and the others fell to the floor. The probe sped out the room and into the atmosphere. It went beyond light speed and entered the moon's atmosphere within 3/4's of an hour.

The probe hovered overhead and shined it's beam. The probe then landed on a launch pad and descended to ground level. A travel tube came forward and the atmosphere between the two leveled off. The probe ascended as the travel tube headed toward the first level underground. More probes landed as the Eagles were brought back also.

The power on Alpha had returned as the probe sent its purple light out over the buildings. Koenig and crew arrived in Main Mission to see the crew in the same position he left them.

Alibe ran from her position at her console when she saw Alan enter. He opened his arms and she entered them. Alan kissed her. The crew smiled sheepishly. Koenig wondered if something good was going to come from all this.

They gathered around him. "Where did you go?" Sahn asked.

"We were kidnapped to a planet, Lud. They still have Helena and Maya. They took over our minds. Maya chose to stay with her," wearily he sat on a desk.

"Did she stay because she wanted to?" Victor asked.

"I don't know. I feel she could have left if she wanted to. She could always go back when she gave birth on Alpha. She went off with their leader for two days. She seemed in her right mind to me," he said.

"Commander, you were gone for three minutes," Sahn said.


"Yes, John you were gone only for a few minutes, not days," Victor assured him.

Koenig sat down. "Then there is nothing we can do. Go back to your stations," Koenig got up and entered his office. He closed his door.

The crew went wearily back to work. Everyone wondered what the Commander was doing behind those doors. Tony was sent to medical and Alan had left with Alibe. He wanted to talk to her about something.

Alan took Alibe to the rec center. They sat down gingerly. He held her hands. "There is something I wanted to say to you for a long while now."

"What is it? There is something I want to talk to you about too."

"You first," he said.

"No, you," she said.

"OK, I wanted you to know that I saw David Lord a few weeks ago and I became a Christian. This time it is for real." He grinned.

Alibe was elated. She hugged Alan and they kissed. A long awaited kiss of reconciliation. "What made you change your mind?" she asked when they parted.

"Millicent's death scared the be Jesus out of me. I did not want to leave it undone. I knew for sure I did not want all the different things out here to shorten my life without doing what I knew I should in my heart. I love you and I love God. His son was just a short leap of faith. I believe in Jesus Christ so therefore, I really got baptized this time."

"Alan, are you sure?"

"Yes, I already did it and I am sure. What did you want to say to me?" he asked.

"I wanted to say I noticed the change in you and I wanted to know if anything had changed. You seemed less restless and angry."

Alan gathered her in his arms. She felt so good to him. He had waited so long for her. He held her for a while.

Koenig calculated the time. Helena could be back here in three hours. If two days were equal to three minutes then she could be here with their son in three hours or less.

He felt the lost that any father would. His child would be born without him. Koenig placed his face in his hand but he could not weep.

Helena sat in the Kitume with the other pregnant women. They chatted and laughed trying to get Helena and Maya to respond. Helena and Maya had wept for days.

Helena's pregnancy had slowed considerably and the child was now over four months old. Maya helped as much as she could. Helena had started getting morning sickness. She longed for John.

She felt sick unto death. She threw up everything. Maya watched her loss weight. She was devastated. These people were holding them against their will and Helena was dying.

Raghin watched Helena and his brother closely from the six screens before him. The woman looked as though she were dying and if she died, his brother would die in his madness. He had to make a decision soon. If his brother died, he would rule the planet. If he let the woman die before his brother was redeemed they would banish him.

He was between a rock and a hard place. His people watched him closely.

"Helena, you have to eat for the child's sake," Maya urged her.

Helena looked at her. She was thin but healthy. She could not eat and she did not want to think about food. All she could think about was John. He was angry with her she could feel it as he left. She had loved him too much to watch him die.

"Maya, I'm not hungry and I am fine. With this new blood I can go seven days without food or water maybe even more."

"Helena, if you do not take care of yourself you will eventually get ill."

"Maya, I need John, it's as though a part of me is gone. I can't go on." Helena was sobbing now at Maya's feet.

Raghin watched from his room. He had them on two screens now. He finally made up his mind when he saw the beautiful woman fall to the floor at her friends feet weeping.

Raghin looked at the Maya creature. He had tried to take her but she was unwilling. Unlike his brother, he refused to kill her and take her. He had grown fond of her. He wooed her but she remained unreachable. He also decided not to use his influences over her, she must come willingly. Now, he did not know, it seems he would lose her.

Raghin switched to another screen. He looked at his wife who had to be away from him for 7 months. She was like all the other women, nothing special. She was beautiful but beauty was not everything. He switched back to Maya. Raghin smiled. Maybe he could stand it for a little while longer. The creature was intriguing.

John Koenig looked over the report they brought to him. He was over an hour in his office when they had dared to disturb him.

David Lord came in to pray with John. They discussed the turn of events. David reminded him that not everything was, as it seemed. The talked some more then he left. After that, a steady stream of Alphans came in.

Tony Veredeschi came in after a while. He sat silently with Koenig. They both did not speak just commiserated.


The klaxon blared throughout Moonbase Alpha. The Alphans were galvanized into action. Koenig and Veredeschi sprinted from his office.

"Another probe approaching, Commander!" Kano alerted him.

Koenig stood there it was way early for it to be Helena. Veredeschi ordered the raising of the laser guns.

"Fire at my, command!" Koenig shout.

Paul had his hand poised over the button. "Wait for it," Tony said as the probe came closer.

Kano was scanning the probe.

"Fire!" Koenig said.

"Wait!" Kano shouted.

"What is it?" Koenig bellowed.

"Life signs on board, sir."

"Be specific," Koenig, insisted.

"Human life forms, sir."

"Helena," Koenig said.

"Maya," Veredeschi breathed.

"Hold your fire," Koenig announced.

They watched the probe until it came in for a landing. The launch pad descended and a travel tube came forward. Koenig, Veredeschi and a security team were already on their way to the site.

"Kano, give us a visual of the inside of the travel tube," Koenig demanded.

They watched anxiously for the screen to come alive. Their travel tube reached before Kano could send a picture. They exited their travel tube and stood waiting.


"Yes, Kano!" Koenig bellowed.

"Probe, leaving Moonbase Alpha."

Koenig closed the channel and did not respond. He was anxious. The travel tube opened and what greeted them almost made Koenig pass out. Helena Koenig was almost six months pregnant. Her stomach was showing.

John Koenig was at a loss for words. He stood back as she and Maya came out. Tony grabbed Maya and spun her around. He was elated to see her.

John Koenig felt the tears in his eyes. He was hurt, yet glad she had not stayed until she had the baby. Helena hesitated before the threshold. She saw he was hurt and a little confused. She loved him so. Yet he hesitated and so did she. He saw she had lost a lot of weight. He was hurt but glad she was home.

Helena walked towards him. John took a hesitant step forward. They stood face to face. She looked up at him. He looked down at her. His soul ached. They kept being separated and it hurt him each time it happened.

Helena saw the wretchedness in his eyes. She saw the pain. He saw hers. His hand went out to touch her. She reached up to touch his face. The tears ran down her cheeks. What had been 90 minutes for him had been three months for her.

Their heads came together and Koenig used his thumbs to wipe her tears away. His hands sneaked around her waist and he enfolded her in his arms. Helena cried like a baby. He rocked her back and forth, as she cried.

Koenig swept her up into his arms and cradled her. No one spoke as they left. Koenig took her home as her arms circled his neck. Her face rested in the recesses of his neck as his steady strides brought her safely home.

Koenig rested her on the couch. He went into the kitchen to make her some tea. Helena sat silently. She laid her head on the comfortable couch. She remembered Sirida and their conversation.

Helena sat her eyes closed. Maya held her hand. She was feeling a little weak. The morning sickness was over but her apatite had not returned. Maya tapped her hand. Helena opened her eyes. A tall, beautiful, darkly tanned pregnant woman stood before her. She was regal in her bearing. Her hair was in ringlets about her face. She had a beautiful smile.

Helena smiled at her despite the way she was feeling. The woman's voice was musical when she spoke.

"Helena, my husband tells me you are not eating," Sirida said.

"Who is your husband?" Helena asked.


"Oh well, tell him I cannot eat. I need my husband."

"You must eat for the child's sake," she insisted.

"I tried, nothing stays down. My heart is sick for John. I need to go home."

Sirida sighed. "I will speak to Raghin for you." She nodded in sympathy then left.

Two days later Helena and Maya were told they could go home as long as Helena agreed to come back and heal Ludin. She agreed.

Now here she was and Koenig could hardly believe this blessing. He brought her the tea. Helena had taken to drinking mint tea as it settled her stomach and soothed her.

Koenig sat with her then he took her feet in his lap and messaged them. Helena took several sips of the tea. She could feel the gas moving up and out. She belched. An embarrassed look came on her face. Koenig smiled a little he knew Helena was uncomfortable with belching and other bodily functions in public. She was a prude when it came to that.

Helena put her cup aside when she had finished drinking it. She laid her head on the couch again. She closed her eyes and slept a little. John fell asleep rubbing her feet. They woke up two hours later. The baby was moving.

John could see him moving. He saw a bulge and touched it. It felt like his butt. Koenig smiled and Helena smiled. They were both feeling vulnerable at this time. Koenig was glad to have his wife back and in her body. The switch with Maya had freaked him out.

Koenig looked at her and remembered that she had sent him away. His beloved wife had sent him away. He hurt still but Helena held his hand on her stomach. He smiled again as Isaiah moved.

John laid his head on her stomach and felt the baby. They still had not spoken only laughed and smiled at each other. Helena still saw the pain in his eyes. John saw the pain in hers.

She cradled him in her arms. John opened his mouth to speak but she shushed him. He fell silent again. She was right it was still not time to speak. He slept on her tummy and Helena too slept.

In the morning, the bleeping on the console woke them. It was Dr. Bob Mathias.

"Helena, welcome back. I need to check you and the baby. Maya has been in here already. I need to see you."

Helena smiled, "Be right in," she headed for the shower when she signed off. Koenig called for her breakfast, toast with strawberry jam and tea. He also called stores and asked them to bring a maternity dress for Helena. John had hoped to surprise her with it in a couple of months. He decided to tell them to bring the four new uniforms.

When Helena finished showering, she came out to see her breakfast on the side table and her new uniforms. Tears came to her eyes. This was what she need, John and his kindness and presence in her life. John came into the room then, as her eyes clouded up and she stood there in the nude.

John looked at the small protrusion that was his son. He walked up behind her and held her. He felt her tummy. She relaxed against him.

"Thank you John, they are beautiful."

"You're welcome." He released her and she got dressed. They went together to medical and Mathias hugged her as she came in. Helena felt so relieved to see him and to be there. They set up the ultra sound and checked her vitals. Dr. Mathias did an extensive check. John got a real good look at his amazing son.

Mathias released them two hours later and John took her to lunch. They had set up a private area in the residential private dinning room. Helena ate a chicken salad. John ate chicken-steak and potatoes. Helena watched him shovel it down.

John usually overate when he was upset. Helena knew what was bothering him. She had told him to leave. John hated rejection of any kind. Helena knew she must talk about it. She hoped John would understand that she did it for him.

They finished eating and Helena sipped her tea. John looked at her and she decided to speak.

"John, you know if I could avoid what happened I would have?"

John only looked at her. Helena tried to read his mind. She saw openness, so she continued. She tried a different approach.

"I think Isaiah kept his presence hidden to save Maya's life John."

He looked up at this.

Helena continued, "Raghin said if he had sensed that I were pregnant right away you would have been killed. He would have kept us and have us in his harem. Raghin says Ludin would have kept me as his bride. Isaiah knew this somehow and cloaked his presence for the right moment."

She felt John try to read pass what she was saying. She tried another way.

"Raghin threatened to kill you and the others if I did not stay". She saw John stiffen when she said that.

She read his mind he was angry. Helena continued, "Two of the women touched me. One told me to stay or you would be killed instantly. I had to obey."

John read her mind for confirmation. She was sincere he saw so he relaxed. He could have figured something like that.

"Did you sleep with, Ludin?" he asked suddenly.

Helena searched her memory. "I don't know," she sounded sincere to him.

"How could you not know?" he asked.

"John, I was under his control. I truly do not remember. I don't think so."

Helena's mind went to the kiss that Ludin had given her just before... just before what?

Helena was startled. John was reading her mind, again. He had seen that kiss just now.

Helena saw him shiver so she reached out to take his hand and he pulled away from her. She felt the darkness as she watched him close down. She felt hurt.

"If I slept with him, and that is an if, John, I was under his control. I would not intentionally sleep with him."

"What am I to do with that? Helena, I could not make love to you in Maya's body. It is not just your mind that is you. Your body belongs to me. No man should have you naked in a room. Your legs spread before him invitingly."

"Do you think ...!" Helena lowered her voice as two couples walked in. "Do you think for one moment I would have slept with him willingly?"

"Helena, I saw you naked your legs spread before him."

"How could you see that you were not even in the room?"

"I saw it through your eyes. It was as though I were in the room."

Helena was shocked to hear this. She blushed a little. No man had ever seen her in the nude since her late husband until John, now Ludin had.

"John, I am not in love with him."

"Helena, you said you wanted to rule with him what was that?"

"I was under their spell."

"I do not know what happened in that room, but I know it would never have happened if you were not interested in him."


"I saw your interest in him."

"What?" Helena rose to her feet. He was being stubborn and pig headed again. She made to leave.

"Sit down!"

She leaned over and spoke softy, "Don't you ever shout at me again," she seethed.

"If you believe you are going to sleep with this man and then get back into my bed. Think again," he said threateningly.

Helena was shocked at the venom with which he said it. She did not know what to do now. What turned out to be a sweet welcome had turned bitter. It seemed he was glad she was back but he was hurting about what he saw in that room and just now in her mind. Helena knew there was just no talking to him now.

"John, you are not thinking straight right now. I refuse to have this conversation with you."

John looked at her. He felt the anger rise within him. He felt like he might lose control if he spoke. He remembered this morning holding her. He sighed. He saw the man poised over her again ready to take her. He felt a cramp in his stomach. John felt his lunch rushing to the surface. He ran to the trash receptacle and vomited his lunch as a cold sweat washed over him.

Helena watched him as he straightened up. He wiped his mouth on a napkin. He felt better. He looked at her. This would kill him if he did not leave it alone.

Helena walked over to him and he took the nearest exit and left. Helena knew how he could be. She remembered his unreasonable behavior when he thought she was interested in Bob. Now that he thought, she had slept with another man it made him ill.

She remembered his tenderness yesterday and his kindness this morning. She searched her memory. What had she been thinking about today? She had thought about Ludin. She was sure off it. John must have pick-up on it. She was not concerned for him, just her obligation to go back to help him be sane again.

John must think she had other interest. Helena's hand rested on her tummy. She spoke to the baby, "Your dad is being unreasonable, help me." The baby kicked. Helena said a prayer and left the eating salon.

She passed Alibe and Alan on the way to her quarters. She smiled they were holding hands and did not see her as she passed. Helena was happy they had reconciled. She also knew that must mean Alan had made the right decision for the right reason this time.

Helena felt comforted seeing them. She thanked God for the small miracles he had created and she walked on. Her thoughts went to Ludin and his people. She was not happy about going back there but she trusted God that everything would be fine.

She went for a walk. An hour later Helena let herself into their quarters. John was not here. She saw a note. She knew he was off. It read:



Helena sighed at his childishness. She called Prof. Bergman. He had visited her briefly when she was in medical. Victor told her John was with him looking at the new designs for the new Eagle. They had started building it and Victor was like a child with a new toy. John too was distracted by it.

Helena sat pondering this development. She closed her eyes. John was before her. She read his mind but he was still hurt. He realize she was present and he read her mind. She was acquiescent but John ignored her.

He saw her in his mind's eye. She was stretched out on their love seat. The pain of there experience came back to him. He ignored her.

Helena fell asleep. When John came in, he covered her with a blanket. He thought better of it and took her up. He laid her in bed and took the couch. It was three in the morning before John fell asleep. He was emotionally exhausted.

John was up and reported for work at 0600 hours. He had not rested. Helena woke up to find him gone. She sighed.

She got dress at 0900 hours and called Mathias. He told her she was on at mid-day Helena was grateful for that. She decided to eat and then see John in his office.

Helena entered him office at 0953. He had his back to her and she tried to read him. John's door had been open all morning. She closed it. He had already sensed her. He turned slowly. Their eyes locked. She remembered he was physically ill yesterday at the thought of her sleeping with another man.

Helena felt nervous. I must have slept with him. How else had he become so ill. Helena was afraid for her marriage for the first time. She walked in to the room and sat down.

John sat at the edge of his desk table and looked at her. Helena did not know where to begin. Now she was remembering bits and pieces. She remembered pulling him away from Maya. Helena was unsure what happened after that.

She realized too late John had read her mind. He saw what she saw, Ludin getting ready to penetrate her. Helena shivered. She saw the coldness in his eyes. She said nothing. His eyes spoke volumes and they were like blue-gold pools of ice.

Koenig saw that she knew he knew. Her platinum hair had grown in the months she had been away. He was surprised she had not cut it. It was a little below her shoulders. Koenig looked at the timepiece on his console. It was time for his meeting with Victor and the engineers.

He stood. She felt dismissed. They had not spoken yet she felt they had. Koenig made to exit and stopped. He looked at her and her at him. He saw her sadness she saw his, he then left for his meeting.

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