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Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: Adventure, John/Helena
Episodes: Set during Collision Course
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2004

Story 4 in the "Beula" series +
1 - Synergy
2 - Lud
3 - Beula
4 - Pul
5 - Delivery
6 - Kidnapped
7 - Training, Mothering
8 - This Love
9 - War
10 - She is Mine
Helena goes into false labor as the Alphans drop like flies. A portal to space opens as danger lurks.
Average Rating: 3.0/5 (based on 200 reviews)

Moonbase Alpha's status report, 1407 days after leaving earth's orbit. Dr. Helena Koenig recording. Commander Koenig has decided not to vacate Alpha but to use it as a base to reach other planets. Some of us have been living on Beula now for twenty bone chilling days. It has snowed on and off now for the last twenty days. Victor thinks the pattern will change and for the next twenty days we will have warmer weather and brighter days. John is on Moonbase Alpha investigating that window that had opened and closed in space.

Koenig sat in a fully operational Moonbase Alpha. Many of the essential personnel were still on duty. The maintenance workers, engineers and other sections of Alpha were crawling all over Beula as the snow allowed. They were to report to Helena Koenig who was in charge down there. Unknown to her, she was surrounded by Tony's crack security team at all times and under heavy surveillance. However there was no signs of the Beulans.

Helena had allotted all the houses on Beula by now and the Alphans had many homes on different islands and continents on the planet. Koenig and Helena had taken up residence in Tarz and Theda's home. It had three levels and was a little palatial in grandeur. Many furnishings from Alpha had been brought down there. But mostly the simple wooden furnishings of Beula were visible.

John and Helena had opted for a combination of Alphan and Beula furnishings. Alpha furnishings were in the kitchen and bathroom in the form of holders and stands. Everywhere else was decorated in wood and many odd pieces that were decidedly Beulan.

Koenig brought his mind back from his wife on Beula. He told her to work just half the morning. Beula's 30 hour day boasted only four hours of night. She was to retire after that. Koenig checked on her mentally everyday. It did not matter that she worked from home anyway. Ofcourse he knew she worked more than that but he let it slide.

Koenig viewed the slide on his console again. He had the lights turned down low so he could think better. That window in space definitely occurred when that light went out from the object Helena and I held in our hands.

John touched his buzzer and summoned Victor to drop what he was doing and to come to his office. Koenig checked on Helena again mentally.


'Yes, John.'

'What are you doing?' John asked musingly.

'Resting - as you ordered,' she replied.

'Good! How was your day?' John was amused now. They played this game everyday now.

'Fine, how was your day?'

'Lousy, without you,' he smiled then. John had missed her warm body in his bed. He could not touch her to make love to her but he would have been satisfied to look at her and feel her pressed up against him.

'I will be there tomorrow so see if Victor has analyzed that pen-shaped crystal. I think it will open that portal again if we touch it together. I do wonder if the Beulans will reappear.'

'I think not but if they do we will be able to negotiate with them. Is Isaiah behaving?'

'Well, I don't know, John. I have been having a weird dream of late.'

'How long have you been having it?'

'A week,' she hesitated to say.

"Why are you just now telling me this?' He was far from amused now.

'I did not think anything of it until just now when you asked me about Isaiah,' she sounded terse.

'What makes you think it is him?'

'What happened before?'

'What are the dreams about?'

'I keep seeing a lot of red stuff floating around. It is like a wall of red... I don't know, John its creepy really.'

'What type of red?'

I am not sure, John but it looks like blood.'

'Do you think Isaiah is warning you? What do you think it means?' John was now on edge.

'I am afraid to even think about it. You know that Isaiah does not give subtle hints.'

The door buzzed and Koenig told Helena he would talk to her more in detail the next day. Helena told him she missed him as John buzzed in Victor Bergman. He turned the lights up.

"So, what is the big emergency, John?"

"Have you figured out what that crystal is yet?"

"You gave it to me two days ago. All I know is that it is not a crystal," Victor was a little annoyed.

"Then what is it?" John was feeling out of sorts now.

"Some complex form of carbon Computer has never seen before. It might even be another form of some rare mineral we do have but that has spent millions of years buried in some core foundation of a distant planet. Take your pick," Victor's exasperated voice sounded in Koenig's ears.

Koenig breathed out heavily. "Yet another mystery to solve in this complicated universe that were in. Is it man-made, Victor?"

"That I don't know either. From what I can see it is perfect throughout. The laser could not even cut it it is so complex. I suspect that it was made but not by man," Victor stood with one hand across his stomach and the other at his chin.

"The more we know, the less we understand," Koenig stood and walked around his desk and sat on the edge of it.

"Right," Victor was a little puzzled by the developments. He was hoping to have discovered something by now.

"Do you think when Helena gets here we should open that portal again?"

"That call is yours John, I can't answer that. You know me; in the interest of science..."

"OK, how is that new Eagle coming along?" He took up a report from his desk and perused it.

"Well Capt. Carter is testing it out right now as we speak. They found a new element on the planet that seems viable as fuel. It burns slower, with no emissions that we can see and it's energy efficient."

"What are they calling it?"

"Well it looks like fool's gold but it burns like oxygen does. They call it melgonide. Alan wants you to have a look at it when you are through here."

"Is he going to fly that Eagle with the new fuel?"

"No, he's just going to burn it while in assimilation. We tested it with the expanding gas Analeh tried to kill us with. It did not work well with the new Eagle. It could cause an expansion problem. So this is our best shot."

"OK, I will set some time up tomorrow before Helena gets here." He placed the report back on his desk.

"Alright John, I will inform him." Victor turned to go.

John nodded and Victor left. John mulled over in his mind what Helena had said to him earlier. He had had that same dream also, and it did resemble blood.

John Koenig watched from the observation area as Alan went through the assimilation. He was also watching his wife in mid-flight. She was getting big at seven months and one week. Koenig watched her fall asleep and put his full attention on Alan. The melgonide was burning with no emissions that his instruments could detect. He saw no visible exhaust either. He walked over to Bill Fraser who was on main computer. They looked through the glass partition at Carter in the Eagle.

"Is that thing emitting any kind of gas?" Koenig asked.

Bill's hand flew over the keys and the sensors went to work. He was not checking for emissions just now only for fuel efficiency and durability. Fraser was flabbergasted by the readings. He made some markings on a clipboard he had off to the side.

"Commander, three poisonous gases we know about and five unknown gases," Fraser announced.

"Tell Alan to stop assimilation and call the cleaning crew to get rid of the gases. Tell him to don a space suit and get out of there," Koenig looked at Alan and gave him the thumbs down sign as he exited. Fraser was already speaking with Alan. John could hear the disappointment in his voice as he told Alan the bad news.

John bumped into Victor as he was coming in.

"Ah, John, is the assimilation over already?"

"Yes, Victor, what took you so long?"

"A little research, I thought I was making some headway with that crystal. But not so, it remains a mystery still."

"Walk with me over to the docking bay. Helena is coming in and I want you to see her, Victor."

"Why, what's happened?"

"I would not want to spoil the surprise."

"Has she transformed into a raging monster, then?" Victor grinned at his little joke.

"No, Victor, quite the opposite," John grinned broadly at him. They both kept the conversation light as they went on their way.

Helena Koenig had slept and dreamed on this short flight in. What she dreamed upset her. It was that red wall again. Helena felt haunted by this dream.

Her hair was in a ponytail these days as it had passed her shoulders now and nothing she did to it made a difference. She smoothed her tunic as she stood. John Koenig had not needed to get any new uniforms made for her as she was now carrying the child in her back. She had a smaller stomach as a result.

Helena Koenig came through into the lounge area. She saw that Koenig and Victor were engrossed in conversation so she walked over to them. Victor stood when he saw her approach. He was taken aback by her radiance and, frankly, how much she had changed.

She was transforming into an even more stunning beauty. Her stomach, though bigger than before, was not too intrusive. She should have been showing more by earth standards.

Her hair was a beautiful sun-bleached-platinum blonde with deep honey highlights. Her skin looked paler than before but it looked healthy beyond his imagination. She looked so magnificent, Victor concluded that the fresh air must have done her a world of good. Victor gathered her in his arms, as he had not seen her for weeks. He kissed her cheek.

"Helena you look breathtakingly beautiful. I cannot believe how beautiful you look. This pregnancy becomes you," he praised.

Helena blushed at his compliments. John in turn took her in his arms. Before she could speak, John's lips captured hers. Long after the kiss was done she still felt it. John's hand went to her protruding stomach.

Her fingers went to her lips.

"How are you both doing?" he asked. Helena felt loving warmth spread through her as he massaged her stomach.

"We are just fine, John. Victor, I need to talk to you and Bob about a dream I have been having. Can you spare the time later this afternoon?" she said while tossing her ponytail back over her shoulder. Her regal stride took her to the travel tube. John could see she was unhindered by her pregnancy. She sat in the chair and crossed her legs, (not an easy feat). Victor told her he would come at 1300 hours.

Victor got off at his lab and the Koenigs continued on the tube to their quarters. They entered the room and their lunch, which had been pre-ordered, was already there. Helena decided to eat. She washed up and John made some coffee and Masala Chai tea.

She took the tea gratefully from him. She saw that he had made it just the way she liked it, with lots of milk. They got milk now from a yak-like creature on Beula. The Alphans along with Veredeschi had decided to domesticate them. As they were already docile it was an easy task. Helena took a sip. They had put this product through many processes and now it was as pure as any she had ever tasted.

"What is that scent? I smell the cinnamon but what is the other scent?" he asked her.

"It's cardamom."

"The smell is distinct," John observed.

"Mmm, I find it soothing. Are you going to eat that?" Helena asked pointing to a tart on his plate. Koenig handed it to her. She ate it with relish.

"You have been eating a lot lately, yet I see no great increase in weight, how is that?"

"The child is growing, John. Did you see the report I sent in this morning? How do you know I have been eating a lot?"

"No, was it about that river they discovered?" Koenig ignored the other question.

Helena duly noted it.

"No, it was about the rock formations and caves they were excavating for minerals. They found what appears to be some kind of hieroglyphics. We took a lot of pictures and Dana went down to have a look at them. She is going to set up some kind of system and feed it to Kano for computer to try and analyze," she stated.

Koenig was busy poking food into his mouth. His mind went back to Helena's dream.

"Tell me about your dreams, Helena?" Koenig wiped his mouth and got up.

"Let's wait until Victor and Bob get here then we can go into the full details." John nodded and cleared the lunch from the table.

The door buzzed and Bob Mathias entered their quarters. He kissed Helena and spun her to the left and right looking at her stomach approvingly. "Helena, you look great. Is Vincent keeping an eye on you down there?" Bob questioned.

"What do you think?" Helena said chidingly.

The door buzzed again and Victor Bergman walked in. He kissed Helena's cheek and patted Bob and John on the back. John offered them coffee and left for the kitchenette. They both sat down and made light conversation with Helena.

John handed them each a cup of Joe when he returned. The men then looked to Helena to begin her story.

"About four days ago I started having these weird dreams. At first it looked like paint running down a fence and then just a wall of deep red. It is so bizarre. It now looks like blood, just rivers of it. The more I dream the more it resembles blood. I wake in a cold sweat when I have this dream."

"I don't know what to say, what do you make of it Bob?" Victor asked while leaning back into the contour chair and crossing his legs.

"Could be Helena's own fears being dragged up in a dream?" Bob surmised leaning forward in his chair.

"Helena, I have been having a similar dream. They started four days ago too. In my case I keep seeing you and then I would see just a pool of blood on the floor and lastly a red wall." John said taking Helena's hand into his and rubbing them gently. Helena was surprised to hear this.

"John, why didn't you tell me this?" she looked alarmed.

"I did not want to worry you unnecessarily," he assured her.

They turned to Bob.

"Seems like another message from Isaiah, John. What is he saying to you now, though?" Victor mused.

"Victor, I think it is a warning. I think Isaiah wants us to avoid something." John looked earnestly at Helena.

"Yes, it could not be just Helena's fears if John is dreaming about it too," Bob observed.

"I think you are right, John. How can we avoid this one?" Helena felt threatened somehow.

"It would seem to me that you two are about to experience something that might be horrific and he is warning you about it. It could be about him. It could be a new thing you are about to attempt," Bob injected.

"The only new thing I can think of is that crystal and Alan's Eagle," Koenig responded.

"Which one would pose a threat to your future?" Victor threw out to them.

"Anyone of them I'm afraid," John said standing up and pacing. "This is too important for us to ignore. Chose one or the other and it might prove fatal. I remember that legend they have down there the mother of 'The Chosen One is Killed'." John stated.

Helena shuddered.

"Why don't we shelve both," Helena suggested.

"It might not be any of them," Bob put in.

They were back to square one. "Do we open that window again, John?" Helena inquired.

"I don't know," he answered.

They all pondered the situation while sipping their hot beverages.

"I think we should go ahead with all the things we need to, John. Isaiah will make it clear where the danger lies in time," Victor said with conviction.

"Yes, Victor, but can we afford to find out later? That is my pressing problem right now," John said.

Helena stood up and went to the kitchenette. She began making another pot of tea. The door buzzed and Koenig opened it. Tony Veredeschi walked in with a folder about a quarter of an inch thick. He handed it to John.

"Here is that file you wanted, John. Every move Helena made is recorded here," he said handing him a CD. John's head turned toward the kitchenette. He saw that Helena had not heard. He widened his golden blue eyes at Tony. "This was meant to be private. Why did you bring it here?" he chided Tony.

"John you said asap and to give it to you and you alone. I heard Helena was in a meeting with Bob. I assumed it was in medical. I thought you and the professor were meeting here. You said for your eyes only." Koenig quickly took the CD and stashed it and the file in his desk draw.

"What was that all about, John?" Victor asked walking over to him. Bob followed as he had seen the exchange also. Helena walked in before he responded.

"What's going on?" she questioned after noticing the men bundled at the door.

John looked at her wide-eyed. Everyone was silent.

"Tony, is something wrong?" she asked.

Tony Veredeschi took two steps backwards. He was not about to get in the midst of this. His Latin blood told him he needed to get out of there as fast as he could with little or no verbal contact with Helena Koenig.

"Tony, what's the matter?" she insisted.

"Helena, we still need to talk as I have a theory I would like to try out on you," Bob said taking her hand and leading her away. She went reluctantly. They sat down on the sofa as John hurried Tony out the door.

He turned to face Victor. Victor had a stony expression on his face.

"Victor, it is just a little surveillance. It is harmless. I needed to keep an eye on her while she was down there. I could not just leave her in danger down there, now could I?" The stony silence from Victor said it all to John. This had been one of his paranoid moments when he had gotten so controlling he went overboard.

"If Helena finds out, you're in the dog house again," Victor finally said. Koenig's hand went to his forehead he wiped sweat that hadn't even begun forming.

"I'd get rid of the CD and the report before she sees it," Victor offered. John conceded. Helena got up and left for the kitchenette again to finish making her tea. Bob kissed her on the cheek before she left. He gave John a look, and then let himself out, closing the door behind him.

"Let me have them," Victor said hand outstretched. John turned and walked over to his desk drawer and opened it. He took the papers out but Helena came in carrying her tea. John turned and headed to the bedroom, ditching the papers and CD in the nightstand.

Helena saw him turn but did not see anything suspicious. Victor breathed out a sigh.

He's on his own, Victor thought.

"So, Victor, will you ponder this latest dilemma with us?" Helena asked.

"Ofcourse, my dear, but I must go now. I will see you in the morning," Victor beat a hasty retreat. He was gone by the time John re-entered the room.

Helena Koenig noted that her husband looked a little flushed. She had an idea what was on his mind. She placed her tea on the coffee table and approached him. Koenig saw her approach and wondered if he was busted. She extended a hand to him and John took it. He took the unoffered hand as well. He was relieved that she had not suspected anything.

"John, I have missed you these long weeks away. Thank you for trusting me with the responsibility of setting up life support down there. I am glad you were not worried and you trusted my judgment to go and do this," she stood on tiptoe and kissed him tentatively on the mouth.

Koenig grunted and he deepened the kiss. Helena pulled back for air then she leaned in to kissed him again. Koenig felt his pulse race. He moaned. He needed her so much. He picked her up and took her into the bedroom. The contour bed loomed invitingly before them. John placed her gently down on it. He was surprised that she was not very heavy.

He kneeled over her and kissed her. Helena felt her heart race. Koenig rolled over on the bed taking her with him. Helena laid on top of him.

Kissing her, John's hand went up her back and unzipped her dress. They felt the baby's powerful kick. Helena rolled off John and sighed. John propped himself up on his elbow and looked at her.

"Are you going to let what those people said to you stop us from making love, Helena?" Koenig was sincere in voicing his question.

"John, we dare not risk it and find out." Koenig could see she was serious.

"You said that the last time I tried to make love to you. Isaiah does not care if we make love or not,"

John stood up, not a little put out that she was still thinking about the prophecy. He took his clothes off and headed to the shower to take a cold one.

Helena rolled onto her side. She dangled her legs off the bed as the shower started up. She was about to get up when she saw something sticking out of one of the desk drawers. Helena opened it a little and tucked it in better, closing the drawer. She went and got her tea.

The tea was a little cold. She warmed it up and brought it in with her. She decided to undress before John came in, not wanting to distress him further. Helena placed her tea on the nightstand but it spilled. It ran down to the front and got into the drawer, which was still not closed properly. Helena used the embroidered doily to sop up the mess. She tossed it in a clothes hamper and opened the drawer to see how much damage had been done.

She spotted the CD and file. She reached for it and took it out. It said simply 'HSM'. Helena wondered what was in it. She reached for the file and wiped the milky product from it. She opened the pages to see if any of them where damaged. What reached her eyes took her breath away. She breezed through the files. Helena's face was red with frustration and embarrassment.

Not once had John Koenig come in to her head unknown to her. He never even came by astral projection to spy on her and now she knew why. He had used Tony Veredeschi and his security team to do it. John never trusted her. Helena got up and went to the bathroom as John came out of the shower toweling himself off. She threw the file at his feet and it scattered. Koenig felt as if his heart had sunk to the bottom of his stomach.

"Helena, please, don't jump to conclusions," were the first words out of his mouth. She turned and walked away. He pursued her, naked, into the bedroom. Koenig could have kicked himself and Tony for what was about to get ugly.

"John Koenig, I don't have to jump to conclusions, the evidence is clear," she sounded exasperated to John. He thought, Good, good, at least she is not angry.

"What's the matter with you, John? Why do you have to do this? You are getting overbearing, over-protective, and downright paranoid. I - am - safe down there, John, safe! I am surrounded by Alphans and you need to have me watched!" she was shrieking now.

"Helena, this is for your own protection. Anything can happen in a hostile environment. We don't know what type of dangerous animals roam that planet! It's constantly snowing and I feel better knowing you are protected."

The fact that he was standing in his skivvies did nothing for her; she was too upset about his latest controlling attitude to even care. "I thought you had relaxed a little, John. I thought you trusted me to be down there without you watching over me like a mother hen."

"I do trust you, but I am leaving nothing to chance." His feet were now spread in a defiant stance.

"John, you put me under house arrest! I ignored it because it turned out that they were up to something. But, do you realize that they took me anyway? You can't always protect me, John. Oh, you can try but you have got to let it go. John listen, I need you to relax. You are too tense. As a doctor, I can see you are nervous about the baby's welfare but, for heaven's sake, you are becoming a wreck," she threw her hands into the air then and turned away from him.

"Helena, there have been too many attempts made on your life. I am glad you found out because now I can tell you that you will have a full security detail from now on." Helena turned and faced him when he said that. Her eyes narrowed.

"Are you crazy? Did you hear a word I said?! Did you have one on me while down there? Is that where you acquired the pictures?"

Koenig felt a slight chill in the air and it was not coming from the air ducts. The icy stare from Helena shriveled his manhood. John wondered if she was right at that moment, but he did not falter. He walked away from her.

"Helena, you did not see what I saw, what I went through alone while you were dying. I, not only saw our future and kissed you, I saw an empire. If we are going to survive and reach the universe as Arra said, we have to make some changes. I will not allow you to keep putting yourself in danger!"

"I am in no danger now, John! Except maybe from your smothering," She spun on her feet and headed for her closet. She removed her overnight bag from the top shelf and started removing her clothing from hangers and drawers.

John watched her and his mind was in a panic. His instincts told him she was still in danger. He wanted to protect her at all cost. He had to keep the security detail around her even without her knowledge.

John had become more intuitive since he became immortal and now his instincts were even sharper. He sensed she was somehow in constant danger. If she insisted on doing things without me then she must have security. He approached her.

"Where are you going?" he spoke softly. Helena heard something in his voice. She tried to read his mind. He had closed it. She tried harder. She saw fear this time. He felt overwhelmed. Now it was closed again. She felt his hand on her shoulder. She heard him sigh.

"Helena, you can't leave. I need you and I want you. I can't do this alone. Please don't fight me on this," he pleaded. He spun her around and gently took the bag from her hand. He placed it at their feet. His hand went back to her shoulder.

"Don't do this." Helena looked into his eyes. She saw his determination to protect her there. She looked at the dark golden blue color. His eyes were intense but Helena was still angry.

"I won't leave. I will stay. I, however, will sleep on the sofa. It is one thing, John Koenig, when we are in danger for you to want to protect me but it is another when there is no danger and you still want to keep tabs on me." She stepped to the side and out of his arms. Helena reached into the drawer and pulled out her most unflattering nightgown. John watched her and he gave a sigh of relief. He watched her put it on.

John remembered he was naked and went to put his pajama bottoms on. He saw her take a set of bed linen from the closet. He walked over to her and took them from her.

"What are you doing?" His sudden movement startled her. She felt the baby kick. Her hand went down to her side as she felt the imprint of the baby's hand. He was pressing up against her skin.

"I'll sleep on the sofa, you take the bed." When she did not respond, John looked at her. Her face was in a grimace. Her brow was furrowed.

"What's the matter?" he questioned.

"The baby," she did not move. She started to rub the spot vigorously. "Come on, Isaiah, move," Helena said while massaging the spot.

"Helena," John said concerned because she had stood rooted.

Helena massaged the spot some more. Isaiah had not moved despite the gentle pressure from her hand. She spoke to him with cooing sounds. John tossed the linen in the closet. He knelt before her and placed his hand under her nightgown and onto the spot.

He felt his son's hand and the tautness of her skin. He massaged it. Helena's face became even more distressed. John stood up and lifted her up of her feet. He walked over to the bed and placed her on it. He sat gently beside her and raised her gown. He again massaged the spot. Her facial muscles became softer. She closed her eyes.

John was concerned and hoped that he had not caused her distress. Isaiah's hand shifted position and his round butt rose at the other end of her. The strain was gone from one spot but now he was pushing from the other side. Her hand went to that end. Her eyes never opened as her brow wrinkled in a frown. Koenig massaged there as well. Helena relaxed once again as the child moved a little.

Isaiah shifted his position after two minutes. Helena was asleep by then. John stretched his length beside her. He draped his arm over her stomach. Koenig closed his eyes and slept.

Helena slept well but the pressure on her full bladder had awakened her in the morning. When she tried to get up she realized that John's arm was draped across her. She remembered how gentle he had been with her yesterday. She smiled at him as she gently lifted his arms. She gingerly put her legs over the side and stood. She padded to the bathroom.

John was awake as soon as she got up. He watched her enter and the door as it slid shut. John got up and headed for the bathroom. He had been having wet dreams all night long and he woke up ready, willing and able. He knocked softly on the door. She did not reply. He tried the keypad. It did not open.

John went for his comlock "Computer, open bathroom door in my quarters." The door slid open and a surprised Helena seated on the commode met his stare.

She knew what was on his mind. She saw what was on his mind. She wanted him too. She had been dreaming of him last night. Now she saw why. She tried to ignore the urge.

"Do you intend to evade my privacy here as well, John Koenig?" Her eyes looked none too pleased.

"I told you last night that I wanted you. We have not made love now for over five months. Bob says it is OK. I do not believe the prophecy about our son. Yes, some of the things they said came true but they deceived us on many levels. I love you and need you right now." He pulled her to him. She felt his hot breath as he kissed her lips.

Helena Koenig wanted him too, especially since he had not desired her in so many months. He kissed her forehead and her ears. His arms held her tightly. His lips claimed hers as he kissed her ardently. Before she could protest her nightgown fell away and he was lifting her off her feet.

John made easy strides to the bed and laid her on it. His lips never left hers. Helena lay naked and wordless in his arms. Koenig quickly shed his one piece of clothing. He looked into her smoldering eyes as his lips descended on hers. Helena felt strange. She felt a burning that began from the center of her uterus. It traveled outward.

Koenig felt a heat rising beneath his stomach, which was on Helena's stomach. He looked down and Helena's stomach was bright red with heat. John jumped from the bed. Helena looked down at her stomach. She felt no pain only some warmth.

"What's happening? Are you OK?" He was in shock. The color moved inward as did the heat. It faded then vanished.

"I think that was a surprise from Isaiah. The legend is true, John." She smiled at the look on John's face.

John Koenig, his arms akimbo stood in shocked silence. Helena got up gingerly off the bed. She felt exhilarated for some reason. She figured that it was a side effect from whatever Isaiah did.

Koenig found his voice. "This kid isn't here yet and he is giving us so much trouble. Remind me to paddle his butt."

Helena headed for the shower. John had a mind to join her but he changed it. He headed naked to the kitchenette and made her tea then he put the coffee on.

When she came out, he handed her the tea. He went into the shower. He placed his coffee cup on a shelf and he sipped it as he showered. Helena got dressed.

John came out of the shower and toweled dry. He shaved. The door was open now and he watched her while he shaved. She pulled the ponytail free now and John saw her hair cascade down her back. Her hair had a brilliant shine to it. Koenig saw that it had grown a lot in the last couple of weeks. He splashed some water on his face then toweled dry.

He walked over to her. He took the brush from her hand and brushed her hair gently. Helena stood quietly while he brushed it. Her eyes closed.


Koenig sighed then handed her the brush and went to the compost.

"Koenig here."

"John, are you and Helena ready to try out this crystal? Computer and I have analyzed it enough. We got nowhere with it," Victor stated a little annoyed.

Koenig looked at Helena and mouthed the words 'breakfast' to her. She shrugged her shoulders.

She said, "Bagel will do fine. We have some in the refridge."

Koenig turned back to the compost and to Victor. "We will be in Main Mission in twenty minutes." Koenig rang off and finished dressing. He watched as Helena tied her hair with a thin leather strap and then plaited the tail in a long braid. She then tied it at the end. The result was beautiful.

"Where did you get that idea?" John asked brushing his own hair.

"Alibe," she said.

They went to the kitchenette and warmed their bagel. John checked on a few files while he ate. Helena put a call in to Mathias while she too ate. They left their quarters and headed to Main Mission where Victor was to meet them.

They entered Main Mission and all eyes turned towards the couple. They both looked rejuvenated and walked with light steps. The Alphans had the greatest of respect for these two, especially since the landing. The room was abuzz with workers. Many were tapping away at their consoles and passing information to each other. One of the services personnel served coffee and Kano sat by Maya's desk talking with her.

They were all working in shifts and would go down planet-side when their leave was due. They all looked forward to personalizing their digs. Kano got up and went back to his desk raising a hand to Helena as she passed. They were all surprised by her radiance. Some of the women's jealous stares were not lost on Helena.

They headed to Kano's desk as Victor entered Main Mission. He had the crystal. Koenig spoke to Kano.

"Any disturbances?"

"No, Commander."

"Alright, John, let's see what happens now. I hope it's not harmful us," Victor stated. He handed John the crystal.

"I think it killed the others because it realized they were our enemies. It did not harm Maya or anyone else," John assured him. "Alright, Helena, hold it." Helena Koenig reached out a tentative hand.

"Monitor any and all occurrences Kano, Sahn and Maya."

Helena's hand on the crystal with his produced a light. The light brought the tips downward as it extended. A diamond tip came from the head of the key. The light that shot out from the crystal was yellow. A million lights then shot outward from its frame. It permeated everything. The light went through Alpha, the moon and into the universe.

"Door to space opening, Commander!" Kano reported.

"Onscreen, Kano," Koenig ordered. The Alphans watched as Maya, Kano and Sahn worked to pan the universe and scan the horizon.

A gigantic doorway appeared and they all watched as it rolled away both sides retreating like an elevator door.

"Scan that doorway, Sahn," Koenig ordered.

"Five planets, Commander. The closest one is giving off a lot of signals!" reported Maya.

"To whom?" demanded the Commander.

"The other planets, Commander," Sahn joined in.

"What are they saying?" Koenig asked.

The communiqué flashed across the screen as computer translated.



"The message runs on like that, Commander," Sahn told him.

"Send them a message, Sahn. 'We come in peace'. We bear the crystal key," Koenig stated.

Sandra sent the message out repeatedly. "They are responding, Commander," she said.



"Tell them colorless, Sahn." Koenig responded.

A message came back.


"I am Commander John Koenig, leader of the people of Moonbase Alpha. I was given the key by the Beulans. Arra bequeathed it to me."


"Sahn, send them our co-ordinates."


The light from the crystal began to retreat rapidly. "What's happening?" Koenig asked.


Koenig saw a ship materialize as it came through the portal before it closed. The light retreated into the crystal. The spaceship was moving rapidly towards Alpha. Koenig did not know what to think.

"Raise Bergman shield!" Koenig barked.

The ship signaled them. Maya opened a channel. The face of a woman came onscreen as the shields closed over Alpha.

"Permission to land, Commander Koenig," she asked. She had raven black hair, a hawkish nose with a very narrow face, decidedly humanoid they thought.

"Permission denied. You have me at a disadvantage. You know my name, who are you friend or foe?" Koenig lowered the crystal.

"I am Kisler, first officer of the carrier Noddegamra III. I come in peace." Koenig noted her blue military garb.

"You are dressed for war," his facial muscles tightened. He sensed that she was lying. Another such incident came to his mind.

"I assure you, we are on exploration at the moment and quite unarmed," she smiled and her hawk nose turned upward.

"Permission denied," Koenig repeated. The Alphans watched the ship circled the moonbase.

"What do they want, Commander?" Sahn asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine. The Centarians gave us a warning. I think she is Karidorin."

Victor came and stood by him. "I couldn't agree with you more John," he said.

Helena sat, as she was feeling weary suddenly. She felt her stomach lurch. A wall of red flashed before her face. Something was wrong so she sat down.

"We can't leave them circling us like that, John," Victor observed.

"What do you suggest, Victor?" John turned to him but Helena spoke before Victor could answer.

"Something is wrong, John. I do not feel quite like myself. They are doing something to the moon that we are not aware of," Helena breathed out.

Koenig went to her and knelt before her, "Maya, scan that ship for activity." He took her hand as Victor reached for her scanner and used it to assess her condition.

"Commander, we are being bombarded with neutrino particles," Maya called in alarm.

"Victor, what are they doing?" Koenig looked at him and Victor could see he was angry. Helena's hand went to her swollen stomach. She knew what it was.

"John," she said clutching him in earnest. "I need to get to medical, call Bob. Tell him I am having a miscarriage! We need to stop it!"

Koenig lifted her from the chair and headed out Main Mission door with Victor in tow.

Koenig barked orders as he went, "Maya block those emissions! I do not know how they are using it to affect Helena but I want it stopped. Alan, intercept that ship and shoot it down. She has finally shown her hand. Tony you are in charge. See to it that enemy ship is out of commission."

They headed out the door. Tony Veredeschi called Eagle security detail to launch pad three and four as Alan headed out the door. Alan entered the travel tube spoiling for a fight.

The enemy ship was shaped like an insect. It was red in color and resembled a scorpion. Alan and the rest of the Eagles took flight ignoring lift off procedures. The enemy ship took off at lightning speed.

Victor called ahead and they were ready for Helena as Koenig brought her in and laid her on a bed. Bob checked her and administered a drug to stop the false labor.

"This should stop the contractions, Helena," he soothed her. John stood tensely by. Bob watched the monitors for any signs of change. There was none and Helena was getting more uncomfortable. Bob foresaw the breaking of the amniotic sac if they did not stop the contractions now. He left the room hurriedly.

Koenig came over and stood by her. He took her hand. Helena winced. He looked at her. Her eyes were large anguished pools. "The dreams, John, is this it... is this what we were being warned about?"

"Everything will be okay, Helena, just relax, Bob is doing all he can to stop this," John reassured her.

Bleep! Bleep!

"Commander," Tony's face appeared on John's comlock "John, Sahn has reported a drop in our oxygen level. We think there is a breach somewhere. We can't find it and Kano says Computer has no knowledge of a leak."

"How long before our oxygen is depleted?" John questioned.

"At this rate, three hours." John heard an explosion off screen. "The enemy vessel?"

"Destroyed, John," Tony looked the way John felt, angry. "They fired on Alan and the group. We had to take them out."

"We need to open the portal and get help from the Centarians," John finally stated.

"Is Helena up to it?" Tony asked wearily.

"I don't know, Tony. She is dealing with a miscarriage now and..." Koenig broke off as he noticed a yellow shield go up around Helena's form. It extended outward as it enveloped her bed and a part of the room. Bob entered the room at a run.

"Isaiah is trying to stem his abortion," Bob observed, "There is nothing we can do when he does that, John."

"We need her now, Bob, we have to open that portal again." Koenig looked at Tony's face onscreen. "We just lost Helena, Tony. The baby has a forcefield up around her now. We better pray there are no more enemy ships on the horizon."

"John, Sahn says if we go on minimum out-put that will buy us another two hours worth of oxygen," Tony stated.

"OK, Tony that will buy us time. Hopefully Isaiah will repair the breech before that," Koenig offered.

"I hope so, for all our sakes John," Tony closed the transmission. He told Alan to circle and see if any other ships were about then come in.

John Koenig joined Victor outside the room. He began to pace. Alan came in an hour later. Koenig watched Alan as he looked at Helena through the observation window. Koenig could see Alan had something on his mind.

He approached him. "What's the matter, Alan?" Alan turned to him.

"Nothing, Commander, nothing," Alan looked unsure to John.

"You have been cagey now for days. Helena will be OK. Tell me what's been on your mind," he laid a hand on Alan's shoulder.

"If she is going to be okay, why are you pacing?' Alan asked.

"I think it is more out of habit now than anything else. You are trying to avoid my question, Alan, out with it."

"This is not the time or the place, John. When this is over I will talk to you about it, but not now," Alan decided.

"OK, Alan, rain check then," Koenig looked up at Helena and noted that there was no change. He turned to Victor. "Victor, we might have to find another way out of this predicament."

Victor was already thinking about it. "We need to find the breech John then repair it."

"How do we do that?" John asked hoping Victor had ideas.

"I heard Tony. We need to retrace the flight of that ship. Wherever it stayed the longest is where we are likely to find that breech," Victor stated, snapping his fingers.

Koenig called Tony and told him. Tony got right on it. It took Sandra 15 minutes to find the leak. Tony sent a crew out to repair the breech before too much oxygen escaped. The Alphans were relieved. They were grateful to be doing something instead of sitting like pigs ready for the slaughter.

Koenig was not sure it was enough. He hoped they would not depend on Helena just now. He hoped this would be enough. Koenig began his pacing again. He entered the room when he saw Bob smile at the monitors.

"Her vitals and that of the baby's are stabilizing," announced Bob with a grin. Koenig smacked him on the back and the two men smiled at each other.

The Klaxon blared as Main Mission went to red alert under Tony Veredeschi's orders. The announcements came next.




The staff in medical looked to Bob Mathias. He nodded his head. They knew who were to stay and who were to go. There were ten patients in medical at the moment including Helena. Only one person was critically ill. The others were recovering from various ailments. Least of all was a case of colic.

"I am torn between staying here and going to Main Mission," John declared. Bob looked at him.

"Helena is stable, John, you can go," Bob assured him. John hesitated.

Did that wall of red mean more than what's happening now? Should I be worried about her and stay or should I go. John felt there was more to this than what he saw. He could not shake the feeling that Helena and Isaiah were still in trouble.

"Call me the minute there is any change," John said in earnest. Bob nodded and smiled. The forcefield was still around Helena. It was as though she were in an incubator. Bob reached out a tentative hand to touch it and thought better of the idea.

John felt the oxygen level as it changed. His heart made the necessary adjustments. He looked to Victor Bergman as he was leaving. "You better stay in medical, Victor, your heart won't be able to adjust to the drop in oxygen level. When it gets bad, have Bob put you on oxygen," John told his dear friend. Victor nodded.

John headed into Main Mission and saw that only senior staff was on duty. He knew that was not to be the case but he thought better of saying anything.

"How does it look, Tony?" John asked.

"Not good. Computer predicts we will all be dead in two hours at this rate," Veredeschi stated. "They found two more breeches, John."

"Will we be able to repair them in time?"

"No, John," Tony sigh feeling his anger rise with every passing moment. He looked over at Maya. She looked up at him but he could not bring himself to look her in the eye.

Bleep! Bleep!

John reached for his comlock, "Koenig here."

Dr. Mathias' face came into view. John braced himself.

"Commander, we are losing too much oxygen in medical," Bob declared. Koenig could see beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Bob, you are at the same level as the rest of us," Sandra stated.

"Sahn, check medical's oxygen levels," Koenig, ordered. They all waited.

"Oxygen level in medical is at thirty per cent capacity and dropping as I speak. The heat is also rising in there. This is not possible, Commander, something must be depleting the air in medical!" Sandra said alarmed.

Koenig looked at the tiny screen in his hand. "Bob, I think Isaiah is using the oxygen to build and sustain that forcefield around Helena."

"John, I think you are right," Bob said. John heard an alarm in medical and saw Bob look up.

"Bob, what's happened? Is it Helena?" John was headed out the door of Main Mission even as he spoke.

"Victor just passed out. It is okay; the nurses are giving him oxygen now, he will be all right. What do we do with this new piece of information, Commander?" Bob asked.

John stopped at Main Mission's sliding doors. He turned and headed to his office. "Sahn, try to get the Centarians. They are our last hope. Keep a signal going and inform them of our predicament. Tony, Alan, Maya, Paul, come to my office for a meeting in three minutes." The doors slid shut on John Koenig. He leaned against it for a minute.

John realized that the situation was worse than he first thought it was. They could all die. He needed to be with Helena but he had to be here. John went down the little staircase. He said a prayer for his love and his base. Koenig let them in later.

"We need to have a plan to get off this death trap we call a home. Alan how many Eagles are here and how many personnel per Eagle?" Koenig asked getting to the point.

Alan stopped at the monitor on John's desk and punched up his files. He went down the line and them tapped into personnel files and turned to John.

"More than half our staff is here, John, and there are only three Eagles now. It will take them three hours to fly from Beula to get us. We might be dead by then," Alan stated glumly.

"I need to get Isaiah to release Helena. We need the help of the Centarians," Koenig stood as he spoke. The rest sat down.

"What about the key?" Maya asked.

"We can't use it without Helena," Koenig explained to her.

"I know, Commander, but can we get it to her," she insisted.

"How?" Tony asked. They all looked at her.

"What are your abilities, Commander?" she asked.

"I don't know. I guess I can read Helena's mind. I can also do some sort of time travel. We both astral travel when we are apart." Koenig did not know what Maya was getting at.

"Commander, could you astral project with an object, namely the key?" she asked.

Koenig stop moving and looked at her. "Maya, there might be a danger in doing that. The baby might be in danger from the power that instrument packs with that forcefield up."

The Alphans heard a bleep and computer announced:


The Alphans felt the difference immediately.

"How long do we have now, Maya?" Koenig questioned as his breathing became more labored.

"I would say 45 minutes, Commander," she painfully confirmed.

"We need a plan," Koenig insisted.

"The only hope I see is for Helena to wake up from that cocoon she is in," Alan pointed out the obvious.

"So how do we get her out," Paul wondered aloud.

They sat there, puzzled. An alarm went off and Koenig looked at his screen. Oxygen level in medical at critical level, it read.

"Let's get to medical. Maybe we can figure it out there," Koenig offered.

They all got up and headed out the door. Koenig could see that some Alphans were already slumped over their consoles. Some had simply slipped down the wall and unto the floor.

Their feet labored to medical. They found the entire staff passed out. The heat in there was getting intolerable.

"Tony, get those oxygen tanks from the storage unit. We will at least be alive long enough to keep trying to come up with something," Koenig noted.

Tony brought in the tanks. They all strapped them on. They walked into Helena's room. The forcefield was brighter and more solid in shape. Koenig looked at the monitors and saw that they were both out of danger, but how long could the baby keep them in this shelter?

Maya removed her mask. "Commander, why don't you try the astral projection?" Koenig turned to her and looked into her eyes and saw her fear. She is clutching at straws, he thought.

The rest of them looked at him. At this stage Koenig was willing to try anything.

"You need to put me to sleep or in some sort of stupor. Tony, get the crystal. It is on my desk in Main Mission," Koenig ordered. Tony turned and hurried out. He saw fallen Alphans all over the place.

"So close, to die now," Tony shook his head from side to side as he spoke and hurried by.

John was lying beside Helena on another cot when Veredeschi returned. He was half asleep. He handed John the shard. "Can't you project without falling asleep?" Veredeschi asked.

John looked tiredly at him. "I guess so but I want to go under." John closed his eyes. He was half asleep. The monitors in Moonbase Alpha went off as Computer announced the first death.


The Alphans stifled unconscious moaned. Koenig astral projected. He was outside his body. He could see the string that attached him to his body this time. He floated over to Helena. Koenig wondered if he could enter the forcefield in that form, he gave it a shot.

Koenig felt a tingling starting at his point of entry. His head was inside the forcefield Koenig decided to check for the shard. He had left it behind. He decided to see what he could do inside the forcefield to release Helena. He hoped she would be awake. He saw Helena was, indeed, awake. He looked at her. She saw him and smiled at him. When he did not respond in kind Helena realized something was wrong. John held her hand and projected his thoughts into her head.

They both agreed to try and reach the boy. They concentrated. John and Helena saw a wall of red and they were puzzled. They tried to get through it. They looked at each other and tried again. John could hear the monitor alarm outside and he heard computer chime in.


John could see Helena was more aware of what was going on now. They tried harder. The wall of red was crumbling. They were both inside the amniotic sac. They saw the boy for the first time. A thin yellow light outlined his body and surrounded him. Helena and John felt like they were in another universe.

John poked the fetus They saw the child clench and unclench his fist and his eyes opened. The green fluid swirled around them as they conveyed to him the importance of releasing Helena who was in no danger of miscarrying now. They watched as the child relaxed his hand and the red cleared.

The forcefield broke. John returned to his body and sat up. Helena gingerly sat up too. The Alphans around them beamed happily. Koenig got off his cot and held Helena's hand. The shard opened and extended. The lights flashed and created a yellow path outward.

The Alphans were amazed as the lights turned into a thousand beams and headed outward. They did not see it but the doorway opened. Dar had a fleet of ships waiting. They came through. Koenig and Helena both slumped to the floor. They had run out of oxygen.

The monitors bleeped again and computer chimed in.


The Alphans with air still in their tanks attached John's tank to him and gave Helena one. They revived. Alan and Tony helped them to their feet. They head out at a fast pace to Main Mission.

Koenig entered to see the ships circling Alpha. They watched as a beam shot out from the Centarians' ship. They were repairing the breach as another ship was pumping air into the tanks and compartments of Alpha. Koenig felt a rush of air and relief flood him at the same time. They all sat down exhausted. They watched as the others around them revived. A cheer went up in Main Mission. They were safe.

In five minutes everyone was sitting up. Computer had not announced any other deaths. Everyone was relieved that most had come through alive. Bob sent a detail to bring the dead women into medical. All were saddened by the loss of lives.

"Permission to land, Commander Koenig?" Dar asked out of curtsey.

"Permission granted, Dar," Koenig acquiesced. "Oh and Dar..."

"Yes, Commander."

"Thank you for your quick response," Koenig said gratefully.

"We were glad to assist you, Commander."

Koenig closed the channel. Sandra announced the arrival of another set of vessels it was the Alphans from Beula. Sandra smiled and said, "Alphans from Beula coming to our rescue Commander."

They all watched the screen. The Centarians landed and cleared the platform in time for the Eagles. Koenig looked to Helena. "Back to medical with you, young lady, rest. Maya, Tony and Alan we need to meet our knew arrivals," Koenig smiled.

"I'll check on Victor," Helena said and left with them.

Alan Carter edged behind Koenig as they walked toward the landing area. Koenig noticed he was lagging behind and turned. Koenig stopped.

"Alan, do you want to talk to me now?" Koenig saw his hesitation and turned to wave the other two on ahead.

"Okay, I might as well just say it. I am going to propose to Alibe," Alan looked nervously downward after saying this.

Koenig was pensive. "Are you sure of this Alan?"

"John, I can't breathe without her near me. I am so afraid of losing her; my stomach is in a knot all the time. I need to marry her. I want her, John. My every being says she is the one." Alan broke out in a sweat.

"Then propose," Koenig said simply. Alan looked up as if realizing this for the first time. Koenig smiled as he remembered the scene he saw in the future he knew whose boys they were, also who was in that coffin. He would cross that bridge when he came to it.

"I have been so antsy all this time. So how do I do it?" He was sweating now. John wondered if he would survive the answer.

"Women love romance Alan. Wine her and dine her then ask."

Alan still looked antsy to John. A smile broke through momentarily. Koenig could see he would have to coach Alan through this difficult task. He arranged to meet with him in the morning to go over the fine details of his proposal.

Alan grinned then and looked relieved. He had bagged many women but he had never asked one to marry him. Koenig patted him on the back and moved him along after all, their new friends were waiting.

The Centarians greeted the Alphans enthusiastically. Koenig again told them he was grateful for their help. Koenig invited them to Main Mission. They told him they had long awaited their arrivals. The Centarians were invited to eat and sleep over so they could fill Koenig in on what they had said earlier about him leading them.

Koenig sat in a meeting with the Centarians as they outlined the role of the Pentact. The Centarians were a willowy bunch but they were humanoid. Their pale green skin glowed in Alpha's light. They had sharp noses and big dark eyes. Koenig was most impressed by their strong bearing and forthrightness. Their long sideburns were bulbous and fleshy.

Alan and Tony sat to his right and left. The Pentact they gathered was a peacekeeping force. They told Koenig that as the keeper of the first key he was automatically the head of the Pentact.

They outlined the galaxies and the dangers from their various neighbors. Koenig saw why it was so important to keep the peace. The center planet, Coron, was a jewel. This was at the center of the universe and held their headquarters. This jewel was in danger of being taken over or looted. The system worked well from what they were telling Koenig. They told him he would have to train for a year in order to join the Pentact. Dar told him as the leader it was mandatory. He would have to train on Pul.

John was not sure he should be their leader but when Dar produced his green crystal and it was the exact identical of his, except for the color John knew his destiny was about to be shifted from this runaway satellite to the universe.

Koenig was not sure how to break the news to Helena. He would have to go after Isaiah was born. He did not know why but he trusted what they were saying to him. Dar told him that there were more planets in the S. E. N. F. S. system for him to choose a planet that would suit him when his training and post were set. The offer of their very own earth-like planet pleased Koenig.

Dar set the galaxy star charts before him and showed him the ten planets nearest to him. Dar assured him that with their technology Koenig could reach them. Koenig's mind was made up. He would go, but how would he break the news to Helena?

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