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Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: Adventure, John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2004

Story 5 in the "Beula" series +
1 - Synergy
2 - Lud
3 - Beula
4 - Pul
5 - Delivery
6 - Kidnapped
7 - Training, Mothering
8 - This Love
9 - War
10 - She is Mine
Helena and John are resting when a crisis occurred and a big snow storm rolls in. Alan Carter pops the big question.
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Moonbase Alpha's status report: 1514 days after leaving Earth's orbit - Dr. Helena Koenig recording. John Koenig is spending time visiting most of the planets in the Pentact. I have told him to come home as it is near my due date. I sense that something is wrong and I want to spend some time on Beula alone with him as he had suggested.

John looked at the manual for his leadership training. He had loved touring with Dar as he showed them the various strong holds. Koenig was in contact with Alpha during the two weeks it took him, Alan, and Victor to see what Dar called Shantu 1. It was a collection of six bases all over the universe. They were all military operations manned by different species from all the surrounding planets in the Gorin System.

John closed the manual. It looked intense and involved training in marksmanship, spaceship maneuvers, target practice, a form of self defense unknown to them called Tz, camouflage, killing various species with a single blow and recinufo. John had no idea what that was. They told him he would have to see it to believe it.

John planned to take Alan along but in light of what Alan had told him weeks ago. Alan already had plans. He sure was taking his time to make up his mind. Koenig had gone over the scenario with him several times. Alan had even spoken to Helena about it. Yet, every time he approached the woman about it he broke out in a cold sweat. Koenig could not stop laughing.

Every romantic dinner with Alibe ended in Alan's hyperventilating. Alibe was going nuts just trying to figure out what was making Alan so ill. He had lost ten pounds and Alibe had consulted Helena about Alan's strange behavior. It was all Helena could do to keep a straight face around her.

She ensured Alibe that Alan had just had his yearly physical and was doing just fine. Alibe was not convinced she thought Alan was dying and people were keeping her in the dark. No one made her the wiser. Koenig smiled as he remembered Alan's last fiasco.

Alan and Alibe had a romantic evening planned in Alan's apartment when he decided to get up and just blurt it out. Suffice it to say, Alan jumped up tripped over his own feet and knocked himself out on the edge of the table. Alibe had called medical and Alan had a minor concussion. The entire command staff had a good chuckle over that one. For weeks Alan wore that bandage with disdain. John smiled now as he thought of it.

He had warned Alan not to do it in a confined space. Alan was not amused.

Koenig and Alan had talked several times about this as they shuttled from the planets Pul, Coron, and Mendali. Koenig had yet to go through the tear in space to the fourth planet. As a matter of fact Dar had refused to talk about them. He called them an unnecessary evil that had to be tolerated. Koenig did not pry; he felt Dar would tell him in time.

Koenig had now to figure out whom to take with him on this training. He placed the manual down. It was not unlike the space program training but John felt that the unknown was the problem. He did not know what to expect entirely.

He spun around in his chair. The second shift of Alphans was on the planet Beula now. Alibe and Maya were working on setting up satellite stations on Resgal. The Koenigs were scheduled for a little R and R there too as a matter of fact. Their home in Madesthiasa was being fortified accoring to Pulian standards and on Resgal was their summer home, a much smaller secluded spot.

They had turned the little islet to the north of them into their home away from home. The service people had a field day complementing the place with both Beula and Alpha furnishings. Alpha was now to bear minimal furnishings in the quarters.

Koenig's mind went back to Helena on the morning that he had broken the news of his one-year training on Pul.

Helena was still having the dreams of red and she had awakened from a nightmare in a cold sweat. Koenig sat beside her reassuring her that it was just a dream. Helena was agitated all morning after that. Koenig did not feel anytime would be a right time to broach the subject with her but he wished he had picked another morning.

Helena was on her day off and so was he. He served her breakfast in bed and she had taken a nap after that. She had bad dreams six nights in a row now that she was nearing the end of her pregnancy.

John had told her they should take a week off before she had the baby and Helena had agreed. Now he was going to broach the next topic. He held her hand.

"Baby," he started.

Helena braced herself. Something was up he never called her baby in that tone of voice unless he really, really desperately wanted something.

"Yes John," she looked him in the eyes.

"Did you speak to Dar and Magdis yesterday?"


"Did they mention anything untoward?"

"No... yes as a matter of fact, Magdis offered to stay with me while you were away," Helena smiled when she saw him go pale.

"Helena, how long have you been aware of this?"

"Since yesterday," she smiled her most dangerous. "As a matter of interest when were you fixing to tell me, John Koenig?"

"Now Baby, listen to me. I did not want to worry you too much so I was just picking the right moment."

"You just thought I might hear by accident and you figured to tell me to avoid some of the fall-out."

"You know me so well." He relented quickly.

"I know you so well, mmhm. John you must be out of your cotton pickin' mind if you think you are going to leave after Junior is born. I am not a single parent." Koenig watched as her eyes squinted and her teeth bared.

"This is bad,' he thought, "real bad."

"Now pumpkin,"

"Don't now pumpkin me, Oh, let's not talk about it. You're not going!" Koenig saw the set of her jaw and the look in her eyes. He knew he was not going. But he tried anyway. He stood up and began pacing back and forth.

"I don't know if you realize it but we are up to our eye balls in planets. Dar says we can choose from a number of planets when - and not if - we join the Pentact. I have no choice. Arra would not have brought us to this point if she did not think it were possible. Already we have men and women studying the ways of these people and living among them. Beula is too cold to live there permanently."

"Do not tell me the obvious, John. You are going to be a father also. Where is your responsibility to your family?"

"Don't say that. We have to look at the big picture here."

Helena Koenig stood and faced him. He stopped the marching. "This is the big picture," she said standing before him. The situation was too serious for him to crack a smile.

"The Alphans need this," he said quietly.

"No John, you need this." Her voice was cold as she said it. She walked away and Koenig grabbed her arm. Helena spun around suddenly and her elbow caught him right in the kisser. Blood instantly spilled from his cut lip. Helena was the only one who could bruise him this easily.

Helena ran to the bathroom for a towel and tried to staunch the flow of blood. She went for ice and wrapped it in the towel. Koenig kept it on his lip for a while. All this time Helena never spoke. He decided to speak again.

"Helena," Koenig took the towel from his lip, "I want to be able to protect you and Alpha. The only way I can do this is to join these people. I do not know what all our futures hold, but I do know this certain decisions have to be made in order to secure it. Sacrifices have to be made also." Helena Koenig's hand went up and John stopped speaking.

She saw the cut had stopped bleeding and the area healed before her eyes.

"In the name of all that is true and right, John, if you leave right after our child is born, do not - and I repeat do not - come back into our lives!"

Koenig felt the finality of what she said. It hit him in the heart. He knew he had to go so he decided not to pursue the argument any further.

"OK Helena you win. I will stay. I will work something out with the Pentact."

Helena breathed a sigh of relief. She knew the battle was not over but she hoped when the time came she would be more reasonable. For now she wanted John with her to raise their son. Helena moved to sit beside him.

John sat up and heaved a heavy sigh. He pressed the button on his console, "Helena, are you ready?" Her face was positively radiant. She would be off for a year. Already the baby had turned and was positioning himself for delivery. In her last trimester the child had slowed its development. She was ecstatic at the impending birth. Koenig had lifted all restriction on births on Alpha. The Alphans were happy indeed.

The Beulan skyline brightened as Eagle One broke over the horizon. The Omega (what they had decided to call the partial sun in this part of the universe) brightened up the planet as the Eagle went in for a landing. They landed on Resgal's little isle.

Koenig was the Eagle's only pilot. Helena sat beside him in the cockpit. John could see that she had dozed off. He unstrapped himself and went over to her. He kissed her gently on the lips. A smile crossed her beautiful mouth and her wonderfully expressive gold/green eyes flickered open.

She had dreamed ever so briefly and Koenig had seen it. It was another dream of red. Koenig shuddered. They were however becoming more intense in Helena's final days. His had ceased all together.

"I saw your dream," he said searching her eyes for any sign of distress. Helena's smile broadened. She unhooked her belt and John helped her to stand. They stood face to face. John saw a look on her face that he did not recognize.

"John Koenig, I refuse to let these dreams put a damper on our trip or my impeding delivery. I believe Isaiah is warning us of danger. We just need to be careful. We need to look ahead and avoid all pitfalls. John, we need this time together to just hold each other and rest. We are about to have a child and we might never be alone like this again."

John's blue and gold flecked eyes smiled down at her. He loved her optimism. He embraced her. His lips brushed hers ever so briefly.

"OK, let's just have some fun and then back to work for me. I'll get the bags." Koenig kissed her again and headed out of the cockpit door. He lifted the bags unto his shoulders. A smaller more colorful bag caught his attention. He picked it up too. He held the bag up to Helena as she entered the passenger section of the Eagle.

"Baby clothes, John. I had them made and the women of Alpha gave some to me. They knitted most of them themselves. You never know Junior might come early." She smiled and Koenig did too. Women, they were always prepared, Koenig thought.

Helena opened the door with her comlock. They stepped out into the smells and sounds of Beula. Light snow disappeared under their feet as they walked to the house. Helena noted that Computer had said that it was seventy degrees out. It felt warm here. Beula's snow could be hot or cold, a fact the Alphans found to be amazing. It baffled their scientist even now.

"Thermal snow," John said. They moved towards the two-story wooden structure shaped like a pentagon. This house had belonged to a member of the ruling class at Beula. They ascended the one step and pushed the door open. The living area was large and furnished mostly in the Beulan manner. The service people on Alpha had made it more liveable for them.

Koenig set the bags down on the hard wooden floor. The scent of fresh Beulan flowers filled the air courtesy of the Alpha service people. They had done a wonderful job in preparing the place. Helena headed up the stairs, holding the railings all the way. Koenig followed behind her toting their bags.

They entered the bedroom and headed for the bed. They both sat down and fell back exhausted. Helena burst out laughing. She had been off for a while now but she had been catching up on paper work, inventory and the apothecaries' development of new drugs from Beulan research. This was going to be a much needed rest for the both of them.

John reached for her hand as they lay there. They fell asleep within minutes.

Later, Helena was the first one to awaken. She looked tiredly over at John then got up. She looked out the window and saw that it was late evening. Beula had a 30-hour day. Helena went downstairs to check the icebox.

It was loaded with food. Helena saw a proliferation of Beulan products in there as well as Alpha rations. She looked forward to sampling some of the new foods. The dieticians were working very hard with the Beulan database to find which foods were good for human consumption. They labeled everything that tested fit for human consumption and one by one they introduced it into the Alpha diet.

Helena reached for a container labeled desil jam. Helena remembered that John had liked the taste when he sampled it. She took it out along with the low cholesterol eggs in the box. She looked into the square box on the counter and found the fresh tofu bread she had insisted on.

Helena rummaged around in the icebox some more and found what she was looking for, residin a kind of cream cheese she had liked.

She hummed to herself as she prepared a late dinner for the both of them. She put the new tea that Renee the dietician had introduced to Alpha on. Just the smell from the plastic container was enough to intoxicate Helena.

She heard footsteps on the stairs. Seconds later John entered the elaborate kitchen. A wide grin, the one that always stopped her heart, greeted her. It became even wider when he read her mind. She was thinking how lean and sexy her husband was. She felt tempted to just drag him upstairs and make mad passionate love to him.

"Don't tempt me," he said coming up behind her and hugging her. "Mmhmm that smells good," he murmured while nibbling on her neck.

"Sit down you sexy thing you," she eased him gently from her and placed the dishes on patchwork mats. John sat down. He then leaned over as she sat and kissed her. He wolfed down the food before him. He smiled when he saw the jam.

After the late dinner they went out for a walk. It began to snow lightly as they walked. Helena noted that it was getting colder. The snow was no longer warm. On their way back it snowed even heavier. They entered the house and headed to the den to read and snuggle. They could see the snow falling as they both read. Helena was in his arms and he was reading from the side. The snow was the most they had seen since occupying Beula.

Later the couple went upstairs and slept cuddled together. They both slept better than they had in months.

The next morning they awoke together. There was a chill in the room that neither of them had ever felt before. Helena got out of bed and adjusted the insulation crystals on the wall. She put her coat on and drew it tightly about her body then hopped into bed. John got up later to check the thermostat, then went downstairs to check the weather status and make breakfast.

John entered the library where both Alpha and Beula computer systems were joined together. He hoped that both Alibe and Maya had gotten the satellite systems up and at least half running by now. He punched up some numbers for the weather on Beula. The forecast he saw, was for heavy snow with a possible blizzard. He had checked with the weather himself before leaving Alpha and there had been no indication of a blizzard then.

Suddenly for the first time John saw a flash of red with a tiny green speck within it. He looked up at the sickle-shaped ceiling. He was right over their bedroom. Am I having a premonition? He wondered? Koenig did not dismiss the vision as he headed into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

The two spent the day upstairs reading and snuggling. Helena read, 'A Treasury of Yiddish Stories' Edited by Irving Howe and Eliezer Greenberg while John read 'The Secret War Against Hitler' by Fabian von Schlabrendorff a survivor. They had both wanted to read these books for as long as they could remember and now they had the chance.

Helen had already read half of her book so she settled in to read the other half.

John had to adjust the heating so many times, he eventually put it on automatic.

He rubbed Helena's feet as she dozed off in the late evening. He saw her grimace in her sleep and invaded her mind. She was covered in blood in her dream. John watched in horror as the blood spread around her. Then a wall of red surfaced. John could no longer see Helena in the dream.

He watched her turn her head from side to side as she tried to fight through the wall of red. Koenig did not like what he was seeing and shook her awake. Helena was startled awake by his hand shaking her. Their eyes met and hers were as wide as two saucers. Helena realized he had seen her dream.

"What do you think of it?" she asked sitting up.

"I think it might be an omen perhaps. I don't know Helena. The baby must be in trouble. "

"I don't feel sick in anyway. As a matter of fact I feel stronger and healthier as we grow closer to the due date," she shivered as she spoke.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"Yes a little. I thought you turned it on automatic?"

"I did," he said rising from the bed to check the temperature. John turned his head to the side, puzzled.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"It's still on automatic. I don't understand it though; the temperature has dropped by eight degrees. John got an uneasy feeling. He went to the closet and brought out a blanket. He tossed it to her and headed downstairs.

John checked the temperature again and decided to warm up the kitchen via the stove in hopes that it would reach upstairs. Helena came padding downstairs minutes later as the heat had not reached her yet. Koenig found a switch beside the stove and turned it on. To the right of the stove an odd piece of equipment came on and glowed red. The heat spread from it and they could feel the entire room get toasty warm.

The warmth spread throughout the rapidly house and they discovered the house's insulation network was attached to it. The builders made it that way as an added heat source. Koenig headed to the study and checked the computers. The snowstorm that was predicted was obviously here. John turned on the surveillance cameras and panned the outside.

The house was covered in snow that rose up to the second story. John left the computer and surveillance up so he could look out form time to time. They were obviously snowed in.

Later John prepared lunch and they ate in the kitchen. He loaded the movie database in the portable view screen and they had two old classics, 'Gone with the Wind' and 'Cleopatra'. The latter was one of Helena's favorites as she liked two of the actors who appeared in it. One of her favorite actors was Martin Landau.

Helena, of course loved the other movie also, as she loved to drool over Omar Sharif. They made dinner and ate together always talking and always laughing at something. They watched one movie before lunch and one after dinner. She was asleep more than she was awake, however, so John eventually turned it off and awakened her. He led her by the hand upstairs and undressed her then placed her in the bed which was nice and warm.

Down the stairs he went again and into the study to keep an eye on the storm. Koenig noted that it was blowing out of the area. Where John stood another wall of red flashed into his mind. He felt a little uneasy.

Helena must be dreaming again, he thought, and headed upstairs. He saw her turning restlessly in bed. John put his PJ's on and got into bed. He snuggled up beside her and she settled down.

The regular sounds of the woods awoke them the next morning. The storm was over. The snow outside began to warm up and Koenig decided to go shovel a pathway just in case they had to leave in a hurry.

Helena woke up an hour later. She had been awakened by something but she was not quite aware of what it was. She lay there trying to figure it out. She felt something again and knew instantly that that was what had awakened her. It felt like a tear in the lining of her amniotic sac. She rolled from her side and unto her back`. She turned and hung her feet off the bed and sat up.

Helena stood up, Am I about to give birth?" she wondered; I hope this is a false alarm.

She felt a little woozy on her feet. She saw no sign of blood. She gave a sigh of relief and headed to the bathroom. She took a shower just in case she was about to deliver. She smiled to herself: "I might as well shave just in case I am due earlier than I thought".

Helena came out feeling refreshed and revitalized.

It must have been a false alarm, she decided. She was dressing when John came in covered in red snow.

She was not alarmed, as they had tested this type of snow before. The Omega 1 turned it into a heating red pile if it got too cold. Professor Bergman was working on this phenomenon.

"What have you been doing?" she asked.

"Isn't it obvious my little petunia blossom? You look as fresh as a daisy. Come over here and let me kiss you," he grinned dusting snow off his jump suit.

"Are you kidding me? I am going downstairs to make some coffee for you and tea for me. Do you want toast with that?" she asked smacking him on the butt as she walked by.

"Yes and some jam also, you know what I like."

"Get into the shower and relax," she exited the room. Helena went down the stairs gingerly. She looked through the kitchen windows while the coffee brewed.

It had begun to snow again. Helena went to check the storm tracking system. She saw that the weather called for more snow. John's shoveling was in vain. John came down ten minutes later. He peeked over her shoulders.

"Mmhmm more snow. I am not surprised. Living on this planet has its perks. I must say I am not tired of it yet. Life is a peach here compared to Alpha." He put his hand on her shoulder and leaned into her.

"Helena," he began.


"Do you ever desire me or want me?"

"What do you mean by 'want you'?" She turned to look into his eyes. Her hand went to his cheeks as she caressed him softly.

"Want me to make love to you?" he asked and she saw the passion burning in his eyes.

"All the time my prince," she smiled. Helena kissed him. It was a soul-searching kiss. John deepened the kiss. His hands went to her hips as he pressed her up against the computer. Helena could feel his manhood rise and her pulse quickened. Her hands circled his neck. John's tongue played with hers. He flipped hers in her mouth and pulled at it gently. Helena felt the shivers run down her spine. Her hands left his neck ran down the length of his body.

Koenig released her: he was getting too hot under the collars. The thoughts that invaded his mind made him know he would not be gentle with her. She had been about to squeeze his butt when he pulled away.

"Let's eat," he said giving her a last kiss. He bit her lip and sucked at it then released her. Helena still stood there with her eyes closed savoring the sensation. She breathed out a whimper and opened her eyes..

"More snow is on the way. I would hate to get stuck here, John. Call Sahn later and find out if it will get worse. They have a better tracking system on Alpha," Helena said.

"Really, you think so," John asked her seriously.

"Don't patronize me John Koenig," she smiled, exiting the study and John followed. John pulled a chair out for her and he brought the breakfast to the table. They ate all the time talking about Isaiah and getting back to Alpha for his birth.

They watched old movies together and read. John checked his emails and finished up some paperwork he printed out from the computer. They spent whole day mostly just relaxing. Helena slept peacefully that night.

Alan Carter landed on Resgal. He was within walking distance of Alibe's camp, which was miles from where John and Helena were. Alibe was not expecting him. He wanted to really surprise her.

Alibe was working with Maya on a communications post on Resgal. They were supervising the setting up of the satellites and figuring out what the equipment left behind by the Beulans was for.

Alibe had her back turned to Alan as he approached. She was gesturing to Maya and Alan stopped to listen to what she was saying. It was snowing lightly.

"No, no, no, that could be dangerous. Shut it down!" Alibe shouted. Maya quickly flicked the switch on the unit.

"Did you feel the heat from that thing? I think it is some sort of heating device, Alibe," Maya was watching Alan out of the corner of her eyes not wanting to give away the surprise, "I wonder if it has a remote control?"

Alan Carter had put his finger up to his mouth. Maya did not need that hint. She was not going to spoil the surprise everyone had been waiting for. Alibe walked over to the machine and looked closely at it.

"It could be a weather control unit. Look at all these markings. They could represent co-ordinates, longitude and latitude. This looks like a computer system," Alibe pointed out.

"Look at the area around it, no snow, it melted," Maya observed walking around the unit. The thing was the size of a Mini Minor. Alibe jumped when a hand went over her eyes. She let out a muffled sound.

"Guess who?" Alan said in a Latin accent.

"Alan Carter," she squealed in delight, "who else could it be? That phoney accent doesn't fool me." Alibe turned in his arms. Alan's lips descended on hers. Alibe's arms went around his neck and he lifted her off her feet. Maya smiled and excused herself. She knew the two did not find much time to be together so she left; besides she had work to do.

Maya jumped into the moon buggy they had converted into an all-terrain vehicle and drove off smiling. She headed off to pick up the equipment and Sanderson. They had to test the fourth communications satellite. Her mind told her that Alibe was going to be busy for sometime.

This was the second unit they had resurrected. They were already modifying the Beulan system and joining it with Alpha's computer. So far they had reached unexpected ranges.

Maya looked back. They were still at it.

Alibe pulled away from Alan, "What are you doing here, Alan?" Alan kissed her again before answering.

"I came to take you on a picnic," he grinned.

"Oh Alan, you do the sweetest things. Where is the basket?" she smiled.

"In the Eagle," he took her hand.

"I have to inform Maya, I can't just leave."

"I think she already knows that's why she left," Alan smiled, "You can always use my comlock and call her anyway."

Alibe reached out for her jacket and her comlock and followed him. She called Maya and told her she was taking a break for a late dinner. Maya grinned at her and signed off. She knew Alibe was in for a surprise.

Alan flew up into the air ten minutes later. He saw a great spot on the way in so he headed for the area. Fifteen minutes later he set the Eagle down near what appeared to be a Beulan-made lake.

The green waters flowed into a dam. Alan carried the picnic basket out along with the blanket. Alibe brought up the rear. He found a beautiful picturesque spot and began by laying the blanket down on a yellow-grassed spot.

The Alphans had found a beverage cellar in the general eating area and Alan had helped himself to a bottle of what appeared to be some sort of wine. It had been tested and found to contain some form of alcohol. It had a great flavor and the bouquet was wonderful.

Alan unpacked the basket. Alibe looked at the wooded containers Alan took out. She laughed, for she knew she was in for a Beulan adventure in cuisine. Alibe stood looking at the dam but kept her eyes on the man she loved. She offered to help but he would have none of it: he wanted to do it all.

Alibe was grateful for this time with him. She had missed him. Being down here for long periods had made her realize how much he meant to her. Alan was also watching her while he set out the food. He prayed that it would be a memorable time for both of them. He came up to her when he was done wrapping his arms around her waist he held her for a few minutes. Alibe wondered what had been haunting him these last couple of weeks.

Alan took her arms and turned her to face him. She looked into his eyes.

"You are the love of my life, do you know that?" he asked kissing her gently on the neck.

"And you are the love of mine." Their lips met and a thousand eternities passed them by. Alan pulled her gently towards the blanket. They sat down. Alibe was wonderfully surprised to see all that Alan had garnered. It was so colorful as well. Alibe dug in suddenly ravenous. Alan poured her some of the alcoholic drink. Each item was a culinary delight to Alibe as she had not tried many Beulan foods before now. The wine was her favorite surprise.

"What is this wine made of, Alan?" she questioned.

"Sizel, it is a citrus grape found on Croth and Shareb only. The service people gave us a taste of it last night. They found a cellar full of this stuff last week. Wine to last us a life time my dear," Alan grinned shyly.

"Salutë," Alibe said using her most foreign accent. Alan brought his cup to touch hers and they thud together.

They ate a little of all the Beulan dishes Alan had brought with him. Alan though, mostly pretended to eat as his stomach was tied in knots.

Alibe especially loved the dessert. It was a Beulan resha pie in a tofu crust.

Alan was working his way up to what he had come for in the first place. Finally he could wait no longer. He poured more wine into each of their goblets.


The following night as the snow began falling heavier John called Alpha and Sahn told him that another storm was headed their way,

"Shouldn't you two be headed back to Alpha, Commander?" Sandra asked.

"I'm not sure. We came to rest and we rode out the first storm I was thinking we could ride this one out as well." Koenig's vision blurred and for a moment a red wall came before him. It brought a chill to his

bones. He shuddered.

"Well call us if you need us, Commander," she said a little worried.

Koenig did not speak. He turned to look at Helena when the communication broke. A red barrier again flashed in his mind but this time John saw an outline of a fetus. John's heart began to race. He called Sahn back.

"Yes Commander," Sahn's face showed surprise on the small screen.

"I've changed my mind. We will be coming in."

"OK Commander - what changed your mind?"

"Just a hunch Sahn, just a hunch." Koenig broke the transmittion. He turned to Helena, "We're leaving," he said.

"Why John?" she looked anxiously up at him.

"I have a sinking feeling about this storm." He looked at her and she could also hear the apprehension in his voice.

"I trust your instincts," she said confidently, looking him in the eyes. John took her by the arm and escorted her upstairs.

They packed their bags in silence. Helena stopped in the middle of her packing. A flash of red invaded her mind. She felt a tearing sensation below her womb and she wondered if her water was about to break. Helena went into doctor mode. She headed for the Alpha-equipped bathroom where she examined herself.

Helena noticed a yellow mark and realized she was bleeding a little. She knew that sometimes this occurred initially so she was not alarmed. She did not want to alarm John too soon. She figured it would be hours before her water broke, enough time for them to reach Alpha.

As Helena came out of the bathroom. John noticed that she looked a little pale. She carried nothing in her hand. She continued her packing. John noticed that she was moving a little slower. Helena decided to get her jacket from the kitchen.

"John, I need to get my jacket from the kitchen and then we can go. Are you ready?" she asked.

"Yes," he looked up at her and decided that she did not look too well. John decided to see why she had gone into the bathroom and had brought nothing out, not even the toothbrushes. He saw nothing amiss in there so he retrieved the toothbrushes from the cups.

As he was about to exiting the room John saw a dark yellow spot on the floor. He used a towel to wipe it up. He examined the smear; it looked like Helena's blood. John called out to her. He rushed out of the room and caught her on the stairway. She turned to face him a little alarmed.

"What's wrong, John?"

"You look so pale and I found blood on the floor in the bathroom. Is something wrong?" Helena saw the fear in his eyes and her mind flashed back to all the premonitions they had been having.

"I did not wish to alarm you Honey. I think the baby is coming. It won't be a while yet so do not worry. I am fine. My water hasn't even broken yet," she said nonchalantly.

"Helena, the baby isn't due now," John was turning into the typical worried husband right before her eyes.

"John, the baby can come days late or early. Don't worry we are leaving and we will have our child on Alpha." She turned to go downstairs trying to let John see she was not worried and all was well.

"Are you alright?" he asked. Helena turned, one foot was already poised on the next step. John took a step towards her. Suddenly, Helena clutched her stomach as she felt a fierce pressure on her womb. Her water had broken! She shrieked and shifted her weight, slipping in the warm fluid as it cascaded to the floor. Helena's piercing scream could be heard as she fell down the two flights of stairs.

John Koenig reached for his wife but was too late. He fell forward and watched from that prostrate position on the second step as she landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. John was lying in the liquid his wife slipped in. This scene would play over and over in his head for years to come. Her voice would haunt him for generations to come.

She screamed as she hit the first stair and rolled. She was knocked unconscious on the second landing and continued the momentum down the last flight of stairs. John's face was contorted with anguish. His heart raced as he got up quickly and slipped but caught himself. He went barreling down the stairs his tormented eyes never leaving Helena. Tears ran down his cheeks unheeded.

John saw the blood the instant he reached her. A red welt was already appearing on her forehead. A small yellowish-orange line of blood was coming from beneath her. The blood slowed and stopped. John remembered the premonition he had only this time the blood was golden in color. John saw she was unconscious.

He dropped on his knees before her. He checked for a pulse and looked to see if she had broken anything. She was alive. John was crying but he had to stay calm. He had not come this far to lose her now. He ran to the kitchen wiping his tears on the way. He got the smelling salts from the medicine cabinet. He found a couple of rags and wet a few.

John put the rags under Helena and cleaned the blood away.

He waved the salts under her nose. Helena's eyes opened and John saw great distress there. Helena saw fear then resolve in John's determined eyes. John's eyes said that something was wrong. Helena realized she was lying on the floor. She did not remember the fall. She felt discomfort but no pain. She tried to speak but her jaw hurt.

"Don't... try... to talk, Helena. Wiggle... your toes and ...fingers. Let me see... if anything broken." Helena watched his tears flow as she obeyed her husband his voice catching in his throat. John looked devastated. Her toes and fingers flexed. John heaved a sigh of relief. He quickly wiped away his tears. It would not do to let Helena see him like this.

Helena felt the first wave of contractions and moaned.

"Where hurts?" John asked. He pulled a quilt from a chair in the doorway and draped her with it.

"I'm... in... labor..., John... call... Alpha," she could hardly speak. Panic was written all over his face. John got up and raced to the study. He realized from the sounds outside that the storm had blown in harder during the accident. John pressed the button on the console. He saw a line of static, then clear then static. The instrument crackled.

The storm outside was causing a disturbance. Koenig's heart trembled within him. John called Alpha. He heard them faintly through the static. John hoped they could hear him.

"Emergency, Alpha! Helena has fallen and is in labor! I am requesting rescue Eagle from Alpha and Beula, immediately. Bob Mathias and Ben Vincent needed!" John repeated this message over and over again. Helena moaned.


Alan could not believe the timing. He considered not answering it. It began snowing lightly. Perfect, he thought. Alan kissed Alibe quickly on her lips.

Alan reached for his comlock Alibe saw that he looked frustrated and wondered what was on his mind.

"Carter here!" he spoke a little brusquely. It was Veredeschi.

"Alan, emergency in sector four. John and Helena are snowed in. We need you to get over there. John said something about a fall Helena took. He sounded panicked. She might be in danger, Alan. Bob and Ben are on their way there with a Medi-Eagle."

"I thought she was an immortal? Where in sector four are they?"

"Shepherd's Lodge," Veredeschi stated.

"I am on my way, Tony!" Alan stood pulling Alibe up with him. He headed to the Eagle at a run Alibe in tow. They left behind the remains of the picnic.

"Alan, if they are snowed in how are we going to get them out?' Alibe asked.

"I was just thinking of that very thing. We need something that will melt the snow. We need digging equipment of some sort. Do you have anything with you here that we could use to dig them out?" he asked.

"No, but a couple of hours ago we discovered an ice melting machine the Beulans left behind.

Ten minutes later, Alan and Alibe were at camp. "Let's have a look at it," Alan headed towards where he first saw Alibe.


"Alan here."

"Rendezvous with Eagle 9. Bob Mathias and Ben Vincent are headed to sector four now. They will be there in an hour. They are using the new propulsion system on that modified Eagle. They want you to hook up the Eagles and get them as close as possible to the house," Veredeschi stated.

"I have to get something to dig them out with Tony then I am on my way."

"Hurry, Alan!"

Alan Carter closed the communications and headed for the equipment. Maya was waiting for them with the icebreaker. She was covered from head to toe in a thermal suit as were the men with her.

"Tony called: he said John and Helena were snowed in," Maya explained. The wind had picked up and the weather had turned nasty in the forty minutes since Alan had left. Maya told him the same storm that had hit the Commander was on its way here.

"I thought you could use the ice-breaker. I was going to have it flown there. I am glad you came for it. I want to come with you, Alan to see if I can help in any way." The men rolled the unit into the Eagle and Alan gave her a hand up the ramp and into the craft.

Maya handed Alibe a thermal suit as she took her seat. Alibe quickly dragged it on over her tunic. Alan took off flying at break neck speeds.

John ran from the room and to Helena's side. He took her head into his lap and gripped the hand she raised to him. Helena looked into his eyes.

She saw his lips move but no words came. Helena saw a calm come over him and she knew he was praying.


"Yes Honey," he said kissing her fingers.

"You are going to have to delivery the baby. I know something is wrong, I can feel the wetness. I am bleeding."

"Shhhh," he said kissing her lips, "Don't speak save your strength," John was afraid he would begin crying again. He rocked her back and forth gently.

"John, prop my legs up on as many pillows as you can find. I have no strength to keep them up and I must if we are going to delivery our son."

John saw beads of sweat break out on her forehead. He took a damp rag and wiped the sweat from her forehead. John was nervous and afraid. He could see a thin line of blood coming from Helena again. He did not think she should deliver this baby now.

"Helena, I think you should rest. You might hurt yourself more if you push." John stuffed the pillows under her, then covered her more with the quilt.

"John, if I don't push Isaiah could suffocate and die," Her voice was strained.

"Helena, if you do, you might die." Their eyes met. He saw that she needed medical attention he could not give her. He was afraid for her and their unborn child.

"Isaiah will live, John," she clutched his hand determined; "Don't let him die, please."

"I can't let you die Helena, I need you." John was sweating now.

"Promise me, John..., promise me you will save our son. I might not make it but..."

John's lips covered hers in a wrenching cry. "NO, no... no... Darling never say that. Helena ...don't... leave me..." Koenig spoke with his lips pressed against her, as though breathing his strength into her. His tears came then as he looked deep into her eyes.

Helena moaned and John felt her bare down. She was pushing. "What should I do, Helena?"

"Stay right there and hold your son when he comes out," she smiled pointing between her legs through clenched teeth. John pulled down her pants and propped her s legs on some pillows. He went back to her head and held her hand.

"I ....John, ...your ...doing ...great."

Helena opened her legs wider as she spoke. The pain was unbearable but she had to push. The contractions hit and she bore down again. John let her head fall onto the pillow as he went to kneel before her.

John watched for any signs of his son's birth. He felt the blood on his pants this time. He looked down and saw how pale she was. John saw the blood spread and enveloped her hair and matted it to the floor. It ran both ways now.

"She is dying with every push she makes," John looked down and saw the blood spread to his shoe. Helena appeared to be losing the blood as fast as her body could make it. He did not know if it was enough to keep her alive until help arrived. He remembered the flash of red. This was the warning Isaiah had given them. They should have stayed on Alpha. John bit back the tears.


"Alan, what's your E T A?" Veredeschi asked.

"Twenty-nine minutes, Tony. I'll try to shorten it, but the weather is getting worse."

"Hurry, Alan, hurry!!" Veredeschi closed communication. Alan called Eagle 9.

"Alan Carter to Eagle 9. Bill, what's your E T A at the lodge?" he asked.

"Twenty minutes, Alan," Bill Fraser said.

"Wait for me," Alan told him, "I am on my way."

Maya and Alibe were glad they were strapped in. The air turbulence was great and they felt ill from the bumpy ride. Alan opened his communications and tried to reach John.

Helena rested between contractions. John crawled around her and brushed her hair back. She smiled and he felt hopeful.

"I'll be fine, John. Let's just concentrate on the delivery." John kissed her briefly on the mouth but did not mention the bleeding.

He held her as she bore down again. They were there like this for an hour. John's comlock bleeped and he reached for it. He saw Alan's face through the static.

Alan opened the communications and tried to reach John through the static. He could just barely see John's face. He heard only some of John's message. Alan decided to try again later when he was closer. Alan flew in the bad weather for fifteen minutes. Finally he decided to fly above it to make better time.

He rendezvoused with Eagle five ten minutes later. Alan communicated with Bill again.

"Bill, I have an ice-breaker here. It should melt the ice around the lodge so we can get them out. Only problem is - it would be too hot for any human to stand within inches of it to turn it on. We have no remote and we need it on maximum output," Alan stated.

"Let's dock, Alan, and figure this out," Bill stated. The Eagles edged closer until they came together. Mathias and Vincent came through moments later leaving their equipment with them. They each had medical bags strapped to their backs though .

Three orderlies came in after that and they listened to the men talk. The gurney with equipment stayed with Bill as their was no room in Alan's Eagle for much. Alan, Alibe, Maya and Bill mapped out a plan of action with the two doctors. The Eagles left their air space and descended together. Alan hoped the two attached craft would help anchor them in this bad weather.

Alan tried to contact John again. Once again, he could barely make John out through the grit on screen.

John felt relief when he saw Alan's face on the screen. He knew only Alan Carter could have gotten through the storm. John felt it was a matter of time now before they were rescued. Maybe he did not have to deliver his son himself after all. Koenig was relieved to see Bob lean into view.

John caught a few of Alan's words.

"Snow ...get... to...rescue,"

John could not tell what he was saying. He did not want to leave Helena's side to get a better reception.

"I can't understand what you are saying, Alan, but get here quickly!"

"Too ... snow. Impossible ... land."

Helena bore heavily down as the contractions were much closer now. John held her. He dropped the comlock as her hand became vises on him. John felt the pain move up his arm. Helena screamed out as if enraged. She whimpered after that. John had never before seen a woman giving birth; he was sure she was dying.

A shrill sound pierced the air as she screamed again. Tears came into John's eyes as she screamed and gripped him harder this time. Her nails bit into his arms and drew blood.

John felt a blow to his back.

"The snow has surrounded the house. I can't get close enough to rescue you!" Alan said to John.

"Can't ..." was all Alan heard from John.

"There's too much snow. It's impossible to land!" Alan felt it was doing them no good so he closed the communication. He turned to Maya standing in the doorway. They were circling for an hour now certain that there was no way they could get the unit down there.

"Maya," he looked her in the eyes.

"Yes, Alan," she said coming fully into the pilot section.

"I am going to try to lower the unit but you need to go down with it. I don't know if that thing can hold both you and the machine. it could collapse," he told her.

"Alan, the snow on the roof is heavy and with my weight, plus the unit - we could have a cave-in on or hands."

"You need to change form, Maya, into something that can turn the unit on with little or no movement. It must be something that can withstand the heat of the unit."

"An insect would be too small and a monkey could not stand the heat. The entire creature population from Psychon is too heavy, big, slippery or small," she observed.

Alibe came up behind them having heard the conversation she snapped her fingers, "A snake Maya, a desert snake!" They both looked at her.

Alan could see Bob pacing back and forth; they had to come up with something soon.

"A boa constrictor," Alan chimed in.

The doctors and orderlies went back to Fraser's Eagle as a plan had been formulated.

"He's coming, John." Koenig put a pillow under her head and went between her legs. John felt a horrific pain down the length of his spine. He saw Helena's feature soften. He was absorbing her pain. He saw his son's head crowning. Helena bore down again this time it was John Koenig feeling the pain. He had taken the pain from Helena now and the baby's shoulders came through.

John saw golden blood gush from Helena as her body tried to replace what she was losing.

She is dying: her body can't possibly replace all that blood.

John held the baby's head and reached for his comlock again. He tried to reach Alan.

"Alan, you need to get here ASAP! Find a way around the snow! I need you here now!" John threw the comlock to the floor as he saw Helena was gearing up for another push.

"One last push now, Helena, his shoulders are already out." John was sweating and Helena looked red from the exhaustion. The contraction came and Helena bore down even harder. Finally, John Koenig pulled his son completely out at five minutes pass midnight Beulan time.

Koenig was speechless as the tears ran down his cheeks.

My... son, my... son, my... son. The child was beautiful.

Koenig covered Helena and cleaned his son's nasal passage. He snipped the umbilical cord and tied both ends. The child had a red welt on his right cheek and he was not breathing. John saw that Helena had passed out and he did not know what to do.

John remembered his CPR and covering the baby's mouth and nose with his mouth he blew the breath of life into his child. A memory of doing the same to Helena came back to John. He saw his tears fall on the boy's cheeks as he sat up to check to see if the child was breathing. John was sobbing now. His wife lay dying this much he knew. He could not take it if his son died too.

John watched for a tense moment. He saw Isaiah's chest rise and fall. The child had started breathing on his own. John hugged him tenderly to him. Slowly the welt was fading.

Alan set the Eagle on automatic as it hovered above the building. He unstrapped himself and passed through to the passenger compartment and into the cargo section. Alan attached the hooks to the unit. The door opened and Maya came through. She had searched the Alpha data bank and came up with a picture and information on boa constrictors. When she saw that Alan was ready she morphed. A picture of a baby boa came into Maya's eyes as she transformed.

Alan picked up the creature and wrapped it around the body of the unit. The belly of the snake hovered over the switch that tuned the unit on.

"Switch it to maximum, Maya we need that snow gone fast," Alan left closing the door behind him.

Alan operated the switch. The pulley tightened and the unit went upward. He punched a button and the doors underneath opened. The unit then descended. The Eagle shook from the activity and stabilized as Bill took control on his side.

The unit landed on the rotunda of the building with a thud. Alan unhooked it and flew away as quickly as possible. Bill and he separated.

Maya wrapped herself tightly around the unit and the switch moved downward. They could see the unit start up. The snow melted rapidly and huge chunks of ice rolled off the roofs and the surrounding areas. The water ran in rivulets off the balcony which went all the way around the house.

Bill went on the opposite side and went along side the balcony there. He extended the side passageway and dropped Mathias and Vincent off as the balcony cleared. The surrounding areas all around the house started melting as well all the way to clearing all the ice around the house.

Bills Eagle landed when he finally saw a clearing. Maya switched the unit off pushing her stomach downward. Alan hovered over the rotunda and hooked up the unit. Maya reverted and rode with the unit up into the Eagle.

Alibe greeted her with the news from their campsite. Three of their units had blown over in the storm and all their work was lost. Alan headed back to the camp with them.

The doctors kicked in the door and ran down the stairs dragging their equipment.

John had heard a sound on the roof and a machine started up moments later. He felt the rumbling as he got some water and cleaned the child up before wrapping him in a blanket.

John could feel the house warming up again this time water was running from the roof and the side of the lodge. John stuffed a blanket under Helena and ran to the study carrying his son. He had the computer bring the cameras into focus as he panned the perimeter.

John saw a huge brown contraption on the roof from the cam in the trees. He panned the area and watched as the snow around the house melted quickly. John watched as Alan came close to the roof. The storm broke. John ran back to Helena with the baby. He checked her vitals. They were low; she had to get some help soon. John feared for her life.

John heard a thud and then another on the roof. He heard noises and scuttling. John then heard running feet as Mathias and Vincent came barreling down the stairs. They were loaded with equipment and dragged an incubator between them.

Mathias took the child and saw that Isaiah was fine. He handed him over to Vincent. Vincent took him gingerly. John told him how he got the pen-shaped bruise on the side of his right cheek. They both watched as the bruise faded altogether then disappeared.

Ben attached the electrodes to him and placed him in the incubator they brought in. Moments later the orderlies came through the doors and took charge of the baby. They exited and took him to the waiting Eagle.

Bob was already removing the afterbirth and gave Helena an injection to coagulate her blood and stem the bleeding. Helena's blood was still a mystery to them at this point so all they could do was hope for the best.

"How is she?" Ben asked moving to his side,

"She is barely breathing, Ben," Bob said. Bob set up a pint of Helena 's blood. It was stored in medical for studying. They brought it along just in case. They loaded her with as many pain killers and antibiotics as her body could tolerate. They watched as the drugs took effect and the blood flowed into her veins. There was not much they could do; they had to seal all areas and Helena's blood would do the healing. John hovered over them.

"She fell down the stairs," he said.

"Internal bleeding," they both said together.

"We have to get her back to Alpha," Bob said.

"She will need more transfusion," Ben stated the obvious.

The doors opened and the two orderlies rushed in with a stretcher. They quickly lifted Helena onto it. John held her hand as they wheeled her out. He tried to read her mind but came up blank. Her mind was dark, she was dying. He tried to pass some of his energy into her. John looked back and saw a dark reddish-yellow pool of blood where Helena had lain. He shuddered. Her blood had transformed.

They took her into the Eagle. They set up a blood transfusion right away with John's blood. The orderlies placed Isaiah in a secure berth and hooked Helena to the monitors. Their faces were grim as John's blood flowed into her veins. The Eagle took flight. They monitored her all the way to Alpha.

Midway between Alpha and Beula Helena Koenig flat-lined. Bob and Ben leaped into action. The electrodes where fitted unto her. They stopped the transfusion. Bob shocked her once, twice and thrice before the monitors beeped again.

"Restart the transfusion, both arms this time," ordered Bob. They strung up Koenig and both arms were now pumping blood into Helena.

John watched her vitals and kept an eye on his son who was restless in his incubator. John felt his son knew his mother was in danger.

When the Eagle landed Helena was taken directly into surgery. Laser surgery was performed and a tear near her spine was sealed. They wheeled her into recovery. She looked pale and deathly ill. Koenig gave her another transfusion and they watched for signs of her recuperation.

John rested on a bed in the room. A nurse came in an hour later to say the baby would not take a bottle. John told them to bring him in; he hoped he would eat if he were near his mother.

Alibe kept thinking of Alan's picnic and how much of a lovely surprise it had been. She had the feeling all during the picnic that there had been something on his mind. Alan had dropped them off and flown away soon after on another assignment with Professor Bergman in the 9th quadrant.

Alan's disappointment showed. Alibe had called him at the post and was told he was on his way back to Alpha with samples from Professor Bergman for his lab. Alibe was sorry he had to leave so soon. She realized she wanted to see Alan all the time now. She had hoped he wanted to ask her something. Alibe found that she wanted to spend the rest of her life just loving Alan. Alan was such a difficult guy to peg sometimes; Alibe did not know what to think.

While she was more on the serious side Alan was more carefree. She loved that about him. Alibe stopped her musing and walked over to Maya with her equipment.

Maya saw how preoccupied she had been and wondered if Alan had done it or not. Alibe told her how sad Alan had looked when she had kissed him on the screen and he had done the same. She told Maya she needed to go back to Alpha; she had a longing for Alan that would not leave her since they parted company.

It dawned on Maya that Alan had not done what he had come to do. Maya told Alibe she needed her to take back some of the equipment to Alpha for analysis. Maya called ahead to make Alan know unbeknownst to Alibe.

Alibe went on the next available Eagle back to Alpha. She felt her pulse quicken as she strapped herself in. Three hours later she landed on Alpha. She moved through the procedures. She hoped to surprise Alan.

Alibe entered the travel tube all excited. She gasped as Alan Carter had been waiting for her behind the closed door. She stood on the threshold. He punched the buttons and the doors closed. The tube moved off.

"Don't tell me, Maya gave me away. I wanted to surprise you, Alan. Is something going on here I don't know about?"

Alan's arms circled her as he lifted her in the air and spun her around. He set her down and their eyes locked.

"Thanks for coming. You saved me a trip," he smiled. His eyes grew serious and he took her hands.

"Honey, I wanted you to know earlier how much I love you. More than words could ever say. You brought more purpose into my life than I ever had before. You bring me peace and hope for the future. You are now every breath I take. I can't think without thinking of you. I need you, darling."

The tears welled and spilled from Alibe's eyes. These words were more than she had ever hoped to hear from Alan. Alan kissed her. The kiss intensified as his tongue snaked into her mouth. Alibe's pulse quickened. Alan broke the kiss after a million eternities rolled by.

Alan saw the look of surprise on Alibe's face. Something was in her mouth left there by Alan's tongue. Alan's eyes narrowed as he watched her decided whether to swallow it or not.

"What is it?" he smiled.

Alibe pulled the blue object from her mouth. The diamond glittered in the fluorescent lighting of Alpha. She held it in the palm of her hand. It was a Beulan blue/gold ban, one of the first rare items found on Beula. It was an engagement ring. She watched as Alan went down on his knees in the travel tube.

He pulled her to sit on his knee and took the ring from the palm of her hand.

"Alibe Natalie Pearson, my sweet angel, will you marry me?" Alan watched the tears fell unheeded down her cheeks. His fingers wiped away the tears. She smiled through her tears.

"Is that a yes?" he asked, slipping the ring on her finger. Alibe was speechless. She had not expected that this was the reason Alan was so unstable all this time. She could only nod her head. Alan claimed his prize by kissing her earnestly. The travel tube stopped and the doors opened.

Applause rang out and Alibe and Alan looked out to see a least thirty people standing there all crowded around the tube. Alibe covered her face, suddenly feeling overwhelmed. Alan stood up and swept her off her feet and stepped out of the travel tube.

He received pats on his back and well wishes. Alibe smiled and said thank you to all the compliments on her ring and engagement. He set her on her feet and she was surprised to see Maya and members of her staff standing there.

"Oh Maya, Patty, Phyllis, Mel how..." she could not go on or say another word. They all chimed in on how hard it was to keep a secret from her.

"We have a surprise engagement party for both of you," Tony said coming forward. They moved off down the corridor to the recreation center where other members of staff were present. Kano hefted the new bride to be in the air. Paul Morrow was next to lift her and they handed Alan and Alibe a glass of wine each.

Helena was still unconscious when they wheeled Isaiah into the room. The child listened to his father's breathing and knew he was sleeping. The nurse tried to give the child the bottle again but he would not take it. She put him back in cot.

The nurse woke Koenig up.

"Mmm, what, what is it? What's the matter," he said in a daze.

The nurse shook her head amused, "All is well Commander. Isaiah checked out okay, the only problem is - he won't eat. He has refused the bottle now for the fifth time. He should be hungry, Commander. We tried to feed him with a spoon and he spit that out."

Koenig sat up. He walked over to the cot and looked at his son. Isaiah's feet were almost touching the other end of the cot. John observed that he was going to be as tall as he was some day, but he already knew this.

Drs. Vincent and Mathias came in. Ben checked Helena's vitals and monitors. Bob checked her irises and reflexes. He looked at the pallor of her skin. She was not doing well.

Bob and Ben stood before Koenig.

"John, she is not getting any better. Her body is producing blood but the will to live needs to be there," Dr. Vincent said. John sighed.

"What's the matter with Isaiah?" Vincent asked.

"He refuses to eat," Koenig told him, getting up and holding the child with one hand while reaching out to touch Helena. John placed his pinky in the child's mouth and he sucked it hungrily.

"He seems to be hungry," Vincent said.

Diana, the nurse chimed in. "Dr. Koenig has milk; maybe we could express some and see if he will drink that."

"Great idea," Bob said. The nurse set to work, pumping the milk from Helena as John watched, seated across the room on a chair. He felt emotionally drained and mentally exhausted.

She poured the liquid into a bottle and John put it to his son's lips. The child would not take it. John squeezed some on his lips but the child would not swallow it. He let out an angry squall.

John handed the bottle to the nurse.

Isaiah will starve to death without Helena, he thought.

John walked over to Helena. Her breasts were full and the milk was spilling through her gown. He opened the buttons on her blouse and put the baby on her breast; Isaiah suckled it gently.

After a while Mathias noticed that Helena's pulse and heart rate had improved. Before long Helena's complexion had lost it pastiness. They were both looking better. The boy was rejuvenating his mother. John could see the warmth flow into her body.

Bob looked up at her monitors and walked over to Computer for a printout. What he saw amazed him. This was unbelievable. Helena had completely regenerated. Her wounds were all healed.

"This is off the charts; even with her ability to heal herself this is faster than anything I have seen before now. She is completely healed. I think we can safely say your son has the ability to heal John," Bob declared.

John looked down in wonder at his son. He reached down and touched them. He felt tremendous warmth from the two. He felt a tingling throughout his body as well. He felt his veins stretch and he could hear his blood rushing through his veins.

Mathias watched as Helena Koenig opened her eyes. She looked at her son then she looked up at John. He leaned in; the tears from his eyes fell on her cheek as he kissed her. Their lips lit a spark and the entire room lit up. The blinding light bellowed out like a mushroom. Mathias stepped back. He could feel the energy as John and Helena were evolved yet once more in it.

Mathias and the others exited the room and they watched the phenomenon from the observation room.

As the light faded in the room, Mathias opened the door. Helena was sitting up and holding Isaiah. He looked about a month old to Bob.

John Koenig was grinning away from ear to ear. Mathias realized there was something different about them but he could not quite put his finger on it. He suddenly realized that the child had refused to eat so he could breast feed and heal his mother. Mathias thought he had seen everything now.

He patted John on the back and headed out the door. He had an engagement party to attend.

John sat down beside his wife and held her in his arms as she held their child.

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