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Training, Mothering

Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: Adventure, John/Helena
Episodes: Set after Collision Course
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2005

Story 7 in the "Beula" series +
1 - Synergy
2 - Lud
3 - Beula
4 - Pul
5 - Delivery
6 - Kidnapped
7 - Training, Mothering
8 - This Love
9 - War
10 - She is Mine
Helena has to learn to cope with a long distance relationship and parenthood. John trains on Lud. A crisis arises.
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Moonbase Alpha's status report: 1545 days after leaving Earth's orbit Dr. Helena Koenig recording. Commander John Koenig is preparing for a year of training on Pul. Half of the Alphan personnel are wintering on Beula. Kano, through computer, is keeping an eye on the hot spots as they vacation.

Helena looked out over the vast dry desert terrain on Alpha. She would have been down on Beula if it was not so cold and John was not leaving in two months.

She looked at her monitor wristwatch at her son sleeping in his bed. This was a new technology courtesy of the Puls. Upgrades were slated for later. She turned a knob on the side and the cameras panned the room. She saw his nanny reading. John had gotten her and Helena was grateful for her help. Helena went back to staring at the landscape. She had a heavy heart. Everything was quiet and at peace for now.

John has to go, she kept telling herself.

Helena had told him not to go but he was hell bent on going. Helena had not seen him so determined to go. Helena knew he was worried about the future of Alpha. Her fingers gripped the railing as she remembered their argument this morning. They had argued in whispers so as not to awaken their very sensitive son.

She had come here after working a 12 hour shift in medical. They were short staff as doctor Spencer was on Beula. She was both mentally and physically exhausted. She had to sort out all the equipment and medical supply to send to Beula. She had put Ben Vincent in charge of inventory after she sort things out.

She had started also to work on her son's DNA. She wanted to figure out why it kept changing its internal structure. Isaiah was becoming more and more something of a mystery. He had grown so much in the last weeks and Helena was afraid that John was going to miss some of the most important growth periods in his life. Bob had confirmed that he was immortal.

Helena felt a gentle invasion of her mind. She relaxed. He was trying to locate her. Helena told him where she was. Five minutes later she felt him behind her. She closed her eyes as his arms snaked around her waist. She leaned against him. She felt safest in his arms, always.

"Darling," he whispered.

"Shhh, don't say anything now just hold me," she heaved a sigh.

They both looked out over the starless sky. Koenig bent his head slightly and nuzzled her neck. He kissed her ear. They had not spent much time together and John missed just holding her like this.

His hand went to her long tow hair. He let her hair down from it clasp and it fell down a little past her shoulders. His hand played with it. It smelt of cinnamon and honey.

Helena tossed her head and turned to him. She looked into his eyes.

I wish you would stay.

I can't.

Her hand went to caress his face. He saw the start of tears and his fingers went to her lips.

"Darling," he started again, but she silenced him with a kiss. Koenig drowned in her soft lips. He felt lost without her. He felt despair at her despair. His arms gripped her tightly to him. Helena was lifted off her feet.

John leaned against the railings for support. Koenig bruised her lips as he pinned her to the bars. John's tongue explored every recess of her mouth. Helena pulled back and came up for air.

She pushed him from her. John let her down and she stood looking at him.

"How can I do without this for a year?" she asked.

John was silent he knew she had to vent. Her passion mixed with grief as she looked him in the eye. They were feeding off each others grief. This made it even stronger.

"What do you want from me? Do you want me to be a single parent?" They had this conversation this morning John did not respond. Her hand went to her long tress as she brushed it from her face. Koenig noted that she looked younger.

Helena turned from him. "Leave, see if I care" she stated flatly.

Koenig gathered her again to him and she relaxed in his arms. She loved him so and did not know how to respond to the plethora of emotions that were overwhelming her. Moments later John pulled her away from the window and they walked hand in hand down the stairway and into Main Mission.

The Alphans on duty watched them go by.

There was never a dull moment with these two, Sandra thought looking up and smiling. She shook her head.

They headed through the doors and for home. John's hand caressed hers as they walked. Helena was responding to him despite the fact that her heart ached. They entered the quarters side by side. The nanny in the child's room hurried out to them.

"He is sleeping soundly, Commander, Doctor," she smiled.

"Thank you Philippa, goodnight," the Commander said.

Helena nodded her thanks and headed to his room. Paul Morrows quarters were no longer his. The partitions had been taken down and it was now Isaiah's room. They now had a bigger living area and had extended the kitchen. Paul had digs in another part of Alpha as all non-essential Alphans now lived on Beula.

Isaiah was sleeping peacefully. John joined her and they both watched him for a while.

Helena turned and John gathered her into his arms. Her head went to his chest and she was silent.

John lifted her into his arms and carried her to their bedroom. In the semi-dark John lowered her to her feet. He saw the unshed tears glistening in her eyes.

"Helena, we will be together before you know it. Pul is light years away. What will be a year for me will be months for you." He kissed her softly on the lips.

Helena broke the kiss, "Possibly nine months, that's still a long time." John answered with a deep and searching kiss. She pulled away. John held her fast to him.

"I will be travelling via the crystal so I will come back that way. It will be quick and easy. I will be back in no time. Look, you can come and visit, I will arrange it with Dar."

"Oh John, Magdis already said no one can interrupt the training."

"When did you speak to Magdis?"

"A few days ago, we had a lengthy conversation."

"What was your purpose in calling her?"

"Alan and Alibe's wedding, John. We have to set up a time frame where you can be his best man, light years away. She said it would be in the wee hours the morning there."

"Ok, that will be fine. Also, you can contact me but on my off times, you know that, but no calling everyday, Helena" He did not want to speak any more. Koenig's lips descended on hers. He gently parted her lips with his tongue. "I'll find a way for us to be together," he whispered.

He felt Helena soften in his arms as she relaxed. Koenig's hand went to her belt and removed it. Helena sighed. They had not made love since Isaiah was conceived.

It was time.

He reached down and removed her tunic and unzipped her pants. He removed them and threw them to the chair.

"Are we covered?" He asked planting little kisses about her neck and shoulders.

"Yes, we are. I got my shot last week," she moaned.

"Always right on time," he groaned. He kissed her lips. Helena's hand went to his shirt and she lifted it over his head. John released her and undressed further.

He stood before her. Their eyes devoured each other. "I won't be on it when you are away. I don't want it in my system unless I am sexually active."

"OK, I understand that." John did not want to talk anymore. He reached behind her and pulled her bra and tossed it over his shoulders. John gently removed the other obstacle and she stood before him.

"Touch me," she said breathlessly.

Koenig removed his obstacle. They stood admiring each other. John reached for her. He breathed in and steadied his passion. He wanted her.

His lips and hands went into action kissing and caressing her. John's hand rested on her rear. He pulled her closer to him.

"I want you now, John," she moaned. John's reaction aroused her even further. He lifted her off her feet.

Veep! Veep!

"Hell," Koenig looked in her eyes the passion there drowned out all his senses. He heard the sound again. The sound was not the regular Alpha signal. Koenig let Helena down.

He looked at the monitors. Nothing showed on the screen. John reached for his robe and Helena's. They pulled them on. He saw his shirt glowing and went to pick it up. The crystal was on a chain about his neck and it had come off with his shirt.

Koenig extracted it from the shirt. It pulse a green light.

Bleep! Bleep!

John looked to the monitors. This time it was Tanya Alexander.

"Yes, Tanya," Koenig responded.

"We are picking up an unknown signal being transmitted to your crystal, Commander."

"OK, Tanya, I think it is the Pentact," Koenig broke the transmission. He and Helena examined the crystal. Koenig eventually turned the head of the crystal. The sound ceased and a light went out from the stone embedded in it.

A projection appeared. Koenig watched as a ship similar but much larger than the ship they destroyed appear on the wall. They were watching a transmission of some kind.

"What is that, John?" Helena asked.

"I think this transmission is going out over all the crystals. We are watching the enemy's activities."

Koenig reached for the compost. Tanya's face came on screen. "Tanya, contact Ai'son on Mendali."

"Yes, Commander," Tanya answered then went to work. Soon not only Ai'son but also Centy and Dar were on his screen.

"What am I watching here, gentlemen?"

" The Noddegamra II is leaving its port along with a hundred war ships, Commander," Ai'son explained.

"Should we be alarmed?" Koenig sat back in his chair. Helena sat beside him on the desk. It was daylight on Coron but every one else was asleep.

"I think they are going on a tour of duty, Commander. They are headed for their outpost. They are not far from Lud," Dar observed.

"What does this mean for us?"

"You have to come in soon, Commander, for training. I think we are about to see some action. The Noddegamra II does not leave port unless they will be away and on a serious mission soon."

Helena's pulse quickened. Koenig reached for her hand and squeezed it. "When?" Koenig asked.

"You tell us how soon you can report," Ai'son said.

"Helena and I have an anniversary in a month. I will come after that," Koenig stated looking at his wife. They both looked at the men on the multiple screens. They all nodded and broke transmission. Koenig turned the crystal's transmission off.

They sat there in silence. Koenig still held her hand. He put her fingers to his lips and kissed them one after the other. Koenig scooped her into his lap. She looked into his eyes and he into hers.

"Take me now," she said. Koenig unhooked their robes. He pulled her into his arms. His lips took hers. His hands went to the small of her back. Koenig pulled her closer to him. They united. Helena clung to him. Koenig was gentle.

He plundered her mouth with his tongue. Their fingers entwined. He held her fast to him. Helena's lips found his time and time again.

They made love.

They both lay spent in the wee hours of the morning. They clung to each other. Their sweaty bodies stuck to each other. They eventually fell asleep clinging to each other.

Koenig awoke to the sounds of his son on the monitor. He turned the viewer on. He could see Isaiah was wide awake. Koenig eased himself out of bed and hauled on his robe. He headed for his son's room. Isaiah saw his daddy's face appear over his crib.

Isaiah scanned his mind. What he saw there both pleased and upset him. The sudden wailing from the child brought swift action from Koenig who picked him up quickly. He patterned all the actions that her saw Helena do. The child calm down eventually.

Koenig took him to the kitchen and took Helena's expressed milk from the refrigerator. He placed it in the warmer and was feeding the child within minutes. He walked back to the child's room and sat on the patterned two-seater. John reclined and fed the child until he fell asleep.

Helena awakened two hours later to see the child curled up on his father's chest. Both were asleep. Helena hated to awaken them, but she took Isaiah and placed him in his bed and shook John awake.

Koenig's eyes opened and he smiled up at her.

"Good morning, gorgeous," he grinned

"Good morning, handsome." John stood and gathered her into his arms. He kissed her neck, and then released her. He headed for the bathroom and showered. Helena watched their son for a minute then entered the shower with him.

He stepped aside when she entered. He watched her get wet then he lathered her body. Helena reveled in his touch. She did not want to think about him leaving. She wanted to concentrate on this moment.

Helena's mind flashed back to many years ago when she sent her first husband off into space. She shivered. She felt like someone just walked over her grave. She understood more than ever why she was so angry about John leaving. Koenig turned the shower off thinking she was cold.

He grabbed a towel from the rack and toweled her dry. Helena's hair was wet and he dried some of it. She then blew it out and tied it with straps. John watched her while getting dressed.

Helena dressed quickly and checked on her son. He stirred. She prepared breakfast and they eat in silence.

"Why are you so silent, Helena?" Her eyes pierced him through. She looked away from him not wishing to verbalize her real fears.

"Helena, say something."

"I love you," was all she said. They heard Isaiah fussing and Koenig went for him. They had coffee while Helena breast-fed the boy.

"I love you. Do not worry about anything. Just take care of Isaiah," he got up and kissed her on the cheek.

Koenig left for Main Mission.

Maya and Sandra leaving Main Mission greeted him at the door. They smiled and waved. They headed out the door talking about the surprise wedding anniversary party for the Koenigs.

Twenty seven days later, on their anniversary they got dress to go to dinner at Victor's. John handed her, her gift and she gave him his. They opened their gifts. Helena smiled. She got a big framed picture of their wedding as well as a necklace and pendant made from pure Beulan white gold.

The craftsmen had done a great job. Koenig placed it around her neck. The pendant was a cross. Helena kissed him. Koenig looked at the watch with a gold chain attached to it. He kissed her.

"I love it," he placed the watch in his pocket and hooked it onto his belt.

They left for Victor's. The Koenigs buzzed Victor's door. It slid open.


A large group of their closes friends had surprised them with a party. The Koenigs were elated. Victor took their hands and pulled them in.

"Who's minding the store?" Koenig asked smiling.

A few hours later the Koenigs left the party for home. Isaiah was at Philippa's quarters for the night for a sleep over so they could spend tonight alone.

When the doors closed behind them Koenig took her in his arms. His lips touched hers softly as he held her arms.

"I love you, Mrs. Koenig," he said.

"I love you, Mr. Koenig," she laughed.

John lifted her off her feet and headed for the bedroom. He placed her on the bed. Helena began removing her clothes. For every piece Koenig took off she took off a piece.

Koenig eased his long frame down on her pinning her to the bed. His eyes smouldered. He kissed her long and hard. Helena wrapped her legs around him and pinned him to her.

John closed his eyes and eased his frame up from her a bit. He took her.

Two mornings later John and Helena were dressed and ready for the inevitable.

Veep! Veep!

Koenig answered the crystal. This time the images came on Alpha's screen.

It was Ai'son.

"Commander, are you ready?"

"In three hours. I am about to have a senior staff meeting to brief them. Then I will leave." Ai'son nodded and Koenig turned to Helena.

"You are not due back to work until Isaiah is one year old. I suggest that you do not go into work today, let Ben do all the paper work."

"John, I will have to go in we are short staffed as it is. I will just work less hours."

Bleep! Bleep!

They answered the door together. Philippa entered with Isaiah, who was having yet another sleep over. The Koenigs told her where they would be. They kissed their son and both left together.

The Main Mission doors opened and they both headed to Koenig's office where they were all gathered. Koenig looked around the room. They approached the table and sat down in the two empty seats at the head of the table.

"I leave in a couple of hours. This will be brief. Here are your orders, Sahn." Sandra Benes passed the folders around.

Koenig continued, "Tony, you are in charge of operations on the moon base. Paul, you will be in charge of operations on Beula. Prof Bergman will be both your Second-in-Command. The rest of you have your orders. I will be away close to a year. Alan, I need you to do a tour of duty on the last leg of my training. We have spoken about it and I expect you to make the arrangements. Dar will be expecting you. Are their any questions?"

"John, what about Helena?" Bergman asked.

"She will be on leave. Bob, you are in charge of medical."

Bob Mathias looked at his Chief. He saw no resistance but he knew she was hurting. He knew more than she even knew about what she was feeling at this time. He knew also that she would overcome her fears and focus on her son's well being instead.

"Well, anything else?"

"Yes, John, may we contact you at anytime during your training?" Veredeschi asked.

Koenig past his hand over his brow he knew this was coming. "No."

Protest went up around the room. John held his hand high for silence. "Contact the Pentact for help in my absence. I have confidence that everything will be taken care of. Helena and Victor have exclusive contact with me. They will keep me informed."

"But, Commander," Tony started. Koenig stood, he did not want to prolong the argument he saw coming.

"Veredeschi, you have command." He looked over at Alan and the Professor, "A word with you Alan, Victor." They saw that the meeting was over, so they all began filing out. Helena stayed.

"Alan, how is everything going?"

"Great, getting married on her birthday was a great suggestion. She loved the idea. Helena and the other ladies are helping her plan everything."

"Good. Victor, you will make the arrangements with Alan and the Pentact. Please make sure all goes well in my absence."

"Sure, John," Victor responded, "I will be giving the bride away after all."

"Speak to David Lord, Alan, and make sure the time is acceptable." Alan nodded. "Give the ring to Helena. She will hand it to you at the appropriate time. After the honeymoon you need to attend to the Eagle upgrades. I do not know who they will send but give them all the co-operation they need. We cannot buy the technology they are giving us."

"Will do, John, I will see you on Pul," Alan smiled.

Veredeschi was not pleased with what he saw happening. He thought Koenig was becoming an alien to his own people. He turned to Paul Morrow who too looked displeased.

"Well, we have our orders," Paul said.

"We certainly do," Veredeschi harrumphed.

"What do you make of all of this?" Paul asked.

"I don't like it. The Commander will be in the hands of these people. They are trying to make him more like them," Tony fumed.

"I think we need to keep a close eye on those people on Pul," Paul observed.


"I don't know. Do you have any ideas?"

"Not a one."

The men turned when the door opened and the four people came out. Koenig stopped briefly on the deck. He nodded to Kano who opened a channel for the base and also Beula. The transmission was loud and clear.

"This is Commander John Koenig. I will be away for close to a year. I expect everyone to remain and work as though I were still here. I expect that you will give Tony, Paul and Victor the same co-operation and loyalty you have given me. Good luck Alpha, I am counting on you." Koenig turned and exited Main Mission, Helena and Bob in tow.

The crystal veeped and he headed into the docking bay with his entourage behind him. He touched it and a portal opened. He saw Dar at the other end. He turned to Helena. She embraced him and Koenig kissed her. She returned his kiss with ardor. Koenig smiled down at her. Her eyes were sad, he noted.

A person in services walked in with his travel bags and laid them at his feet.

He moved away form Helena and took up his traveling cases. Koenig stepped into the doorway and it closed behind him. Helena turned and went into the arms of Bob Mathias. No tears came.

Without Dar Koenig could not go through the portal. It took two crystals in sync. John Koenig shook hands with Dar. He was still not used to it but Koenig intend to clue him in on a few earthly habits.

"What's first on the agenda?" Koenig asked.

"A banquet in your honour, Commander." Koenig looked around the enclosure. They were in an archway leading to a vast room well equipped and lit. Koenig could see it was their command centre. Miniature lights pulsed before empty frames. The screens were the atmosphere. The images projected there gave a spectacular display and Koenig saw programmes after programmes being run. It looked like a information superhighway in there.

The room teamed with not only Puls but also aliens from other planets. Koenig was impressed. Some briefly looked up at him and went back to work.

They walked across the center of the room then exited as the glass doors vanished. Dar went down the stairs and into a waiting transporter. The lights flickered and Koenig watch Dar punch in the sequences to their destination. The door closed and they were travelling downward.

The doors opened into a large garden area. Many aliens milled around the spot. Food and drink were at various strategic corners. Tables lined the walls. Aliens were everywhere. Dar introduced Koenig to the important ones. Koenig felt somehow Helena should have come with him, but the Puls did not want him distracted.

Helena awoke with a start. She had been dreaming. She was breathing heavily. She looked around the room. She was not sure where she was.

She pulled back the sheets. This was the third night she had awakened in a sweaty panic. She quickly padded into her son's bedroom. He was restless but asleep. She went to the kitchen and had some water.

She was now disturbed by the dreams, a little girl falling, John reaching out to her but not in time. Helena let out a blood curdling scream in her nightmare as she came awake. She came awake at the same spot, when the child was falling.

Helena was afraid to go back to sleep. She sat up clutching her glass. She knew this was a warning. She felt heart sick. She needed John.

John Koenig exited the shower. He had been training all morning in hand to hand combat with one of their experts. His Kendo came in handy. Koenig had been shown more than a hundred ways to kill an opponent and then some. He put on one of his many sweats that were hanging from the pegs.

He would have some lunch and head to his next class. Koenig sat down for a moment his mind trying to reach through the light years trying to reach Helena. He actually did reach her briefly. Helena was exited to feel his presence. Isaiah had felt it too but all too suddenly it had been gone.

Koenig concentrated. He felt closes to her when he did this. Two aliens from the Astrobol galaxy entered. They were small, thin creatures that looked like they weighed forty pounds all together. They had hanging skin like petals that went around their necks. They were friendly creatures and Koenig liked them. They both smiled at him.

Koenig knew a new contingent of soldiers was in town watching the border for Kaldorians. He got up and headed for the cafeteria. He past many other creatures he had never seen before.

Helena Koenig was in the Medical Centre. Isaiah was strapped to her back and she was checking the equipment. She looked up from her busy sorting. Mmm, she could have sworn that John was trying to reach her. She went back to work.

Bob Mathias entered the stock room. He headed towards her and pinched his nephew on the cheek. The child smiled and reached for him. Helena turned.

"Shouldn't you be home, Dr. Koenig," he smiled.

"What are you doing here? This is not your shift," she smiled at him.

"Are you getting forgetful, Helena. You asked me yesterday to meet you here at dinner time. You said you wanted to talk with me," he looked perturbed. She looked distracted and lost.

Helena searched her mind, "Oh yes, I did Bob. I am sorry. I have been a little preoccupied lately." Helena turned and exited the supply room and handed the nurse her inventory thus far. The nurse took it and smiled.

Bob took her hand and headed towards his office. Helena took the baby from her shoulders and placed him on the couch in Bob's office. She sat across from him.

"Ok dear, tell me what's on your mind," Bob said matter-of-factly.

"Bob, I have been having premonitions by way of a reoccurring dream," she sighed.

"About what," he said sitting up a little straighter.

" A little girl, that same little girl I have dreamed about before. I keep trying to reach her but I can't. She keeps slipping away from me," Helena wrung her hand.

"Helena, do you think this is as significant as the dream of red you had?" Bob reached for her hands. She looked across at Isaiah.

She took his hand. "Yes, Bob I think this little girl is my child and she is somehow lost."

"Not possible you never had another child."

"I believe I am seeing the future."

"Have you contacted John about these dreams or premonitions?" Bob stood and came and sat at the edge of his desk still holding her hand.

"I'm only having dreams I do not want to alarm John at this point."

"Are you worried about this?"


"Then you must tell John." Helena could see he was right about this.

"Oh, I suppose you are right. What shall I say though?"

"Tell him that Isaiah is warning you again and this time it is about another sibling."

"Bob, he has so much to deal with just now," she grimaced.

"Helena, he will be mad if something happens and you never gave him a heads up."

"You're right. I will talk to him tomorrow. We have a 2000 hours appointment." Bob held her hand and tried to reassure her. He told her everything would be fine. Helena kissed his check and took up her son. She exited the office feeling a little more firm in telling John and sure that it was a warning.

The following day Helena bathed little Isaiah and put him in bed. She waited on Sandra to put the call through. John was always waiting for her call.

A lean, trim and more muscular John Koenig sat at his console in his room. Helena watched her husband. He had changed over the past couple of weeks. He was getting harder. She wondered if she liked the new Koenig.

Koenig smiled. She kissed her fingers and placed it on the glass. He touched it. Helena stuck the disc in. On it were the files and reports for the week. Helena also sent new pictures and video of their son. Koenig watched those every week not missing a single new thing his remarkable son did.

The worst part for Koenig was looking at his beautiful wife on the screen. He made love to her everyday in his head. In his minds eye she intoxicated him in every sexy negligeè he had ever seen her in. He took them off her nightly. Koenig wondered if she could read his mind right now.

He saw her face get serious. He braced himself. He hoped it was not a 'When are you coming back' moment.

"John," she began.

"Yes, Helena," he countered stealing himself against what she had to say.

"I don't want you to worry but, I have been having dreams about a little girl." She saw his eye brow rise.

"Helena, are you pregnant?" He sat forward in his chair.

"John, you know I took precautions. No, this is the future. I think Isaiah is warning us again. Because you are not here you are not having the dreams. They are vaguely familiar to me."

"What happens in the dream?"

" We are playing in a field. The little girl is running and then suddenly she disappears. I do not know where. You are in that dream and you reach for her. You grab her hands John and then it's as though someone pulls her from your grasp. She falls off a cliff somewhere, I scream." John could see she was worried.

He went over what she said in his mind. It seemed familiar to him also. John felt as though his mind was suppressing something.

"John?" Helena could see something had disturbed him.

Koenig looked at her, should I tell her? "Helena, I have been having dreams also but I can't remember them when I awake. I only know they are disturbing. I don't know what to say. Do not worry about this; we will face it when the time comes. We already know that it is Isaiah who is warning us."

"John...," she began. Koenig turned from the viewer and spoke to someone. He turned to her.

"Helena, I have to go. Also I will not be available to speak with you next week but still send the reports."

"Why, what has happened?" she asked.

Koenig knew the less she knew the better she would sleep. "We are going on a stealth mission, just surveillance, nothing big. I will be fine and I will call when I get back." Helena noted something off in his tone-of-voice but did not say anything. She trusted him completely.

"OK, John. I miss you terribly. I love you, be well, eat and stay out of danger," she said.

"I will, I love you. Be well, kiss Isaiah for me." Koenig smiled and kissed the screen. It went blank.

Koenig turned from his console. He saw that Ai'son had come into the room behind Dar. Their faces were grim.

" The Kaldorians have allies. My spies tell me they have enlisted the aide of the Zedauis," Dar informed Koenig.

"Who are the Zedauis?"

"They are a disgruntled race from a renegade planet called Nis. They will do anything for lucre. They are a ruthless, self-seeking and blood-thirsty set. We need to stop them from joining the Kaldorians at all cost. Koenig, we are going on a little excursion to the dark planet," Ai'son smiled.

John was not sure he liked the sound of that.

The next day Koenig was taken into a secret room. Within the walls were all the gadgets that 007 would have loved to have had at his disposal.

He was fitted with an intelligence devised that could decode any language just as long as it was a language. It would unscramble that language and allow the recipient to hear their own language. When the hearer spoke the other would hear his language. It was developed by the Mendalis, Ai'son said.

Koenig was told to place it behind his ear. The devise felt like flesh. Koenig felt a tingling at the spot. He turned and looked in the glass partitioning. The devise had fused at the side of his ears and had taken the colour of his flesh. It was virtually unnoticeable.

Koenig was then fitted with three weapons. He was told he might not need it but to carry them just in case. They were all no bigger than his hand. The smallest of the three could be detonated like a bomb and take out a block if needs be.

Ai'son entered and walked over to Koenig. Koenig could see something was on his mind. He cut to the chase.

"We have sent someone to do the upgrades on your Eagles."

"I thought that was not for months yet? What are they going to do actually?"

"Camouflage mostly and speed them up quite a bit. When we go to war we will need all the fighter powers available."

"Well, that is only fair. Tell them to report to Alan Carter. He is getting married soon but he will be available most of the time. Who will be performing the upgrades?"

"The Ludians."

Koenig sighed he guessed they were the experts. "OK," he said reluctantly. He knew they would have to work with them one way or another, like it or not. They had somehow smoothed things over with Ludine and he had agreed to co-operate. Koenig did not trust him.

Ai'son nodded and exited. Koenig contact Alpha and let them know.

They stepped up his training after that, introducing him to more and more of their advance technology.

Helena Koenig awoke. Cold sweat had washed her and she felt clammy. She had that dream again. She looked at the screen. Isaiah was awake but he was not crying. Helena got out of bed and headed for her son's room. She looked down at him in his bed.

He smiled up and her. She picked him up. He was now, what kept her sane. Helena kissed his ruddy cheeks. He had John eyes. She headed back to her room. Helena sat on the bed and brought her legs in a bent position. She placed a pillow on her lap and laid him on it.

Isaiah's eyes shone. He was in a playful mood Helena could see. "I love you my little darling," she cooed. She ticked his toes. She bounced him up and down on her knees. Isaiah laughed. Helena played with her son and talked with him. She told him where daddy was and what he was doing. She got his favorite book out and read to him for a while.

Isaiah's little eyes were shutting down and Helena decided to put the classical music on and breast feed him for a while. As he fed him he slowly closed his eyes and slept. Helena's mind went back to John and the elements of the past week.

She had worked more than she should have. She had resolved to stay away from medical this coming week. She was going to spend the entire week with her son.

Helena checked him for wetness and changed his briefs. She would have to go into medical tomorrow for a check-up. Bob had spoken to her briefly about a phenomenon and Helena was sure he was going to tell her what new thing her body was up to. Helena and John were both immoratal again.

She placed Isaiah in his bed and went back to hers.

The following day Helena took Isaiah in with her. She handed him to the nurses who were only too glad to keep him for a while. Bob beckoned her into his office. She went in and sat. Philippa was in training on Mendali and would be back in two weeks. Helena preferred not to get someone new to watch Isaiah.

"Well?" she smiled.

"I have good news. Your blood composition is changing again. It seems your mortality really was short-lived. You are back to whats norman for you," he smiled.

"Oh my, I suppose I should be thrilled but I'm not this blood is a curse as well as a blessing," she remarked.

"How so, Helena?"

"My hair for starters."

"Oh that, well you will be glad to know that you could have cut it the moment you had Isaiah. Chances are you have a week before you can't."

Helena shrieked, "Bob, you could have told me sooner."

"I kinda like your hair that way," he smiled.

"Well when I cut it into a bob I will make you a present of the hair. I will have it plaited and you can mount it on your wall," she smiled.

"Deal, also your body composition has altered yet again. You have the body of a thirty year-old."

"My lord, you have got to be kidding me," she sat up in her chair at that.

"Only thing is, in the last twenty four hours, we have not seen anymore renewal of cells or growth. I think your renewal has stopped.

"Well it has to; I don't want to be a teenager again, pimples and all."

"One last thing,"


"John is not regenerating as fast as you he has the body of a thirty-five year old. His body is slowing down some too."

"Oh, mmm, well, thanks Bob. I will let John know as soon as possible."

"How is he doing? What did he say when you mentioned the dream?"

"He looks great, is all I can tell you. He said not to worry about it until we have to face it."

"I agree with him. You look better than the last time we talked. I am glad you are not letting those dreams take over your life. Isaiah needs you. Say 'hi' for me when next you see John."

"It won't be for another month I'm afraid." Bob nodded and she got up and headed out the door. She retrieved her son from the reluctant nurses and left.

Helena headed to the salon. She put a call in for Sue to give her a bob. Sue welcomed her and gave her an area where she could put Isaiah down for a nap. Isaiah woke up and the girls had to take turns watching him.

Two hours later Helena was out, braid in hand and flashing her brand new do. She realized she was not as edgy as before and thanked her stars that she had put those dreams to rest.

The Ludian starship approached Dar's space center orbiting his planet. Koenig was surprise to see them. He turned to Dar.

"We need them and they decided on a compromise."

"What's the compromise?"

"I am afraid I would be breaking their trust again if I told you." Koenig did not like that answer. He would rather not have to deal with the Ludians. Koenig had an uneasy feeling about this. They were already on Alpha and too close for comfort.

The giant semi-circular ship docked at the space center. A probe ship went out from it and hovered over the observation deck of the center. It then became invisible. Koenig could see why it went undetected most of the time.

"Let's get to your training. The art of recinufo," Dar grinned and his square cut green teeth showed.

"Are you ready to let me know what that is?" Koenig asked.

"Yes, ready. Are you ready?" Dar asked. Koenig nodded his head.

For the past months Koenig had been practicing space maneuvres and Tz. He was eager to know what this thing was. Dar walked to the drop and stood there. A disk floated downward. Dar stood on it and a glass dome covered the object enclosing him in it. It went downward and headed for the training center.

Koenig did the same and followed Dar down. These alien technologies far outreached Alpha. Already they had upgraded all of Alpha's Life Support System and Computer. Koenig knew they could survive on Alpha and reproduce with all the new technology and support they had received.

They glided along until they were before the medical complex.

It consisted of forty triangular-shaped steal buildings floating in mid air off the planet. They floated in and the units stopped and opened. Both men stepped off the devices and they went through the doors and headed upward.

Koenig looked around the glass room. It was filled with cylindrical objects containing fluid. Three Sigorians from Pul were working on what Koenig supposed was some kind of scientific break-through. The Puls had a caste system that consists of three different races. The glass door on the other side opened and a female Sigorians entered carrying a tray.

Koenig looked at its content as she walked by. They were some kind of hypodermic needles. They were filled with yellow fluid. Dar turned to look at the curious Koenig.

"What's all this?" Koenig's arms went akimbo. Dar spread his arms.

This, my quick witted friend, is the beginning of the art of recinufo. Signt, we would like to start now please," Dar signalled to one of the doctors.

The man came over carrying a tray of vials. "Commander Koenig, this is Signt or foremost scientist. This is our leader Signt, the 5th holder of the keys."

Koenig extended his hand but the man ignored it. Not out of rudeness Koenig knew. Dar shook his hand and demonstrated to the man. He smiled and Koenig could see a similarity to Magdis.

"Signt, please explain to the Commander what this all means."

The man placed the tray aside and spoke, "Commander, the procedure is simple. We implant five potions. Each potion in connected to the nearest nodes by your sweat glands. One of these potions is an antidote the others poison. All are deadly except to the carrier. The poisons are released through certain pressure points on the body. You must train Koenig, to release the poisons quickly with you mind. When released if you touch anyone they will die. There are millions of species out there in all the many galaxies we have visited. One of these potions will kill, freeze, disable or disintegrate them. They are self regenerative."

"Are they man-made?" Koenig asked.

"No, they are produced by our bodies and can be duplicated in others. We produce them and we can retrain your body to make and replenish them as you use them."

"How do I use them?"

Dar looked at Koenig and flexed his muscles in a succession of moves that startled Koenig. His eyes flashed as his pupils dilated. Dar turned his hands upward and Koenig saw the deadly poisons flowing from its tips. Dar did it again but this time he hardly moved. He stood still and Koenig watched the poison flow from his finger tips.

Dar moved again and this time the poison stopped. Dar went over to a flow stand and washed the poison away. He dried his hand and returned to Koenig.

"Why would I need such a thing, Dar?" The glass door opened and Conner Ryn the captain of Dar's ship entered. He saluted Dar and handed him a communiqué.

Dar read it and nodded to Conner who turned and left. He turned to Koenig. "The Kaldorians are clever. They have now gone to the Sebork for help. They seem to be building an alliance with all the low life in the galaxy. Koenig, we have to defeat them at all cost. This entire area could become a slave colony and everyone on our planets will be killed."

" Who are the Seborks?"

" Scavengers, they feed on all alien life forms dead or alive. They are carnivores. There are hordes of them and they occupy three planets in their system. They are the dark planet known as Lleh. Koenig, the Kaldorians intend to put an end to our way of life as we know it. We do not stand a chance if we do not defeat them at all cost."

Koenig was grim-face as he looked at Dar. Dar was still alive with all that poison in his system, could he risk it.

"Dar, I have a wife and child. I dare not risk getting then infected with this poison in me. I cannot do this thing."

"Every leader has done this, Commander. Think on it. In the interim let us train you as to the pressure points to kill the various species and also to release the poison at will."

Koenig nodded and they exited through another concealed door.

A month had past and Helena was getting anxious to talk to John. She had gone online for their usual chat but he never showed. She wanted to show him her new do and the highlights in her hair.

Helena called Dar instead. His face came onscreen and he grimaced when he saw who it was.

"Where is John, Dar?'

"Helena, do not panic I have a taped message from him for you," Dar smiled. Koenig's face came onscreen. He had a sheepish look on his face.

"Helena, I am sorry I could not speak to you this week. I promise I will make it up to you." He paused as if to allow her to comment.

"You bet you will," she chimed in. Koenig smiled and continued.

"I told you I was going to another planet and I am there now. Do not worry I cannot be detected and this is my second time in camouflage. I love you and I will see you in a month."

Helena sighed with disappointment. Another month, Oh John, be careful.

The screen went blank and a sombre looking Dar came onscreen. Helena said thank you and closed the transmission.

She turned from the screen and exited her bedroom. She had sent the files off to John any way. She entered Isaiah's room and sent Phil home. She did not know what training she had but each time she came back Helena noticed she was more robotic in nature. Helena looked at her son. She kissed him and took out an assortment of toys.

She placed him on the ground and he crept and played with his ball. He rolled over and laughed every time he missed the ball. He drooled on it. Helena laughed with him. He chased some of her blues away.

After play time he was so sleepy Helena placed him in bed. He slept through the night. He was a good boy and everyday Helena noticed how intelligent he was beyond his years. Helena suspected that the child was holding back in showing her what he was capable of. She knew for sure that he understood every word she said.

Weeks later Helena still hadn't spoken to John, just another taped message. Her days were filled with caring for her son's every need. The boy was now walking around stronger than he should have been. He did everthing early. Isaiah saw less and less of his Nanny. Helena suspected that she was watching her every move and she was annoyed.

Helena left her quarters early. She took him for a walk around the rec area. She talked with one of the women who was now pregnant. The woman positively glowed. Helena envied her, her relatively stress and disaster free gestation period.

She went to Sahn's and they talked while Isaiah slept. Maya joined them an half an hour later and they had tea. The girls commented on her beautiful highlights and bob. They could see however that Koenig's absence was weighing on her.

After tea Helena took Isaiah to the pool. She had started his swimming lessons herself. He floated on his back and loved the water. They splashed around and had fun together.

Alan Cater entered the pool area looking for one of his technicians who was off duty. He saw them there and thought what a chump Koenig was for missing out on all this. He waved to Helena and left the area Lawrence was not there.

Helena left the pool with Isaiah and they both went home for a nap. Helena dreamed of her child again. The little girl was still falling.

John Koenig was disguised as a trader. He had on a hooded red garment knit through to the seam. This was the Zedouis way of dress. Conner Ryn stood beside him. They had been there for a week now observing the movements of the visiting Kaldorians without them knowing it.

The only communications they had with Dar were the ear pieces. They heard their tongue as the various species talked and moved about the Zedauis city.

Koenig looked across at Ryn. He gave him the signal and both men pulled their cloaks over their heads. They turned a corner and spotted their exit. Both men dived in head first one after the other when they saw that the coast was clear. They headed down the garbage tube rolling all the way. They were spilt out into a wasteland of refuse. Koenig's stomach was sick but he got up and trudged on. At the end they jumped on a conveyor belt and glided upward.

Koenig retched when he got to the top and breathed in the good air. Ryn grinned. The Commander was certainly delicate. He was use to this so he gave Koenig a hand. Koenig took the rag Ryn offered him.

"Well, what do you think?" Ryn asked.

"They have come to an agreement I think."

"We have to take out the leader and six of their crew members. We cannot let them go back to the Noddegamra with the information they have."

"I think they already sent it."

"Why do you say that?" Ryn was puzzled for he had seen no sign that they had sent any information.

"The big fellow with the long beard he had a listening device with him. I have seen it before on the S.S. Emporium."

"S.S. Emporium, you have met that lying, scheming drunk," Ryn had a pained look on his face.

"Yes, we have met."

"That means that scheming air pirate traded with these mercenaries. He lied about his whereabouts, the cheat!" Ryn fairly spat out the last words. "So, they were listening in on the transactions. We have to take out the entire ship then."

"Conner, I am afraid they must have reported back to the Noddegamra by now," Koenig picked some cooked spoils from his pockets and pitched it from him. His stomach felt queasy again. He searched for anymore hangers on.

Ryn pick something from his hair and smiled.

"Next time I will pick the exit," Koenig smiled.

They headed along the almost deserted path only the lowest of life forms roamed here. The men fit in perfectly.

They rounded a corner and Ryn pulled Koenig back into the shadows. The guards of the Sebork and Zedouis were looking for someone. Koenig froze. The two retreated.

"I think they are looking for us," Ryn offered.

"I think you are right. How do they know we are here?" Koenig asked.

"I do not know. We need to leave and leave fast. They will kill us on sight. You will go to another plain Commander but I am not immortal, my people live until they are 1000 years at the most." The men inched their way along a wall. They were at their destination and they waited for the door to open.

The contingent of Seborky guards had grown. Koenig saw a glow and heard the guards alarm go off at the same time. He pulled the smallest weapon from his belt and set it to explode. He dropped it at his feet.

A Gorn form Pul stepped out to greet them as the Seborky guard spotted them. They fired and Koenig and Ryn both grabbed the Gorn by the shoulder pulling him backwards. It was too late the man was hit and they dragged the dead body back as the door closed. The explosion rocked the portal.

They laid the man on the floor. The Sigorian doctor ran a light over him and pronounced him. Dar came over. He said something over the man and they dragged him out.

"What did you learn?" Dar asked. Centy came forward and looked eagerly at them. Koenig could see that they were all gathered. He looked with mistrust at Ludin. Ludin looked straight through him.

"We have less than four months to prepare for a war," Koenig told them.

" They have a mighty arsenal and the Sebork are willing to use all at their disposal as long as they can get the bodies. The Kaldorians agreed they want the life forms for trade and slavery. The Zedauis gets Coron along with the Kaldorians. Ten percent will go to the Sebork. Everyone wins," Ryn stated.

" Ai'son, let's begin the rest of the training. Step it up. Koenig can take it. Don't kill him in the process. We meet in one week. Centy get all the information on all the arsenal and intelligence of our enemies. Ai'son we need manpower, ships and your most skilled suicide catains. We will work on the rest of it. Ludin we will need your covert crafts for this," Dar said.

Ludin nodded. Dar turned to Koenig, "You are going to need to know what is at our disposal. This is going to be your training in taking command here too John. You will learn from us how to run the Pentact."

Koenig nodded and the men filled out. Ai'son faded out.

Ludin went back to his ship and his brother, Raghin took his place on Pul.

Alan Carter and Alibe stood at the altar before the minister. Most Alphans were on hand for the nuptials. Everyone stood as Helena came down the aisles. Alibe was right behind her with Victor. She looked radiant in a Vera Wang knock off.

Helena stood to one side. Alibe came up and Victor handed her to Alan. Alan Carter was grinning like a fool. The minister started his ritual. Everyone wondered when Koenig would appear. A giant screen was erected for his appearance.

At the last minute Commander Koenig in full military regalia appeared at the altar beside Alan. He had projected himself. Everyone realized that this must be the uniform of the Pentact. Koenig was grim-faced.

Helena was shocked to see him. He smiled when he turned to her. She went over and stood beside him. She mock handed him the ring and they both placed it in Alan's hand at the right moment in the ceremony. Helena went back to stand by Alibe once more.

Alan turned to Alibe and put the ring half way up her finger. He said his vows and slid the ring on completely. Alibe took her ring from Helena and said her vows to him.

Helena and John remembered their vows to each other. They looked at each other. Helena was misty-eyed as she missed him. The Alphans watched on the monitors. They pointed and smiled, especially the women.

David Lord said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." They turned to each other and Alan lifted her veil. Alibe went into her husband's arms. Alan Carter, bachelor extraordinaire, planted a big wet kiss on his wife. The wedding party squealed with delight.

They raced down the aisle as they threw rice at them. Koenig stood looking at his beautiful wife. Sandra handed her the baby and she approached John. He reached a hand out to touch his wife and son but it passed through them.

Helena smiled at his disappointment. Isaiah reached for his dad and Koenig smiled. Helena approached him and Koenig leaned in for a kiss. Helena kissed the projection that was John.

Koenig disappeared from sight and Helena was left standing there.

"Goodbye, John," she said sadly.

"Daddy," Isaiah said. Helena looked down in tears his first words and John missed it.

Months later Helena Koenig received an urgent call from Pul. She sat in their quarters and took it.

John Koenig's tired face came on screen. Helena hardly recognized her husband.

"What have they done to you?!" she exclaimed.

"Helena, I am just tired and missing you. I am so sorry I took this long to call." Helena could see he was not going to answer her question. She looked deeply at him. He had a rough edge to him.

"John, are you Ok?"

"Yes, I am fine. I am immortal again and I bet you are also. I don't know when it happened but it certainly comes in handy. Helena, you cut your hair!" This was the first sign of emotion Helena had seen on his face.

She was surprise he had not noticed it at the wedding.

"Yes, I did," Helena felt it was trivial now compared to what she saw before her. Her husband looked like a total stranger.

"Do you have pics of our son?" he smiled then. Helena sent him the three months feed. She watched him while he started to view it. She saw his happiness and his pain.

"John, what have you been up to?" she raised one eye brow.

Koenig started looking at the files she sent next. He looked up at her. Koenig had learnt to speed read and also found he could teleport himself from room to room. He did not tell her this but he hoped to surprise her when he got home.

Helena concentrated on her husband her empathic mind picking up on his feelings. She had found a horde of feelings coming her way and realized she could pick up on everyone's feelings now. Helena had learned over the months to shut it down.

She realized that her dreams were indeed coming from Isaiah. She was picking up his brain patterns.

"John, what are you hiding from me?" she asked.

Koenig sensed something different about his wife just now. The change in her voice suggested knowing and not just a hunch. He looked at her closely, She might have been developing on her own too, he thought.

"Trust me, it is something you will find interesting," he smiled.

"John, is everything OK?" She was not sure he was being completely honest with her. Koenig stop looking at the files. He looked at her. He was sure she would get use to the new him. He missed her more than he could say.

"Helena, I will be gone for another two months on another mission. Before you start listen, the other group is moving against the Pentact. They are slated to destroy all the main planets in each of our star systems we must stop them at all cost. I do not think it is a co-incidence that this is happening at this time. I want you not to worry."

"Easy for you to say, I am raising Isaiah alone," she sighed she knew this was important for all concerned.

"I have to extend this training for two more months, Helena," he braced himself for her response.

Helena stood. Her eyes narrowed. She sat down. She stood up. She sat down again. "What!?"

" Helena, this..." the screen went blank. Koenig folded him arms. She had hung up on him. He turned the videos on and watched them at play. He saw that his son was holding on to things and pulling himself in a standing positions and he watched him take his first steps. John wondered if it was too soon for him to do this. He smiled when he saw the look on Isaiah's face as he made the number 2.

Koenig laughed. His mind went back to the matter at hand. He teleported into the next room and retrieved a folder. He let the pictures fall out. He extracted the one he wanted. Koenig looked at the menacing man. He had come over the past months to dislike him intensely.

He was the general who was gathering all the others for an all out war. They were going on a covert op to take him out. Koenig put back the picture and teleported back into the room. The video was still running.

He saw them in the pool. He touched her laughing face on the screen. Koenig like her hair longer but this was still a good look on her wet and all. He saw her kiss their son. He continued watching the video until the wee hours of the morning. Koenig was missing them by the end with ever fibre of his being.

His door sounded and he looked at the view post. It was Ai'son. He knew it was time. Koenig pulled his gear from its place and put it on. He opened the door, Ai'son nodded and they moved off down the corridor.

Ai'son turned a ring on his finger and they faded from view. They both reappeared on the Ludian ship. The ship moved out as soon as the men boarded it. They cloaked. The vessel travelled at light speed and was in the north quadrant in an hour.

They stopped and waited for the Seira. They had to destroy it at all cost. The information there was vital to the Kaldorians and Ectch, the captain, had to die.

The men settled in to wait for the ship.

Ludin appeared in Main Mission. The Alphans were stunned that the man had come himself to check on the Eagle upgrades. He informed them that he would be there a week.

Maya and Veredeschi protested his presence but Alan Cater agreed to keep him out of their hair and away from Helena Koenig. Veredeschi wondered if the Commander knew the man was coming. He doubted it.

Maya's open disgust made Veredeschi wonder if he should place the man on surveillance while he was there. Alan agreed to keep an eye on him so Tony acquiesced.

Alan left with Ludin in toe. They went to the Eagle maintenance area. Ludin spoke to his chief engineer there. He checked the specs and saw that Alan had tried out a few of the changes. Ludin was pleased with the changes.

Most of Main Mission and medical turned out in the rec room for this event, Isaiah's first birthday party. John ofcourse was absent but Helena made the most of it for the boy. Victor filmed it and Isaiah had a wonderful time blowing out his candles and playing with the adults. Isaiah took a reading on all who held him. He was getting very familiar with the Alphans. Victor sent the video off to John.

John watched his son as soon as he got the video. He knew there would be much to atone for with Helena and make up for with Isaiah.

Helena Koenig had no idea he was on Alpha. No one informed her. He was there for two days before she ran into him.

Helena exited the pool area in her two piece bathing suit and sarong. It was late evening and she had gone for a swim to calm her nerves and forget her conquistador husband.

" Hello, Queline," his deep and resonant voice startled her. She looked up to see Ludin standing before her dressed in a form fitting beige uniform. His hair, now longer was tied back and his physique was extraordinarily well proportioned.

Her breath stopped.

Alan Carter came around the corner then. He stopped dead in his tracks. Helena opened her mouth to speak but no words came. Alan approached them. He looked at Helena. Her cheeks were red. He had tried to avoid this dreaded moment and it was here. They stared at each other. Alan could not mistake the electricity between them.

"Helena, Ludin is here overseeing the Eagle upgrades. Will you excuse us?" Alan stepped off hoping the man would follow. He took another look at her and smiled admiringly. He noted the fact that she never spoke to him. He then followed Alan.

Helena still had not spoken. She released her breath but stood where she was. She was flustered.

It was now their second week here waiting for the vessel. The men spent the time training for the assault. They were beginning to wonder if the vessel would come that way when they picked up its neutrino signals.

The ship went into action. Five ships from the mother vessel were launched and cloaked. They were all armed. They waited. Koenig was in one of them. He felt his adrenalin pumping. He was ready.

They cut their engines. The Seira came on their monitors. It was a huge vessel but not as big as its mothership. The Seira slowed and came to a halt. It sensed that something was amiss.

Ectch had his men scan the area. He knew an ambush was coming but he did not know where. He was in enemy territory. "Anything?" he asked his men.

"Nothing, Sir."

"Proceed with caution. Are we ready for an attack?"


The vessel sped up until it was too late. The fire power that hit them caused their engines to die. They were crippled and hanging in space. The Pentact vessels uncloaked. The Seira opened fired. The leadship took a hit. Koenig broke formation and went before the vessel. So did the other small ships.

Rapid fire power came from the Seira. Koenig and Ai'son fired maneuvring upward and flying upside down at times. They went behind the ship. Ai'son took at hit. His ship veered to the side. Koenig fired and the Ludian ship sent two other vessels out. The other ships fired at every opportunity.

Koenig's ship took a hit. Fire started in the cockpit. Ai'son's ship came along side his and he watched as Koenig went up in flames before disappearing from his vessel. Koenig's vessel exploded.

The two new vessels dropped two huge missiles unto the back of the Seira and sped out of the area. The Seira exploded into tiny pieces.

Helena Koenig answered the buzzer at her door. She stood in her sheer negligee. She was expecting Maya, who was slated to sleep over at Helena's this evening.

Ludin stood at her door instead. He pulled her into his arms at once and kissed her. She was terrified as his tongue invaded her mouth. She pushed against him and he released her.

Her hand flashed like lightening and she struck him across the face. Ludin smiled.

"Queline," he said softly, "I love you."

"Please leave," Helena said. Ludin bowed his head and left almost knocking over Maya in the process. He smiled at her but Maya stood speechless. She looked at Helena as the man left.

"Helena, what was he doing here?"

"I thought it was you when I opened the door, Oh Maya, why did they allow him to come on Alpha?" Helena felt despair.

"Did he hurt you?" She pulled Helena in and closed the door. Maya saw that her negligee had fallen open. Helena shook her head, no. The girls went to the kitchen and Maya poured her something to drink. She could see she was shaken.

Helena Koenig sat in their quarters days later. Every now and then she looked at her son on the monitor. He was sound asleep after playing all day today. It had been a while since she had heard from John she was sorry she hung up on him.

She hugged her knees. She could feel him in every fibre of her being now. She had sensed that something was wrong a couple days ago. She had called Dar but he was away on assignment. Centy and Ai'son too could not be reached. Helena was worried.

The next day Helena spoke to Victor about her fears. He had listened and had told her he would try the Pentact for her. Half the day later he told her he had spoken to Ai'son. Victor told her Ai'son said John was fine. Helena pressed him for more. Ai'son he said could offer no more information on John.

Helena felt Ai'son had lied. She also knew Victor was hiding something. She tried to contact him with her mind but she could not reach him.

Helena had felt her life force draining from her today. She felt as though she were dying. She thought that John must be dying or at least deadly ill.

Having Ludin around for another week did not help her any. She kept running into him. She decided to at least be civil to him. She just nodded and walked hurriedly by when she saw him.

After a week, Helena felt her body regenerate. She started feeling tranquil. She felt Koenig was healing from whatever ailed him. She was no longer afraid but she hated being in the dark. This was going to be the last time John left her alone this long.

Helena retired to bed. She found she was lethargic today and she fell asleep quickly. Helena slept in a deep coma-like state. Helena left her body and came back to it several times during the night.

She stood in the dark room. It was not Moonbase Alpha. She could not see her hand before her face. She wondered where she was and who she was.

She felt a hand on her shoulders and she turned breathlessly. His lips descended on hers as she turned. She kissed him hungrily. He reached for her night gown and stripped it away from her with ease. His clothes came next.

They stood before each other in the dark. I love you, he said. I love you, she said. His mouth covered hers and they both sank to the floor.

He kissed her body and her hands roamed his form. They mated in wild abandon. They satiated themselves with each other satisfying their every need.

Helena Koenig awoke with a start. She sat up in a daze. Her head ached. She searched her memory for some form of what she dreamed. She could not remember it. She knew only that it was so vivid it could have been real.

She got up and checked on Isaiah. He was awake and giggling in his bed.

Helena hurried to the bathroom and took a shower quickly. He did not make a sound. As Helena dried her body in the bedroom she noticed a bruise on her leg. She looked at it. She looked all over her body and saw other markings.

Helena felt a sharp nudge in her womb. She had felt this before but she was not sure when. Helena looked at her lips. They looked bruised. She looked as though she had made love to someone. The bruises on her body were consistent with this thought.

Helena sat heavily down on the floor. The dream came flooding into her mind. It was no dream she realized.

Ludin stood in Main Mission and spoke to Victor Bergman and Alan Carter. He left with Cater after a while for engineering. Alan wondered why the man was in such good spirits this morning. It was his last day here anyway and Alan was glad to see him go.

John Koenig was in a coma on the Infrared. The Mendalis did not want to move him around. They monitored his condition. The doctor there was in touch with Alpha and Professor Bergman was also monitoring his condition along with Dr. Bob Mathias.

Victor hated keeping Helena in the dark but he felt it was not necessary for her to know that John was in this condition. He had second degree and third degree burns over fifty percent of his body.

They said he was in grave danger but his body was regenerating at a slow but steady rate. He went in and out of a self-induced stasis during the most critical points of his healing process.

Koenig after weeks came completely out of stasis. He was getting better and more alert. Ninety percent of his body had healed.

Victor and the others were elated. He spent another week there. The Mendalis used a sleep chamber to complete his skin restoration. No scares were visible.

John Koenig signed his discharge papers and thanked the doctors for their expert therapy. They told him his body's ability to heal itself was what caused him to recover so quickly. They informed him of the fact that his cells ability to regenerate had slowed somewhat.

He looked up and saw Dar, Ai'son and Centy waiting outside for him. The doors opened as Koenig approached them. He clasped Ai'son's hand.

"Thank you again for saving me from a fate worse than death. A few seconds longer and I would have been walking toast." He looked to Dar. "What happened to our plans?"

The men did not speak they all headed down the corridor. They stopped before a wall and Ai'son waved his hand over it. The wall receded downward and they all stepped in. The transporter shifted then stopped, the doors flew open they were in Ai'son's office on the ship.

The doors closed and Ai'son went to his desk and punched in the numbers. Charts and plans flew up on an invisible screen to the left. Koenig saw miniature vessels flying about.

"The Noddegamra, she went back to port, Commander. When they realized we were wise to their operation they retreated. Ectch sent one message from the Seira before it exploded and we intercepted it. They never got it. The Nodd went back to port," Ai'son concluded.

Does that mean we won?" Koenig asked.

Centy came forward and pointed on certain areas of the maps and miniature ships.

"These red dots represent six of our outposts that were destroyed in the last few days. They never intended to attack with the Nodd. They intended to distract us. They have infiltrated our defences. We have spies in our midst," Centy said.

"So, we left ourselves vulnerable?" Koenig questioned.

Centy pointed to the star charts above the others, "These are our galaxies, five in all. They have infiltrated Pul and Coron. We know two ships got in undetected, here and here," he pointed.

"Our ships are scouring the areas and planets now to find them, Commander. At the moment they have eluded us,' Dar stated.

"What's our next move?" Koenig enquired. The men turned to him. The doors opened and Ludin entered. The men turned to face him.

"What took you so long?" Centy asked. The handsome Adonis looked at Koenig and smiled. He addressed them.

"You know I had work to do. I cannot predict how long it will take," he smiled.

"If you jeopardize our mission Ludin you will have to pay the ultimate price," Dar said.

"Do not threaten me, Dar!" the man eyes blazed.

"Were you apprised of the situation?" Ai'son asked.

"Yes, my brother told me. The results from our analysis shows what we already know, we operate from Beula."

"Commander, we will resuscitate it. The base is there and underground. From there we will have to track and find the intruders,' Dar stated.

"We need your Chief Pilot Alan Carter to train now, Commander," Ai'son stated. Koenig nodded. He removed the crystal from his neck and rubbed his thumb across it. Alan Carters image came on Ai'son's screen. Carter's comlock bleeped. He looked down and saw John Koenig.

Carter breathed a sign of relief, "Glad to see you up and about, Commander," he grinned.

Thank you, Alan. Sorry but your honeymoon is over report to Pul."

Carter nodded and broke transmission.

Koenig turned to the men. "I am sorry but I must see my wife and son now."

"Before you go, Commander," Ai'son took the crystal from around Koenigs neck. He placed it on Koenig's forehead and let it go, the crystal turned to flesh and sunk into Koenig's head.

Koenig started. He felt a tingling as the crystal meshed with his brain structure. "This is how we carry the crystal, Commander. You can summon it at will. You can travel through it. It operates now as you think," Ai'son finished.

Koenig watched as Ai'son's forehead shone and his crystal came forth. It hovered before his forehead and then crystallized. He pressed it to his forehead and it turned to flesh and sunk back into his head.

Koenig nodded to the men. He headed for his quarters.

Koenig's body felt off kilter somehow. He hoped he was not feeling side effects from the blast or the crystal implant. They had checked him for radiation poisoning but it turned out negative.

He started feeling hot again. He realized he was feeling this way before he had the implant. He felt it was soon as he came out of the coma in fact. He shrugged it off.

He contacted Helena.

Helena Koenig looked at the results from her pregnancy test through the tears in her eyes. What should have brought her joy devastated her. She sank to the floor. Her hands went to her mouth and stomach both as she stifled her cry.

She heard a buzz at her console and looked up through her tears. She saw John Koenig's face on screen. Helena's heart broke. She had to pull herself together. She wiped her eyes and ran to her console.

Koenig's face lit up with a smile when he saw his wife's face.

"Helena, don't get mad. I could not come online. For the safety of everyone I had to stay away," he searched her face as he said this. He noted a tinge of sadness around her eyes.

"John, what happened? Where were you? Were you ill?" He saw also dark circles around her eyes and realized she had been worried about him.

"Yes, I was ill for a while but I had to stay in quarantine. I did not want to alarm you. There was nothing you could do. I did not want to worry you unduly."

"John, what are you saying? I was half out of my mind with worry," Helena broke down sobbing.

John Koenig projected his image into the room. He stood before her. Helena stood.

"I will be home in four months, my daring. What's wrong? I am so sorry. I will make it up to you, my love." His hand went out to her. Helena closed her eyes. She felt like she was drowning. She opened them and looked at her husband. How was she ever going to explain this pregnancy to him when she could not explain it to herself?

The Alphans will think she cheated on John. Helena's head started to ache. She ran her hand through her hair.

"John. I will see you when you get back," was all she said.

John felt rejected. Helena looked dejected and devoid of emotions.

"What's wrong? I will be in touch with you everyday from now on," he stated. Helena felt the panic rise to her throat. She closed her eyes again.

"John, do you want to see Isaiah?" she asked.

He nodded, not sure what ailed her. Helena went for their son and John grinned. He mocked play with him and smiled. Isaiah's face lit up.

"Dada," he said. Tears came to John's eyes and rolled down his cheeks.

"Did he just say what I think he just said?" Helena smiled and nodded as though her heart would break.

Koenig kissed the child and his wife even though he knew they could not feel it. Koenig spent another fifteen minutes with his son. Helena sent the feeds to him along with the reports.

"Thank you, Helena, we will talk later. Call me any time. Keep me posted on every development. The Ludians will be going to Beula to resurrect the underground base there. I will inform Paul, Tony and Victor of the situation."

Helena looked even more upset at the mention of the Ludians. Koenig could guess she was not too thrilled that Alpha was working with them. He ignored it and did not want to get into it.

"I love you," he said.

Helena's eyes clouded up and the words choked in her throat.

"I love you," she said.

Koenig signed off. He hoped she would not be mad at him for long. He missed her terribly.

Alan Cater, having just come through the porthole landed on Pul. Koenig met him at docking and showed him to his quarters. Hours later they headed to the training centre. John felt like he had slowed down after his time in stasis. He was getting tired and felt he had to slow down in some areas.

The following week John called her faithfully. He noted that she looked preoccupied and upset most of the time. She was moody and looked sick to John. He asked her what was wrong but she always had an answer for him. She was tired, overworked or not sleeping well.

Helena started wearing bigger clothing.

Helena reported back to work in a month. Her morning sickness was non existent and she felt fine. She realized she could no longer put off her prenatal care so she called Bob into her office. Bob entered and she offered him a chair.

"Helena, does this have anything to do with your moodiness of late?"

Helena looked at Bob and her eyes clouded. She lowered her head and took a deep breath.

"Helena, what's the matter?" Bob was now more concerned.

She looked at him, "I am pregnant." His eyes locked with hers.

"That's impossible. The Commander has been away a year now." Helena stood and put her hands in her jacket pockets. She paced and brushed the tears from her eyes. She told him about the dream that was no dream.

Bob stood, "You have no idea who the father is?" She stopped pacing.

"I... I..., Oh Bob, Ludin was on Alpha then. He kept turning up everywhere I went. He told me he loved me. The man in my dreams was familiar to me. I do not know."

"Do you think it's him?"

"I don't know. Who else? He is capable of doing this. Yes, I think it was him."

"John was in a coma on the infrared then. How are you going to explain this to him? Ludin is his enemy. This will kill him," Bob started pacing himself.

"What! He was in a coma. Did everyone know about this but me? Oh, it doesn't matter now. He will be here in a month and a half. This is the end of our marriage. He could deal with anything but this." Helena went into Bob's arms distraught. He held her. Helena tried to regain her composure.

"I need you to check on this baby. I think it will be a boy. We had seen a picture of two boys in our travel to the future. It must be him. We assumed all the children we saw belonged to both of us."

"OK Helena, let's do this." They found an empty room and Bob brought in the equipment for an ultra sound. He did not know how he could have missed the signs of pregnancy in Helena.

Alan Carter lay spent on the floor. In all of his years of training he had never been so exhausted. John Koenig approached with a clear fluid in a cup. He drank it thirstily.

"This will put the electrolytes back into your system." Alan smiled at him.

"What's next?"

"Cloaking exercises and escape maneuvres through black holes."

"Oh man I love those. Are you sure you are up to it?" Alan said standing, eager to get started.

"Oh, I feel better just a little unusual tiredness. Did you talk to Alibe today?"

"Yes, she misses me as much as I miss her."

"I spoke to Helena. I swear she is looking thinner. I feel strong emotions of despair from her, Alan. I think I might have to cut this training short and get back to her. She chewed me out for not telling her I was in a coma." Koenig saw Alan's face change a little. Alan looked away. What Alibe told him she suspected was happening would not leave his lips.

"Alan, do you know what's bugging Helena? I know she and Alibe are close. Did she say anything to her?"

"I haven't got a clue, old mate." The men headed down the pathway. They stepped onto a conveyor belt and glided to the shower area. They showered and headed to the aircraft maneuvres area.

Ai'son and three others met them there. Koenig went with Ai'son and Alan with the other two. They took off within minutes. Ai'son took them into warp speeds and they were in their training area in half an hour.

Koenig and Alan took over then and with evasive maneuvres they flew their routine. They added new moves as the computer simulated complications. Alan disappeared into a black hole and reappeared after a couple of minutes. He had reversed and escaped in the nick of time. Koenig was impressed with what Alan had learned in the four months he was there.

Helena monitored and checked the records of all the Alphans on Beula. There were no signs of viruses or bacterial infections in anyone there. The weather was the worst they had ever seen but Helena could see that apart from the cold the Alphans were stronger.

They had tested the atmosphere and something there was causing the Alphans to thrive.

Her monitor scanned the area. She spotted Ludin on the surface. He had been there a week now and she dare not go down there and let him see she was pregnant. She switched her monitor off.

Her hands went to her stomach. Bob had said she was having a girl. Helena was terrified. Her dreams of a little girl had stopped coming and she knew why.

Everyone on Alpha knew she was pregnant now. First the medical staff, then Main Mission. No one asked her what happened except Victor and Maya. They were flabbergasted. They wanted to confront Ludin but they were not sure he was the father.

They could not accuse him of wrong doing when Helena herself was not sure what happened.

Helena turned from her monitor in the medical lab and stood. She stretched.

"Hello gorgeous," Koenig said. Helena's eyes popped. John Koenig stood before her grinning.

" Good grief," Helena gasped. John Koenig strode across the room and lifted his wife off her feet. His lips crushed hers as he held her to him. Helena returned his kiss as though her heart would break.

She pulled away from him and he let her down. She instinctively wrapped her coat around her.

"John, what are you doing here?"

"I came home early for you. I wanted you and longed for you. I could stay away no longer. The leaders understood. They agreed that I knew all they could teach me. I got an early release,' John grinned. He kissed her again. He swung her up in his arms like a child.

To Helena's surprise they were in their quarters. John had teleported. He set her down and she wobbled on her feet.

"John?" she smiled.

"Yes, I can teleport. I discovered I could and I perfected it. It is so similar to our ability to go back in time."

Helena hugged him and he pulled her coat from her in one easy stroke. He noted that she had lost weight. He reached for her blouse to lift it over her head and felt something strange. He stood back. His hand went to her stomach. Helena's heart stopped beating. Koenig felt his system shut down.

He felt heat rise from the pit of his stomach. His wife stood pregnant before him.

"Are you pregnant?" he asked stupidly.

"Yes," She watched his eyes harden.

"How many months?"


Koenig stepped back. He looked at her. He did not have to do the maths. Five months ago he was in a coma. He searched his mind. He was in a self-induced stasis. He raised his hand to his head he felt an ache forming.

He had realized something was wrong but he would not have guessed this. Abruptly he vanished before her eyes.

John teleported into his office the anger rose in his throat. He pressed the monitor button on his console.

"Victor, come into my office for a moment please." Koenig sat at the edge of his desk. Moments later the doors slid open and Victor entered. He knew about John's ability to transport himself. He also knew what was coming. John had spoken to him before he surprised Helena.

"Why did you not inform me of my wife's state?"

"It was not my place to tell you, John," Victor said seriously.

"Whose is it?" John's voice was a calm, deadly roar.

"You will have to ask her that, John."

"Ask her, ask her!!" Koenig stood his voice raised several octaves, "Ask her!!" He paced like a lion in a cage.

"John, you have to calm down," Victor was sure he was about to lose it.

"My wife is pregnant, Victor. No one on Alpha would have relations with her. Who's been here in the form of outsiders?"

Victor feared the response but he answered.


"Ludin!" Victor nodded and John vanished.

Helena held Isaiah in her arms. She found it harder and harder to lift him and hold him these days.

Koenig appeared in the room. He stopped in his tracks when he saw his son. The child smiled and reached for him. John closed the gap. He took the boy from Helena.

His mind again flashed back when his hand touched hers. Helena stepped back from him. He turned with his son and left the room. Koenig played with him until the child became exhausted.

Isaiah eventually fell asleep in John's arms. He teleported and placed his son in his bed and covered him. He watched him sleep for a while.

Helena towelled herself dry in the bedroom. She had to sleep she was mentally and physically exhausted. She hoped the shower would relax her a little.

She turned and collided with John. He steadied her. His mind involuntarily flashed backwards. He saw his coma.

"Are you pregnant for Ludin?" Hearing him ask that struck her to the heart. She looked into his eyes. She told him what happened. Koenig stood rooted to the spot.

"Could it be his?" he asked after she told him of the dream.

"I don't know, John."

"I could kill you with the rage and despair I feel right now. Our son, lying in there is the only reason I won't. Where is he?"

"John, this was not my choosing! I do not want to discuss him now."

"I know that but I cannot help the rage I feel. I do not even know what to do with this. Where is he?"

"I love you, John. Don't turn your back on us.' She reached for him and Koenig gripped her arms hard. She felt danger for the first time from him. She sensed that he had changed over the year but she would never have expected the change could be deadly.

Helena cried out, "John, you are not the only one confused and suffering from this. I have been dying inside all this time. Don't leave me. This was not my fault!"

"Where - is - he?! He was not with us. His brother was more there than he was. All the time he has been here making a play for my wife and you let him touch you!!"

John could not stop the tears that came to his own eyes as he looked at her. His hands shook and his grip on her arms lessened. And he sank to the floor at her feet. Her towel followed him to the floor.

Helena sank to her knees before him. She held him in her arms and they both wept. Helena held his face in her hands and looked him in the eyes.

"I don't know who I made love to, but we are having a girl,' she stated softly through her tears.

Koenig's mind flashed involuntarily again. This time he saw Isaiah's giggling face in the midst of his coma. He was confused. Why was he remembering the child in him coma. Was he there somehow?

His hand went to her stomach. His mind flashed again this time he saw in utero.

"You're having twins," he stated.


"I just saw them; side by side, you are having twins." Koenig looked at her devoid of emotions.

"Twins," Helena's eyes grew cloudy again, "It can't be. Bob did an ultra sound."

"Have Bob check again," Koenig said flatly. He got up off his knees and picked up her towel. Helena stood. He handed her the towel.

"John..." she started. John shook his head.

"I have to see what's going on with the upgrades and the base on Beula," he said.

"Ludin is there," she told him finally. Koenig felt a tightening in his stomach.

"What happened while he was here?" John said calmly but the storm in his eyes belied the fact.

"I ran into him a couple of times." Koenig still looked at her calmly. He did not shift or blink. "He came here one night and I though it was Maya for a sleep over at the door. He kissed me against my wishes," she ended lamely.

Koenig looked at her still. "I slapped his face," she said finally.

Koenig turned and picked his comlock up from the console in the room. He buzzed the Eagle section.

"Fraser here; welcome back, Commander."

"Bill, prepare Eagle One for take-off. I will be there in minutes. Skip take-off procedures."

"John, no, please, he is a dangerous man."

Koenig looked at her. "So am I."

Koenig looked at her. He was deadly calm. Helena had never seen him so calm, Koenig teleported. Helena contacted Sandra to contact Dar.

Eagle One landed on Beula and Koenig got out his thermal suit and hurriedly pulled it on. The doors opened and he dashed out and hopped into an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) at the landing site. Paul Morrow pulled away immediately. Fraser was just getting suited and wondered what the Commander was in a hurry about. He could guess though.

"Commander, glad you could come. We are about to have a picnic of sorts," he stated.

"Paul, where is Ludin?"

Paul felt snubbed, "He is over at the reservoir. I did not know it was an entrance to a sealed base. I'll take you there." Koenig nodded. Paul Morrow saw that Koenig did not want to talk. He wanted to ask about the training. They drove for about fifteen minutes.

Koenig spotted Ludin in the distance and teleported. Paul was astonished.

Koenig tapped him on the shoulders and he turned. Koenig struck him and he tumbled backward and fell. Koenig lunged at him and began choking him. The Luds around him were slow to react as was the Alphan's present.

They grabbed for the Commander and pulled him off the man.

Ai'son, Dar and Centy appeared in the flesh.

"Commander!!" Ai'son said. Koenig stopped struggling. Someone was also holding Ludin as he stood. He lunged for John. Dar stopped him.

"Ludin, this stops here!"

"Dr. Koenig apprised us of the situation. Did you sleep with the Commander's wife?" Ai'son asked.

Ludin looked aghast, "I merely kissed the woman. I never slept with her." Koenig lunged for him again and this time Ludin accommodated him as the men tussled.

Dar's hand went out and both men froze. They pulled them apart.

"You kissed her. I told you not to interfere with the woman. You said you wanted to see her one last time before you gave her up. You violated our agreement," Ai'son stated.

Ludin shrugged. Koenig looked at Ai'son.

An high price to pay for ships and technology, he thought.

"Helena is pregnant, Ludin," Dar spoke harshly. Ludin froze.

"I did not sleep with her. The child is not mine even though I would want it to be. If Queline will have me it must be of her own choosing."

The name he called her was not lost on Koenig. He hated the man.

"You will be subjected to the findings of the Pentact. You will be heavily fined, Ludin you have broken our trust. This is not the first time. Your planet will be blocked from any more privileges on the four planets for a year!" Ai'son bellowed.

Ludin turned his back and strode off.

"We are sorry, Commander. This would never have happened if we did not give him leave to come," Ai'son said.

Koenig did not speak, "He said he merely wanted closure. He is not the father, Commander. Ludin would not lie at a time like this," Ai'son said.

Helena lay back on the bed as Bob put the translucent gel on her stomach. The lines on the monitor cleared. The baby appeared. Bob maneuvred the cup.

"What's that?' Helena pointed.

"It looks like an extra finger,' Bob observed.

"Or it might be a hidden hand, Bob," Helena tensed.

"I can't tell. Let's amplify the heart beat," Bob turned the sound up and amplified it. They listened.

One heartbeat was heard until they started to hear a second one. Just a few seconds behind but they heard it. Bob smiled but Helena was petrified.

"The Commander was right you are having twins," Bob cleaned the gel from her stomach. John Koenig entered the room and stood within the door way. He looked at the still picture on the monitor.

"Well?" he asked.

"You were right, John. You are having twins," Bob regretted the word after he spoke it. He retreated as the Commander came in completely.

"John," her hand went out to him. Koenig looked at her. She was his home. She was his safe place. Now he did not know.

"What happened with Ludin? Is he the father? He says he is not."

"I do not know, what happened, John. I have no answers for you."

John Koenig turned from her and teleported.

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