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This Love

Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2005

Story 8 in the "Beula" series +
1 - Synergy
2 - Lud
3 - Beula
4 - Pul
5 - Delivery
6 - Kidnapped
7 - Training, Mothering
8 - This Love
9 - War
10 - She is Mine
John Koenig goes on the war path and Alan Carter gets hurt. A secret is revealed.
Average Rating: 4.3/5 (based on 480 reviews)

Moonbase Alpha's status report: 2114 days after leaving Earth's orbit - Dr. Helena Koenig recording. They are working to restore the underground base on Beula. Alan Carter is back on Moonbase Alpha and
enjoying his well-deserved honeymoon.

"What's this?" John Koenig asked Paul Morrow and David Kano as they walked along the corridors towards the Geology Labs. The Commander's voice was sharp as he spoke and the men knew they were in for it.

"Commander, we were quite busy with the underground base and new Medical Center," Paul offered. Koenig looked at him. He slapped the reports on Paul's stomach and let them go. Paul harrumphed and held on to them. Koenig did not break his stride.

"Get the Alphans off the surface of that planet, Paul. Kano, when the weather changes then they can start vacations. The medical staff there is ill-equipped to deal with the severe reactions the Alphans are having
to the snow there now. We'll find out what's going on; let's see what Victor and Pat Osgood have to tell us.

A technician from Pul turned the corner and the Commander stopped.

He was holding several objects that resembled monitor watches. The Commander knew what to expect.

"These Commander, are the new all-in-one satellite monitors. Yours has Level One clearance. Doctor Koenig, Morrow, Bergman, Carter, Veredeschi have Level Two clearance. Drs. Mathias, Vincent, Spencer along with Kano and others in the command staff have Level
Three clearance. Other categories have clearances ranging from 5-7."

"Thank you, Ghurhan. I trust that you will play the instructions for all to follow over the Moonbase monitors."

"Yes, Commander, they are playing now. Everyone will know how to use them by the end of the day."

"Thank you, Ghurhan. Please let Dar know all went well and we appreciate his generosity."

The Gorn put his hands out to the side and smiled at the Commander. He turned and left.

Bleep! Bleep!

"Koenig here." The men had continued to walk on but they stopped.

"Commander, I am sending the report on Isaiah to your new monitor system. Download it when you are ready to read it."

"Thanks, Ed, I will read it on my way to Mendali this evening." The Commander's wrist monitor echoed and he saw the report being downloaded.

'Ah, modern technology,' he thought. "Kano, is the computer link-up with the other four planets completed?"

"Yes, Commander," Kano said tight-lipped.

Koenig buzzed the lab. Osgood's face came onscreen. The door opened and they stepped in. The lab was cluttered with samples. Victor and Maya were looking at the melted snow through advanced microscopes
donated by the Corons. It's magnification capability was twice that of a normal one.

Victor looked up and smiled at John who was never in a mood to smile these days.

"What have you got, Victor?" John asked.

"It looks like a parasite of some kind. The smallest I have ever seen. It was undetected by our microscope but quite clear on theirs. We need to have those affected debugged."

"Did you inform Bob?" John quarried.

"No, not yet; we were just going to see what the side effects of a bite from one produced," he said.

Maya separated the sample and handed it to a lab assistant.

"We already know fever and chills are side effects. What else?" Koenig questioned sternly.

They explained to John who was half listening. His mind was constantly on Helena. He hadn't had a real conversation with her in days. He looked up wistfully then gave his entire attention back to what they were explaining.

Helena pulled the mask down from her face. She looked at the monitors. One showed the monitor instructions the other the vital signs of the man they were operating on. She looked at Ben Vincent and shook her head. It did not look good for the man after the first procedure.

Ben looked at the man on the operating table. Helena pulled her mask back up onto her face. They continued the triple bypass. This time the procedure took and the results showed on the screen. Helena smiled at
Ben. The nurse wiped her forehead.

Suddenly the monitors went off. The man was going into a cardiac arrest. Ben reached for the paddles and Helena told him at what level to charge it. He handed them to Helena.

"Clear!" she shouted and applied the paddles to the patient. There was no response. She placed it directly this time on the beating heart and shocked the man again. Another monitor went off. Helena told him to
increase the charge as she watched the monitor continue to flat-line.

"Doctor, his pressure has dropped and he is no longer breathing," the nurse pointed out. They worked feverishly on him until seconds turned into a minute.

Finally Helena got a pulse. "Ben, is he stabilizing?" Helena asked. They finally got the patient to a point where they could close. She pulled the mask from her face and exited the operating room. She cleaned up and
went to speak with the man's wife.

Little Dove stood up as Helena approached her. Helena could see she was hopeful. She was a small broad woman with short, dark cropped hair. Helena did not know the man very well. He was an engineer in the foundry. Little Dove she knew very well. She was a technician in medical.

Little Dove's eyes crinkled in pain. The look from Helena made her uncertain. She went into Helena's arms and burst into tears. Helena soothed her. She mumbled something and Helena put her from her.

"We decided to have a child and now he will never see his baby," she sobbed.

"Morning Star made it, Little Dove. It was a slim chance but he is a fighter and he made it."

The woman choked back the tears as the words sunk in. "Thank you, Dr. Koenig, thank you," she let the tears fall.

"Will you go to Lith still?" Lith was one of the many moons of Coron. It had a training facility there. Morning Star wanted to be more equipped to provide for the future for his family. The Miccosukee Indian looked at Helena.

"Yes, we will. Morning Star wanted to, no matter what," she smiled through her tears. They spoke some more and then the woman went to intensive care to see her husband.

Bleep, bleep

"Yes," she answered.

"Dr. Koenig, your wrist monitor is ready. It is being delivered now," Ghurhan said.

Helena paused as she felt a sharp pain in her head. Momentarily she saw a vision of herself floating through space. "Dr. Koenig?" the being asked.

She steadied herself and responded. "Yes, sorry, thank you." The man closed communication but Helena stood very still in the corridor. She felt a sharp pain in her head again.

First Voice: Why must you continue this?"

Second Voice: You need to stop this now. It is interfering with our progress.

Third Voice: I am doing the best I can. They are not conducive to my powers in their stubborn stage.

FV: Fix it!

TV: I am trying.

Helena entered her office and retrieved the lock box on her desk. She punched in her code and the box opened. She took out her new wrist monitor and turned it on. It responded to her DNA and would not work for any one else.

Ed Spencer entered wearing his. He handed her the report Dr. Mathias had given him for her.

"Isaiah's DNA is being analyzed on Coron as well. As far as we can tell, Doctor, he is not human."

Helena looked at him. She read the report. "This is impossible. John and I are his parents. He is human."

"Helena, his blood has properties we cannot even decipher. From all indications he is pure energy. His blood is him. I do not know how he keeps his human form but he is energy in human form," Ed stated.

"Did John see this yet?" She continued to read.

"We sent him a copy via his new monitor. Testing out the technology, it is an easy device to operate."

Helena read on and Ed left. Helena left for home an hour later.

As Helena entered their quarters her monitor buzzed. She looked down at the message.

I need to see you

Helena was puzzled by this. She tried to trace it. It came from off base. She wondered who had her monitor mail address already. Helena looked at the L and realized who it must be. She ignored the message.

Koenig left the lab and headed for his appointment with Alan Carter at the gym. He was nursing a wicked headache and was in no mood for polite conversation. He felt like hunting and killing something.

Third Voice: What about you? Can you not jerk her memory?

First Voice: I will not respond to that. This is your doing!

Third Voice: I need your help!

Second V: We have done all we can.

Third Voice: Not enough.

Second Voice: Search the archives for information on human nature and fix this problem. We will die if you do not.

Third Voice: You will not die, you exaggerate.

First Voice: We die as we speak.

Third Voice: I will not fail

A sweaty John Koenig left the Medical Center. He had worked up a sweat with Alan in the gym for two hours. Alan was now nursing a broken nose and busted lip. Koenig was angry at himself for hurting Alan but he knew the man could take it. They had busted each other
up in the past when he was mortal.

Koenig knew his immortality made him safe but Alan was wide open. John had also had more training than he. Koenig stopped as Alibe came flouncing down the corridor. She gave Koenig a look that could wither
grass as she passed him.

Koenig scowled at her. His mind flashed to what it had been on all day. An image took over and Koenig shook it from his head. He headed home. The doors to his quarters opened at his approach and he almost tripped over his suitcases going in. He looked across the room
and saw Helena sitting on the contour sofa.

He passed her and headed to the kitchen. Koenig poured
himself some water. Helena got off the sofa and blocked his exit from the kitchen. She looked at him beseechingly.

"John...," she began.

The look he gave her silenced her for a moment. His features were hard and grew harder the more he trained, which was every evening now. Helena realized that her husband had changed, not only physically but
mentally, while he had been away. She continued, "The bags at the door are yours."

Koenig said nothing.

"I do not want you to stay here if you are unhappy." Koenig set his glass down on the kitchen counter and looked at her.

"I heard about Carter," she continued, "Alibe called. She said and I quote 'rein in your husband'. What are you doing rampaging around here like a bull in a china shop? You hurt your best friend. Well, say something! You never speak to me anymore."

Koenig did not blink. She tried to read his mind. It was closed to her.

"Is this some kind of emotional warfare? If it is, I surrender?" Koenig tried to pass her.

"John Koenig, I will not live like this!" she shouted. "I can't live without your touch or your love. I need you. Do not continue to punish me for something that was not my fault!"

Koenig showed no emotion. Suddenly her hands flew upwards and she pummeled his chest in a cry of anguish. John caught her arms and wrestled them to her side. Touching Helena had produced a memory flashback.

John could not understand it. At one stage he had seen Isaiah's face. He gently pushed her aside and walked by her. He headed for the shower. He had to go to Mendali. He had no time for this.

Helena Koenig clutched her stomach as she stood there. She felt a cramp when John had gripped her arms and pinned them. She stood there for what seemed like an eternity to her.

When the pain subsided she headed after him.

John had read Helena's mind. Morning Star had almost died and she had struggled to pull him through. He had heard. He could not reassure her that he would be fine and that she had done a good job.

He looked at his wrist monitor. He panned around the base a little trying out the technology.

Koenig entered the room. He was afraid of the emotions boiling within him. He had had these intense emotions before. A dozen times before and they were all involving his feelings for her.

He had to take charge of the Pentact soon. He could not let this distract him. He had to find a way out or around working with Ludin. The man was after his wife and he knew Helena had some kind of feelings for him. He was not sure what.

He wondered how Helena got pregnant. She did not know. Koenig wanted to kill something. He was afraid he might kill her. He had an intense reaction to his wife when he saw her. She was getting bigger with another man's child. He wanted to snap her neck.

Third Voice: It is now or never

First Voice: We are sick.

Third Voice: I will try.


He turned and looked at her. His lean muscular body caught her attention. He stood squarely looking at her. She saw danger in his eyes. She felt a shiver run down her spine. The twins kicked. Helena swayed on her feet.

Isaiah came bouncing into the room, his nanny Philippa in tow. They had not heard the door. Isaiah headed for his father.

"Daddy," he said bounding into his arms. Koenig's features softened. He looked at Helena then teleported into the next room away from her. He did not want the child to see the tension between them. Helena stood for a while. She felt his hatred of her.

She realized she had come the closest she had ever been to being physically hurt by John. She felt an intense anger in him. She decided not to pursue him.

"I need you, John," she said sadly. Helena's monitor rang. She looked down to see another message.

Speak to me, Queline

This time it was unsigned but she new who it was. She ignored it again.

Helena rested.

John called Mendali and spoke to Ai'son who told him of the breach in security at one of Mendali's headquarters. Koenig promised him he would be there on Mendali in an hour. Koenig read to his son.

He checked on Helena who had fallen asleep in the next room. His pain and anger had subsided when he held Isaiah in his arms. He took the child in and they took a bath together. Koenig had missed so much with him but it was essential that he do the things he must.

Koenig piled suds on his son's head as the child giggled. Isaiah reached a hand out to Koenig and he had another flashback, this one stronger than before.

"Isaiah, are you trying to tell me something, son?" The child smiled. Koenig saw himself in stasis back on the Mendali ship. This time he saw Helena in a room. He knew Helena was nowhere there. Koenig was confused. He showered them both off.

They dressed together. Then Philippa came for the boy to give him dinner. Isaiah was always on the go now and Koenig had to think of getting two Nannies/Security Guards for his son and wife.

He made the arrangements and this time John made sure his wife's whereabouts were known to him. Her wrist communicator was connected to his and now he knew where she was at all times. The security details were extra precautions. He exited Moonbase via the key embedded in his head.

John Koenig looked at the dead Mendalian. His charred flesh was falling off his bones. He looked at Ai'son and Dar.

"I think one of those traitors - the Kaldorians or Zouadis - are here on Mendali. I do not know how they got here or this far, but they are here," Ai'son said.

"How did they gain access to this building? They would have to have Level One clearance?" Dar observed.

The chief security officer of Mendali looked at the man and kicked the corpse absentmindedly. Ludin and Centy materialized before them. Koenig nodded to Centy but ignored Ludin. Dar filled them in on what had happened.

Koenig looked about the room. It was their energy room. This was one of the power houses of Mendali. One false move here and you could kiss yourself goodbye. Koenig realized the energy in the room could power
Alpha for eternity. They had harness the power of their sun and had used it to energize everything.

Ai'son called his Chief Security Officer over for a further report. They had looked at the monitors and listened to the recordings.

"They found him here about two hours ago. There is still no sign of entry or struggle. He was shot without a warning. Chances are he spotted something but was too late. Computer shows that the only one in the room was Coor here," T said as he kicked the body again.

Koenig did not like the man. "There was a burst of energy with no sign of origin. We have someone here that has a more advance system and will check to see where it originated."

Dar looked at Centy. They all looked at the Commander.

"What?" Koenig asked.

"It sounds like the work of Gog," Dar said.

"What is Gog?" Koenig asked.

The men looked at each other again, "He is an entity and he leads this attack against us. We do not know when or where he will strike. He has no boundaries. He can go anywhere and be anything living. He has neither shape nor form," Centy stated.

"How come I have never heard of him? The ships we destroyed, were they his?" Koenig asked. The men looked at each other again.

"Yes, some were. We have no control over him or what he does. He is aligned with our enemies and it is he who feeds their hatred. This is why the Pentact was formed to defeat him and his kind," Dar said.

"We did not mention him because, Commander, you might not have agreed to lead us," Ludin countered. Koenig ignored the man. He had no proof that he had fathered Helena; twins but he would get to the bottom of it sooner or later. Either way for Koenig, Ludin was a dead man.

'Can I really trust these people? The more I know the less I know of them and their Pentact. I need to think.'

"Gentlemen, do you have a plan to defeat this thing?" Koenig asked.

"We have no idea what kills it. It is over a million years old. I think it cannot be destroyed," remarked Dar.

"Gentlemen, you disappoint me. Humans are fragile creatures. A being of this magnitude spells disaster for the Alphans. I will not put my people in danger. This alliance is over!" Koenig stated then turned and
strode off.

Ai'son appeared abruptly before Koenig. John halted and looked at the man. "We either stand together, Commander, or we fall. We need each other in order for this to work."

Koenig looked at the man. He felt his anger flare without warning. He saw Ai'son step back in fright. They had made him more powerful than he even knew. Ai'son saw that the man already had the power to change. He was now virtually unstoppable. He hoped Ludin knew what he was doing as the Commander was now almost invincible. They had to tell him eventually that he was the key to killing the beast.

He remembered what he saw when he traveled in the future. His anger subsided. Koenig stepped around him and said over his shoulders: "Between the four of you, find out what this thing is and how we can kill it. You have a week or else you are on your own with this. Send all information you have so far to Alpha." The Commander vanished.

Koenig reappeared in his office on Moonbase Alpha. He sat at his desk and linked his monitor frequency to that of all his officers. One by one they filed in and headed for their seat. Koenig called for more chairs as Helena and Sahn walked in.

They all sat down; no one knew what was up. The Commander stood up.

"I have just gotten back from Mendali where I was told that an entity is the root of all our troubles. I do not know the exact nature of this creature. Kano, the Pentact members will be sending data of what they know so far. Put it all together and send it to Professor Bergman and Maya. You two, find out what this thing is. We will be on yellow alert until we know how great this danger is. Questions," Koenig's eyes widened as he looked at each in turn.

Paul Morrow stood up. "Is this in any way linked to the parasites we found in the snow?"

"No. That is a different problem. Let your assistants work on that. I want you two to concentrate on analyzing any data from the others. As of now, Alpha is on lock down. Nothing comes in and nothing goes

"Should we have Computer watch all signals and all corridors for suspicious movements?" Kano asked.

"Yes, Kano, another thing is security. I was going to Mendali to make sure the link-ups were in order when this popped up. Dr. Koenig as you know is pregnant. She has passed her first trimester and is half way
through her second. Once she reaches her third trimester we will be extremely vulnerable. I am having Special Services watch her. Tony, I need you to have the special detail monitor Helena's every move. Have
them lock in on her code. I want her vitals monitored. I want to know even if her temperature drops one degree."

"Commander, do you want Delta one or two," Veredeschi asked.

"Bravo One, Special Ops," Koenig said.

"Are you expecting something more than we think, Commander?" Tony asked.

"It is just a gut feeling, Tony, but I think this thing is headed here. If we are the future of the Pentact and if I am the leader, this thing will try to
take me out. I can't be killed as well as Helena but we are vulnerable when she is pregnant. She is going to be a prime target. Alpha also could be wiped out."

Helena Koenig sat there speechless. She felt like a prize pig at a state fair. She was weary of all the danger that lay ahead. She wished she knew what to do. She felt useless in her state and she resented John
for making her feel inadequate.

The truth was she felt that way most of the time and John did nothing to help it.

"Do we give her around the clock guards or do we leave her with the part-time guard she now has?" Veredeschi asked.

Helena sat up, "Guard, what guard, do I have a guard?"

Koenig's eyes narrowed, "Yes you have a guard somewhat."


"For reasons of security I rather you not know."

"For reasons of my peace of mind I need to know," she said testily.

"Okay, you are all dismissed. You will be getting a report from me on my findings as the Pentact sends them to Kano. I will also elaborate on your duties, Sahn, yellow alert."

Everyone filed out except Helena, Victor and Bob Mathias. John handed Victor a file and told him to contact the four members of the Pentact directly. Victor spoke with him briefly then left.

Koenig looked at Bob who stood up and handed him one of the files in his hand. He handed the other to Helena.

Bob explained, "Your bodies can be destroyed but you will not die according to the research from Coron. They put your DNA along with a computer simulation and destroyed it. Your bodies will regenerate within four months." Koenig and Helena looked through it.

"We won't die?" Koenig asked.

"According to this your bodies have evolved since the last analysis. A year ago you would have died, not now. From all the simulations shown in the file from Coron, nothing has been found that could totally
destroy you."

Koenig sat down.

"One thing they did find. Helena could kill you and you her. It has something to do with the fact that you are linked by your blood. When you die you both go to another plane. You become invisible. That's as far as they got." Bob said.

"Something happened when I got angry at Ai'son just now. I don't exactly know what but I felt something go out from me. It felt real, like a presence. Ai'son fears nothing but he stepped away from me."

"I think, Commander, you have evolved. I think that like your son you are both barely human." Bob touched him on the shoulders and left the room.

Helena did not know what to make of this latest info but she had to talk to John about her security. She knew she must have it and she wanted to know who her body guard was.

Koenig was in no mood to speak to her now about security. They had had this conversation umpteen times in the past and John was sure they would have it again in the future. Just not now, he wanted to see his son. John teleported out of the room. Helena was left standing there. She was shocked. John had never been so rude to her before now.

Helena pressed the coded commander password with direct link to computer. The yellow klaxon had started to flash by now.

"Computer," she said "locate Commander Koenig."


Helena gave herself a few more minutes to compose herself. She had an idea who was watching her. She had hoped it was not true, but she had had her suspicions. She shook her head. John could have at least told her. This was the thing she did not appreciate. He did not see fit to inform her of her own security.

Helena felt the twins lurch. She felt something was wrong suddenly. Helena stood still. She tried to calm herself. Her stomach swirled.

Second Voice: Is this it?

First Voice: I do not know, call him.

Second Voice: What for? He could not help before. He cannot help now. We need to do this together.

FV: What can we do?

SV: Concentrate

Helena Koenig tried to calm herself but she was panicking. She was sure she was feeling contractions. She stood still, she dared not move.

Alarms flashed on Koenig's monitor and Sahn and Veredeschi both ran into the Commander's office as the doors opened.

They saw that Helena Koenig had turned a shade of green. Sahn was alarmed. John Koenig appeared between them, took one look at her and in two strides lifted her off her feet. He tried to teleport to medical. His
mind flashed as he went forward in time with her instead.

Maya on entering gasped as they both faded from the room. Koenig had tried to teleport again as they were going forward in time. The time continuum changed and they entered another dimension.

Isaiah looked up from his play in the rec room. He vanished. The boy traveled through doors in time searching for his parents. He could sense that the twins were in trouble. He grew and sped up. Corridor
after corridor passed him.

Another alarm went off on Alpha. Veredeschi raced from John's office. "Kano, what happened?"

"Isaiah disappeared from the rec room." Kano's fingers flew over the keys. "All three are not on Alpha." Kano declared.

"Maya," Veredeschi said, "find them."

Professor Bergman stood over Maya as did Tony. Alan Carter a bandage on his nose entered Main Mission. He walked over to them while the Professor explaining what had happened.

Maya linked with the computers on Coron in search of help in finding them. She found no help. She went through the one on Mendali for help. She started seeing the results after that.

"They are here," she pointed as the screens in Alpha came alive.

"Where is here?" Victor asked.

"They are in a space corridor. We cannot reach them but Isaiah is traveling at a rapid pace. He is trying to find them. Oh my, I think we lost them. I will lock in on their monitors as soon as I find them again."

Maya worked feverishly as she searched the universe for them. She lost Isaiah soon thereafter. She continued her search.

John Koenig looked at the blackness around him. Helena lay lifeless in his hands. She had passed out when they went through the rift. He had no idea where they were nor how to get back.

Koenig was afraid to move. He did not know what he was standing on. His legs were apart. He could feel the tiniest of movements and felt he was traveling forward but he did not know where or through what.

Suddenly he felt a jerk. Koenig turned around and saw Isaiah. The boy grabbed his hand and Koenig felt a tug in the opposite direction. He knew the child was Isaiah but he child looked to be ten years old.

"W h e r e a r e y o u t a k i n g m e?" His voice sounded slurred and slowed down. The boy turned around.

"You cannot be here."

"I s a i a h, i s t h a t y o u?" Koenig asked.

"Yes," the boy answered. Koenig felt a jolt and then they were in the Medical Center. The staff almost jumped out of their skin. Koenig placed Helena on a bed while Mathias ran into the room. Mathias stopped and looked at the five-year-old child before him.

He pried his eye away from the child and helped the nurses place the monitors on Helena.

"What happened?" he asked John.

"I came into my office and found her green. I tried to teleport and I ended up in some time zone. Isaiah came to get us."

Koenig turned and looked at his five-year-old son. "Isaiah?" he questioned.

The child nodded. Mathias ran the scanner over Helena. Her color had returned but he was puzzled by his readings and what he was seeing. He ran some tests. He measured her stomach. He called for the ultra sound
and hooked it up.

Mathias added gel to her stomach and watched the monitors. His mouth dropped open.

Helena's eyes fluttered open. Koenig looked at her. She looked at him. She felt better. Her contractions had stopped. Helena sat up. She looked at her son and gasped.

"What happened?" she asked.

"We went through a rift in space... Isaiah went in to bring us back and aged eight years. As we traveled back he regressed to this," Koenig said.

Helena's hand went to her face. The medical staffers were speechless. Mathias took the computer printout from the technician and looked at it.

He turned to them, "John, Helena, I am afraid I have some startling news. You are no longer in your second trimester... you are at the end of your third. You are about to have twins." Mathias shook his head from side to side when he said it.

"What," Helena said swinging her leg off the bed. There was a commotion in the next room and they all looked to see Victor, Tony and Philippa entering the main waiting area.

John went out to them.

"What happened?" Victor asked.

"I don't know, Victor. We went through a rift in space, I think. Helena's twins are now in their last trimester and Isaiah has aged."

Helena watched her husband through the glass window as Mathias and others checked Isaiah out for any residual effects. Helena could see John was annoyed at the prospect of the twins coming early. She noticed that
John was about to teleport when this happened and Helena knew it was his fault.

She held her son in her arms on the bed as Bob tested him. The child looked at her adoringly.

John Koenig entered the room again. By this time Ed Spencer and Bob Mathias were running tests on the boy. Helena held his hands and soothed him. They looked up when John came back in and the boy smiled.

"Well, gentlemen?" He asked, arms folded.

"He is fine, John," Bob answered.

"Is Helena fine too?"

"Yes," he answered again.

Koenig touched both Helena and Isaiah and they all disappeared.

Bob hated that.

They reappeared in their quarters.

"Why did you do that when you know we went forward in time the last time?" Helena asked annoyed.

Koenig sat on the white contour chair and so did the other two. He ignored her question.

Koenig eyed the boy. "Isaiah," he said.

The boy turned to him and Koenig noticed that the boy's eyes were golden with only a hint of blue. His face looked older than his five years.

"Yes, Father," the boy smiled knowingly.

"Are you okay?" John asked.

"That is not the question you want to ask is it?" The boy stood.

Isaiah took both their hands and and they all stood up. A light flashed and both had a flashback and went back in time. They could see themselves traveling.

They saw Isaiah giggling and playing in his bed.

They saw John in stasis and healing. They saw Helena at home in her bed asleep.

They saw Koenig traveling through time and space with the help of Isaiah. No one on the ship noticed that Koenig was no longer on the ship. They also saw Helena traveling through time and space.

Both had disappeared from their beds. They saw when the two appeared in a room. Isaiah disappeared when they touched. They came together, both complete in the other. Both longing for each other, both needing each
other and both making love to the other.

Koenig looked at Helena as they watched themselves make love. The twins were his, John realized. Isaiah had transported them somewhere and they had made love. Suddenly they remembered. Tears of relief came to her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

"Why did you do this?" John asked totally defeated but relieved. The boy looked at them but said nothing.

He reached a hand up to Koenig and touched his cheek. The child looked at his mother and said, "I had to."

"Why?" Helena asked, the tears so evident in her eyes.

"You needed each other and the twins had to come now, he said.

"Oh," she said in despair, looking at her meddlesome son.

Koenig stood very still. He was remembering something.

"Helena, I remember my dreams, the one where the child is taken from us," Koenig finally said.

"I think this is the child. John, we only had pictures of the two boys. We are going to lose her," Helena said distraught.

John took her hand. "Helena, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now, we have to think about the twins. They are ours," he smiled.

"Yes," she said softly.

John pulled her into his arms and looked down at her. "I am so sorry. Helena, please forgive me," he said his voice trembling.

Her hand went to his cheek and she looked deep into his eyes. The anguish was no longer there now was that haunted look. Helena was thrilled.

"I love you, John. I forgive you." Their lips came together in a brief kiss and John held her so tightly she thought she might lose her breath.

"Those weird feelings I had after I got out of the coma must have been morning sickness and not as a result of the explosion. It was not as severe as what I experienced with Isaiah. I felt mainly tired," he observed.

"Each pregnancy is different, John," she said.

He looked down at her. He should have realized all those children and descendants must have been theirs.

"Do you know what will happen in the future?" Koenig asked him.

"Yes, but before you ask, Father, know I can only tell you some of it."


"I only see what I can see. Nothing is an accident. The twins suffer every time you two argue, they are empaths. You need to stop," Isaiah said.

"I will try, son. Your mother, well your mother drives me crazy."

"You drive you crazy. She has always been faithful to you."

"Isaiah, you cannot keep interfering in our lives like this," Helena stated, drying her eyes.

"I am sorry, Mother, but things are about to get worse. Sit, please, both of you," he said.

"How did you get such an advanced vocabulary," John asked while seating himself.

"I have known how to speak since the womb. I could speak as a baby. I did not because I did not want to alarm you both. I can access data from a computer and I know every language in the computer. I can speak any
language after studying it for a few minutes. I do not use 10 per cent of my brain like normal humans do. I use 65 per cent and you use 45 per cent now."

Helena plopped down on her seat, her mouth open. "What do you mean about the twins coming now?"

"We have to delay their birth by at least a week. You need to rest for the next few weeks. I will help you," he stated.

"Why?" John asked his son.

"Time matters," Isaiah said.

"Why?" Koenig asked again.

"It just does," the child stared at his father.

Helena's monitor sounded. She looked down. She knew it was him instinctively. She typed in a block on his message but it could not locate the sender to block. Helena was mortified. She deleted it.

"What is it?" John asked.

She shook her head, nothing.

Koenig looked at his child. The boy went to his father and hugged him.

"Trust me, Father," he stated. "We need to rest."

"Why?" Helena asked.

"You need to delay the birth of the twins. We are going on vacation. I will tell you what I know," he said.

Koenig looked at his son. He not only needed to question him but he needed to get to know him. His child was at an age now where he could play ball with him. John knew what happened was his fault. He nodded
and agreed to go to Beula for a vacation.

He called Maya about the parasites they found. Maya assured him the parasites were in an isolated location and nowhere near his cabin.

He called Tony, Victor and Paul to his quarters. They came while he was packing. Koenig informed them of their sudden trip to Beula. He told them who was in charge of what.

"John, what about the new threat to Alpha?" Victor asked.

"Not a new threat, Victor. It was always there; we were just late in finding it out. I will monitor any situation from there, my office is well equipped. Tony, send a team down there. Let them secure the house and check the perimeters. I want no surprises. Have we found something to eliminate the pest problem, Victor?" John asked.

"We are working on a pesticide that should be environmentally friendly. We should have something in three days. In the meantime be careful," Victor said.

"Let the vacationers know they can vacation away from where we found the parasites just let them be on a look out for any other problems," Koenig said to Paul who nodded in the affirmative.

"Anything else?" Tony asked.

"Tell Alan to load Eagle One with supplies we will be there in three hours. Paul, download the specs for the new Bergman forcefield as soon as possible. I want to have a look at it," John stated.

"Will do, Commander. All the link-ups with the other planets have been completed. We will be monitoring your compound from Alpha and the Headquarters down below. It is fully manned and operational. We have a name for it, Commander, if you do not mind," Paul said.


"Fort Helena," grinned Veredeschi.

"Whose idea was that?" asked Koenig.

"Don't know, the inscription was there when we opened the doors. It was engraved on a stone in the wall," Paul said.

"Well Fort Helena it is then," Koenig turned and they figured they were dismissed. Koenig let them out and entered the room. He looked around for Isaiah but saw only Helena there. Koenig did not know what to say to her now.

There had been so many misunderstandings, Koenig wondered if he would ever get it right. He did not know why she put up with him. His son knew his wife better than he did.

Helena's monitor buzzed. Koenig noted her frown and wondered who it was. He guessed it was the same person who buzzed her before. He noted her frustration.

She turned and their eyes met. Koenig looked at his pregnant wife and realized he was going to become a father again.

First Voice: What do you sense?

Second Voice: Hesitation

First Voice: Are things settle or are things still tense? Do you know who is calling all the time. They will separate.

Second Voice: Do not speak of it!

First Voice: Ask the other.

Third Voice: I am not deaf, I hear you quite well.

First Voice: Well?

Third V: I cannot say.

First Voice: Do not let me beg.

Third V: Don't ask.

First Voice: I must know.

Second Voice: Be quiet both of you. Ouch!

Koenig noted Helena's feature change. He looked at her. She touched her stomach and looked down.

Isaiah came bounding in. "I need clothes," he said.

Helena turned and smiled. She stretched her hand out to him and the child took it.

Helena made a call to George right away and left with Isaiah. Philippa met them at the tailor and Helena watched as they took his measurements.

"I will have an outfit ready for him to leave in and I will send down the rest. Leave him here and my wife will find shoes and accessories for him," George said.

Helena nodded and looked at Philippa. She did not wonder anymore how the woman turned up anywhere she went with Isaiah. She was Helena's bodyguard as well as Isaiah's. Helena realized that was why she went for training so often. She wondered who were her other bodyguards.

Helena put in a call for one of her nurses to attend her on Beula. She did not want to be in labor without one nearby. Dawn, the chief midwife, agreed to go. She was engaged to Ben Vincent. She would meet them on

On the way back, Helena passed the geological crew with equipment and supplies heading for Eagles. They would begin the search for metal for the new super Eagles to be built.

When she returned to her quarters, John had already left. Helena decided to shower and finish packing the delicate things later. She undressed and looked at herself in the mirror. She had no stretch marks and attributed it to her immortality.

She realized she might not be completely immortal anymore as she was in her last trimester. She would be in this state for the next month.

She hurried and showered. Isaiah entered the room as she got dressed. Helena was not used to this and hurriedly completed dressing. John too entered and looked at her. She could not read his mind. He had closed it and he looked upset again.

* Give him time, Mother *

Helena looked at her son and realized she had just read his mind.

** Can your father read your mind too? **

* No, you are the empath and mind reader. Father can only read your mind. I read minds too. *

** I can also... **

"What goes on here?" Koenig asked. He saw them look at each other and smile.

"I am talking to mother with my mind. I have all the abilities you both have and then some. Only one thing," he said.

They both turned to him. "The ability to go back in time is mine. I projected them unto you. I can pass certain abilities to you both for only a short spell. That is how I got you to travel to the future and through space," he said.

"Let's have dinner," Helena said, shaking her head. This was too much for her to absorb.

"I already ordered. They will deliver it in the next hour. Isaiah, go take a shower and your duds will be here by the time you get out," Koenig said.

The boy obeyed and left. Helena busied herself packing. John sat in a chair and brooded. Helena concentrated on him. She tried to invade his mind. John looked at her.

"Stop that," he said.

"You can tell what I am doing?" she asked turning to him.

"Yes," he said. He looked at her but Helena could not tell what he was thinking.

"We should talk. Why are you still mad at me?" she asked.

"I am furious at you. You allowed that man to invade our space again and you are doing it now."

"How am I doing it now?"

"Those messages he sends you. Why did you not mention them?"

Helena was surprised by this. He stood. She turned her back to him.

"Look at me, Queline."

Helena turned, the horror of her situation printed on her face.

"Who do you want - him or me?" He looked deadly serious.

"You, always you."

Koenig approached her. Their eyes locked. His hand went to the small of her back and he pulled her slowly to him. He raised his other hand and put his thumb and index finger together with a little space in between.

"I came this close to killing you," he said, his eyes smoldering.

Helena was shocked. She shook her head from side to side The look in his eyes scared her.

"What are you saying?" He saw tears form in her eyes.

"I wanted to kill you," he whispered. Helena tried to pull away from him but he held her tighter. His other hand went to her wrist and he held that as well.

"John, you are scaring me," she cried. She attempted to pull away again.

"If he sends another message to you again I will deal with him in the harshest manner I know how," he threatened.

"What has gotten into you, John? I ignored all his calls and I do not know where they come from so I cannot block them," she said.

"Do not worry. I sent him a message. I have also scheduled a meeting with all of them on Beula at Fort Helena."

"Fort Helena?"

"Yes, the name for the underground command center, someone knew you were coming."

"What are you going to do?"

"I will work with his brother, but not him. He had been warned and he did not comply with my request. I sent a message to the others. They agreed and his brother will replace him."

"John, let go of me," she cried, trying to push away from him. He held her fast.

"I will kill him the next time he comes near you!"

Helena could see that he meant it. "He is immortal and so are you. If you provoke him he will destroy your body when you are vulnerable."

"He was not immortal when he touched a pregnant woman."

"What are you saying? Let go of me." She was wrestling with him now.

"Do you still care for him?"

"I never said I cared for him."

"You don't have to. I can see it."

"John, you are hurting me."

Koenig released her.

"Don't let me hate you, John. Your behavior is irrational and you should see Bob about this before you do something you regret."

Koenig turned from her. He felt afraid of what just happened. He had wanted her but he had become hateful instead. He was losing control of himself and he now resented the hold she had on him.

"Don't you ever put your hand on me and hurt me again," she warned, "I will leave you the next time you do it."

John flinched. He felt rage. He did not know what to do with it. He was still angry, especially since he found out that Ludin had been communicating with her behind his back.

He needed to let off some steam but they had to go. The buzzer sounded and he let the tailor's wife in. She had two new Alpha uniforms as well as socks and underwear for Isaiah. John took them and delivered them to his son who was sitting on his bed.

He smiled and ruffled the boy's hair. He gave them to him and left. John entered their bedroom passing the food already delivered. Helena had finished packing. He stopped her as she passed him.

"Did I bruise you?" He took her hand and looked at her wrist.

"No," she barely responded. He pulled her to him and his hand went to her face. His eyes smoldered.

"Help me," he whispered to her.

"Help you do what?"

"Not lose my mind over you," he said in anguish.

"John, don't do this. Don't obsess over me. You saw the future as well as I did. We are together. Don't tear us apart."

"I don't know what I would do if you were to leave me for someone else?"

"I would never leave you for someone else. I would die for you. You know that," she said passion.

"Promise me."

"I promise, I never will." John sighed.

"I think I really do need a vacation. I have too much on my mind and that man keeps pushing my buttons. He will not give up on you."

"I love you!" she cried in anguish, "Don't do this, John. Don't push me away, don't."

They went into each others arms and John held her tightly around the waist. She held him just as tightly.

"Don't..." he started.

"Shh," she said hushing him. John's lips found hers as he kissed her sweetly and gently. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest. She felt overwhelmed by the torrent of feelings coming from him.

Isaiah tore out of his room running for the food. The two broke apart and composed themselves. They all sat together and ate.

Later, Isaiah watched as the Eagle descended on Beula. The boy looked eagerly at everything. He moved from seat to seat. Other Eagles were landing as well.

Koenig removed his bags from the Eagle when it landed and one of the drivers loaded them and took them the rest of the way. Alan waved goodbye as they drove off. He headed back to Alpha for some down time with the missis.

The security team met them at the cabin and Isaiah went off with Philippa.

John and Helena rested by the fire place. It was not snowing outside now but it was cold. She had her feet up and she felt tired and exhausted. John stopped stroking the fire and sat by her, taking her in his arms. He held her closely, not sure how she felt about his confession earlier. He was afraid of his own rage. He thought about seeing Mathias after all.

Helena read his mind. She smiled. Koenig nibbled her ears and nuzzled her neck. Helena felt safe again in his arms.

"Forgive me, Helena, for being such a fool."

The tears came to her eyes then. She wrapped his arms around her waist tighter. He had yet to tell her he loved her still. She was afraid for him. Afraid for all he had to accomplish for the Pentact, his people and his family.

She sensed the burden that was his because it was such a weight on him. She realized he needed to talk to someone; he might be burning out. They stayed there until they both fell asleep from exhaustion.

The doors opened and Isaiah came in, followed by Philippa. They both came awake.

The boy bounded into their laps and Philippa left them. Her shift was over now; someone else was on duty.

"Did you have fun?" John asked.

"Oh yes, I saw all the pretty flowers and trees. I waded in the water - it was so pretty! I did not see many animals but they are mostly underground."

"How do you know that?" John asked.

"I know a lot. This planet could not survive without them They have all the plant life of planet Earth and then some. The species are just different. They hide well, too. Once they get to know you, they will start showing themselves."

John lifted him up and they climbed the stairs. They both tucked him in. John read to him for a while. The little genius smiled as he looked at them; he knew they would be fine.

At two in the morning the Koenigs retired.

Alan Carter hopped into bed with his wife. She was mad at him but he ignored her bad mood.

"Alibe, when are you going to realize that John and I have come a long way. He saved my life and I have saved his."

"Does that mean you will be a punching bag for him anytime he wishes?" she fumed.

"No, but he did not mean to hurt me. My nose is fine anyway."

"Alan," she started, "Alan, I want to try for a baby. Helena is pregnant and so are other women here."

"We just got married, it is too soon. I want to spend more time with you. Loving you and working towards a future for any children we have is my priority. Let's wait."

"How long?"

"Two years," he stated.

"Why that long?" she questioned.

"I need time to love you, Baby," Alan smiled as he said it and Alibe rolled over on top of him.

Alan raised her nightgown and rolled her beneath himself. He kissed her and Alibe responded. He slowly removed her nightgown and underwear. He kissed her repeatedly all over her body.

Alibe reveled in his touch. Alan was a very virile man and Alibe had no complaints in the love making department. They made love all night. Alan could not get enough of her.

John Koenig put a call in to Main Mission and they were going to turn his little office here into a bigger office. They were sending down most of his stuff. Koenig decided to make it a working vacation.

The security team came in and moved out all the unnecessary furniture. They moved in other furniture and Koenig set up the meeting for the Pentact. He decided not to meet at Ft. Helena after all.

Helena and Isaiah came awake at noon. John let them sleep late. He wanted to question his son. The boy came running down the stairs. Koenig made him breakfast. He watched the boy eat. The boy chatted
about his plans for his day.

Koenig noticed that his activities did not include Helena or himself. He laughed out loud and his son stopped talking and looked at him.

"Goodbye, Father. You need to be with mother before you talk to me. I am going now." Isaiah bounded up and stopped at the door.

The bell buzzed and he opened it to his two security guards. The boy stepped past them and they turned to follow him, saluting Koenig as they went.

Koenig waved but his son did not see him. Koenig closed the door. He cleaned up what his son had left behind and headed upstairs to see what his wife was doing.

Helena left the bathroom toweling her hair dry Koenig experienced deja vu as he saw her. He went up to her and she turned around. Koenig was drawn to the swell of her belly and his hands touched her there.
The twins leaped in her stomach at his touch.

Koenig pulled her to him. His hands caressed her stomach. Her hair was wet and smelled of open fields. He kissed her wet hair and her towel fell when her hands went up to caress his face.

"I need you," he whispered.

Helena knew she needed him too. Her hands pulled his tunic over his head. His undershirt came next as she leaned up to kiss him. Koenig tried to lift her off her feet but her stomach got in the way. He kissed her wildly, his passion mounting with every touch of her hand.

Koenig broke the embrace and took her hand. He had been away from her for so long he was almost beside himself. He did not want to hurt her. He sat her down on the bed.

Helena kissed his navel and Koenig's stomach muscles tightened. He stood over her and bent to kiss her.

"I want you," he grunted on her lips.

"I want you too," she said.

"Make love to me," he said.

Helena's hands went to his body as she removed his clothing. Koenig stepped from them. John's breath caught in his throat as she got up and pushed him down on the bedsoftly .

"Be gentle with me," he grinned.

Helena climbed on top of him and John closed his eyes and let his mind take over the sensations he was feeling.

Helena's lips covered his as they groaned. John heard her voice catch and he knew she was crying. He felt the tears on his face as he felt her movement. Her kiss became more fierce and urgent.

Her movements were slow and to John it was sweet torture. Her lips wandered his upper body and John gripped her after some minutes. He could take it no longer. His love went deeper and Helena was at a loss
for words. They came as they took each other to new heights.

Helena laid on him happily. He opened his eyes and smiled up at her.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you, John." At last, she could hear the reaffirmation of his love for her and her heart soared.

"Helena, I will never doubt your love and devotion for me again. Please forgive me for being a stupid fool," he stated.

"Are you willing to talk this out with Bob?" she questioned.

"Yes, I think I need to talk with him. Did he take that test?"

"Yes, John, he is clear. The tumor did not flare up. I will call him and schedule you while you are here."

"Go ahead I will speak to him."

Helena kissed him and reached for him again. She had wanted him for so long and she was hungry for him again, right here right now. John happily obliged her.

Raghin paced back and forth in Koenig's office. He knew the Commander was livid about something and he knew it had to do with his wife. He hoped they would not be fined again.

One by one, the men appeared in John's makeshift office. Koenig finally materialized himself and the men sat as he sat. Koenig looked at Raghin and nodded. He was not as handsome as his brother but John liked him
no more than he did the brother.

John's rage for him was centered in his treatment of Helena when he held them captive. He felt the man was dangerous but his wife was in danger around Ludin, not him.

Centy glared at Raghin. He hated the little worm and hoped he would not have to work with him permanently.

"Gentlemen, let me see what my staff has so far," Koenig said reaching for their reports. He read them quickly. He tossed it back to them each in disgust.

"This is incomplete. All the reports together do not make one," he stated.

Ai'son was the first to speak. "This is all we have."

"It's nothing," Koenig responded calmly.

"We have found one thing. He can be detected," Ai'son said.

Koenig looked directly at him. "How?"

"Scinic waves. They are similar to what you would use on Earth when looking for signs of a ghost. We are developing something stronger that will alert us to his presence if he turns up. As soon as it is completed we will make sure every computer is equipped with it," Ai'son finished.

"How do you know this will work," Koenig asked, drumming his fingers on his desk.

"We scanned the room again, Commander, and the man was killed by something that gave off a strange signal. We amplified that signal and saw his figure. The burst of energy from it confirmed our suspicion," Ai'son said.

"Why was this not in your report?" Koenig asked.

"We wanted to test the equipment first, Commander but you are too impatient so we tell you all we know," Centy said.

"Commander, we will continue to work on it and tell you more as we have it. In the meantime, my ships are scouring the perimeter of all planets looking for anything out of the ordinary," Dar said.

Koenig sat back in his chair. Suddenly he could feel the key raising within his head. He felt his eyes light up. Koenig could see through them and what they said.

"Can we defeat this thing," he wanted to know.

"Yes, I believe we can, Commander," Dar responded. Koenig saw he was telling the truth. He looked at the others. They all nodded but Koenig sensed a hesitation in Ai'son.

"What aren't you saying, Ai'son?" Koenig asked.

Ai'son looked at him. He realized the Commander was using his key in a new way. He wondered when the Commander would find the other ways.

"I think he will attack again. I think he wants the boy," Ai'son said.

"Why do you say that?" Centy asked. Koenig heard more than Centy conveyed. He knew the men were all holding back. Centy did not want Koenig to know the rest. Koenig did not know why he could tell when the men were lying or holding back.

Koenig stood abruptly and looked at each of the men in turn. "If you think I can't see through you, think again. You men are treading on thin ice. Spill everything now or I will pull my people from your planets and send your people packing."

The men looked at each other, he was ready they thought. The lights in Koenig office dimmed. The men radiated a glow from their eyes and the lights shot out from them. A huge globe appeared before them. It hung in the space in the center.

Koenig saw his son in scene after scene. His son was a part of prophesy, as was he and Helena. He saw the boy and himself destroy what he thought must be the evil they were truly fighting. It was a dark mass on nothingness. The light went from the globe and it faded.

"It is prophesy, Commander so we need you to concentrate with us so we can see the start and end of this prophesy. You and your son will destroy this thing and we will live in peace for at least a millennium before the other comes of age," Ai'son said.

Koenig sat in his chair. He concentrated with them. The lights came from all five of them. The globe appeared brighter in the center and they saw a great spaceship. On it's side was the name Natalie.

In rapid succession the scenes flashed before them. They saw the moon. They saw an entity slowly engulf it. They saw the Alphans try to evacuate. The scene changed and they saw The Alphans and a host of ships from the Pentact battle the entity. Koenig saw they were losing the battle.

The globe before them suddenly faded out. They concentrated harder but they could not control the form. It dimmed, then faded completely. There eyes returned to normal except for Koenig's. The men
watched him. They knew this would happen. They dreaded it.

Koenig's eyes cleared momentarily. He looked at his companions. He stood. "I see one thing is clear. I don't need you to get rid of this thing but you need me. You men have been lying about a lot of things. If this is a set-up like our encounters with the Beulans you will not like it," Koenig threatened.

Ai'son stood, throwing back his chair, "Don't threaten us, Commander. We have bent over backwards providing you with our technology and prototypes. I do not take kindly to threats, Commander!"

"Ai'son, don't start anything. See how he grows more powerful. Stop!" Dar said.

"I do not walk in lonely places because of him! I do not fear what he will become! I am tired of this uncertainty and our having to serve him! I am stronger and more courageous than he!" Ai'son spat the words out.

Raghin and Centy sat back; neither of them spoke.

Ai'son advanced on Koenig. Koenig felt his own rage flowing out of him like heat. Suddenly the entire room glowed hot and the men, standing and seated, were all thrown up against the wall.

A shocked Koenig calmed down and the men dropped to their feet. They got to their feet and Dar shot Ai'son a look.

"Did you have to test him in this way?! Did I not say this was dangerous?! We could have been obliterated! You danger-seeking rut!" Dar fumed.

Centy approached him. "Commander, you are ready. We had to see if the prophecy was right. Arra was right. You are the Supreme Commander we were told to expect," Centy nodded and smiled. They all smiled, except Raghin who looked worried.

"Get off the planet and do not return until you can unravel this tale, gentlemen," Koenig said, opening the doors to his makeshift office. He exited.

"The Commander is getting to be a hardship. We need to find a way to slow him down," Raghin said. Centy nodded. He was already looking for a solution to the problem they knew they would have to face as the
Commander grew stronger.

It was his son and this planet. Centy knew he would soon be too powerful to stop.

The men saw the computer and their communication bands light up at the same time. The men heard footsteps running outside and saw the Alphan security team form a circle around the compound. They faced the woods with their weapons drawn. Koenig ran into the room as
the images formed.

They saw the ship breach their security. They were a galaxy away and approaching Alpha fast. Everyone on all frequencies had picked up the signals. Their defenses had been breached. The monitor in his room
flashed and he turned it on. It was Tony Veredeschi.

"Commander, enemy ship has breached the perimeters of our probes. I do not know how they got past our first sensors but they did, undetected. They are moving at a speed we cannot calculate. They are interfering with Computer," Tony said.

"Red alert, Tony." Koenig looked at the men. "Well, why are you just sitting there?"

"Do you need our help, Commander," Raghin said.

"Get to your ships and get out there." The men disappeared and reappeared in their ships where they used their rings and went through a window in space. They faced the renegade ship.

Koenig left his house at a run and jumped into an all terrain vehicle. He had told Phil to secure the house and his wife and child. Three all-terrain vehicles followed the Commander. They headed for the Eagles as Alpha launched six Eagles of their own.

Koenig entered Eagle One and ignored lift off procedures. The others followed suit. They headed for Alpha at breakneck speeds.

Helena was upstairs. She had just awakened from a nap when she felt a strange feeling come over her. She got up as Isaiah entered the room. She sensed that the feelings were coming from him. Helena's empathic
ability was on heightened alert. She sensed danger from without.

First Voice: We are under attack!

Second Voice: I see as well as you do.

Third Voice: Leave now

First Voice: At once

Helena Koenig felt herself floating on air. She did not know where she was. She heard footsteps on the stairs. Philippa and three members of her team entered the bedroom to secure Helena but she was not in the
room. Their sensors said she was. All they saw was Isaiah.

Two of the men were approaching him when he faded from view.

"No sign of Helena Koenig and the boy just vanished. We will search the house. Check the perimeter and notify the Commander," Philippa ordered. They hurried throughout the house doing a thorough search. Finding nothing, they headed back to where their tracking devices said Helena Koenig was and they guarded the room.

Isaiah Koenig was outside, and invisible to the naked eye. He watched the moon. He knew what was about to happen. He had known all along but he could not tell his father.

'They have come for her and this will be the first of many attempts.'

John Koenig watched as the four men from the Pentact fired on the enemy ship. They did no damage; the ship did not slow. It took the shape of a black scarab but morphed into black smoke. The ship passed through them moving at a rapid pace.

Koenig watched as the smoke grew to massive proportions. Koenig knew what the thing was about to do.

"Tony, evacuate Alpha! Operation Exodus now!" Koenig shouted.

As the klaxon blared, the Alphans went into action. Some where performing emergency evacuation procedures while the war Eagles were being launched.

"No one is to remain at their stations, Tony; everyone off the moon now!" Koenig barked. He watched as the first evacuated Eagle took off. The other Eagles were headed towards the approaching ship. Koenig knew they were no match for the ship.

"Alan, retreat, the Pentact's weapons are useless against the ship or whatever it is. Return to Alpha and evacuate it. All Eagles return to base and evacuate all personnel."

Koenig's very nature told him to return to Beula. "All Eagle pilots including the security team following me return to Alpha and evacuate it, now!" Koenig turned and headed for Beula.

The Boy looked to the sky. He knew his father would not make it if he did not use the key. The boy concentrated. If he did this on his own he could morph into something else and he did not want that.

He relaxed and concentrated harder.

The enemy ship vanished and reappeared before Alpha. Its smoke form expanded some more and spread out engulfing Alpha. It started to harden as it surrounded and penetrated the base. Three more ships
escaped as the thing swallowed Alpha whole.

No one knew what hit them. The entity spread throughout the corridors of Alpha and solidified. The Alphans caught in mid-flight turned into solid matter as they hardened.

A dark glow pulsated from what used to be Alpha. A red energy field then formed around it, making it impenetrable.

John Koenig found himself on the ground, standing beside Isaiah and looking up at the engulfed moon.

"You knew this would happen?" Koenig asked.

"Yes, Beula is next."

"What does it want?" Koenig asked him.

"Mother," responded the boy.


"She holds the seed of its enemies. It knows it cannot destroy her but he wants to capture her and imprison her for life."

"Why did you not tell me to evacuate Alpha?"

"Then he would have known that I was here and he would have attacked sooner."

"Here where?"

"Born, he does not know I have been born. He will take her. We can only stall for time. He comes. Concentrate with me." The boy took John's hand and Koenig could feel a fire rush through his body. It seared his internal organs and flesh as it passed through his eyes.

Koenig saw the entity leave through the energy field around Alpha and morphed into another ship. This one shaped like an octopus. It traveled rapidly.

"It cannot find her on Alpha so it comes here. It does not sense her but it will seek her. Concentrate. Call the Pentact!" The boy's eyes lit up when he said it and Koenig saw Dar, Centy, Ai'son and Raghin form
around them.

They all looked to the entity approaching. The focused light leaped out from Beula and struck the entity. It paused in mid flight as the light liquified it body. The entity retreated within itself and fled.

They light from the six of them followed the entity. It entered the energy field on Alpha and vanished. The light from them did not penetrate the field around Alpha. They all stood down.

They all watched as Koenig's empty Eagle landed in a clearing guided by the boy. Koenig's monitor beeped. He looked at the tear-stained face of Alan Carter.

"John, Alibe is on Alpha. I can't lose her. I tried to penetrate the shield but I can't. I need your help!" Alan was hysterical.

"Stand down, Alan, and come to Beula we will formulate a plan." Koenig ordered.

Alan looked at him and knew John was his only hope.

"All Eagles to Beula," Koenig ordered.

The security team ran towards Koenig.

"Commander, we cannot locate Dr. Koenig!" They said.

Koenig turned from them and ran into the house. He headed up the stairs calling as he went.

"Helena! Helena! Where are you?!"

Philippa greeted him at the top of the stairs.

"Where is she," he asked. His eyes were wide with fear. He pushed pass the woman in black and the two men before they could respond. He entered the room. He surveyed it. He alone saw that a cocoon was by the

Isaiah entered the room along with the others. He saw the cocoon too.

Third Voice: Release her.

Second Voice: Is the danger passed?

Third Voice: Yes.

The others saw the cocoon materialize. It was gold in color. Philippa knew her instincts had been right and the doctor was in the room.

The casing softened and then faded from sight. Helena Koenig clutched her face. She was in a cloud and now she was back in the room.

John reached for her and pulled her to himself.

"What happened?" she asked. Koenig held her tightly. He could feel the kick from one of the babies.

"We came under attack. Alpha is taken and Alibe and some others are trapped there. We do not know if they are alive," Koenig said quietly.

Helena closed her eyes and sensed Alpha. She could feel torment and pain there. She also felt something else she could not describe there. It felt like emptiness.

"They are alive, John, and they are in great pain," she said. Her eyes watered as she felt the pain of the Aphans flow through her. She had to shut it off.

Koenig turned to the others in the room.

"Philippa, see who made it off Alpha. We will meet at Fort Helena in two hours. Dar, Centy, Raghin and Ai'son, thanks for your help. Go to your planets and bring reinforcements. We need new ideas. We have to
remove this thing from Alpha. Set up the scinic waves so we won't be taken by surprise again."

They nodded and exited the room. Everyone left the room to gather the Alphans and prepare for the meeting. They all checked on the entity and looked up at the blackened Alpha. They were all heart sick.

John Koenig sat with his wife and son on the bed.

Isaiah spoke. "This is the first of many great attacks, father. On the fourth try he will capture mother. We will get Alpha back but we can never live there again."

Koenig took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "What else?"

"We will eventually defeat the entity. Mother will be returned. Your enemy will save her life as he goes to another plane. He will rescue her at the peril of his own immortal body. His soul will go to the next level."



John and Helena gasped at the name. Koenig looked at her. He would give his life for her but another man will. He saw the tears in her eyes.

"How long before he takes her?" Koenig asked.

"Five years," the boy said.

"Can we stop it from happening?"





"The child in your womb, mother. It will leave if you give him your daughter, Natalie. The falling child will appease it."

Helena gasped. John looked at his son incredulously.

"Is there another way other than that?" John asked.

"We could attack it and hope to defeat it now. If we do Natalie does not get taken." the boy looked doubtful when he said this. Also he knew another problem would arise if Natalie did not get taken. There were too many balls up in the air and the boy could not change every scenario.

Isaiah continued: "There is a forcefield around the planet. Tell them to activate it now. The button is at the command desk. The numbers are 9 7 3 5 8 Alpha. You must activate it now."

Koenig looked at the boy and teleported to the fort. Everyone drew weapons as he entered the command office. They stood down when they saw it was him. Koenig slid the glass frame down. He punched in he numbers and the forcefield went up around the planet.

Alphans started trickling in from everywhere on Beula. John noted that most essential Alphan staff were on the moonbase.

Koenig felt helpless, 5 years to come up with a plan before Helena gets taken. The boy is letting the children be birth so we can all stop it. Will we stop it from taking her.

As Alan Carter came forward John could see he had more pressing problems than Helena. He felt there was more to the story Isaiah had not told. John would talk to him later right now he had to save Alpha.

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