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Authors: Sonia Foster
Categories: John/Helena
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG-13
Date: 2009

Story 9 in the "Beula" series +
1 - Synergy
2 - Lud
3 - Beula
4 - Pul
5 - Delivery
6 - Kidnapped
7 - Training, Mothering
8 - This Love
9 - War
10 - She is Mine
Alpha is now under a black cloud and Helena Koenig can sense the peoples pain and despair. John Koenig has to make a decision to save Alpha that might cost him his very existence. Father and son square off.
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Beula's status report: May 13, 2004 Dr. Helena Koenig recording. Commander John Koenig is preparing for war as Alpha is in the grips of a monster. This thing wants me and I know John wants to preserve my safety, but a what cost. Alan Carter is devastated as his wife Alibe is trapped on the moon as is Prof. Bergman, Tony Veredeschi, Maya, Sahn, Ben, Bob and many other key personnel. Ed Spencer, Paul Morrow and David Kano are the only ones with us as leaders from Alpha.

The conference room was long, noisy and hot as John Koenig teleported into the great hall. They all looked startled as they were still not use to seeing the Commander do this. He was grim-faced as was they all.

Koenig held up his hand for silence and they all found a seat and sat down.

It seems he was waiting for something or someone so they sat quietly. One by one they heard rumblings outside and they all turned for a view out the glass building as ship after ship was landing from Pul, Lud, Coron and Mendali. The men transported themselves to the great hall.

The leaders stood with Koenig and he spoke, "First, I want to thank members of the Gorin System for coming to our aide so fast. I know you are all devastated with what has happened on Alpha. Let me assure you that they are all alive as Helena can sense their discomfort and also our computers have picked up life signs on Alpha." He paused there to let it sink in.

Koenig looked at the men to his right and left. He could see they were in a militant mood.

"I know you are all eager to find a way to stop this thing and save Alpha but we have to realize that Alpha is destroyed. We can no longer live there. Our priority is to save those that are alive. My opinion is, it will not kill them but use them as bargaining chips. I hate to say this, but Helena Koenig is the target here. The future of our existence depend on her and the children she carries. This system we are in is hostile and the only way we can defeat the enemy is if the children Dr. Koenig carries are born. Now look I know there has been some speculation as to who is the father of the twins is, but, I am without a doubt the father. This I will explain later. Lets say my son Isaiah had a lot to do with it."

John turned to Ai'son then and sat at the edge of the conference table. The man stood and went to stand beside Koenig.

"Alphans we are sorry for your people's predicament, be assured, you have our support as this is all our problems. Your Commander is our Commander now, and you are all our people. Now this entity is a difficult matter as we have no idea how to kill it. We also do not know how it penetrated our defenses. We suspect traitors in our midst and we are looking for them."

Mumbles went out from the crowd as they were getting weary of all the rhetoric. Koenig held his hand up for silence and they were quiet.

Ai'son continued, "We are prepared to use all the resources at our disposal to help." The Alphans started a jeer going and some stood up waving their fist accusatorily at the aliens. "This is your entity, how did it become ours," they shouted.

Koenig stood and shouted, "This is now our system and our problems we cannot play the blame game now. We have to figure a way out of this mess. Now, we are checking our systems and the galaxy to find a way to defeat this creature. I want everyone assigned a post doing something. We have to make this, home and we have to defend it. So far we see that all six of us including my son can keep it at bay but we need to destroy it and unless you all have another plan, please report to Paul Morrow for assignments."

Koenig went in closer as if to look each of them in the eyes, "I assure you, we will defeat this thing or die trying." This shored up the Alphans and they all filed out to talk to Morrow, Kano and Carter who assigned some temporary posts and sent the others back to work.

It was not easy for them but the unfamiliar routines gave them something to do.

Koenig was pacing back and fort, his hand on his chin and one on his waist. The men from the Gorin System all had their second-in-command with them. Koenig could see this was a priority for them as well. If this thing got its way they could all be dead in weeks.

"Well gentlemen?" Koenig asked.

Centy, the most flustered Koenig had ever seen him spoke, "John, the prophecy has been altered. This is not what we have seen before and this is not how legend has it, I am afraid when your son caused the conception of the twins it altered the circumstances. We do not know what to expect now. We cannot disturb the future without having consequences."

Koenig sat he knew the boy was only trying to help. Dar started pacing, "I believe whoever the traitor is, he is also involved in changing the outcome."

Koenig nodded in agreement.

The men continued to talk and John was drifting in and out as he listen to the conversation, they were not saying anything he did not expect. His mind went to Helena. He searched for her and found her in the shower. He could feel her tension and was surprised when she did not allow him to invade her thoughts.

"My love, he said mentally to her. John felt her sigh. He wanted to be by her side protecting her but he had to be here in order to do so.

Helena Koenig stepped from the shower and stood before the dridform as it dried her body and hair. She hurried and got dressed. She was being watched and told to rest by everyone, and this was the only place she could go to get away from everyone.

She was confused and unhappy, she was pregnant with twins and now she was not sure what the future held for them. Isaiah said things would get worst. The way Helena saw it it was her life for the Alphans.

As Helena sat on the bed she was startled when Raghin appeared before her, Helena stood frowning. He held his hand up for silence and she looked wearily at him.

" Dr. Koenig ,do not be startled, I am merely concerned for yo ur safety " he smiled. Helena was not taken-in by him.

"Leave my quarters! You and your brother have no etiquette when it comes to my privacy."

Raghin backed away from her not wanting to be touched, "I merely wanted to let you know that prophecy has changed and you need to save the Alphans as these people around you wont lift a hand to help them if it means jeopardizing your welfare."

"I know that Raghin but I will not put the twins in danger," she walked away from him. Helena was not fooled she could see he was merely a holograph projection. He was transmitting from somewhere. She had wondered why the security team had not picked up his presence in the room yet.

"You have to induce labor and have these children," he stated flatly.

Helena turned around in a flash and he could see she was angry. Her latent gift was seen by him but not her as she advanced on him.

"Isaiah wants me to keep these children for as long as I can . How do you..." Helena saw Raghin faded out and Isaiah pop into the room.

The child looked around, "Mother, who was here?"


"What did he want?"

"How do you know he was here?"

"The twins," he stated.

"You can communicate with the twin?"

"Yes, since their brains developed." Helen sighed. The twins were no longer in danger as far as she could see and they had no way to stop that thing from taking her years from now and what of the Alphans?

"Mother, what did he want?"

"He wanted to see how I was doing."


"He wanted me to save the Aphans," she could hide nothing from her son. He was so much a part of her and so like her it was uncanny to her.

"How," the boy approached his mother and held her hand. Helena looked in his eyes. She saw his love there as she had seen when they traveled in time.

"Have the twins now and I guess give myself to the entity."

The boy had guessed it but he did not know what the alien was up to. He could not see the future, it had been altered but he did not know by what. He was sure he was careful in what he did.

"If you have the twins now the entity will attack, give us a chance to free the Alphans and drive it out."

"Do you have a plan, does anyone have a plan. Isaiah, I can feel their pain. I see what this is doing to them. Your father has to realize this thing goes nowhere without me. It cannot kill me, only hold me hostage. I need to do something," Helena held back the tears, Raghin had said nothing she was not considering.

"If Nathan and Arra are not born we will have a harder time completing our destiny."

"The twins will be born," she said as John Koenig materialized into the room. He saw they were having an intense conversation.

The boy looked at his Father and continued, "Mother, the twins are John Jr and Natalie, Nathan is next them Arra." They both looked at him.

"Arra, we named our last child after the woman who started it all?" Koenig asked.

The boy turned, he did not know how much to say. He felt they were ready but for how much. He sat on a soft chair and looked at them.

"Arra of long ago is your future child." The Koenigs were flabbergasted. He continued, "We knew that in order to avoid a lot of the trauma for our future our world had not only to touch Alpha physically but Coron, Pul, Lud and Mendali. Alpha was to be the last touched for it to work. That is why she waited millions of years. It was your idea Father and the only one among us that could reach all of you was Arra."

"How do you know all this?" John asked.

"When I went back in time with you, I was gathering information on each journey though every computer file I could fine at such short intervals. I could not gather much but I also get glimpses of the future."

"Did you alter our future?' John asked.

Helena had to try to concentrate the Alphans screams were driving her crazy. She could hear their cries and she could bear them no longer. She was surprised by what Isaiah revealed but the Alphans were now a priority, What can I do to help?

"No, I do not know what changed or what is going to change. Raghin was here telling mother to have the twins now. If she does, that thing will attack sooner."

"Raghin was here!" John was livid, "Helena, how..."

"He was just a projection John, I was in no danger. I do not believe he would try anything at this stage," she said annoyed.

"Helena ...."

"John, Isaiah can you both leave I need to rest," she said. The boys looked at her. They could see she was tired. Isaiah vanished.

John Koenig went over to his wife and rub her back and shoulders. He picked her up easily and placed her on the bed. He held her feet in his lap and massaged them.

"If that thing takes you we have two children we might never see." Helena looked at him, she did not know what to say or do, she needed to rest. She closed her eyes. John had to go back to his meeting and he had to talk to Raghin but he did not leave her until she fell asleep.

He stood, not sure if his fears were unfounded or not. What do I do if she is taken now? Even 5 years from now. Koenig teleported.

Raghin sat on Alpha in the hydroponics unit which was the only place not taken over by the entity named Natas.

"Raghin, what can you tell us now. So far you have been helpful." It took the form of a man and stood before the Ludian. It was just a black mass of darkness with no outstanding features.

"The doctor will give herself for the Alphans."

"I know that. What else?" It floated about the room, it was impatient.

"With my help I think we can induce labor."



"Excellent, you have earned your planet's life and your ownership of it. The next hours she is ours. If I don't do it now we will not be able to contain her for the next ten years. With her contained and the alliance aborted we can go on to the next galaxy."

"What is your plan?"

"That is my business! Get to yours!" The entity dissipated, flowing back into itself and Raghin's essence was transferred to the meeting where he sat.

Raghin could see that Koenig had physically left the meeting. He had to work fast and then get out of there. He made his move again and this time he popped into the Koenigs kitchen and contaminated all the teas in Helena's kitchen. He was back in time to feel Koenig hauling him off his feet and tossed him like a rag doll across the room in a rage.

The men stood not sure what was going on.

"Don't! on any occasion, go near my wife and tell her anything! You are never to come back to this planet get off!" Koenig bellowed and his features changed. The men backed away from him and Raghin picked himself up from the floor. Where Koenig had touched him was charred, and the man was clearly in pain.

"Koenig, what is this about," Dar asked.

"This man projected himself into my wife's room telling her to have her child now and give herself to that thing," he bellowed advancing on the man. Raghin vanished and his general Steit stood.

Centy waived him to sit, "We need a representative for your planet. You have behaved badly but we still need your help. You will represent your cousins."

Steit nodded, he too was sick of his leaders as their hidden agendas were costing his people a lot of progress.

Koenig looked at his hand and it was pure light as it changed back into flesh he looked at the men. He could see they were not surprised. He was frustrated, more secrets.

Koenig sat down as he saw what his rage could do, now he knew why they chose to make him leader and why his now daughter had given him the crystal key.

"Gentlemen, we are running out of time, what can we do?" The Commander asked.

Helena awoke with a start it was that dream again mixed with the darkness on Alpha now. She did not know what to do. She did not wish to put her twins or the rest of the Alphans in danger but she must do something.

There came a knock at the door and Helena got off the bed and looked at her monitor to see who it was. The Alpha security officer smiled at her and she opened the door. The woman came in with a tray with tea and a sandwich. Helena had not realized that she was hungry, her appetite came and went.

The officer put the tray on the table smiled once more and left. Helena looked at the tea tray she could tell from the aroma that her favorite brand was brewed. Helena poured a cup and sat down.

She breathed in the aroma and relaxed a little. The twins kicked and Helena's hands went to her stomach.


An alarm went off in the house and the security team headed upstairs and the security personnel outside her door ran into her room unannounced.

John Koenig appeared in the room but Helena was unaware of what the danger was. John looked at her cup in midair going to her lips, he heard the alarm and left the meeting, but he did not see any danger. The other members of the Pentact appeared also.

"What is it?" Helena asked a little annoyed that they had disturbed her alone time again. As she brought the tea to her lips Philippa came bounding in, "Stop! Helena.."

Helena sipped the liquid and the twins lurched as she swallowed. They could hear Isaiah's screams as he came in the room.

Philippa ran over and knocked the cup from her hand, "Its poisoned!" She told them.

"No," Isaiah said his eyes were wide in anguish.

Koenig grabbed her as she stood and teleported her to the med center.

Ed Spencer came over as soon as he saw them.

"She's been poisoned," he told him shaking a little. John called Philippa.

"Yes, Commander,' she answered.

"What was in that tea?"

"We have not analyzed it yet, Commander so we do not know. I noticed a report of a shadow in the house from the computer daily checks. I go over them every half hour. I followed it to the kitchen and right in front of Dr. Koenig's teas. I pushed the alarm button when I noticed that Shena had made some," she said.

Isaiah popped into the room, "It is a drug to induce labor," he said.

"How much did you drink Helena," John asked as he closed communications with Philippa.

"Just a sip," she said.

Isaiah relaxed. "Not enough to start anything I hope."

Helena felt fine the twins had relaxed after the initial swallow and were not in any danger as she could see.

"Ed, can you check her an induce vomiting, I want this thing out her system."

Ed complied and gave her something that made her retch. The substance that came up was obviously growing and Helena groaned.

She almost brought her children into the world and start a war. The children lurched and Isaiah came forward to touch her stomach.

"There is more in there, I think it is growing. We need to get it out. What do we do!" The boy was in a panic.

Helena felt the first waves of contractions, "Oh, my, they have started, the contractions are coming. Ed get me the terbutalin from storage and administer an injection."

Ed dashed out and was back as Helena stretched herself on the bed. Koenig too was in distress as this was a disaster. Ed administered the injection and Helena closed her eyes.

"We have to wait," she said. Isaiah marched back and forth before his mother's bed. He was blaming himself as his mother was his highest priority and he was off exploring the island with his security detail.

"Isaiah, you need to get back to the house I will watch your mother," John said.

"I'm not leaving," he said. This was the first time the boy disobeyed him.

"Don't worry Isaiah, she will be fine, I'll watch her," he walked over to him and ruffled his hair.

"I can't leave dad, please let me stay," Isaiah asked, "I can take care of her."

"It is not your responsibility to take care of your mother it is mine," John assured him.

"I'm not leaving!" He shouted. John and the boy looked at each other. Helena sat up and looked at them.

"You are both suffocating me please leave," she said. The contractions began again and she grimaced.

John and Isaiah stopped arguing and looked at her.

"I will be quiet mother, please don't send me away," Isaiah whispered.

Helena closed her eyes again, she knew she was mortal now and needed all the protection she could get but she was weary of these two, both were trying to control her circumstances.

Ed Spencer put the connections on her and monitored her. He brought the stuff she thew up to a lab tech for analysis.

Helena Koenig turned green and sat up. Her water broke, the twins were coming weather they liked it or not. She cried out as the contraction came.

Isaiah sank to the floor and cried as he saw the golden liquid spill to the sheets. His mother was in labor and it was his fault.

John Koenig felt his heart skip a beat his wife was in labor and they were in danger.

Koenig walk to the control buttons in the medical center and punched up Paul's codes, "Paul, Helena's in labor, red alert. Watch for that entity with the scinic waves."

He touched his wrist monitor and called the Pentact to meet in that very spot they stopped that entity in the first time. He looked at Isaiah and said, "Stay with your mother."

The boy shook his head, "You cannot defeat this thing without me."

John eyed the boy, he had no time to argue, "Ed, deliver those twins, we are at war."

John Koenig came over, kissed his wife and then vanished. Isaiah touched his mother and her pain subsided, "We will try our best, mother." He vanished.

Helena Koenig's legs were placed in stirrups as she bore down in her contractions. Ed Spencer had the nurses bring in incubators for the twins.

Helena was in labor for two hours. John Jr. came at 0300 hours and Natalie five minutes later. Helena cried as she looked at them. The nurses took one each and cleaned them. Ed gave Helena a liquid and after kissing them she fell asleep.

The security guards and special Alpha forces came in the room and surrounded Helena as she slept. The force-field came into action and the medical center was secured. The entity would have to dig her out.

The army were in their war crafts and watching the moon for any movement. Isaiah was strapped in with his father. A contingent of four hundred war machines from the Gorin System made a ring around the moon. Forty Captains were on the periphery of them and the Commander and leaders were the last line of defense for the planet. They waited.

Hours later they saw the moon stir. It suddenly had eyes, then a face and looked and sneered at them. The men armed their ships, as the beast was stirring.

John Koenig braced himself as he could feel his energy levels rising. The boy looked at him, "Do not fight it dad, embrace it."

John could see that the boy knew too, that he had another life form and he was not only immortal but pure energy.

"I am the same, Father, this all happened so we could endure what is to come and still accomplish the well-being of many nations and galaxies."

John nodded and smiled, but his mind went to Helena when he saw the message. His twins were here. John wondered why the entity was not attacking, it was as if the thing were waiting for something. He put in a call for Beula.

"Ed, what's going on down there? Is Helena alright?"

Spencer's face came on screen, Everything is secure and fine here Commander. Helena is sleeping and the forcefields are up."

Koenig nodded and signed off he wished he were down there.

Then it happened without warning, the entity started to extricate itself from Alpha. Its form started leaving inch by inch until its frame formed a circle and fan out before the war crafts. Koenig watched as the Alphans that were already on the launch pads slowly lift off and headed to Beula.

The contingent of war crafts struck the entity. It seemed to absorb their energy and turn it to blackness. The entity struck, and a blast from it scattered the war crafts, regrouping they all fired again simultaneously.

The Entity split into hundreds of vessels and fanned out after the war crafts. It was a full fledged free for all as the warriors scattered to pursue the entities and avoid being hit.

The entity struck several ships and they all exploded in the atmosphere. The entities joined together as ship after ship exploded and went down.

The other Alphans revived and limped to a travel tubes, some carrying others, they made it to the launch pads and took off. Koenig watched as the first contingents passed them and the others took off. They watched as vessel after vessel of the war crafts succumbed to the onslaught of the entities. Koenig watched as ship after ship went down and the entities were still going strong.

This thing was undefeated. Koenig saw why it released the Alphans, it was sure it would get Helena.

"Something is not right here, Isaiah," John said.

Isaiah also realized something was wrong but he did not know what.

"Father, this thing is a threat but it is not our biggest threat. Before it destroys everything I need to remove mother from the situation."

Koenig could see the boy was going to leave and take his mother with him, "Isaiah, you can't, don't take your mother. Let me figure this out. There must be a way to defeat this thing, what does it fear?"

"I can't see that," the boy responded. They watched as all the entities joined together again. John knew it was about to make its move. A multitude of tendons went out as the entity engulfed the ships. The men were being sucked dry right within their ships.

Koenig got an idea and called the men around him, "Lets use our energies together and drive this thing out of our galaxy!" Koenig shouted to the Pentact. He looked at his son and said, "Can you open up a window in space and send this thing through a Black Hole?"

The boy nodded.

As the creatures strangled the ships and they began to crumble the Pentact struck, double the energy flowed from Koenig's ship. A concentration of light energy seared through the creature. The entities turned from the feeble ships around it as they were but flies and concentrated his energies of the commanders.

The lights struck it in one gigantic blast. It lit up like a Christmas tree.

The captains gave it all they got and watched as the creatures went apart, hesitated and then regrouped. It came together in one great hulking mass. The stars darkened and Isaiah's hand went to his father's arm as he had another idea. His light energy left the creature and opened a window in space and as he channeled the crystal within his father, a second light went out and dimmed on the creature.

The entity tired of the game and charged them.

Isaiah opened another window in front of the first window the entity rushed forward but it was stopped by a spinning vortex that passed Koenig and the rest of the crafts. The Entity was pulled back by it. It had began on Beula and extended into the atmosphere and out into space.

The vortex caught the Entity and pulled it into the first window. They watched as the first window closed and the Entity was pushed into the second window. Both closed and the space around them was empty of all threat.

"What was that?" Koenig asked, "It came from Beula!"

"The twins," Isaiah grinned.

"The twins, they are just an hour old," Koenig looked incredulous.

"Together they are formidable," Isaiah proclaimed.

"That thing never knew what hit it," Koenig said, "BACK to Beula! Johnson, Simms check on Alpha make sure everyone made it off OK. Do not take anything from there until we have everything analyzed as it has all been contaminated."

One hundred and thirty-three war crafts were still operational and five were limping along. A contingent went along side them and escorted them in to Beula.

One by one the vehicles landed and one by one they trickled into the hall. Those on Beula came in and helped the Alphans who had landed, taking them to the medical center. Some headed to the kitchen to prepare something for the men to eat.

Koenig and Isaiah stood with the Pentact. The men were incredulous. The entity took a gamble and lost. There were free of the driving force behind the wars, now they had fair ground to fight on.

"Commander, what was that tornado that hit that thing?" Dar asked.

"Isaiah said it was the twins but you opened two windows boy, what did you do?" Koenig asked his son.

"I not only sent him through a Black Hole I sent it backwards through time," the boy smiled.

As drinks were brought in things turned to a celebration and slowly food trickled in as well.

Helena slept peacefully but Ed Spencer was at a lost as to what the twins were doing. He had not seen anything like it in his twenty years of space medicine. This one would go down in the books. The twins looked five months old to him although they were small. The weighed no more that six pounds each but they did not exhibit signs of premies. Their eyes opened at one point and Ed could have sworn they were doing something together.

The sounds he heard afterward outside made him know they were. It sounded like a storm was brewing and a freight train was moving through. It frightened him out of his wits.

Bleep Bleep

"Ed Spencer here."

"Ed, prepare to receive casualties from Alpha," Alan Carter stated.

The medical complex went into action and as they came in they were whisked to the first available beds in the complex. They did not have time to scratch their heads in there.

Alan Carter landed hours later and was looking among the Aphans for his wife. There was no sign of her so he took to the skies to search on Alpha. Before he left though he heard the good news the creature had been dispatched.

Ed gave Helena a shot that should bring her into an easy sleep and help her wake up on her own refreshed and recuperated. Ed could see from the monitors that her body was already regenerating after childbirth.

Bleep Bleep

"Dr. Spencer here."

"Ed, how is my wife doing?'

"She is fine, Commander and the twins are doing extremely well. I think they were up to something while you were battling the monster. All hell broke loose outside, trees were uprooted and dust was everywhere. It looks like a tornado outside."

"Ed, how are the Aphans?"

"A little sick and green under the gills but they will recover."

"Alan must be relieved to see Alibe," quipped Koenig with a grin.

"Alibe isn't here Commander I think she is still on Alpha. Alan went to find her." Koenig looked grim, he closed transmission to the medical center and called Alan.

Ed Spencer went back to his patients. He looked through the glass windows and saw that people were already cleaning and clearing the debris from the storm outside.

The eagles too were being towed away by the Ludians and the triage was slowly dwindling. Some were also being discharged as they only had minor cuts and bruises. They went home to wash and relax in their own beds.

Dr. Koenig moaned in her bed and opened her eyes. Reality came flooding into her brain, The Entity, the babies, the Alphans, O no!

She sat up in bed to the sounds of noise and almost chaos and saw the missing members all over the place in beds, on chairs, Helena was beside herself with joy. While she slept disaster had been avoided.

She looked around for John, he was not there, She mentally checked the building and no John. Helena's psyche picked up the children but not John Koenig. She tried to reach him again, her mind went out all over the planet, John was not here.

She swung her legs of the bed and tried to stand, "Ed!" she called.

It was Ben who responded, "Helena, whats wrong." He steadied her on her feet and looked in her eyes at the anguish there.

"What's the matter Helena?"

"John, where is he!"

"He's fine, Helena, he went back on Alpha to help Alan find Alibe, she's missing."

Helena heaved a sigh of relief.

Alan Carter checked their quarters first. The place was a mess and virtually crumbling but he saw no sign of her. Alpha felt like an abandoned tomb. There was rubble everywhere and everything looked dried out and suffocated.

He searched the travel tubes and was surprised to see John Koenig standing by the rec area moving debris and searching for Alibe. John looked at him. Alan had always been there for him and he was darned if he would not be there for Alan now.

He walked over to him and clasped his hand and looked him in the eyes. John had seen that haunted look before in his own eyes.

"We'll find her Alan, don't worry," John pat him on the back and the men kept looking.

The last of the search and rescue party was about to leave after three hours of searching and moving the wounded and still there was no sign of Alibe. Alan was beside himself with worry.

John spoke to Simms who let him know that the computer was not picking up anymore life forms on board Alpha except the search teams most of which had hazmat suits on. The air was getting harder to breath as life support was badly damaged.

"We have to leave soon, Commander," Simms said.

John looked over at Alan still digging around in the rubble, How can I tell him we have to leave? John thought,

He went over to Alan, the man was losing hope and as John could see the man was fighting back tears.

"Alan, the last of the search teams are leaving but I'll stay here with you and help you look a little longer," John said.

"I can't leave her, John, I can't, you go, I just can't leave her," the man sank to the floor in a heap and John went down with him. Holding him in his arms.

"Alan, I didn't tell you this but, when Helena and I went back in time we not only saw our future but yours as well. We saw Alibe, she had three big strong boys by her side and something tells me they were your kids."

Alan Carter looked up at the man to see if he was just trying to make him feel better. He saw that John was serious and the waterworks began.

John helped him to his feet after a while and they continued their search but the air was now unbreathable and the other men were leaving for the eagles along with the search teams.

Alan and Koenig put oxygen tanks on and still continued searching through the carnage.

"Alan, we have to go, Computer is picking up no more life forms but us."

Alan backed away from John and shook his head. John could see he was not going to leave without a fight. The man was exhausted to the point of falling over and John knew he would not listen. John's training came into play as he grabbed Alan and squeezed his pressure point. He caught the man before he fell to the floor and heaved him over his shoulders.

John hadn't seen his babies or wife yet, he needed to see them after all this he wanted to hold his wife.

Koenig strapped him into a seat and took off saying farewell to Alpha for the final time.

The last of the reconnaissance eagles landed and Koenig touched down an hour later. Alan Carter opened his eyes as the craft landed. He looked at Koenig coming out of the cockpit and he was mad. He lunged at him knocking him off balance and they rolled to the floor as the doors to the eagle opened.

"Alan! Stop!"

Alan Cater stopped pummeling John Koenig and rolled off him. Alibe Carter stood in the door frame, hazmat suit on and looking very scruffy. Alan got to his feet incredulous.

She went into his arms weeping. Alan kissed her all over her face before giving her a long hard kiss. Alibe's heart caught in her throat as her husband lifted her off her feet placed her in a seat in the eagle, "Where have you been? I went to medical you were not there. I went to Alpha you were not there. Where were you?"

"As soon as they found me I donned a suit and started helping to find the others. I didn't see you and thought you must be in another part of Alpha so I kept looking in hopes that I could find you but we took off for the planet and I never saw you. I figured I would see you when I landed."

"You crazy broad why didn't you tell someone you had been found they would have let me know?"

"I didn't think of it and I wanted to surprise you," she grinned and Alan could see she was alive and well. He lifted her and exited the Eagle. Alan placed her in an all terrain vehicle and headed for home. He did not want to see anyone.

A grinning John Koenig vanished and turned up in medical. He walked over to his wife's bed and found her asleep. Isaiah was curled up next to her on the bed. John stood over her placing a tentative kiss to her forehead. He ruffled his son's hair and headed to look at the twins.

Tears came to his eyes as he looked at the two, the girl had a blonde turf of hair while the boy's hair was dark and full. They were already formidable and Koenig could see that his life would not be the same after this.

One month later there was still no sign of the entity anywhere but John Koenig could not rest. He was in meetings, securing the galactic borders and Beula all day long. John was more out of the house than in and Helena and the kids hardly saw him. It was as though he were possessed and Helena knew why he was running himself ragged.

She consulted the medical and commander manuals where chain of command came into play. She realized they were now on Beula but would it still apply here? She wrote it up and sent it in anyway.

Helena Koenig placed her son in her arms and started to breastfed him. Natalie had already eaten and she was propped up between two pillows. She was being a good girl and the nanny Stephanie was watching her

Stephanie was short, a little overweight with kind eyes, dark brown hair and a great big smile. Stephanie loved her job, as babies were her specialty and with no babies on Alpha it was hard to practice what she loved. Now she was in heaven with babies everywhere. She had just given them baths and it was now time for their feeding this she could not do so she played with the little girl.

John Koenig strode into the room and by the way he looked at her she could see he got the message. Isaiah came running in sensing that his dad was home. He ran and jumped up into his arms and John gave him a kiss and spun him around.

"My you have grown and you have a birthday in a few more months," Koenig kissed him again and Isaiah hugged him.

"You missed my first birthday and this will be my sixth, so you have to stay home daddy and celebrate with me," Isaiah swung around and got on his father's back and scooted up to sit on his neck. Helena watched them and Isaiah whispered something in his fathers ears and John took him into the Beulan library that now had a lot of Alphans literature and media files.

They came back with a book and John read to him even though Isaiah had already read everything there was in both archives. Helena finished breastfeeding John Jr. and rubbed his back trying to burp him. She kept kissing him all the while. The baby kept smiling.

John watched them and indicated to her that he wanted to burp him. He laid the cloth on his shoulders then gently placed his son there. He smiled when he let out a little sound and his head came up as he was startled by his own sound.

Stephanie picked up Natalie and brought her to John who kissed her. Helena too kissed her and Stephanie took her upstairs to bed. She came down later and took John Jr. from John and took him upstairs to bed.

Isaiah was curled up in his father's lap fighting sleep when Helena took him up and headed upstairs. She placed him in his bed, kissed him and closed the door.

Helena headed downstairs for what she knew was coming. She saw that he had the paper in his hand when he came in this evening. She sighed and entered the room. He was not there. She heard sounds in the kitchen so she followed it. Her husband turned around when she entered. He leaned against the counter looking at her and also waiting for her to explain the new orders he got beside him on the counter.

She looked at him and the kettle sounded. She saw he had two cups on the counter with some Beulan type cocoa in it. She poured the hot liquid in and stirred the brew. She handed John a cup and their eyes met and locked.

Helena looked at him and wondered if he were turning into a stranger. He looked so different and there was an energy within him that was frightening.

Neither of them spoke and John sipped his drink and handed her the communiqué . She looked at the paper and she knew what it was so she placed it on the table and said nothing. She just stared him in the eyes and sipped her drink. John sighed and Helena raised an eye brow. "What are yo

u doing, Helena?"

"What are you doing, John?"

"You know what I'm doing and why I am doing it."

"Isaiah says there is no more danger for now. He can sense it, so what are you doing?"

John sighed again.

What am I doing?

"Helena, I'm try..." She cut him off.

"Don't say you are trying to protect your family," she said walking away.

John sighed and sipped his drink as she began pacing back and forth.

"What are you doing?"

"I am securing the borders you know that."

"John, you are seldom home. What are you doing?!"

"Don't raise you voice," Koenig breathed out. He finished his drink and put the cup down. She had hardly drank any of hers. It was his time now and retrieved the paperwork.

"What is this?" He held it up to her face.

"That is self-explanatory. What are you, doing?"

John looked her in the eyes, "Don't ever usurp my authority again."

She squared off, "I can and I will."

"This is ridiculous and frivolous at a time like this."

"No, it is not, Isaiah says we are in no danger, computer says the same thing and so does the Pentact communiqué."

Koenig walked away and she poked him and he turned around.

"What are you DOING!" Helena was now frustrated. She could see it now clear as day. John Koenig was out of control and she was darned if she would let him do this to himself.

Koenig gripped her arms she could see him literally try to get a hold of himself. He stared at her and Helena saw the tears start in his eyes.

Her hands went to his face and he started shaking. She held him and Koenig sank to his knees defeated. He could not hold it in any longer all the pent-up feelings of anxiety, the rage, the inadequacies and precariousness of his position came flooding in on him. She went down with him and held him rocking back and forth.

"You cannot go on like this John, you have to relax or you will burn out. You are not God and you cannot foresee every event. You can only protect us to the best of your ability and nothing more, but that is good enough. John, look at me," John Koenig raised his head and looked into his bride's eyes, "You are destroying the man I love."

Koenig's heart broke and he sobbed. They were like that for a while until finally he stood and whipped his eyes. He felt like he was holding on by a thread and every corner lurked some sinister plot.

"Helena, I'm sorry. I promise I will be around more, but I have to watch out for the dangers."

"Fine, watch out for danger but do it moderately and not all on your own."

Koenig pulled her into his arms. "Does this order to relieve me of my duties for the next month still stand?" he asked.

Helena looked at him, "Yes, they do."

Their eyes met for what seemed like the umpteenth time. Koenig relented. He felt better after releasing his frustrations just now. His wife knew him well.

"I still have work to do in finding out why Raghin caused you to go into labor. We know it's him but we can't prove it."

"Let Tony investigate it."

Koenig sighed and looked at his wife, he was afraid of how he felt about her. He was so in love with her sometimes he could not think straight. He needed to put those feelings in the right place or he might do something rash.

Helena watched as her husband's features changed from desperation to passion. He kissed her one searing hot kiss that stopped her breath. John lifted her off her feet and fairly ran with her up the stairs.

He set her on her feet in the room and looked at her. She was wearing a black camisole and a big red jersey that fell from her shoulders and white slacks. He had on a new uniform, one that suited his new post as Supreme Commander of the Galaxy. It was the same color of Alpha but more tailored and form fitting.

"You look lovely Mrs. Koenig," he said placing a slight kiss on her lips.

Helena could see he was holding back but he reached out and took her hand. He brought it to himself and she touched him. His breath caught in his throat and she squeezed him. Helena could see that the time for talking was over. She needed him and he needed her.

John Koenig spent the month with his family only fielding calls and reading reports. The men in the Gorin system came to him for meetings and they never stayed more than a day with the Commander. Helena and the children were grateful for his presence.

John pushed Isaiah on the swings it was his second birthday and although there were only adults and Alpha babies around he made the most of it.

His face was plastered with a great big smile as he swung back and forth. There was a light snow falling but nothing freezing as it turned red before hitting the ground.

Alibe, now pregnant sat with Helena on a picnic rug playing with the babies. Helena would be off from work for a year as she cared for her children and John Koenig already back at work was salvaging Alpha for parts for Beula. Anything that was in excellent condition was brought down but they did not find much in tack. The grains for planting were good so they began planting some seeds.

"Helena, I have noticed a change in the Commander since he came off leave, he's more relaxed," Alibe said.

Helena smiled and nodded as Maya handed her a drink and both she and Sahn sat on the blanket.

Maya sported an engagement ring from Tony as did Sahn from Paul. Helena was happy for both women who were planning on having a double wedding next month.

"Yes, Helena I noticed too," Maya said.

Sandra nodded in agreement and laughed.

"Why do you laugh Sandra," Helena asked.

"I just think the Commander is in over his head when it come to you, he doesn't stand a chance," Sandra snicked and they all burst out laughing.

Koenig came over then and extended his hand to his wife and she stood up as Isaiah sat and gingerly picked up his crawling sister. She fused at him but he ignored her gestures. John Jr. was busy catching a bug and putting it in his mouth before Aunty Alibe rescued the thing.

Helena stood. "Lets go for a walk," John said.

Helena waved to the group and they strolled over the meadow hand in hand. Before long they were teleported by John to one of Beula's seashores. No one had dared go into the orange waters until a full survey had been made as to it dangers. The breeze there was refreshing and John sat under a tree root and pulled her down to sit in his lap.

Helena leaned into him and he held her. John remembered that month they had together they must have made love everyday then. John felt her tremble a little.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"A little," she said.

John pulled of his coat and helped her put it on. She snuggled into him and felt contented.


"Yes, my darling." John smiled at that.

"Helena, I know we had the talk already about my obsession when it comes to your safety but Isaiah gave me a little news today and it worries me."

"What did he say?"

"He said the future has changed since we vanquished that entity."

"Are we in any danger?"

"He says someone is blocking his visions and he does know who or why. I would perceive that as a threat."

"John, I am immortal again, the twins are in no danger and we just have to face the dangers as they come and John," she turned to look at him then, "I want you to stay strong for me and the kids no matter what. John remember our future, we were together, it might have changed but John I will always find my way back to you."

Koenig kissed her long and hard, "I am so overwhelmed by my feelings for you sometimes I do not know where to put it. You have no idea how much I love you." He leaned his forehead one hers.

"I know John, I love you just as much."

"No you don't."

""Yes I do. I just have better self-control than you do." John looked at her then. If she loved him even half as much as he loved her then he was a very lucky man.

John stood and teleported back to the party and Isaiah ran up to them.

"Mummy, daddy look what I found," he held up a beautiful creature almost like a moth. Helena took it from him and smile. The creatures were indeed showing themselves as they got use to the Alphans.

"I guess we will see more of them. Since the Beulans left they need to co-exist with us," John said.

"Oh the Beulans haven't left daddy, they are still here," the boy said.

"What do you mean?" John asked looking at him.

"They are still here but anti-matter," he said plainly.

John scratched his head and walked away putting a call in to Professor Bergman to confirm this statement. He turned back to the boy, "What are they doing and can they affect us?" He asked the boy.

"They are learning to exist in that plain. Pretty soon they will become matter again and we will need to find a new planet in another thousand years," the boy exclaimed. "Anyway," he continued, "we would have gone on to a new planet."

"Atheria?" John asked.

"Yes, Atheria," replied Isaiah.

Helena picked him up and kissed his cheeks and the boy smiled. He so adored his mother and little sister that John was sure he would protect them with his life as would he.

The service people came out and announced dinner and they all went into the gayly decorated garden for dinner and ice cream of a different kind.

"So what is that to me," Ludin said to his brother Raghin. The latest stunt he pulled with the Koenigs was the last straw for the Pentact and they were now on the outs. Ludin had a mind to kill him but he needed him if he were to marry Helena Koenig and rule the Gorin systems.

"What is that to you!" Raghin shouted, "We would have had what we wanted by now if you had co-operated!" Raghin shouted.

"Get out of my sight you fool. If we rattle John Koenig we will be obliterated. We will be in another realm, we can't rule if we are in another realm. I am sick of your trying to go over my head. One more move on your part and all you now have will belong to me. I will send you to the other plain myself. IS THAT CLEAR! Raghin looked at his brother and decided he had overstepped indeed and just one disobedient word now would seal his fate. He bow to him and exited.

Ludin consulted his general and cousin Steit, "Well, when can we strike?"

Steit was weary of the two men, they were not only dangerous but reckless. "We have everything in place and they have no clue the boy's abilities are being blocked and the changes we made to their systems will not detect our movements. We can take her at anytime."

"Is the island fortress on Styls ready?"

"Yes it is. You have seen it yourself she won't know she is a prisoner and she will never remember the people she has left behind. When we have figured a way to extinguish Koenig then and only then will we reveal her alive. With her, the key and her children the empire will be yours."

Ludin looked at the man, If only Raghin had this mans personality all would be well.

Ludin turned in his white robes, the moment he had waited for had arrived. The Gorin system would be his and this woman he had heard about all his life but had never seen until now would be his. He would win her. She would have no memories of what she left behind to hinder her. He would make her his.

He turned to Steit, "Take her! The Commander will be at the conference."

Steit bowed and left. There was no way he was going to attempt this himself, his best captains were going and whomever the Commander obliterated would be fine as he would be the last doorway to acquiring the gem for the realm.

"Well, bring on the fun," he smiled.

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