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The Garden

Authors: Gemma Lloyd
Categories: Psychon
Characters: Maya
Show Year: Y2
Rating: PG
Date: 2001
There is a space between life and the afterlife. Just the slightest violation of it can turn it from paradise into a hellish place. Take a short trip into Psychon belief and philosophy.
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There is a space between the afterlife and life itself. This place gave access to only one race, this race itself was scattered across the Universe . 'The Garden' is what the space was called. It was always sunny and warm, birds sang and flew around. Except for the occasional wind there was silence. It was thought paradise even though the slightest violation of it turned it into a desolate place where it was always dark and the only light was cast by continuous thunder storms. If people not of the 'family blood' entered it the world was turned to this. The people of the 'family blood' were known as the Psychons. For centuries the Psychons had suffered. People like the Dorcons had ruined their way of life many times and had tried to eliminate them completely. These people had struggled to stay alive and were forced to leave their home and search for a safe place to live when their planet was dying.

"I don't know John," Helena turned from the medical monitor in her office. For several minutes a stranger had been lying in a Medical Centre bed complaining that a chair flew out from nowhere and hit him on the back. This patient wasn't an Alphan but a visitor. He'd proved himself unpopular with Maya. They'd had several crossings and no one knew why they'd hated each-other on sight. Tazak, the visitor, had accused Maya of throwing the chair using telekinetic powers evolved to her. Helena had agreed to scan Maya's brain but it wasn't easy, Maya had disappeared. Tony was out looking for her. He'd checked at her quarters, the bio-domes and Command Centre. Finally he found her in his quarters. She was sitting cross-legged on his bed. Her eyes were closed. He could tell what she was doing by feeling her temperature. It always went down when she was in her meditative state. He was the only who knew she meditated if there was something serious bothering her. Not wanting to rouse her he left his quarters to find John.

Three hours later Helena had managed to test Maya's brain and there was something there that wasn't there before. Maya nor anyone there could explain it. Her metamorphic powers had gone suddenly and there was a trace of new, telekinetic powers. "Where were you?" John asked.

Maya looked up at him, "it's hard to explain, maybe I should show you."

John opened his eyes and found himself in a garden which was about sixty meters long and fifteen meters wide. It was all around it was a high, bright wooden fences. At the bottom end of the garden there was a large intricately designed gate, the same colour as the fences. There were plant beds cut out of the lawn and large conifers grew in set places in the garden. "This is where," John heard Maya's voice behind him. She was lying down on her back looking up at the sky. Unknowing of where he was he turned to Maya, "where are we?"

"the garden,"

"what is this place?"

"it's a gateway or a space between the after life and life itself. If a dead person's spirit should come here the gate opens and lets them into the afterlife."

"you have an afterlife?"


John looked beyond Maya and over one of the fences. The sky there was stormy whilst the sky above them was blue and cloudless. "Why is this part of the sky clear and that part over there dark and stormy?" John asked pointing. He was well aware Maya had turned over to look where he was looking. "Tazak has violated it. People who aren't of the family blood cannot step here." John looked worried and confused, "don't worry. I invited you here. If you're wondering what I mean by 'those of the family blood' I mean people who are the same race as me. John nodded vaguely. He was still slightly confused but accepted the explanation. Her sat down on the grass beside her. A light wind blew past them and the gates to the afterlife opened. A white light filled his view. Suddenly someone's a person appeared some few meters away from them. It walked past them and through the gates. Slowly the gates closed and the white light vanished. "Anyone you knew?" John wasn't surprised to see a Psychon spirit as they had met hundreds of Psychons on the way to the area they were now in. Maya turned to him and nodded. "Yes, I believe he was on the high council. Knowing his attitude he might have been assassinated. I can't blame who did it. That guy got on my nerves as well, I probably killed him myself if he annoyed me again." John smiled. He found it amazing that just one person could be so hated on a planet where there was just peace. John got up and stretched, "can we go back to Alpha now?" he asked as Maya got up and stood next him.

John opened his eyes and found himself in Maya's quarters. She was up already and stretching. John un-crossed his legs and got off her bed. After having a coffee and explaining what he'd seen he left. He 'd also thanked her for a unique experience and a glimpse into Psychon philosophy and belief. A while after John had left Tazak came in without asking. He sat down on the sofa and folded his arms, "well, well, well. Which one us is as bad as the other? I'd say you."

"You know I don't like you. I have never liked you. And I never will like you, so why don't you leave me alone before I do something I regret." Maya folded her arms and looked at him threateningly. She walked back a few paces when he drew a knife. Her eyes widened as he got up and walked closer to her. "Time to visit the garden again." Before Maya could do anything he plunged the knife into her heart. She collapsed instantly. Tazak watched as Maya's spirit drifted from her body and into bright white light emanating from the ceiling. As her spirit went into the white light it disappeared as did the light. Tazak still smiling at himself made himself scarce.

Maya's body had been found by a very distraught Tony. He'd caught Tazak leaving Maya's quarters. Tazak had been dragged back in to where he'd just left with his smile completely diminished. He'd been thumped so hard his bottom jaw had been pushed to the back of his mouth.

Maya pushed her way through the vines of the ropte tree. She knew where she was. Ketal, the afterlife, was just as wonderful as she'd been told. Every breath she took was invaded by the sweet smell of talyus flowers. She

She was home.

Copyright (c) 2001. Reprinted with permission.
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