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We Can Be Together

Authors: Tuga
Categories: John/Helena
Episodes: Set after Matter of Life and Death
Show Year: Y1
Rating: R
Date: 2006
Set after the episode where Lee (Helena's husband) dies.
Average Rating: 4.0/5 (based on 1 reviews)

This is my first story and I'm not very good wrinting in English so please excuse me from start

Commander stood right next to her, saying noting, just comforting with is presence. She turned and gives him a weak smile.

"Lee and I can never be together again..." and she explain what happened when John "DIED" on the planet.

"So... he give you the strong to see everything like it was before the incident?" Asked John."

"No to see what I wanted to see"-She replied and dropped her eyes to the floor, slightly flushing her cheeks.

John reaches out the small distance and pulled her to his embrace, on the far corner, so that they were not visible from the down floor. She let her self be taken and enjoyed the safety of is arms. He felt inebriated with her feminist and close his eyes dropping his head in her hair.

Despite is wish they released the embrace and gazed at each other. Koenig said nothing, but put a hand on Helena's small back and guided her downstairs right to is command office, now empty. They enter and he closes the door of separation by touching o button on his desk. When the door is closed they gaze and smile. John can no longer hide his emotions and paces rapidly towards Helena. He detains for a bread moment and looks again in to her eyes, she looks back as is. Is hands reaches for her face and grab both sides pulling her to him closer and closer to his mouth, giving her time to reconsider. She was dazzled, hypnotised, with no will power, like the bird that is drowned to the snake, only this snake had no bad intentions (or had it?). And then happened. His lips touch hers, very gently, feeling the warmth and softness, that droved him out of is mind and any reason what so ever he add left abandoned him and the passion floated from is mouth to hers. Her legs went weak with is lithe touch and she would have fall if he filling her frailty didn't had grabbed her, by putting one arm around her waits, while the other cupped her head from her skull. They exchange passion and tenderness for a long wile, and when they finally break smile at each other, joining foreheads. And then again John took her mouth demanding. She gladly submitted her self to him, enjoying the filing of being a woman in his arms. His woman. Little was said between the to of then. The kisses and toutching were so much more needed. Helena's Como lock buzzed, Mathias needed her.

"I have to go said Helena" in a break with a voice modified by emotion.

"Do you?"-John kissed her again-"I'll pass by your quarters in 3 hours"- and caressed her air - "oh and doctor?"

"Yea!" Helena's voice like a satisfied cat.

"Before you go its maybe better if you brush your air, it's kind of messy!"- And he give her a lazy as his eyes sparkled .

"Yes. Commander"- she toyed with him.

He pulled her again for one last kiss -"It's going to be 3 long hours" signed John.

"I'll be waiting"- Helena wave from the door as she tried to compose her self.

John sited on is chair compose in serf to and smile at him sell, very pleased and day dreaming. Then opened the big door.

Copyright (c) 2006. Reprinted with permission.
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