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The Discontented

Authors: Rebecca Eisenhuth
Categories: John/Helena, Tony/Maya
Characters: Helena Russell
Show Year: Y2
Rating: 1
Date: 1996

Story 3 in the "Alphan Quests" series +
1 - The Progression
2 - The Challenge
3 - The Discontented
4 - The Discovery
An alien race gives Helena an incredible opportunity to change Earth history. Meanwhile, who is the double that has taken her place on Moonbase Alpha?
First published in the fanzine "Alphan Quests"
Average Rating: No reviews.

This story is archived on the author's own web site, as the archivist has not been able to obtain the author's permission to archive the story here. Unfortunately, some of the links on that site don't work. If you find you are unable to access a page using the links within the story, please use the links below.

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