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The Syth

Authors: Gemma Lloyd
Characters: Maya
Episodes: Refers to Dorzak
Show Year: Y2
Rating: PG
Date: 2001
Dorzak returns to Alpha, intent on revenge.
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Dorzak's heart was full of hate and his mind was full of aspirations of revenge. He was still rather shocked that one of his own kind would betray him to help her friends. Through the skylight in his Theselanian cell he could see little but the stars that shone through the darkness of his black heart sparked off some inspiration. Dorzak sat up, whirled around and looked under his pillow. He had taken a utensil from his food tray and had planned to kill the guard with it in the morning. He took the utensil and cut his arm slightly. Looking up towards the sky he went to sit in the centre of the room. Turning the now bleeding arm round so that the blood could fall on the floor, he started an incantation. Whilst doing this incantation he manoeuvred himself to his knees, his arm in the same position, he moved in a circle. Knowing no one would hear him he incanted louder. Without warning the air in the cell became pungent, whatever light there was in the cell was taken over by darkness, Dorzak could sense he was no longer alone. He could hear breathing beyond his own. Before he could raise his courage enough to speak a harsh, whispery voice emanated from the darkness, "you called us Psychon?"

"Yes I did. Are you the Syth?" Asked Dorzak hoping he had summoned the correct people. Suddenly a ring of fire lit up the room making Dorzak jump. The fire followed each wall but didn't make the whole cell go up in smoke. Four evil looking figures were revealed by the light and nodded in affirmative to Dorzak's question. It was plain to see that the Syth were demons. They had paper white skin, their eyes were blood red and bulging with small white dots for pupils, two fangs hung down from their mouths and their hair was black. They resembled vampires but were far more deadly. Garlic, crucifixes or stakes didn't affect them, these creatures were invincible. "I have a job I want you to do," Dorzak stated his eyes no longer showing fear and surprise but utterly unquenchable evil.

Life on Alpha seemed more peaceful than it had ever been. The Alphans had come into extreme luck and had found a planet loaded with Tiranium. Mining it was easy and Helena had calculated that they had collected enough to last four hundred years. John seemed to be very happy indeed. He was actually almost exhilarated. The only pressing problem on his mind was that of finding a habitable planet. Tony was happy as well. He had actually been able to make drinkable beer. At drinking Tony's latest batch Alan had almost collapsed with shock, Tony had actually left the two mark and had gone up to nine. Not everyone was happy though, Maya had seemed worried about something lately. It wasn't like her to act that way. Maya had become un-responsive to Tony's touches and soothings, she spent most of her free-time in her quarters and when she was with Tony in his quarters she stayed silent and stared at the floor with her hands clasped in her lap. She didn't seem to eat or drink anything and she tried not to sleep if she could help it. Helena had checked Maya out and didn't know what was wrong with her. John had shown concern at this. Tony had often gone to Alan for advice, he still didn't know what would offend Maya.

Tony was lying on his bed one night looking up at the ceiling. He was in such deep thought he didn't hear someone come in. "What's so interesting up there that you can't answer the door?" the sound of Maya's voice made Tony bolt up as if from a nightmare, "oh, Maya. What are you doing here so late?" Tony asked as Maya went to sit on the sofa and he joined her. As he sat down Maya said the words he never thought he'd hear, "I think we need to talk,"

"You want to talk," Tony was surprised at best.

"Yes. You remember that I'm hypersensitive to all lifeforms,"


"Well I've sensed a kind of evil."

"Evil?" Tony asked, Maya had never told him that she could sense good or evil before.

"Yes. It's more demonic and I think it's coming here. I've never sensed anything this powerful before and I think it might be having an effect on me,"

"So that could be why you've been acting so strangely. What effect do you think it might have in the long term?" Maya didn't know the answer to Tony's question so she just shrugged.

Dorzak was on his way to Alpha. His plans for revenge were formulating in his mind. He was determined to destroy Alpha and everyone on it. The Syth would have plenty of people to feed on. He'd agreed to become one of the Syth, their black acidic blood coursed through his veins. He looked like one of them, his Psychon eyebrows replaced with those of a Syth. As he flew through space his red eyes scanned the stars for the doomed base. He knew that Maya would sense him long before he got there, he would try to make Maya a Syth in time. His mouth watered at the thought of biting into that long, slender neck and making her drink his blood. They came into Alpha's view but it wouldn't matter, they couldn't be detected. Mostly people in ships could be detected. A great howl rose among the group, they were about to feast.

It was too late for the people of Alpha. Within a matter of minutes of sighting the Syth on the view screen they were actually there. They'd attacked the people in the recreation rooms first. There were quite a few people there as the night shift was on and most Alphan's were off duty. Dorzak didn't stay there long. He killed about five people. He then took a glass of water from an un-upturned table and rinsed out the blood from his mouth. Spitting out the blood stained water in a corner he carried walking until he reached Maya's quarters. She opened the door for him knowing he was there. Tony was by her side and was instantly grabbed by Dorzak and thrown effortlessly away. Tony crashed into a wall and lay on the floor in a heap, Dorzak smiled and went up to Tony's lifeless body. "Sorry Mr. Verdeschi." he said bluntly before turning on towards Maya, walking quickly to her, grabbing her by the neck and dragging her into her quarters.

A loud clap of thunder sounded through the corridors of Alpha causing Alphan and Syth alike to stop fighting, running and feeding. The doors in Command Centre were barricaded from the inside. John, Alan and Helena were there as well as Sahn and the night shift staff. Two sets of footsteps were heard through the main doors. Several seconds later they stopped. Without warning the doors flew open in a very unnatural way revealing a tall woman with long black hair and a man with short black hair. Helena instantly sensed who the woman was, "Maya?" At hearing her name the woman turned around. Maya was now Syth but didn't share their eyes. Her's were like the one's she'd had before but a deeper blue and despicably evil. She didn't look the same or sound the same or move the same but everyone could tell it was her. The man turned round and stood slightly behind her. The rest of the Syth walked from the surrounding corridors and joined the other two, their bloody teeth bared. "I'm sorry Dorzak. As of now your employment is terminated as are you." Maya smiled.

"What?" Dorzak whispered confusedly before Maya reached behind her and ripped his neck open. Dorzak sunk to the floor slowly, his black acidic blood falling like a waterfall and burning a hole into the floor where it formed a puddle. Everyone except the Syth and Maya gasped at this digusting sight and a thing they thought Maya would never do.

Tony awoke to find the section he was in completely wrecked. There were a lot of bodies around him and had guessed that a big fight had gone on there. His head was hurting badly and was a bit cloudy. A thought of Maya burst it's way into his mind. He ran into her quarters to check if she was alright. It was dark but he could tell she wasn't there. He was about to turn and walk out when he sensed a faint presence. When he turned round to see what was behind him he saw something very strange. A small Psychon child which was about five years old was standing with a small computer in her hand. It showed a picture of Maya. Tony took it from her hand, "you know Maya?" he asked. The child nodded.

"I was her. Only I can help her and restore her soul. But you must help me."


"Try to get her alone and show her the picture. I'll do the rest."

"Okay, I'll do it."

The Syth were beginning to look threateningly at the inhabitants of Command Centre. A familiar voice was heard from behind them. It was Tony. He pushed his way through the now confused Syth. Maya turned around with a very confused expression on her face. She indicated for the Syth to split up and depart. Tony led her down the corridor and into the travel tube. He then led her into his quarters. The photo was shoved under her nose and she forced to look at it.

The younger Maya came up behind the pre-occupied Syth. The Syth Maya did sense the person behind her but it was too late for her to act. The child entered Maya's body. An almighty scream arose from the pair as they joined as one. An intense white light enveloped them. Tony shielded his eyes. After five minutes the screaming stopped and the light vanished. Only the child was left. Tony had been warned that this would happen. He stooped next to the child and held her hand. She was cold but alive. John and Helena came in and kneeled next to Tony. The Syth had disappeared completely. They didn't have to be told it was Maya.

Helena was watching Maya. The coming of this child brought an increase of morale with it. Respects to the dead had been paid and suprisingly not even half the population of Alpha had fallen to the Syth. It was obvious to everyone that the child was Alpha's new hope and future.

Copyright (c) 2001. Reprinted with permission.

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