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Space:1999, Star Trek Voyager Tie-In

Authors: Ian Wheeler
Crossovers: Star Trek: Voyager
Show Year: Y3
Rating: PG
Date: 1997
Moonbase Alpha meets the starship Voyager.
Average Rating: 3.0/5 (based on 2 reviews)

Space......Harry Kim was getting fed up of seeing lots of it, day after day....empty. He sat bored at his station, Looking around at the quietly busy bridge. He had nothing to do, and had another hour left on his duty shift, so he ran diagnostics, secretly played holochess with the computer, and got some disdainful looks from Tuvok when the computer beeped wildly at winning, so he turned off the sound functions. Just before he did, A different wild beeping came from the status panel.....A sensor alert.

He tapped a few touchpads, and called up sensor view. The lateral array was registering a temporal anomaly, and just before he sighed "not again".....the panel readout changed. A large spherical object appeared on the display. He rubbed his eyes and made sure he knew what he was seeing before calling Captain Janeway.

Kathryn Janeway was concentrating on getting the light just right on the picture of her home on Earth, just as it was during the long summer evenings she remebered as a child. The commbadge on her uniform bleeped, and she jumped, painting a streak across the canvas. She grumbled, and hit her combadge.

"Janeway, what IS it?"

"Captain, report to the bridge please, there's something you ought'a see here," replied a frantic Harry Kim.

Kathryn rushed out to the main bridge, worried. Chakotay and Tom Paris were emerging from the Turbolift as she bounded out of the ready room, and Tuvok reported, "Captain, we have sighted a large spherical object, on our bow, that has appeared from some sortof....."

"Let me guess.....Temporal Anomaly?" Kathryn was getting tired of hearing those words. "Yes sir", replied a somewhat surprised Tuvok.

"It matches the size and shape of one of the Sol system's planetary bodies....."

"On Screen", Tom Paris hit the viewer control keys on his station and up popped a sight he never expected to see again in his lifetime. The MOON was sitting there, not only slowly revolving, but moving as well, toward Voyager. He let out an expletive without realising it, and Chakotay looked at him, with a shocked look on his face. Whether it was at the sight on the viewer, or Paris' language, no one knew. "Analysis", snapped Capt. Janeway, surprised.

"It is identical in size and shape to Earth's moon", reported Ensign Wildman, as surprised as everyone else. The Doctor wearing his hologenerator, Kes, and Neelix emerged from the Turbolift, and wondered what the fuss was about. "The Mess hall was crowded with people getting a look at that, what is it?", asked Neelix in a curious voice.

"The Moon of our world, Neelix, Earth's moon....." Cue title credits here................................................. Janeway paced, with a concerned look on her face around the conference lounge. she addressed her officers: "We have found the Earth's moon, 70,000 light years from Earth, emerging out of a Temporal rift. Why?How?"

Tuvok replied: "Indeed, it is most unusual. Janeway wondered if Tuvok had always had a knack for stating the obvious. Ensign Wildman added: "Our readings have determined that the Moon had entered some form of natural space warp, and travelled time as well as space."

"You mean this moon is from the future?"

"More like the past, sir." Janeway sat back in her chair, wondering..."from how far in the past?"

"300 years. We dtermine it's from the year 1999".

"My god", gasped Janeway. "What can we do? Suggestions." Chakotay took the opportuity to sound his view. "I think we should make contact,"


"They're probably in the same situation we are, billions of Kilometers, and hundreds of years from their home, I think they need ourhelp."

"Hm..." replied Janeway, contemplatively. She wondered for a second, and listened to the doctor, who had petitioned to speak.

"Captain, does it seem reasonable to assume that they are all right? They come from a time when man didn't know much about the power of Space, and indeed of spacewarps, they may be in need of urgent aid."

Janeway, rubbed her weary eyes and replied "OK, Let's begin a first contact procedure, but, STAY ALERT, we need to be careful withthis one".

John Koenig looked around, rather annoyed, and indeed shocked at the state this latest Space Warp had left his Base, indeed, his community. Medical center was awash with people, rangin from bruised and broken arms and legs, to awful internal and external injuries. Dr. Helena Russell walked over, and reported, draped in surgical gown, complete with bloodied gloves, and sweat pouring down her face. "John, we have 64 casualties in total, 5 life threatening, 12 mild casualites, and the rest are really only cuts and bruises."

"Thank god", replied Koenig, " what about the 5 majors?"

"Drs. Vincent and Mathias are working on them now."

John sighed, and made his way to Main Mission, helping with any little jobs he could do, like push a corridor panel back into place, wherever he could. The corridors were rather busy, bustling with emergency response teams, as well as repair crews, and medical units. Alpha was "picking itself up and dusting itself down after a fall," soto speak.

Eventually, he reached Main Mission, Where everyone was either keying in repair programs at the consoles, coordinating repair at on of the stations, or under a workdesk or at the computer wall, wrenching out damaged circuit boards, and beginning repairs. After signing a couple of reports Tanya had handed him, he went over and asked Kano the computer's situation. He reported, not taking his eyes off of his work as he mended his "Child's" logic circuits and processing system. He snapped in a new circuit board, and smiled as part of his child came alive again, the sensor and satellite displays. Koenig switched on the viewer from his desk and gasped. Everyone looked up, to see a spaceship, moving closer to Alpha, a kind of large fish shaped vessel moving towards the base.

Koenig pressed his "Alert" button, and nothiong happened, so Snadra Benes raced over to her desk and pressed it. "She opened the Intercom, and announced "ALERT, an unidentified vessel is approaching Alpha, all hands, go to Alert stations!"

Kano reported: "The vessel seems to be some sort of Starship, with an incredible powr source, It is approaching Alpha at a speed roughly half the speed of light. It will reach our position in 5 minutes."

"Damn", said Koenig under his breath. Sandra's communication panel began to bleep with incoming calls. She opened the channel. "Repeat, this is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager, do you read, Alpha?" John fell back into his chair, stunned. Avoice, a human voice, coming from an Alien ship? "Repeat, we are from Earth, in the 24th Century, we mean you no harm, do you read?"

Everyone in Main Mission screamed in delight. Perhaps this was a way home! Then. Koenig raised a hand, and everyone fell silent. "Open a channel", he said. Sandra complied. Paul Morrow sat and looked sceptical as Victor Bergman burst in through the Forward entryway to See what wasgoing on.

"Voyager, this is Moonbase Alpha,John Koenig commanding, do youread?"

"Yes" came the excited reply. "I am Kathryn Jameway, commander of this vessel. We are currently 75,000 light years from Earth, and are struggling to get home. To use an old phrase, 'Fancy meeting you here!'" Having been granted permission from Alpha, Voyager landed on the surface of the moon, and The ship's crew was allowed onto Alpha to speed up repairs, which were done in a fraction of the normal time. Major casualties were easily treatd on Voyager, and The Voyager crew were given the Alphans' hospitality. The Voyager crew told of their voyages, and the Alpha crew of theirs. Dr. Bergman and Tuvok postulated that the Temporal rift was also some kind of Interphasic corridor between two alternate unvierses, in essence, time and space had become tangled. They did not know that those tangles had to eventually become untangled.

Dr. Russell spent until the early hours of the morning discussing meidcal techniques with the Doctor, And the two commanders seemd to have quite a rapport. Harry and Kano seemed to hit it off as well, discussing technical manuals and computer harware all evening. Tom Paris and Sandra seemed to get along quite well, much to the worry of Paul, who enjoyed listening to Captain Janeway's stories of commanding the Voyager. Alan hit it off quite well with Tom as well. Being Pilots, they both had lots of similar experiences to share.

Kes and Tanya spent most of the day in Alpha's arboretum ,discussing plants, and exchanging clippings, Roses for Klingon T'rachna Bulbs, quite beautiful in summer, apparently, and so on. Most of Alpha's crew had found friends in Voyager's crew, and things got along fine, unitl more and more people started to mention the possibility of staying on Alpha. It was something sreiously considered, one, because with Voyager's help, Alpha could be as self sufficient as needed, and two, because both crews were making a rapport with each other, a friendship that could last, and become a blooming community. Tom Paris and Sandra Benes sat in the Main Mission observation area, looking at the vista of moonscape, Voyager, and stars, and talked, softly. Among other topics, Paris asked "Do you suppose our journeys will ever end?" Sandra replied, "I asked myself that a long time ago. You know what the answer was?" "What?" "The Hell if I know." Paris let out a chuckle. The charm she saw on his face made her think of her fiance' on Earth. How she missed him. Was she falling in love with him? She didn't care.

Tom replied to her witty retort: "I wish I knew myself. Kinda makes me want to stay here, the possibility of a stable life in one place, it's very appealing."

"I know". Tom stared into Sandra's eyes. He knew he was beginning to like her more than he should, especially if they decided not to stay.

Then, in the traditional Tom Paris style, he thought "What the hell.." and moved closer to Sandra. She melted in his arms, Her mind filled with thoughts, and also with affection for the handsome traveller. She knew she mustn't, but, she let herself go, and slowly, they kissed.........And knew they wanted to be with each other forever....... ....and stopped abruptly. Paul came up onto the observation area. Him and Paris exchanged stifled hellos, and and Paul and Sandra left together, Sandra looking back at Tom, eyes full of regret, and, love.

Janeway and Koenig sat in the office behind Main Mission, discussing the possiblities.

"We could even disassemble Voyager and use it to build new sections onto Alpha", said Janeway, sounding quite excited about it, as was Koenig. "Hmm.....The technology you posess could make life here wonderful, Perhaps we could even start calling this rock.......home."

"Maybe, but could we - My god! LOOK! Janeway and Koenig turned and looked. Voyager, sitting on the Lunar surface was fading......A frantic comm message came through from Voyager. "Captain! The Temporal Anomaly seems to be rephasing....VOYAGER is falling into the same Temporal rift Alpha did! If we don't get off of this moon, we'll end up back from where they left!" "Acknowledged! begin Evac of all VOyager personnel! Perpare to liftoff!" Chaos hit the corridors of Alpha as Voyager crew began beaming back to the ship frantically trying to get on board. One Voyager crew member, Tony Verdeschi, got caught in the rush, and was knocked unconscious on a bulkhead. He was ferried to Medical as Voyager tried to lift off. The same confusion took over Voyager.

Alpha crew rushed to get transported back to the base, and the transporter rooms were in chaos. Victor Bergman, David Kano, and Paul Morrow tried in vain to get back to Alpha from the Transporter rooms, but failed as transporters ceased to function from the Temporal distortion. Silently, Voyager lifted from the Planet's surface, unknowingly carrying 3 of Alpha's most prized personnel, and a man who knew he had left his one true love behind, and wished he was there with her. Alpha began to fade too, With Tony Verdeschi aboard, a man out of time, and none of them would ever get to see their homes again, at least, the ones they knew.

In a flash of blinding light, brighter than the explosion that hurled Alpha out of Earth orbit, brighter ithan the Flash of lgiht that transported Voyager to the Delta Quadrant, and the Strange stings that were time untangled themselves, and Alpha and Voyager continued their unending journeys into destiny...........and beyond.

Copyright (c) 1997. Reprinted with permission.
Space:1999 is (c) 1976 by Carlton International Media.
All stories are the property of their respective authors.

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