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What Comes Naturally

Authors: Kayleen
Show Year: Y2
Rating: NC-17
Date: 2005
A humanoid race searches for similar beings to study their sexual behavior and find the Alphans.
Average Rating: 0.5/5 (based on 36 reviews)

"Did you turn the alarm off?" Tony asked Maya when he awoke and looked at the clock.

"Don't go." Maya rolled closer to Tony in the bed and wrapped her legs around his.

"I'm on duty in Command Center at eight." Tony pried himself loose and climbed out of the bed. "That gives me only fifteen minutes to shave, shower, and shit." He almost lost his light blue pajamas to Maya's grip.

"The entertainment committee wants to see you at the auditions for Annie, Get Your Gun today. I think they want you to turn into a horse or some other animals for it." said Tony loudly from the bathroom as he buzzed the electric shaver along his chin. Maya approached him from behind, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed his neck.

"Seriously, Maya," Tony persisted, "John will have my hide if I'm late." He struggled to finish shaving as Maya clung to him. He found it very difficult to resist her advances, but didn't want to face the Commander's wrath.

Tony went to the kitchenette in his underwear to find a quick bite to eat for breakfast before he dressed. He turned from the refrigerator to the table. Maya stood in front of it, wearing nothing but a pajama top. She opened her top, revealing her hairless and flawless figure. Her breasts were small, but shapely, with nipples the same color as the rest of her skin. She had stripes like those on her cheeks just above her breasts, along her lower rib cage, and on her hips. Tony froze. He suddenly found himself hard, straining the fly on his briefs. He peeled off his underwear. Command Center be damned.

Maya stepped close to him and pressed her forehead against his, looking down over his perfectly chiseled chest and abdominal muscles, down to his jet black pubic hair and his enormous genitals. Tony's were actually no larger than average size, but to Maya, they were huge. Both male and female Psychons had considerably smaller genitals than humans and Maya had seen a few adult Psychon men naked where nude public swimming was common. Her opening was much tighter, a little further back, and without the same skin folds as human women. The first time they made love, both Tony and Maya were afraid that he would hurt her. But her vagina was quite elastic and well lubricated, and her extra tightness intensified his pleasure. He couldn't imagine what it was like to make love to a human woman anymore.

Maya wrapped her arms around Tony and kissed him hard on the mouth. She moved her hands down his back, then worked her way down and kneaded his buttocks. With a sweep of one arm, Tony cleared the table of the salt and pepper shakers, napkin holder, coffee mugs, and paper work. Maya laid back on the table and Tony laid on top of her as they pushed their tongues into each others' mouths and moved their hands over each others' bodies. They breathed more and more heavily. Tony squeezed handfuls of Maya's thick, auburn tresses as she ran her fingers through his black strands. He caressed her face and slowly let his hands wander down over her alabaster shoulders and down to her soft breasts. He glided one hand down her stomach and hip, then between her legs, working his fingers into her warm, creamy lubrication. "Ooooooh", Maya let out a long, soft moan that excited Tony even more. He gnawed on her neck and licked his way to her breasts. He circled his tongue around her bumpy auriole and sucked hard on her firm, wrinkled nipple. She stroked his rock hard erection in her hand and felt its blood vessels, a couple of tiny moles, and the rim of its tip under her fingers.

What they never saw was a round, cantaloupe-sized probe with a ten inch antenna at the top, hovering in the air with a lens watching and recording all their moves. It magnetically charged the molecules around it, keeping it suspended. It darted around the room, always staying within their blind spots, so it was never seen. A reflective, non-glare surface made it further undetectable. The probe had valves that drew in air and restructured the molecules into pheromones and released them, which greatly stimulated the Alphans' libidos.

Tony stopped, then stood up with his penis pointing straight at Maya. She wrapped her legs around his hips while he held on to her thighs and slid inside her.

"Oh, bellissima, bellissima!" Tony's Italian spontaneously rolled off his tongue. "Ti voglio molto bene! Bellissima!"

Maya held onto the edge of the table above her head while Tony slowly and rhythmically thrusted into her, gradually building up speed. His soft but strong hands massaged her breasts. Her legs squeezed his body closer into hers.

"Quite some breakfast, huh?" Maya smile.

"The best way to wake up." Tony smile back, continuing his hip thrusts.

"You're late for duty, you know."

"Won't be the first time." Tony answered. "I've got a good reason."

They looked into each others' faces, beaming, both feeling like they had never seen anything more beautiful. They ignored the beeping on the comm post, knowing Tony would be summoned from Command Center. Their bodies grew warmer and tingled.

"Oh, Tony....Oh, Tony...Oh, TONY!" Maya purred louder and louder as she neared the edge of her orgasm. "OH, TONY!" she howled as her head whipped her hair around. She arched her back as her legs squeezed him even tighter.

"Oh...MAYA!" Tony groaned. In one hard thrust, he came inside her. His teeth clenched and his face muscles strained. They both felt his ejaculation drip between them. They panted as Tony laid on the table beside her on his stomach. They held each other as Maya felt his hot breath on her shoulder. The probe recorded every second of their encounter.

Several probes were sent to Alpha by a humanoid race of aliens called the Yunycs. Many generations before them, the Yunycs decided to perfect their race by reproducing only with invitro fertilization from carefully selected eggs and sperm. After several generations of procreating this way, the use and desire for sex had been completely eliminated from their species. Harvesting eggs and sperm by only artificial means without the purpose of sexual attraction made their genitals very small. Now, the biologists and medical professionals of the planet agreed that the best way for them to reproduce was by sexual means. So, it was universally agreed to bring sex back to their race. However, little was known about how to have sex. They knew the basics and mechanics of sexual intercourse, but didn't know many methods or how to make it pleasurable.

The planet Yunyc was much like Earth, but had fewer hours of daylight, which also made the average temperature cooler than Earth's. The Yunycs looked very similar to humans, but their eyes were about 50 percent larger since they had less daylight. Their noses were very large to let in more oxygen to metabolize energy for keeping their bodies warm. This also meant they had to consume about twice as much food and fluid as humans. Both males and females had thick body hair, but no more than the hairiest of humans.

A mother ship was sent from Yunyc to study deep space. One of its tasks was to find a humanoid race to study their sexual behavior. It found Alpha at a much greater distance than the Alphans could detect them. The mother ship sent out shuttles that managed to dodge Alpha's radar and surveillance. The small, cantaloupe-sized probes were then sent from the shuttles to the moonbase, finding their way in, undetected, by following Alphans into airlocks and eagles that were out for waste dome inspections. The Alphans were never aware that they were being watched.

"Sorry I'm late, John. Something came up and I couldn't get away." Tony apologized to the Commander as he rushed in.

"Okay, but don't let it happen again." John was less upset than Tony expected. Nearly everyone was late for duty that day, including John, but he didn't realize it was for the same reason.

Upon Tony's arrival in Command Center, Carl Renton was relieved from duty for the day. The pale, young man with dark, curly hair quickly walked to his quarters, never seeing the probe that followed him. At his quarters, he put two candles on the table and lit them. He turned on his stereo to a romantic selection of music, then took out a bottle of champagne and poured two glasses. He rearranged the pillows on his bed and turned down the covers. Then he went to a closet. There he took out a box - a gift from friends that he promised not to open until he started his tour of duty on Alpha. He opened the rarely unsealed package to the smell of new plastic.

"Mon cherie, you have waited for me!" he said in a lousy French accent.

He pulled out the pink-beige mass and breathed deeply. After several puffs of air, his lover was inflated.

"So now I come to you with open arms..." He sang enthusiastically to her painted face. And together, they went to paradise.

Alan and Sahn were the only ones in the moonbase swimming pool. All the other Alphans were either on duty, in meetings, or at the auditions for the entertainment committee's production of Annie, Get Your Gun. Alan and Sahn had both finished their shifts. They weren't taking part in the play auditions because Alan had already taken on the assignment of props and Sahn agreed to do the lighting. The pool area was originally designed to look like nothing more than an athletic facility. Recently, potted palm trees, tables, beach chairs, colored lights, and a small bar were added to the poolside. The entire room was dim; Alan and Sahn had turned on only the string of colored lights. A boom box played a disk of classical guitar music. The two swam a couple of laps, then tossed around a volleyball. Now, they relaxed in floating lounge chairs on the pool's surface.

"I could stay here forever." Sahn, clad in a light blue bikini, sighed and leaned her head back. She took a sip from her glass of Tony's specially-made strawberry wine.

"We don't ever have to go back on duty, do we?" Alan, wearing light blue swim trunks, said sarcastically. He took a sip of wine from his glass. They floated next to each other and held hands. The unseen Yunyc probe hovered in a corner above them.

Alan and Sahn looked into each others' eyes. Then Alan brought Sahn's hand up to his mouth and kissed it. They leaned over in their floating lounge chairs and kissed each other on their mouths. They continued to kiss as they leaned in closer to put their arms around each other, tipping over their lounge chairs and spilling their bodies into the water. They came up in the chest-deep water, laughing, and took hold of each other. They slowly treaded to the edge of the pool as the invisible probe followed. Sahn's back leaned against the pool's edge as she and Alan pressed their tongues in each others' mouths. They ran their fingers through each others' hair and groped each others' bodies. She ran her fingers over his thick, wet chest hair. Alan rubbed his whisker-stubbled face on Sahn's chest as he reached behind her and untied her bikini top. He gently gnawed on her breasts and sucked on a large, tan nipple as the bikini top floated away, His huge erection fought to get out of his swim trunks. He lowered the front of his trunks and released it. Then he move the crotch of Sahn's bikini over to gain access and he entered her. Sahn's legs wrapped around him and he held her up with his hands on her buttocks. Her fingertips dug into his back. He rhythmically thrusted into her, making their bodies bob up and down in the water. Later, Sahn would find her upper back bruised from the pounding on the pool's edge.

Oh, Alan...Oh, Alan...Oh, Alan..." Sahn cried out to the rhythm of his thrusting.

Waves rippled through the entire pool from their movement.

"You... are... so... amazing!" Alan moaned.

Sahn threw her head back and breathed out loud, high-pitched shrieks in ecstasy. Alan's face contorted while he thrusted hard and pulled her body to his as hard as he could as he released inside her. They gasped for air, then relaxed against the edge of the pool, floating their bodies on the surface.

John and Helena agreed to spend their lunch hour in the Bio Center. The Bio Center bore little resemblance to the station it used to be. It had been the room that held equipment for tracking Earth's satellites and weather patterns. After leaving orbit, it no longer had any use, so it was converted into the Bio Center. Plants from hydroponics and seeds salvaged from the kitchen's fruits and vegetables landscaped the new sanctuary. Alpha offered a highly controlled environment free from Earth's pollutants, so many species of animals were brought for laboratory experiments. Some were also brought as caged pets and fish in aquariums. Everything from sheep, cats, dogs, rodents, birds, and even insects and worms, now populated the Bio Center.

John and Helena strolled down a path along the artificial stream, looking down at the colorful fish, and past the small waterfall. They sat down at a park bench and unpacked their lunch. A capuchin monkey named Gidget played in the branches above them. A Yunyc probe hid in the leaves and released a heavy dose of pheromones. John and Helena each took a bite from their sandwiches and looked into each others' eyes, knowing what the other was thinking. They put down their sandwiches, leaned towards each other, and kissed. John cocked his head to point to some hanging willow branches that made a tent over some peony bushes. Helena nodded. The two stood up and went hand-in-hand to the hiding; the probe carefully followed. Immediately, they attacked each other with groping hands and heavy kisses.

"John, sing my favorite song." said Helena after she kissed him.

"Who can turn the world on with her smile?" John sang softly in her ear as he unfastened her belt and let it fall. "Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile." He undid her skirt. "Well, it's you, girl, and you should know it." He pulled off her tunic, she unfastened his belt and trousers. "With each step and every little movement you show it." They pulled more clothes off of each other and threw them on the bushes. "Love is all around, no need to waste it. You can have the town, why don't you take it?" Finally, their socks and underwear came off. "You're gonna make it after all."

They pressed their bodies together and fell down to the grass. They rubbed their hands over each other. John buried his face in her pillowy breasts, sucking and gently scraping his teeth over them. He slid his hand down to her soft pubic hair. She conditioned it with warm olive oil for such occasions. He massaged his fingers into her wet lubrication and over her "magic button" that made her whole body tingle. Helena worked her mouth over John's torso, kissing, licking, and gnawing her way down and eventually reached his genitals. As the moonbase's chief of medicine, Helena had seen nearly everyone on Alpha in the nude. Out of all the men, she hadn't seen anyone more endowed than John. She stroked his huge erection in her hands and briefly sucked on the tip. Then she got on her knees, pointing her backside up, with her head and forearms laying on the grass. John got up on his knees, putting his hips to her buttocks and penetrated her from behind. As he rhythmically pushed into her, he reached a hand around to rub her "magic button."

"!" Helena moaned out the words.

John rubbed her back and hips as he accelerated his rhythm. He could hear her breathing louder and louder. No one else was in the Bio Center to hear them, but even if there were, they could no longer control the loud, "Oh John! Oh, John!" and "Oh, Helena! Oh, Helena!" Helena did not climax quietly. Years before, when they were on the planet Piri, John had to zap Helena's brain to release her from the guardian's influence. By her screams, he couldn't tell whether she was in pain or if he had stimulated her brain's sexual pleasure centers. John suddenly slowed his rhythm, but with harder thrusts. Helena howled. Her hands clenched fistfuls of grass. John threw his head back, eyes closed with his mouth gaping open. His hands squeezed hard onto her hips as he released. He gasped for air and collapsed on the grass beside Helena.

John and Helena held each other, panting, and relaxed in the grass. They laid quietly and avoided thinking about the inevitable - going back on duty.

"What happened to our clothes?" asked Helena as she looked around. She saw only part of her uniform.

John stood up and looked through the willow branches. "Mary Ellen's got your underwear." he said, referring to one of two Bio Center's resident goats. The goats were descendants of one of the several species brought to Alpha for cloning experiments.

Helena also got up and noticed their clothes scattered around their hiding area. "Oh, no! Look what John-boy's doing with yours. They didn't ruin them, did they?"

John looked around to see if there were any other people in the Bio Center with concern that someone would come in and recognize his black-sleeved tunic. He noticed the goat, John-boy dragging away his trousers. Along with Gidget, they had also raided their lunch bags. When he didn't see anyone else around, John stepped out from behind the willow branches. Every time he stepped closer, the goat playfully lunged further away. "Here, John-boy. Come here." The buck-naked Commander tried to gently coax the goat. Then finally, "Damn it, John-boy! Come here!" John picked up the few articles of clothing that were within reach as he still tried to retrieve his trousers. He suddenly heard the door swish open along with Bill and Annette Fraser's voices. He held a handful of clothes in front of his privates and ran back behind the willow branches near Helena. They stood next to each other, looking through the branches, watching the goats toss around their clothes and Bill and Annette walking by the stream. John felt the warmth of Helena's back under his hand and looked into her face. Helena's eyes caught his stare and she ran her hand down his chest and down to his hip. John surprisingly found himself hard again already, and they resumed their previous activity.

Without ever being seen, all the Yunyc probes eventually captured images of dozens of couples engaging in sexual activity. Even if the probes had been in view, the Alphans would have been too occupied to notice them. Nine months later, they would find it necessary to expand the maternity unit in Medical Center. As the entertainment committee, cast, and crew made final preparations for Annie, Get Your Gun, the probes found their way out of Alpha, to their shuttles, and back to their mother ship. Thanks to the Alphans, the Yunycs would have more education in sexual behavior than ever.

Alpha's auditorium held a satisfactory crowd for their production of Annie, Get Your Gun. Kami Ellerson occasionally joked about "never getting any," and now that was evident in the production's only flawless performance. The rest of the cast somehow always found themselves amorously distracted when ever they tried to practice their lines and musical numbers. Kami stood center stage, smiled, and belted out the tune, "Folks are dumb where I come from, they ain't had too much learnin'...."

Copyright (c) 2005. Reprinted with permission.
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